A.N.: I know what you are thinking, "Isn't it a little late for a Christmas themed fanfic?" well just to let you know yes it is but plz read it anyway! Enjoy!

There is still some magic under the mistletoe

"Where do we put this Sakura-chan?" Toki-kun asked as he took down the first of many clear ceramic snow flack's that hang from the ceiling. "Um…if you could wrap them up in some tissue paper then put them in that box over their, that would be great thanks" Sakura said as she carefully plucking Christmas ornaments off the tree and putting them in their own little boxes and containers.

"That was some Christmas party you threw Sakura" Yuuki said as he carefully balanced two boxes in his arms and one on his head "Thanks Yuuki-kun! I thought it would be fun to just enjoy and appreciate each other's company" Sakura explained when she finished wrapping up the last ornaments. "Appreciate each others company? Who would give a shit about that?" Toki scuffed as he continued his chore, "Come on Toki you have to admit it was fun" Ogami said when he came down from the attic to bring up more boxes.

"Does that mean you enjoyed it Ogami-kun?" Sakura asked hopefully, "It's certainly a nice change from everything else that has happened do far…" Ogami explained, "None of the less it was an enjoyable evening and I was glad to be apart of it" Heike-sempai said before Sakura's face could fall. "I finished washing the windows Sakura is there anything else that needs to be done?" Heike asked "Could you please finish this? I want to help Prince-chan pack up the leftovers that still need packing" Sakura said as she stepped off the ladder to go to the kitchen, "Hey Sakura…" Yuuki called before Sakura disappeared into the kitchen. "Yes?" she asked as she stood under the railing separating the kitchen from the dinning room. Yuuki walked over to her and glanced up, pointing "What's that?" he asked, still examining the strange plant thing that was hanging between him and Sakura.

"Oh…-giggle- I forgot that was still up their" Sakura said as she looked up to what he was talking about. "That's mistletoe" she said with a slight blush on her cheeks, "Mistletoe?" he repeated, "Yes when two people of the opposite sex walk or stand under it they have to kiss" she explained, which caused Yuuki to look down at her in surprise, "kiss? No no no I don't think that, that is necessary be side's Christmas is over so there is probably no magic left until next year so…" Yuuki said as he looked down at the hard wood floor with a blush on his face. "…Yuuki" Sakura said softly. Yuuki glanced up at Sakura to see a soft look on her face; gently she lifted her right hand and placed it on the side of Yuuki's face and leaned in slowly, with her other hand she placed it on his shoulder and placed her lips delicately on his cheek, Yuuki to shocked to move didn't do anything, When she pulled away she smiled sweetly and continued into the kitchen.

When Yuuki looked up at his friends, who were just as surprised by the scene that just took place as he was, he glanced behind him and watched Sakura laugh at something Prince had said, "Look's like there is still some magic under the mistletoe after all…" Yuuki said with a soft smile spread across his face.