Last Time On: Pikachu And Piplup: Stupidity Saga!

Pikachu and Piplup watch as Princess Aria Meloetta gets kidnapped by Meowth!

Pikachu: Oh no! They got Princess Meloetta!

Piplup: I have a bad feeling about this...

Pikachu and Piplup give chase, running out of the village and heading eastward, towards adventure!

Pikachu: We're coming, Meloetta!

Piplup: And here comes the naughty innuendos...

Pikachu and Piplup wind up at a local pond, where they meet a shiny Finneon and decide to get some supplies for the road!

Pikachu: This place doesn't seem too bad!

Piplup: Yeah, that's what you say now. Just you wait until we actually go beyond here...

Pikachu and Piplup will have to hurry to Melody Mountain, before Meowth and his goons get away with Meloetta!

Pikachu: That mountain may be musical, but I'm sure we can get through it!

Piplup: I doubt it... hmm... maybe I should have brought some headphones...

And now... back to the story, in the new chapter of... Pikachu And Piplup: Stupidity Saga!

Pikachu and Piplup were making their way eastward towards Melody Mountain, leaving behind the pond, as they were both determined to catch up to Meowth. Pikachu lead the way obviously, with Piplup running right after him, both of the male Pokemon adventurers carrying backpacks, with Pikachu's being colored blue and Piplup's being colored green.

"Man, this is a long stretch," Piplup commented, frowning as he felt the pain in his feet.

Pikachu shook his head, turning to his left, where Piplup was at. "Come on, Pip! Cheer up! After all, this fresh, clean air is god for you!"

Piplup glared at Pikachu. "What good is it when this is making my feet cramp?"

Pikachu stuck out his tongue at Piplup, teasing the stubborn penguin. "Oh, you complain about everything! Don't act so perfect!"

Piplup groaned as he tilted his head back. "Yeah, but I have an actual reason to complain! Why are we doing this again? We could be at home, relaxing!"

Pikachu simply slapped Piplup across the back of the head, moving forward. Rubbing his newly received injury, Piplup followed, still groaning about their quest.

Eventually, after fifteen minutes, the two made it to the base of Melody Mountain, the entrance leading to the inside of the mountain, with a Darmanitan blocking the entrance.

"Hey! Get out of the way!" Pikachu exclaimed to the Darmanitan, holding the straps of his bluish backpack. "We gotta get inside there and chase down some goons!"

The Darmanitan guard laughed as he pushed Pikachu back. "Slow down there, little man! Only Pokemon who prove themselves can go in here."

Piplup dropped his flippers, his right eye twitching. "What? Only Pokemon who are strong enough? Are you kidding me?"

The Darmanitan smirked as he folded his gigantic, fiery arms. "You got a problem with it, shorty?"

Piplup shook with rage, revealing some teeth in between his beak. "Ooh... I got a problem, all right... And I'm gonna wipe your butt all over the mountaintop!"

Darmanitan stared at Piplup for several seconds, then laughed heartily as he pointed at Piplup. "Please! What can you do to hurt me?"

Piplup had it. He tossed his green backpack aside, and fired an array of bubbles at Darmanitan, soaking his face. Darmanitan shook his head, the smirk on his face disappearing as he pounded his large fists together.

"All right, then!" The Darmanitan exclaimed as he got fired up. "You want a fight, you got it!"

Pikachu sighed as he tossed the red backpack to the side, shrugging as he responded, "Well, I didn't want to did this, but I guess we have no choice..."

Darmanitan began chucking huge balls of fire at Pikachu and Piplup. Piplup screamed out in terror as he ducked, while Pikachu smacked the balls away with a solid Iron Tail. Darmanitan noticed and started jumping up and down, creating an earthquake. Pikachu landed back on the ground, only to be hurled by the great damage dealt by the earthquake. Watching Pikachu fall back to the ground, Piplup got up, running towards Darmanitan in an attempt to land a physical attack, but he was then scorched by a powerful Flamethrower.

Darmanitan smirked as he glanced at the fainted Piplup, who had anime swirlies in his eyes. Darmanitan was then smacked across the face by a powerful Iron Tail from Pikachu, who then grabbed onto Darmanitan's head and electrocuted him with a powerful Thunder. Darmanitan screamed in pain as he felt his fur sizzle from the yellow electricity, being unable to break free. Pikachu jumped into the air, using a body slam on Darmanitan to paralyze him. Pikachu then landed in front of the wounded Darmanitan, who was struggling to get up. Piplup then got back up and fired a Hydro Pump, completely soaking the Darmanitan.

Upon winning the match, Pikachu and Piplup gave each other high fives, with the Darmanitan struggling to stand up, having been defeated by the duo.

"How... how was this outcome possible... how did I lose to a stupid blue penguin and an arrogant yellow rat?" Darmanitan groaned, rubbing his head after the intense battle.

Pikachu chuckled as he shook his entire body, standing up. "We told you, Darmanitan. We're one hell of a Pokemon." He smiled, lowering his eyes. "Now, if you could let us in, please..."

The Darmanitan stood back up, rubbing his injured right arm as he pointed to the entrance. "Go ahead... I have no bounds against you..."

Piplup was still in shock after the huge battle. "I can't believe we actually beat a Darmanitan, Pikachu!"

Pikachu scoffed as he turned back to Piplup. "You always have to be prepared for anything, Piplup. Especially unexpected fights like this." He waved goodbye to the Darmanitan, who nodded at the duo as he guarded the entrance to the mountain.