Not Fairy Dust, Wizard Dust

Chapter One


Hey everyone! So this is a collection of drabbles between Wizard and Akari. They're all gonna be kinda out of order, and there really is no story line. Just a place to put random little cute moments I come up with.

Akari's POV

I feel his lips press against mine. It felt wonderful yet...weird. No, weird is a bad word for this feeling...odd is a better word. I open my eyes a little, to see that his eyes are closed. I feel myself shaking. It doesn't feel real. I always swore I would have him someday. I always swore he would be mine. And now, after he just told me he loved me, and I'm being held in his warm arms, I can't really believe the reality of it all. I spent a year, getting to know him, and his past and what he likes and he doesn't like, I know I finally broke that wall he put up. I pull away from him, and I can feel myself smiling like a maniac. I punch my fist in the air.

"Wizard, I swore you'd be mine someday!" I shout. The people in the streets of Harmonica Town look up to see what's going on, but I ignore them. Wizard looks at me with kind eyes.

"But I...was always yours..." He says, slowly. My heart is racing, and no matter how hard I try, I can't pull my eyes away from him. I swallow hard, taking in what he just said. I step foreword, and wrap my arms around him. I feel his arms tighten around me. I look up to his eyes, one hazel, one green, and I catch my breath.

I really hope this isn't a dream.