A/N: Hello people :) so this story is the product of my overactive imagination during christmas break. I recently became obsessed with Warehouse 13 and Criminal Minds, and I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if both teams were working the same case, but from different angles. I'm still not sure on the title yet, so it could change. This story obviously takes place AU, the setting for Criminal Minds is season 7 as of episode 10, The Bittersweet Science and for Warehouse 13, season 2 before H.G. Wells was reinstated and Kelly never existed in this world. I hope you like it, and thanks in advance for reading. (hopefully you'll read it and you weren't put off by my blabbing)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, I'm just borrowing them.

Work in Progress

Chapter 1

There's definitely something weird about this case, Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss thought to herself as she walked through the bull pen of the Univille police department in South Dakota. The BAU had been assigned the case two days ago and since they arrived there had already been three killings. One of the aspects that attributed to the weirdness was the fact that all the killings in Univille had happened the night before. Before they had arrived there had also been two killings in the next town over called Feather Head. The deaths were caused by some sort of unique hunting knife that Penelope Garcia, their Technical Analyst had still been unable to identify. They were running low on suspects and sleep; it was already one in the morning and hardly any members of the team had had more than four hours of sleep. Whoever this UNSUB was, he was killing fast and it seemed almost randomly. Out of the five killings, two had happened in the victim's homes at night, one of the killings in feather head had happened in broad daylight and the other two had been on the street around midnight. All the victims had been stabbed seventeen times before their throats were finally slashed. They could barely profile the UNSUB which meant that he would most likely kill again before they could even come up with one. Emily joined the rest of her team, including Garcia via webcam, at the large table in the corner of the bull pen.

"Have there been any new leads?" Emily asked as she scanned over the crime scene photos for what must have been the thousandth time that day.

"Unfortunately, no there hasn't been," Hotch replied.

As Unit Chief SSA Aaron Hotchner looked over his team he could tell that they were all running on low batteries. They all desperately needed sleep and he would probably be the only one they would listen to and not fight against for suggesting it. This case was already starting to wear them down and it had only been the second day. The team had already visited all the crime scenes, talked to any witnesses they had and gone over all the evidence.

"Alright, I want everyone to go back to the bed and breakfast and meet back here at eight AM, we're all exhausted and we can't help the investigation if we're all over tired and cranky," Hotch said, looking pointedly at SSA Jennifer Jareau.

Earlier JJ had almost bit off Garcia's head for taking longer than five seconds to find some information. JJ sighed, nodded at Hotch and headed to get her bag from a desk where she had left it. Things had become more strained than usual with will and she hated being gone longer than necessary. She really did regret the way she had snapped at Garcia though, she had done nothing wrong, JJ was just over tired.

Back at the table, a certain agent was voicing his disagreement.

"Hotch come on, I'm fine," SSA Derek Morgan persisted. "A little lack of sleep never killed anyone."

"Actually that statement is very untrue; it's very possible to doe from sleep deprivation." SSA Dr. Spencer Reid stated. "Usually this is the result of the fact that the immune system is weakened without sleep. The number of white blood cells within the body decreases, as does the activity of the remaining white blood cells. The body also decreases the amount of growth hormone produced. The ability of the body to metabolize sugar declines, turning sugar into fat. One study stated that people who sleep less than four hours per night are three times more likely to die within the next six years. Although the longest a human has remained awake was eleven days rats that are continually deprived of sleep die within two to five weeks, generally due to their severely weakened immune system."

"When Reid starts talking about death and rats, that means I'm outta here," Prentiss said, grabbed her stuff and headed over to the door to wait with JJ for their ride.

"Morgan, Hotch is right. We won't be able to help anyone if we can't even help ourselves," SSA David Rossi said, attempting to persuade Morgan.

Morgan, obviously frustrated, sighed and looked at each of his team mates. They all looked horrible; you could see the exhaustion on each of their faces and if they all looked that bad he could only imagine what he looked like.

"Alright, fine," Morgan said and rubbed a hand over his face.

"Close your eyes, left then right, goodnight starlight. Or starlights... okay bye," Garcia said before signing off.

The team of profilers headed out of the police station, got into their black SUVs and drove straight to Leena's Bed & Breakfast.

Claudia Donovan had just got back to the B&B and laid down in her bed which she had been practically deprived of for the last two days. Her boss at the Warehouse, Artie Nielson had kept her there to help him locate a very dangerous artifact that had found its way into town. The other Warehouse agents, Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer had been in Seattle, trying to locate another artifact which left Claudia to deal with Artie on her own. She was seriously starting to wonder if that man ever got any sleep because when she left at twelve thirty AM he was still searching frantically through his office, as usual. It was now a little past one and Claudia was in serious need of some sleep. Just as she was about to fall into the unconsciousness of sleep, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs of the B&B. She then heard a multitude of voices coming from the hall outside her door. She got up out of bed, very frustrated with the noise level coming from the hall. As she got closer to the door she could hear that the voices didn't belong to her friends, rather a large group of adults trying to decide which room they would be taking.

Now very mad, Claudia whipped open her door and glared at the first person to look at her.

"Dude. What is with all the hubbabulu? I'm trying to sleep!" she said and found herself face to face with a startled group of tired adults. She noticed that some of them wore badges on their belts and deduced that they were FBI agents.

"Oh, sorry we were under the impression that there was no one else here," came a voice from Claudia's left. She turned around to see that the speaker was a very tall, very muscular and very good looking man with dark skin.

"Well hello there," Claudia said, perking up a bit. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"No thanks, we're just trying to figure out who get the room on the end there," he said referring to the room to the right of Myka's next to the stairs.

"Ah. And how long will you be staying?" Claudia asked sceptically. She was under the impression that the B&B was reserved for Warehouse agents only.

Morgan exchanged a glance with the rest of his team. This young redhead with the turquoise stripe in her hair seemed very interested in what they were doing. It was a little concerning because if she was staying at the bed and breakfast then she couldn't be in town for very long but she also seemed as though she'd been there for a while. Morgan was too tired to analyse that though any further and decided to extend his hand instead.

"SSA Derek Morgan, BAU. We're here investigating the murders," he said.

At the word murder, Claudia froze. They were FBI agents. Staying at Leena's. With the warehouse agents. Both teams were working on the same case. She knew the blond had looked familiar; Claudia had seen her on TV earlier that day.

"Uh, hi. Claudia Donovan. Will you just excuse..." Claudia said before bolting for the stairs. "Leena!" she shouted from the top step. Halfway down the stairs she turned around and ran back to her bedroom door, shutting it loudly and she hurried back down the steps. "Leena!" Claudia called again from somewhere downstairs.

The team of BAU profilers looked at each other for a moment before bursting into a fit of laughter. Well all except for Hotch and Morgan. Hotch walked down the hall past the first four rooms and picked the one at the end of the hall facing the rest of the hall. Morgan, shaking his head walked to the room on the left of Hotch's. They both closed their doors, leaving Rossi, JJ, Prentiss and Reid in the hall.

"What do you think?" Rossi asked to the agents next to him. "Suspect or paranoid teenager?"

"Well, that's really hard to say at this point," Reid started. "You know, most teenagers-"

"Reid?" he was cut off by Prentiss. "You say one more word and I'm throwing you down the stairs."

Reid looked at Prentiss and saw that she was dead serious.

"Okay, well good night," he said and walked into the room across from Morgan.

Rossi followed behind the younger agent and picked the room in between Morgan's and Claudia's.

"I'll take the one on the end," Prentiss said. "Night JJ."

"Night," JJ responded and both women went to their rooms for some needed sleep.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Claudia had finally located Leena, her friend and the owner of the B&B.

"What the hell Leena!" Claudia exclaimed.

"What?" Leena asked.

"You know what! Why are there FBI agents staying here?"

"They needed someplace to stay."

"Then why didn't they find a hotel?"

"Look, Claud, Mrs. Fredrick asked me to let them stay here! What was I going to say? No?"

"Oh well when you put it like that. Yes! Wait, does Artie know?" Claudia asked.

"No." Leena said and looked down at the floor.

"Oh man, you are so dead!" Claudia said, pitying her friend for having to explain this to Artie. "Oh yeah, when did we get five extra rooms?"

"It's an artifact thing." Leena said hesitantly.

"Sweet," Claudia said and returned upstairs. She was relieved to see that the BAU agents had finally chosen rooms and were quiet but now Claudia would never be able to sleep with them in the house.

Claudia let out a very loud frustrated groan before dropping down on the bed. Regardless of what she just thought about not being able to sleep, she drifted off not two minutes later.