BLEACH –Again–

Chapter One: New Job

21 yr-old Kurosaki Ichigo sighed as he stared back at his family. "Well, I'm off," He said holding his suit case and bag. Yuzu, his younger sister, is seen fighting back tears as his other sister, Karin, is shown lazily waving. Isshin, on the other hand, was having rivers falling down his face.

"O… Okaa-san! Our boy! Our little boy is off to his new life! A life where he cannot be under the wings of his pa- BAGAH!" He couldn't finish as Karin and Ichigo both kicked the man down. "Dammit, Oyaji, could you pipe it down a bit? You're kinda making a crowd…!" Ichigo muttered as a crowd was indeed surrounding the family. Isshin immediately got back up and stared at his son with teary eyes. "Uooh… H-how could you, Ichigo? Kicking your own father when he's trying to congratulate you-…!"

Again, he was stopped when Ichigo punched him in the face. "Shut up! You already made me miss the first two weeks of school because you keep insisting I stay until I was completely ready!" He yelled. "And I already was when I left college, you idiot!" Ichigo finished, punching Isshin square on the head. "OWW! Why you ungrateful son!" Isshin shot back, the two getting into another useless fight. "Onii-chan, Otou-san, stop it!" Yuzu tried to stop the two as Karin sighed, "They're at it again…"

The fight ended as soon as it started as Ichigo wiped the bruise on his face. "Whatever…" He said as he stood in front of his father. Isshin blinked as Ichigo suddenly bowed in front of him. "Thank you for taking care of me!" Ichigo declared before scowling back, taking his bags and getting on the train, turning to smile. Isshin smiled back before saluting him with two fingers as his two daughters waved goodbye. Ichigo waved back as the door closed.

Ichigo sighed as he got off the train. Looking around at the bare wasteland, he figured school was out since it was the weekends. Walking around, he found a map and took a look at it, walking towards the school's office. Arriving at the office, Ichigo knocked on the door as he dropped his bag at what looked like the Teacher's Office. Hearing a gruff "Come in", Ichigo walked in.

The first thing in Ichigo's thoughts was "Huge…" as he stared at the headmaster's thick eyebrows as it fell off his face. The headmaster looked up to have his face brighten up at Ichigo's entrance.

"Ah, you must be Kurosaki Ichigo-kun! I've been expecting you for, ehh…" The old man searched through his papers before looking up, "About 2 weeks now." Ichigo sheepishly chuckled as Konoe Konoemon folded his hands. "Care to explain?"

"Dad…" Was only Ichigo's reply as Konoe chuckled, "Hohohoho, well that explains plenty."

Ichigo nodded in agreement as Konoe shifted through his papers. "Let's see now, ah. Ichigo-kun, you have completed your education in 4 years and have earned your Bachelor's degree, correct?" Ichigo nodded. "Added to your learning, your Mathematics and Physical Education skills have been proved worthy as well… a difficult situation as both are filled…" Konoe hummed a bit as Ichigo sighed. "If you can't choose, we can discuss this later, if you want," Ichigo offered, "Right now, I'm more concerned about where I will be living."

"Ah yes, your living conditions… Well, I suppose I have a few rooms I can offer…" Konoe muttered, checking through his papers. "But before that, I will need to take your picture so I can enlist you into the facility."

"Oh, right."

"Alright then," Konoe continued, taking out a camera and wiping the lens. Ichigo straightened up, fixing his tie when Konoe suddenly said, "Now then, please say 'Strawberries'!"

"Straw- wait, what?"


Ichigo twitched his brows after the flash ended. Konoe gazed at the picture to see a surprised Ichigo with semi-wide eyes and an awkward smile. Konoe chuckled to himself. "This is going into the yearbook, yes…" Looking up to see an angered face of Ichigo, Konoe calmed himself. "Well then, about your living conditions…" Ichigo calmed to see a pity look on the Principle's face. "I'm afraid there are no more rooms I can offer to you."

Ichigo shrugged, "That's fine, is there any alternative?"

Konoe smiled. "I'll see what I can do," He answered, "Now, I would love to stay and chat, but I suppose you're tired after your journey, yes?" Konoe asked as Ichigo rubbed the back of his neck, nodding. "Very well then, I suppose you can rest at the Teacher's Lounge. School has just ended for the weekends anyway, so you may either rest, or explore the school. I'll give you your dorm and teaching area later on tomorrow, is that fine?"

"Sure, Konoe-san," Ichigo said as he bowed and left the office. Konoe chuckled as he stroked his beard. "I wonder how Ichigo-kun will handle this job, hmm…?"

With that, he chuckled before suddenly remembering something. "Oh drat, I think I forgot to mention something…"

Ichigo was a bit bored as he toured around the school. While walking, he did notice a few girls looking out of their class to see him walk by, before turning to their friends to tell them about the guy who walked by. He sighed to himself, hoping that another fan club won't be made. Things were bad enough during his college years. Looking at the doors to see that he was nearing Class A, he notice a lone boy outside. Thinking that the kid was lost as well, he attempted to make contact, but a girl with light blue (almost white) hair interrupted the child from his thoughts with a yell, and all of a sudden, a crowd of half naked girls stepped out of the classroom, demanding what happened. Feeling his ears burn, Ichigo quickly left the scene.

The day went by and before he knew it, he got lost. Twitching an eye, he thought, "Even with a map, I still get lost… How lame is that?"

Walking around lost, Ichigo blinked as he found himself walking through a lane with Sakura trees blooming. Ichigo smiled, gazing around, "How nostalgic…" Looking around, Ichigo twitched the corner of his mouth as sakura petals started falling and swirling around. "Great, even here, I can still see Byakuya's Shikai and Bankai… Geez, I just can't shake that feeling of facing him out of my mind…!" He thought to himself.

Ichigo sighed as he sat leaning on one of the Sakura trees. "Five years… five years since I've lost my Shinigami powers and four since regaining my Reiatsu…" He smiled. "Having my sight back sure does bring me comfort… sorta makes me think twice about my dream of not being able to see anymore, hahaha…" The carrot top thought as he looked at the night sky. "I wonder how the others are doing?" He thought to himself.

Suddenly, a scream reached his ears as the orange head hurriedly stood up. "A Hollow!" Was the first thing in his mind as he grabbed his Substitution badge. Activating his lower-leveled Fullbring, Ichigo ran to where he heard to scream, the temperature getting colder and colder before Ichigo almost tripped before the ice surrounding him. "Ice…? What the…" Ichigo looked around, his breathe appearing smoke.

A flash of light alerted him as he ran to the scene. A shadow suddenly loomed before him as Ichigo narrowed his eyes. Using Fullbring, Ichigo manipulated the ground to push him faster and harder to the side of the shadow while using the air to help cushion his sharp turn. Ichigo then turned to see the shadow's face, but it flew over him, escaping. "Kusso… (Shit)" Ichigo thought out loud, about to run after the figure before hearing a yelled behind him. Turning around, Ichigo saw three girls and one little boy.

"Kyah! Negi-kun is the vampire?"

"Vampire…?" Ichigo wondered. "Aren't those vampires, like, I dunno, non-existant?"

"Y-you're wrong, Konoka-san!" The boy yelled in panic, "Th-the real vampire is over- EH! Wh-where did she go?"

"Now it's a 'she'?"

"A-anyway, Asuna-san, Konoka-san, please watch over Miyazaki-san for me!" The boy, named Negi, said, before muttering something and dashing towards Ichigo's direction as the twin-tailed girl, Asuna, yelled out his name. Ichigo widened his eyes as Negi seemed to be using Reiatsu to help accelerate his speed. "What the!"

Ichigo grunted as Negi crashed into him. "Ah! Sumimasen, Oji-san (Mister)!" Negi yelled, bowing before jogging off, using Reiatsu again to accelerate after gathering some distance. Ichigo was confused at what happened as the same twin-tailed girl ran up to him.

"Ah…" Asuna blushed at the presence of the scowling young adult. "S-sumimasen, Oji-san, eeto, d-did you by any chance see a kid running by?" She asked, blushing. "Great, you just embarrassed yourself in front of a hot guy, nice job Asuna!"

"Uh, yeah, he went that way…" Ichigo pointed glad he turned off his Fullbring earlier as Asuna bowed in thanks. "Arigatou gozaimasu!" She said before running off.

"What the hell…" Ichigo thought, "First day and already it's getting crazy… I thought I left it all back at Karakura, jeez…" Ichigo ruffled his hair. With that thought gone, he debated about going after the girl, but thought against it as it would be awkward. "Besides, I can't turn invisible, can I?"

Sighing, Ichigo went off to his temporary room at the Teacher's lounge, before a loud roar entered his ear. "Off to 'work'… again…" He thought, disappearing in speed via Fullbring.

(Sometime later…)

Evangeline cursed as she rubbed her swore jaw. "That damnable Kagurazaka Asuna…" She muttered as she and Chachamaru, her robotic partner, flew to her cottage. Hearing a screeching roar, she sighed. "That was the tenth time this week… Whatever it is, it's getting more rowdy since last week, as if it knew something bad was coming…" She thought.


Yeah, this is based off a few years after Ichigo gained control over his Fullbring. Tsukishima never made his move yet and Ichigo still doesn't know the real plan behind the Fullbringers and Ginjo.

Reason is pretty simple.

Ichigo never got his Shinigami powers back yet and so lived a life of a normal human being (besides having his Fullbring powers as well as fighting Hollows). Over the courses of years, Ichigo accepted that he might never become Shinigami again after Ginjo's plan to get his Shinigami powers failed, accepting his Hollow-based Fullbring powers. Getting his "Sight" back, Ichigo is still glad that he is able to protect his friends and family again. Isshin still acts like an idiot, despite his plans with Urahara and the two are still trying to convince Yamamoto about their plans to give Ichigo his powers back, which won't be long. The Soul Society DID dispatch Shinigami to Mahora, 2 Shinigami, actually, and both will be introduced later on. No, they are NOT Rukia or Renji or anyone Ichigo PERSONALLY knows. He might KNOW them, but not on a PERSONAL level as Rukia and Renji and a handful of other Shinigami Ichigo knows.

Pactios are gonna be a problem, since my thoughts on Magic and Reiatsu is gonna be difficult to explain, so I'll explain the similarity on the next chapter. Just knows this, Ichigo has control over all three Levels over his Fullbring, similar to how Chad did in the Anime, switching between his second and third Level. Anyway, This is as far as I will go over the story, since I don't wanna reveal too much.

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