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Just the Beginning

Harry and company were at the welcome feast. The start of sixth year and Harry was depressed. His godfather just died months before leaving him alone once again. The bad part was he felt as if he had murdered Sirius himself. Murderer.

Dumblewhore was speaking about something pointless again when suddenly one word made him clue into the speech "…bodyguard will be added this year to make sure the school is safe and should be arriving momentarily."

At that moment the candles in the great hall flickered out allowing only the light from the night to light the hall. The doors creaked open slowly inch by inch but no one was outside. Suddenly in the doorway framed by the moonlight appeared two figures seemingly out of nowhere. The two figures stood back to back, one taller than the other. A gust of cold wind swirled around the students so strong it blew their hats off. The first years were frightened and some even cried out in terror. All of the adults and upper years had pulled out their wands and focused them on the two figures.

Dumbles clapped his hands relighting the candles so once more the hall was brightly lit. "Welcome, welcome…am I right to assume you are the bodyguards. You quite took us by surprise and I was only expecting, Hebi was it?" Dumblebore said brightly to the figures eyes still sparkling.

"We are Hebi." stated the taller of the two figures as they sauntered into the hall. In the light it was easy to see the taller was a male with shoulder length white hair and red eyes. He was dressed in all black except for a red snake that ran from his shoulder to wrapping around his thighs. When he walked the snake seemed to move with him.

The other figure is a girl. She is short and only reaches chest level on the male. Her hair is long and the most perfect lavender color that is the same color as her eyes. It was so unnatural but looked perfect on her. She was dressed in a dress that was as if from another time period. It was a gothic Lolita dress that was all black. On her dress was the print of a lavender snake that blended with her hair.

On both their arms was a tattoo of a snake that wrapped around their upper arm and biting its tail. The eyes of the snake matched both their eyes. Considering how snakes are viewed as evil by the wizarding world the amount of snakes that adorned their bodies was scary.

When they reached the front amongst all the stares they whispered quietly with Dumbledork before turning to face all the students.

"We are Hebi. I'm Aniss and this is my apprentice Kai. We are assassins by trade but have been asked by our leader to perform this job. Do not cross us we will kill you. We have new rules that are in effect as of the completion of this speech.

1. There will be no one in the halls as of 9pm. We expect you to each be in you houses at that time.

2. Only talk to us in an EMERGENCY. No other time is permissible.

3. Outdoor grounds is off limits from sunset to sunrise.

4. Don't attack us

5. Don't test us

6. Actually don't be anything but good little children"

This was all said in such a frightening manner with no small degree of bloodlust that the students were frozen and scared in their seats. Some even started crying for their mothers.

As quickly as they came they had disappeared again. Harry thought to himself he needs to find out more about these so called assassins. Something about them just screamed dark magic but what would they be doing at Hogwarts. Maybe this would be his chance to find out more about the dark side than the propaganda constantly being spouted by the light. Well at least this school year won't be boring.

Hebi means snake in Japanese.