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Idol Series


Chapter 2 "Kosaka Kirino"

Kosaka Kirino thought she planned for everything, but it seemed like fate enjoyed throwing her curve balls.

It had only been minutes after Kanako left and just as she and Ayase was still studying in her room, the door bell rang.

"Kurono, why are you here?" Kirino was unhappy as she stood at her door and she could tell that Ayase, who was right behind, was the same but in a different manner.

"Do I really need a reason to visit a friend?" Kuroneko answered with devious smile, which Kirino did not like.

"I guess you don't really need one, but that is not the only purpose, right?" Kirino knew what she heard was only the partial truth and after the confirmation she was determined now to get to the bottom of this.

"Well, I am here also to visit sempai, and see how he is doing. After all, I haven't seen him for a while." And as she finished speaking, Kuroneko took note of Ayase who was behind her and gave a satisfied smirk.

"I am sorry, I have not introduced myself yet." Kuroneko then bowed in a western style, taking the rim of her skirt in her hand as she greeted Ayase.

"I am Goko Ruri, also known as Kuroneko. I am one of the 'other' friends of Kirino and also former underclassman of Kyosuke."

Kirino was unsure but she could feel tension building up between the two, but she knew that there was nothing she could do at this particular moment. But then, Ayase then walked up from behind her and faced Kuroneko.

"I am Aragaki Ayase, I am Kirino's classmate and colleague." Ayase then paused for a couple seconds as she cautiously studied the girl before before going on with her self introduction. "Pleasure to meet you."

Kirino was for the few times in her life really uncertain and nervous about what she should do as she watched from the side at the tension that was building. And feeling that she should say something, Kirino decided to at least move the confrontation elsewhere, instead of leaving it to develop out here at the doorway

"Why don't we go to the living room?" Kirino suggested, which Ayase and Kuroneko both agreed to without any further incidents.

Kirino had known from Ayase recently that she and Kyosuke had finally reconciled with one another, which Kirino was happy for to some extent, despite her own feelings for Kyosuke.

However, she never expected the effect that Kuroneko's presence would have on Ayase's emotions, regardless of all the commotions that went on with Kuroneko dating Kyosuke.

But this was completely out of her expectation.

"So why did you date Onii-san, if you know you are going to break up with him?" Ayase nearly screamed out her question to Kuroneko as the situation continued to deteriorate.

"He accepted my love confession and it's 'our' relationship, so it is really not your concern." Kuroneko countered as if reason was on her side, which Kirino knew was one of her weaknesses in social interactions.

"A romantic relationship is about doing your best to be with someone and breakup is only if you can't work it out." Ayase pressed on and Kirino had not seen Ayase this emotional since the time when she discovered about Kirino's hobby.

"And you didn't break up with him because you were moving." Ayase was now angry and glaring at Kuroneko as she continued her attack. "You did it because you thought you are going to get hurt, so you didn't even try."

Kirino was unsure how it actually got this far, at first despite the tension, the conversation was at least still peaceful; but when Kuroneko asked about Kysouke, things started to spin out of control.

"You really don't know about relationships do you?" Then that froze everything.

"You have never dated anyone, so that's why you can say all those things you said." Kuroneko's seemed to have shot straight through Ayase's argument and Kirino could tell Ayase was clenching her fist in anger and trembling, unable to argue back.

"Aragaki-san, I have also heard a lot about you from Kyosuke." Kuroneko then smirked as more words came forth from her lips.

"And those include the ones you've said and done to him." Hearing that, Ayase then began to tremble and Kirino could tell tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. This made Kirino realized that Kuroneko had gone too far.

"Kuroneko, stop this. Digging up a past wound is unfitting of someone of your calibur." Kirino then finally stepped in.

"Oh, are you taking side now, Kirino?" Kuroneko asked deviously.

"I am not taking any side, but I don't want you to argue." Kirino then took a deep breath.

"After all, both of you are my friend."

Then both Ayase and Kuroneko looked at Kirino with surprise; and then after seconds of silence, Kuroneko laughed.

"Well, I will heed your word then." Kuroneko then took out something from her bag and tossed it to Kirino.

"That's a small souvenir for you and sempai." Kuroneko said with a smile and this time it was actually friendly.

"I will see you then." And with that Kuroneko exited from the room.

After Kuroneko took her leave, Kirino then turned her attention to Ayase, who apparently was still teary from the shock and mental damage she received from her verbal fight with Kuroneko.

"Ayase, you alright?" Kirino asked, trying her best to comfort her best friend.

"Kirino, I am alright. Thank you." Ayase said as the trembling disappeared while she tried her best to wipe away her tears, but Kirino knew that the harm was done.

"Well, next time I will talk some sense into her." Kirino then promised and hearing that Ayase chuckled.

"Thank you, Kirino." Ayase smiled as she offered her gratitude and seeing her friend had calmed down, Kirino smiled as well.

Kirino was glad that she was able to stop her best friends from arguing, but what made her happier was the fact that she had developed a closer bond with Ayase when Ayase stepped up for the sake of Kyosuke.

But just before her thoughts could delve further on that, the door to the living room opened.

"Are you alright?" Kyosuke asked with concern in his voice, seeing Ayase's red eyes.

Hearing that, Kirino sighed in defeat as she remembered how dense Kyosuke was, but also how he always showed at the 'right' time.

"Nothing, baka anii-ki." And when Kirino said that, Ayase bursted out laughing, confusing Kyosuke.

"Well, he is same as ever." Kirino then chucked before joining the laughter.

Seeing this, Kyosuke scratched the back of his head slightly; however, it did not take him long to realize that Ayase and Kirino had grown closer as friends as something was solved, and seeing this made him smile.

Then sensing his reaction, Kirino felt warm as she knew no matter what happened, he would always care and be there...

Author's Note:

Well, now we take a deeper look of events from another perspective again. From Kirino's perspective, we see more of the story. However, it is only but part of the story. I knew that I had thrown in surprise for Kuroneko to show up, despite the fact that she is not one of my favorite character from the series, I feel like I just can't ignore her since she played such an important role in the original story. So, I brought her in as a plot element to spice things up a little bit. But then again, what Kuroneko said is only part of the story and only as you see more of the story will you be able to piece everything together.

As to Kirino as a character from the original story, I really like her. She was my favorite until Ayase showed up. What I see in her is a person, who is dedicated and will try her best regardless of what she does. I actually really admire people like that. Also, her will to win in all things is also makes her attractive as a character. However, in the story you also see her weak side, which helps reinforce the image of that she is a girl and need someone by her side.

As to writing, I try to update more often now with my life more settled down. Again, I hope that I can finish this entire story by end of this year. But then again, who knows what will happen. Well, please leave comments and reviews as they really encourage me. Then until next time.