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It has been a week since I discovered my special powers. A few more half-bloods have walked by while I've been fighting, and I'm pretty sure that at one point even Annabeth walked by. I haven't personally discovered any more powers, but Thalia sure did when we were fighting yesterday.


"Thals I'm bored. We've been sitting in this house for a week doing a bunch of school work that Grover keeps bringing us because he thinks that were both sick with the flu. Why can't we go outside and fight or something?" I whined. I may be an all and mighty god now, but I still had my ADHD, and I can't handle another second in this apartment without likely blowing something up on purpose just to make things interesting.

"Perseus Jackson you know very well that we aren't supposed to go out in the mortal world. It's only one more day and then will be free to go back to school." Thalia said while trying to look interested in reading The Tale of Two Cities for English but I know Thalia well enough that she will never be interested in a book; even if it was about Greeks or storms.

"Thalia I know very well that you're not interested in some book about the British and the French. How come you won't come out and fight with me. The forest isn't the mortal world and you don't even know how to use any of your powers." I changed her mind into joining me.

"You know what, Kelp Head? I will come and fight you, but you better be prepared to lose because this fight will be harder to win then Kronos and Gaea combined." I had won against both of them, but I wasn't sure if I should be worried about her threat or not. For all I know, Thalia could have a power equal to or stronger than my own, while my power needs a half-blood to walk by hers could easily just be done at random not requiring anything special. (Wow I'm getting off track, stupid ADHD)

We walked down stairs towards the forest talking about when we go back to school. We both know that we can't walk back in like we are normal. We have to go back in like we own the school, we are the "It" couple and were not going to let it look like Annabeth broke my heart and stomped all over it. But for now we have to concentrate on our little fight.

As soon as the forest opened up I started thinking strategy. If I attack first then there is always the chance the second I take a step Thalia will know every single step running through my mind. But if I don't make the first move then Thalia can make the first move the last. That's it; I let Thals make the first move but stay protected for anything she sends at me. This is going to get risky and my ADHD isn't going to make it easy.

I saw Thals walk in the other side of the forest, I prepared, seeming laid back, and waited for her to see me.

"Hola, Pinecone Face! Prepared to lose? Or are you going to go back to Artemis that a man beat you?"

"Oh shut up, Kelp Head! We both know that I'm, going to be the one winning and you will be the one running back to the sea. Now how about we begin?" And without saying one more word, Thals jumped at my shoulder and hit her shield against my knee so hard that anyone that isn't already a god would be laying on the ground unable to move their leg. For me, I just lost feeling. (Which wasn't very helpful either)

~About an hour later~

This fight has been going on for an hour now and I'm pretty sure I'm close to winning. I was seconds from having my sword at Thalia's throat, when I heard a strange voice.

"Perseus 'Kelp Head' Jackson, you shall dare not put that sword on my throat. I am the person who will win and I am the good side. Your loyalty resides in me. Now do as I say and surrender."

And with that things got even weirder. I found myself falling to my knees, dropping Riptide, and unable to do anything about it. I had involuntarily surrendered to Thalia. If changing loyalty is her extra power then her enemy is screwed. No way can the other Olympians find out, we may be immortal but I know that if they manage to work together, (that's a funny thought) they will be sure to find a way to kill Thals and me to be sure no gods betray them and end the age of their power.

I looked up at Thalia with pleading eyes, surrendering to someone you love feels like they are betraying you, and we all know I can't take another betrayal. Thalia understood and quickly pulled me back to my feet.

"I'm so sorry Percy I didn't know that I could actually make you surrender much less that it feels like I'm betraying you. We are a team; together our powers are strong enough to defeat our relatives. I'll never use it against you again, you understand?"

"It's okay Thals, I know you don't want that, and your right it feels horrible, but it's okay. Now let's go back to the apartment, we have school tomorrow.

~Next Day~

I got up and brushed my teeth. Being a god was a lot easier; my hair always looked perfect even without trying. By the time I got downstairs Thalia and my mom were already there eating blue blueberry muffins with blue milk.

"Good morning, sweetie. Have some muffins and then you and Thalia should be heading back to school." Mother said tiredly.

After we were both finished finished eating, we headed out to my awesome blue Bugatti Veyron. I'm pretty sure neither of us really wanted to think about what going back to school could mean, so I decided it was best to blast my iPod. I was also pretty sure that wouldn't help us if the perfect song hadn't come on: Made For You by One Republic. If you ask me, that song fits mine and Thalia's relationship perfectly. Even if we were dating, we were always there for each other.

All to soon we pulled up to the school, once again with every eye on us. I stepped out and walked around to let Thalia out. We were back at school and this was going to be worse than Hades himself.

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