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Idol Series

Live for You

Chapter 1 "Kurusu Kanako"

"You okay, Ayase?" Kurusu Kanako asked as her friend sat down after finishing a photo shoot.

"Yes, I am fine, Kanako." Arakagi Ayase replied with a reassuring smile to her fellow classmate and colleague.

Despite her hidden personality as a bratish delinquent, Kanako still cared about her friends and she could definitely tell that her friend Ayase was acting strange. After all, she had caught her staring into the skies and sighing more often than an average person would.

This all happened after the summer break.

"Something must have had happened during then." Kanako concluded, which she believed was obvious despite not being the smartest person around, as she walked back to the trailer.

"Maybe I should ask Kirino about it." Kanako thought, but her thought was cut short as she bumped into someone, which caused her to fall.

"Sorry, are you okay?" The man asked as he offered his hand to help Kanako up, and when she looked up, she realized that it was that new manager from before.


Then silence followed afterwards, as both of them seemed to be surprised from this encounter.

Although, she had seen him at other shoots before and that he seemed to know her friend Ayase and Kirino, it was still a rare happening for them to meet each other.

"You are also working on this shoot?" Kanako asked, sounding a little bit annoyed.

"Well, they say that they needed everyone that they can get." The young manager replied.

Even though this man had only worked individually with Kanako twice before, she had found this man to be trustworthy and felt that at least she could let out her hidden personality in front of him, which to Kanako was a relief.

"I need you to buy something to drink for me." Kanako then ordered, which the young manager obeyed, despite he seemed unwilling.

Then after telling him what she wanted, the young manager made his way to the closest vending machine, which was in sight; and as she watched him, she realized that she had been calling him 'you', and that she did not really know his name.

And minutes later, he returned, holding a can of her favorite fruit juice in his hand.

"Here you go." The manager said as he offered the drink, which she took from him without gratitude.

"Speaking of which, I don't really know your name, do I?" Kanako then said as she opened her drink.

This took the young man by surprise, but when he recovered from it, he went on to reply that he had not told her his name yet.

"It will be easier for me to order you around instead of saying 'you' all the time, so tell me your name." The reasoning made sense, despite it not being the main reason, but it seemed to reasonable to the young man, at least as far as Kanako could tell.

"Kyosuke." The young man said after scratching the back of his head slightly.

"What's your last name?" Kanako demanded although she was a bit nervous about asking it, which she did not really know why.

But then before he could continue, Ayase appeared.

"Oh, so you are here with Kanako." Ayase said, which Kanako could tell that her friend was not looking for her, and that despite her smile, Ayase sounded a little unhappy

"Ayase, what happened with your part?" Kyosuke asked as if nothing had happened.

"I am already done with it." Ayase replied, with her tone back to normal.

"Oh, I see." Then awkward silence followed.

Kanako was uncertain why it came to this, but she was feeling strange about this. After all, if Ayase had appeared several minutes later, she would have gotten his full name.

But then, why would she want to know his full name?

"Of course, so I can order him to do things for me and spend more time with me." And the latter part of the thought surprised even Kanako herself.

"Why do I care if he spends time with me or not?" Kanako tried to counter herself, but with no avail.

"I like good looking guys and…" But then she realized that he actually did not look that bad; furthermore, he was a caring man who helped her out several times.

But Kanako's thought was broken up when Ayase spoke to her again.

"Kanako, I am going to borrow Kyosuke for a bit, is that okay with you?"

"Of..Of course, go ahead." Kanako replied, and before long Ayase grabbed Kyosuke by the wrist and took off.

And as they walked away, she felt lonely and jealous. However, this thought was quickly left in a corner of her mind as she retuned to work.

After all, she knew that she would see him again…

Author's Note:

How are you all doing? I hope you all enjoyed the sequel to "Relations" previously titled "Connected Through Her". Don't worry, this is an Kyosuke/Ayase story even though I have Kurusu Kanako as the main perspective in this chapter.

One of the reason why I chose Kanako is because aside from Ayase and Kirino, she is probably my third favorite character in the series. But then many of you will then question the plausibility of her romance with Kyosuke. Although, I have not played the PSP game for Ore Imo, I have seen different clips from the game play and one of the routes featured is a Kanako route; furthermore, it the original light novel series there are hints of her liking Kyosuke, despite the fact that she didn't know it was Kyosuke.

Also, I changed "Connected Through Her" to "Relations" because I felt that it fits the content better. Anyway, for those of you heavy ACG fans, you probably know where I grabbed the title from for "Relations" and "Live for You". And so far "Relations" hits so far have really surprised me, it's a lot more than any of my other one shots, so I figure might as well do a sequel. Anyway, more will be coming up shortly.

See you next time...