The otter maid closed the large leather book, sitting back in her chair. Her old eyes were starting to flutter in and out of sleep. Story telling was shockingly hard at her old age, and she was one old otter. As the otter took a deep, wheezy breath the dibbuns started to complain.

"Ey! Whats da matter? We wanna ere da west!" A small squirrel whined, agitation clear in its squeaky voice, who was getting quite into the story. especially the part about the ferret and the wolverine. The group of dibbuns, who were an assortment of beasts from otter to rat, all gasped.

The squirrel suddenly covered her mouth, noticing how disrespectful the tone of her voice was. The squirrel as well as the other little ones nervously waited for the otter to yell at her for her mistake.

The old otter peered at the squirrel, and smiled. She placed a gray furred webbed paw on the squirrel's head, and the squirrel murmured an apology.

"Sorry Abbess Wudder." The abbess chuckled dryly and accepted her apology. She liked the dibbuns, rebellious as they were, they also knew their boundaries. The squirrel oddly reminded her of a certain stubborn hedgehog.

"Oi Abbess!" There was a creak as the door from the abbey grounds was opened, and in came the hedgehog himself, Ruffspike. The hedgehog's spines rattled as he stomped the mud off his paws before he came in, and the spiky beast remarked,

"Little muddy out tah day!" The dibbuns all simultaneously waved to the hedgehog, one large "Hi spike beast" cheered at him. The hedgehog chuckled and waved back, then turned to the otter, excitement plastered on his face as he smiled at the Abbess, shifting his foot paws excitedly. It wasn't until the Abbess barked at him until he spoke,

"Well? Are ya gonna stand there or say something?"

"Well, it was just that there's someone here at the gates, and he's askin' for ya." The hedgehog said, trying to hold in his excitement. The hedgehog tried not to tell her the beasts name as he said, "And it's someone who knows you very well." The otter groaned.

"Listen Ruffspike, I know a lot of otters, weasels, ferrets, and stoats. Just tell him I'm sleepin' and let him in. Those steps would kill my poor paws anyway and I'm tired as Martin after a battle." The hedgehog was about to leave when a young stoat came running in, panting he leaned against the door way, trying to say something but he couldn't. The otter growled.

"In the name of Martin can't anyone speak today?" The stoat finally got his breath back, blubbering out,

"Abbess! Bragar and Rune are in trouble! They went to ask the weasel what he wanted and he lunged at em'!" The otter shook her head in annoyance, finally rising from her chair.

"Ah he-" She stopped herself from saying hells teeth when she noticed the dibbuns staring at her with wide eyes. "Well has anyone done anything about it?"

The stoat froze and his eyes went wide. His voice was shaky and nervous.

"Well, uh, er…. Ummmm… Ya see-" The stoat was cut off as the cranky abbess walked past him, shoving him out of the way as she headed towards the abbey walls.

When she got to the top of the steps she greeted the other abbey mice and squirrels and peered down at the path bellow.

Bellow her a gray haired weasel with a hooded cloak was wrestling the two brother and sister otters, having Bragar in a headlock until his sister slammed into his stomach, sending both of them into the dirt, knocking the wind out of the weasel as well as his hood. The abbess watched as the panting pair lay there, and she watched as the otter maid looked up at the weasel unhooded face and started laughing! The otter looked at the pair below as they just lay there, still laughing. When Bragar got a look of the weasel's face he immediately started rattling off apologies and helping the vermin up! Who is this guy? The otter thought as the weasel looked up at her. And when she saw his face it hit her like a sling stone.

Before the abbey beasts could stop the otter she had made her way down the steps surprisingly fast for her old age as the doors were opened by two large badgers. Panting and huffing the otter made it to the doors and almost bowled over the weasel himself! And there he was, with his squinty gray eyes, his slightly gray but still brown coat, his white under belly, and that cute shy face that she had come to love when she was young. Rinner.

A big feast, much to the weasels protest, was held for the weasels return that day. Beasts of all sizes and species bustled about with pots and pans, food and drink and many other things that would make a wolverine full for ten whole seasons! Strawberry tarts with honey glaze, seed muffins with blackberry jam, deeper than ever root and potato pie, strawberry fizz for the little dibbuns, October ale, and of course, Hot Root soup. This was, of course, ordered by the abbess of Redwall, Abbess Rudder.

While the abbey beasts bustled around, the weasel Rinner got reacquainted with some old friends of his.

"Skipper! I'm surprised to see your still kicking! Or, I should say, wheeling." The weasel couldn't help but snicker, which he later regret as the old wheel chair bound otter wheeled over to him and punched the weasel in the shoulder playfully with a chuckle, replying,

"Glad tah see yer still blabbering!" The weasel tried not to grunt or yell out as he rubbed his shoulder, and the otter clapped him on the back and laughed, letting out a sigh as he smiled happily, asking,

"How longs it been mate, ten, no- twelve years?"

"Sixteen years." The weasel winced as he felt his arm throb with pain. The otter frowned and started to wheel away towards the feast, calling out behind himself to Rinner.

"Oh quit blubbering about the pain and get to the feast mate!" The weasel growled lowly to himself, still a little embarrassed that an entire feast was in his honor. Eeerg… I better not blush if I'm told to do a speech, Rinner thought as he walked after the speeding otter.

He was about to walk into Cavern hole when he was ambushed by a pack of dibbuns- squirrels, mice, ferrets, weasels, and otters all lunged at him, latching onto his body. The old weasel squeaked as the dibbuns eventually brought him to the floor, the sheer number of them weighing him down. A rat scurried up onto his chest and poked him with a spoon he had stolen, sternly addressing himself and his gang.

"We ar da Dibbuns Against Bed time!" The gang of young ones all chanted "DAB! DAB! DAB!" in unison, and the rat explained his plan, "My name is Daga, and you is a pwisner! We gonna hold you woozle hostage! Bwahahaha- MEEP!" The rat was plucked off the weasel by a greasy ferret sporting an apron, the rest of the DAB members all scattered as three hare maids started to round them up into Cavern hole for the feast. The rat started to swing his spoon around, squeaking out numerous threats.

"I is gonna thwacka you! Thwacka you good you gweasee furrit!"

Trying to free himself he started whacking away at the ferret's paw until the mustelid finally relinquished him of his spoon, and the ferret walked off with the defeated rat to the kitchen.

Getting up the weasel watched as the ferret disappeared with the rat through two double doors, and he heard the ferret mutter something before he disappeared from view, but he really couldn't hear him. Groaning the weasel stretched his back, which made several crackling and popping noises, and he muttered something as well.

"Uuugh, just like I remember em'. Same old dibbuns."

The beasts of Redwall all sat at the large table that was used through the generations for feasts, foods of all kinds laid about. Seed muffins, steaming honey glazed scones, bubbling sweet strawberry fizz, deeper than ever root and potatoe pie, and for the otters spicy hot root soup. Every beast was as cheerful as ever as they feasted, while some of them were just happy to see the weasel Rinner again.

The weasel who was responsible for this feast sat at the far end of the table next to four otters, a large hedgehog, and a gray brown squirrel. Although it did take him awhile to actually recognize some of them, the weasel was as happy as ever to be reunited with his friends.

"Ya know you've aged quite a bit since I've last seen you..." The weasel squinted at the large hedgehog Ruffspike, " And hell, you've grown pretty damn large Ruffspike! When I last saw you you were only as big as Rathpaws fist! Or, should I say, Badger Lord Rathpaw." The hedgehog chuckled before he said,

"Yep! I was one crazy little thing! Always getting my spines stuck in somebody!" The whole group of friends all laughed at the hedgehogs remark, the twin brother and sister otters laughing so hard they fell flat on their backs, which caused an even greater up roar of laughter! When the laughing eventually died down and the otters returned to their seats, the weasel looked over at the gray brown squirrel, who was drinking from a bottle of October ale.

"Ah! I can tell by the bottle of ale that this is no other than Bushbranch!" The squirrel simply raised his bottle to him in acknowledgement and continued drinking. Then the weasel turned to the two otters to his left and smiled, clasping paws with each of them, saying, "Well, well, well, if it isn't my two bouncy otters!"

The weasel turned to Bragar, looking at the otters muscular stature, remarking,

"I see you've been doing a lot of work lately! Been helping the with the barrels of ale?" The otter chuckled and shook his head, his chest swelling with pride as he explained his position in the abbey.

"Nope! I do more than help! I manage the ale every where! I'm a cellar dog!" The weasel nodded and clapped the otter on the back, congratulating his friend. Then Rinner turned his attention to Bragar's sister, Rune, who was looking at him with cheerful, bright eyes. The weasel couldn't help but let out a impressed whistle as he looked at the now beautifully sleek Rune, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Whoa! Now look who got hit with the beauty stick! Rune! How have you been lately?" The otter blushed at the weasel's remark, turning away from him shyly, giggling.

"Oh thanks Rinner... I have been getting dolled up to impress a certain river dog..." The maid started to gaze off at a well built otter scoffing hot root soup like it was no tomorrow, and Bragar rolled his eyes at his sister. The weasel smirked at the two otters, then turned to the abbess sitting at the far end of the table, sitting in a wonderfully crafted chair, who was looking at him as well. They just looked at each other for some time, each of them gazing into each others eyes, each of them lost in the memories of the good old days, until a curious dibbun squeaked out,

"Why'd Rinner leave you?" That question was followed by utter silence as the feasting stopped, every beast looking at the abbess. Seconds later there was an audible slap as a squirrel maid slapped the dibbun, and was about to scold him for asking such a thing, when the old otter stopped the maid.

"It's quite alright my daughter. I have learned in my seasons that you can never stop a dibbun from being curious, and the only way to solve their curiousity is to tell them a tale. Now I have told them most of Rinner's tale, right up to the final battle with the flitcheye, but left off there due to the weasel's unexpected arrival. It was time I finished A Weasel's Tale In Mossflower..."

Rinner watched as the ferret lord pulled his blade from the wolverine's skull, wiping the blood on the monster's pelt. Spitting on the savage monsters carcass the warrior turned to the fox cheif, who was starting to recover from unconsciousness, his face filled with hatred and disgust as he watched the wretched thing moan in pain. The fox wiped blood from the corner of his mouth and looked around at his surroundings, his gaze stopping on the ferrets hate filled eyes, and he let out a choked whimper as the ferret started walking over to him.

Stumbling backwards the fox started to back away on all fours from the massive mustelid, pleas for mercy spilling out of his broken jaws.

"No wait! P-please don't hurt me! I'll change, I'll repent of my evil ways, I'll, I'll, I'll,-" The broad sword was as fast as lightning as it sliced through the fox, the savages head bouncing to the ground and coming to a stop at the rest of the flitcheye's feet, all of them staring in wide eyed shock at there leaders head. A look of shock was still in the fox's eyes as it stared up at the sky, completely devoid of life.

Letting out a sigh of relief the ferret sheathed his blade.

The two hares Lancepaw and Buck both watched as Lord Kova and his soldiers all surround the defeated savages, and the the sea rat Dinge cocked his head, scratching his ear as he tried to anticipate what they were going to do next. When the ferret raised a paw and bows and arrows were all trained on the savages, the rat finally understood what was coming next, and squeezed his eyes shut. Seconds later he heard screams of agony.

Lancepaw cringed as he watched the victorious Kovara soldiers pluck their arrows out of the flitcheye carcasses, and turned to his friend Buck, who was watching the grisly scene as well, equally disturbed with the ferret's merciless nature towards murders. The sandy brown hare looked over at Lancepaw and shook his head in disappointment, walking away from the grisly sight to go sit at a nearby camp fire.

Rudder felt wet, hot tears stream down her face as she listened to the weasel and what he had to say to her. Every word he said was like a dagger going into her heart. It hurt her, it stung her, and the worst part is she kept on denying it, and she wrapped her arms around the weasel yelling,

"NO! I won't let you go! You can't go! You just saved me and now your going to just leave me like this! Well I'm not gonna let you!" The weasel simply waited for the otter to stop sobbing and the otters vice like grip eventually loosened, then the weasel felt a tear of his own glide down his cheek as he said,

"Rudder, I'm sorry but I can't stay here. As much as I like it here this just isn't the place for me." The weasel pulled the otter off himself and he looked into her tear soaked eyes, "Do you know why I came here in the first place?" The otter shook her head in reply.

"To start a new life, away from the crowds of vermin, to finally live in peace and tranquility, to finally be free and have a care free life!" The weasel wiped a tear from the otter's face and started to walk away from the camp and into the woodlands, turning back to say one last thing to the otter maid,

"Rudder." The otter looked up at the weasels smiling face, the cheerful look of the weasel slightly cheering her up, "It's alright. I'll come back when I've settled in. It really isn't gonna be easy biuldin' a home with yer own two paws!" The weasel chuckled and was about to turn away when a voice suddenly yelled to him,

"Ey weasel!" The weasel turned back and saw a massive ferret in sleek black armor walking up to him, stopping by Rudder the large mustelid tossed him a sack, which landed directly at his foot paws. Opening the sack Rinner found a hatchet, a dagger, some food and water, and a box of flint and tinder! The ferret smiled kindly at the weasel and gave him a salute as he said,

"Good luck to ya boy!" The weasel smiled back and gave the ferret a wave as he shouldered the bag, walking off into the woodlands, away from redwall, off to the north. The weasel stopped as he got farther into the woods, turning back he looked into Rudders eyes one last time, his own two eyes had a look of regret as he turned away...

The weasel Rinner sighed as he recalled the moment himself, then a sudden thought hit him.

"Ey Rudder? How did you know about the parts you weren't there for?" The otter smiled, replying,

"Well I just asked our friends about it. The hardest part of all was the two rats Dinge and Dirky. I'll tell ya those two have the hardest time remembering things."

"And the parts about my thoughts?" The weasel added. The otter laughed out loud in response.

"Well lets just say I used my imagination, shall we?"

The end.

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