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Lessons: It's only the beginning

Harry pushed open the door slightly to slip into the dark room. The room was almost empty the walls and floors were black. In the middle of the floor was a ritual circle drawn that Aniss and Kai were modifying for their purpose. Pushed against one wall was a trunk that was currently open as the room was being set up. Kai looked up and explained to Harry just what was going on.

"All of your other training will be here in this circle. This circle is for ones new to the path. It will contain anything you cannot control and protect you. That is what this circle was designed to do. It's a safety thing you see. I will be in the corner meditating while Aniss teaches you."

Kai then walked to her corner and plopped down promptly closing her eyes leaving Aniss to take over the lesson. Harry stood sill and silent awaiting directions. Aniss started talking abruptly after finishing whatever it was he was doing. "These lessons are going to be painful there is no way around it. It won't be painful physically instead it will be more mental and emotional then anything. You will face your demons and it is up to you whether you let them control you. Well let's get to it. Sit cross legged in the middle of the circle. I want you to relax and close your eyes and turn inward. Focus on your breathing and clear your mind. Concentrate."

After an indeterminable amount of time passed Aniss dismissed Harry with a stern warning that he better practice every second of the day and more specifically before bed, Harry did not understand what the purpose of the exercise was and did not plan to practice as much as Aniss seemed to want. He did not know the consequences…yet but he would soon. Kai reminded him the magic lessons would be tomorrow after exercising.

Harry wandered around the manor looking for Voldemort wondering what magic Kai would teach him. Voldemort was longing in his study reading a book. He looked up as Harry entered the room. Voldemort actually smiled and invited Harry to sit next to him on the sofa as he put down his book.

"How are your lessons going? What are you learning?"

"The lessons are going good I guess. I didn't do much today. Mostly just exercising and meditation I guess. Tomorrow is magic lessons with Kai."

Voldemort was hesitant yet determined to ask his next question.

"Ok how do you plan to hide your scars from them? From what I know you can't wear glamours and perform their magic, something about magical interference." This was the first time Voldemort broached the taboo topic with Harry.

"Well seeing as Kai already knows then Aniss probably does too so there really is no point in hiding it from them. They haven't said anything about it yet but I have a feeling they are waiting for something."

Voldemort nodded in agreement. "Harry you know you can come to me with anything. I will always listen and support you." He pulled Harry closer into a half hug to make sure his point made its mark. Harry for his part blushed and squirmed under the affection. The moment passed quickly and rest of the time was spent in companionable silence reading books.

The next day came far too early for Harry's comfort. Getting out of bed was a challenge as the soreness hit him causing him to almost fall over just trying to stand up. He didn't know how he was going to make it through today's work out. Everything hurt, even muscles he didn't know he had. A pain reliever potion would have been great however Aniss had forbidden him from potions for the pain of training. Some crap about pain is weakness leaving the body.

The exercise was long and hard with Kai seeming to be a machine. It was unnatural how long and hard she could go where he felt like he was dying from exertion. She could still talk for crying out loud when Aniss came and asked her what she wanted for breakfast since apparently she didn't eat yet. When Kai finally dismissed him to shower and get ready Harry limped all the way to his shower still sweating.

However he was excited and almost vibrating with anticipation for the magic lessons. The magic he saw Aniss and Kai do effortlessly without a wand. He along with everyone else the curiosity was killing them to know just what these two were. Maybe he could learn more about them during these lessons. It wouldn't hurt to try he thought.

Harry anxiously pushed to training room door open and stepped into the room. Kai was sitting in her corner playing a very eerie high pitched melody. The melody slowed and tapered off to nothing letting silence over take the room. The haunting feeling lingered making its way into every crevice of the room. The room even seemed darker from it.

"Welcome to your first real magic lesson. I'm going to teach you how to summon spirits. I will probably also try to teach you the basics of some other skills we have if you do well. This however is the most important and will come first. Ok now get in your circle and clear your mind."

The lack of practice was noticed easily by Kai but she didn't say anything preferring to leave it to Aniss to deal with the disobedience. If Harry didn't want to practice then they probably wouldn't teach him. Magic is dangerous and wild when uncontrollable and only diligence will tame it, a diligence that Harry did not seem to possess at the moment. The spirits will sense it also and may be hesitant to enter into contracts with him.

"There is another realm of sorts full of spirits that can cross over onto this plane and be used to help fight for the right price. The price can be anything and the contract is different depending on the spirit and what they agree to. First you have to form a bond to the spirit world and then you can call spirits. Let's get started shall we."

"This book contains all the directions and explanations you will need during your training. I took the time to write it so you better take the time to read it if you know what's good for you. I want this read by time we meet again. For now I will give you a demonstration on summoning spirits."

Kai stood off to the side outside of the circle and held her arm out to the side

"Hear and remember

Bond made through blood and promise

All that once was now lost, remember

Accept the sacrifice in my name

Remember times of ancient when magic was young

Open the gate for a daughter of magic

Open the gate"

What looked like vines etched into her arm shimmered into existence on her previously bare arm. The vine circled around her arm from wrist to elbow and was filled with thorns. It started to glow and a key materialized in front of her hand. The key looked old and highly engraved. He couldn't quite make out the markings from where he was as she took the key from the air. She then stuck the key straight into the air in front of her and turned it. An invisible lock could be heard unlocking itself with groans. Over the noise Harry heard Kai call out.

"Rise up Pala I summon thee

Rise up from the sea below the sea

Rise up and heed my call

Where ever thou may be, come to thee"

Harry watched as a football sized object appeared out of nowhere and tackled Kai. For a second he thought Kai was in danger until he heard the squeals of laughter. Upon closer inspection the object looked like a piglet with wings. How was that supposed to help he thought.

Kai got up from the floor where Pala tackled her with Pala in her arms. "Harry this is Pala. Pala this is Harry. I'm trying to teach him how to summon you guys."

"Oh that's amazing you know we don't get to come to the mortal world much anymore since no one ever summons us. How did a whole race just lose the knowledge?" Pala ranted in a high pitched voice that shocked Harry. Who knew the thing could talk.

"Pala is more of a companion spirit then a fighter. He has a lot of knowledge and doesn't require a lot of energy to keep him here for long periods of time. Thus he usually just keeps me company or passes messages. "

"So not all the spirits are protectors and fighters?"

"No of course not. Just like there are a variety of people there are a variety of spirits. The first spirit you summon will be in the same category as Pala. Their price to being summoned is usually a bit of magic in order to keep them on this plane. Anyway read your books and practice for tomorrow. Pala I have a task for you. Can you take a letter to the master?"

As Harry was leaving he saw Kai hand a letter to Pala. Not for the first time he wondered like so many others just who Aniss and Kai worked for.