Learning to Love Without Sake 2: Impregnating Byakuya

By Spunky0ne

Chapter 1: Morning at the Manor

Byakuya stirred in his sleep and drew in a soft, waking breath. He longed to sink back down into slumber again and spend the entire day right where he was, but this day was to be an important one for the Kuchiki family. Still, there was, he thought, time to indulge in his favorite sinful pleasure...the handsome, red-haired man whose strong, muscular and beautifully tattooed body laid naked and entangled with his.

There was sensual loveliness to the markings, and Byakuya enjoyed them immensely. Whether they were proudly displayed in broad daylight or seductively cast in evening shadows. Whether moving swiftly with him as he fought, or rising and falling softly as he slept in Byakuya's arms. Renji's tattoos were an immense source of attraction and stimulation that had the tendency to cause the usually placid clan leader to connect with the livelier spirit that had inhabited him at an age before responsibility had taken its toll.

And Renji wasn't just pleasing to look at. He piqued Byakuya's other senses as well. Having lived in the lower Rukongai for much of his early life, he deeply appreciated warm baths at the manor (and appreciated even more the privilege of sharing them with Byakuya) and was fastidious about hygiene. He had a rich, masculine scent that Byakuya genuinely craved. Scenting Renji had the tendency to make the clan leader's heart rate increase, to tease a reaction in his loins and to leave him with a light-headed, amorous feeling.

And as good as Renji smelled, he tasted even better. His kisses could be warm and sweet or hot and heady. And where the lighter parts of his skin were calmer, the black tattoos even tasted dangerous. And Renji's seed was like liquid fire. Whether savored orally or filled inside as Renji laid, sprawled languidly across the noble's naked back, it was an indulgence that left Byakuya weak and fluttery for some time after.

He was careful not to admit to how much he enjoyed the latter, but he had the feeling that the fact was not lost on Renji.

"Mmmnnn," Renji sighed, his fingers moving where they had entangled themselves in Byakuya's silken hair, "S'time t'get up yet?"

Byakuya nudged his way more deeply under the redhead's chin and breathed in deeply.

"We have a little bit of time to...wake ourselves fully," the noble answered.

He latched on to the redhead's tattooed throat, sucking warmly. Renji's warm, flaccid member twitched, where it touched Byakuya's thigh, and began to harden. His rough hands slid down the noble's slender back, curved around his bottom and pulled gently to entice him into thrusting. Byakuya shifted slightly to bring his own growing arousal into contact with Renji's and let his lover's hands set the pace of his movements. He broke away from the redhead's throat and sank into his mouth, closing his eyes and feeding hungrily on the emotion beneath their intense kisses.

Renji's finger teased his nether region, and Byakuya opened his eyes and narrowed them, wanting to let himself fall easily, but choosing to provide more of a challenge. Renji smirked at the stern look he had earned and returned Byakuya's soft glare with a decidedly smoky, predatory gaze. Byakuya pulled away and rose onto his knees, letting his opened yukata fall away and waiting to see what his lover would do in response. Renji shook off his yukata and crawled forward, looking much like a tiger stalking its prey. His red-brown eyes locked on the noble's and he moved forward on hands and knees, then paused as he reached Byakuya and bent to offer his lover a teasing lick. Byakuya's eyelids fluttered and his expression warmed slightly. He parted his thighs, watching intently as Renji stretched out, gracing the noble with an enticing view of the tattoos that danced down his shapely back. He placed his hands on the noble's sensitive inner thighs and began a slow exploration, savoring the soft, flushed skin. Byakuya's eyes calmed and grew tranquil and hazy as Renji's mouth pleasured him, as the redhead's tongue teased him. A sweet, longing sigh escaped Byakuya's parted lips, making Renji smile and tempted him into seeking the noble's entrance again. He waited until Byakuya's body tensed in reaction to the pleasure Renji was giving him, then slowly began to prepare him. And for all that Byakuya tried to give him that look of challenge again, the redhead answered by increasing his pleasure so that everything left Byakuya's mind and body but opening itself to what his lover offered. His head fell back and his hips rose. He made a deep, husky sound of surrender and released. Renji closed his eyes and swallowed several times, then slowly and indulgently licked away the bits that had escaped. He climbed onto his knees, continuing the slow preparation, then wrapping his other arm around Byakuya and bringing their mouths together again. Byakuya's tongue thrust deeply into the redhead's mouth, treasuring their sweet and savory mingled essences as Renji abandoned all pretense and moved into position to take him.

Byakuya moved easily with him now, letting himself be brought down onto his back as he gazed at Renji through sleepy, half-lidded eyes. Their eyes locked, then he took his lover the way Byakuya favored...in one beautiful. lightning fast thrust that made the noble gasp and clench the redhead's shoulders tightly as the shock of it passed through him. Renji waited a moment for the deep breath of recovery that followed, then began to move. Byakuya's legs wrapped around the redhead's powerful body and his mouth indulged Renji's in hard, biting kisses as they raged hotly against each other ascending a lovely pinnacle, pausing for one breathless moment at the edge, then plunging headlong into the blinding abyss of mutual orgasm. Renji's naked, sweaty body collapsed onto Byakuya's and both men went still and quiet, enjoying the delicious hum of satedness that enveloped them. They had nearly succumbed to sleep again when a boy's voice rang out in the gardens outside their room, sharp and angry, shattering the peaceful afterglow.

"Get off of me, you horrid beast! Why do you do that, anyway? It's not proper nor ladylike. But then, I guess you wouldn't know what ladies were like, eh Tora?"

Byakuya bit his lip and let out an annoyed breath as Renji rolled his eyes and began to disentangle himself from the noble.

"Take it back!" their daughter's voice demanded.

"Get off of me and we'll talk!" snapped Takao.

"You take it back first or I'll pound you!"

"Ow! Get...your...ugly...beastly...butt...off...of me!"

"Stop it, you two!" hissed another girl's voice, "Uncle Bya and Uncle Ren are still sleeping!"

"Not anymore, we're not," growled Renji, tying his yukata back in place and opening the garden doors, "What's all of the racket about?"

He glared down at the feisty, five-year-old redhead, who sat on her slightly older cousin's back, where Takao laid, sprawled on his stomach.

"Make her get off of me, Uncle Renji!"

"I was just training with him, Daddy Ren!" objected the girl.

"Akitora," Byakuya said calmly, appearing in the doorway next to Renji, "We have discussed this. If both parties agree to the activity, it is training. If one forcibly involves another in the activity, then it is..."

"I know," said Akitora her face falling cutely, "It's a sneak attack...and it is not acceptable."

"Exactly," agreed the noble, "Now, help your cousin up and apologize."

Akitora pursed her lips and climbed off of Takao's back, then offered the boy a hand. Takao pulled away and climbed to his feet, then stood, brushing the grass off his hakama.

"Apologize," Byakuya said again.

The girl frowned and narrowed her eyes.

"I'm sorry for waking you Daddy Bya and Daddy Ren," she said contritely.

"Hey!" yelled Takao, "He meant for you to apologize to me, you brat!"

"Takao," said Tetsuya, appearing on the walkway with a sleepy looking Tomio a step behind, "I've told you there is no excuse for name calling."

"But she jumped on me and wouldn't get off of me!" the boy objected, "She gets away with everything!"

Tetsuya glanced at the sullen girl, then back at his son.

"Daddy Tetsuya," said Kiko, fastening her pretty blue eyes on him, "I don't think that Tora really meant any harm. She was just playing and Takao overacted."

"I think you mean he overreacted," Byakuya corrected her, smiling, "But although she was just having fun, it is only fun if both parties agree to it. Do you understand, Akitora?"

The girl's eyes widened and she swallowed hard, looking up into her father's stern, but not unkind expression.

"Y-yes, Daddy Bya," she said obediently.

"Have the three of you prepared yourselves for Tetsuya's induction?" asked Byakuya, changing the subject.

"Yes, sir," the three children said together.

"Good," the noble said, nodding, "Then go and sit down for breakfast. We will be there in a few minutes to join you. And Akitora...?"

"I know, Daddy Bya," the girl said, sticking out her lower lip slightly, "No tackling anyone on the way."

"Or shoving them in the koi pond!" added Takao.

"Or tripping, poking, nudging or otherwise annoying them," added Renji.

The red-haired girl frowned, but said nothing more. She waited until Takao passed her, then stuck her tongue out at him behind his back. Byakuya cleared his throat softly and the girl froze and neutralized her expression. She gave a heaving sigh and followed her cousins to the table.

Byakuya and Renji turned back into their room and hastily dressed.

"How do you do that?" Renji asked, shaking his head, "All you do is tell her to do something and she hops to. Me she just laughs off...or tries to tackle."

"It is a matter of presence and habit, I suppose," Byakuya answered, pulling up his hakama and setting his shihakushou in order.

Renji let out an aggravated sigh and continued to dress, while stealing glances at his handsome mate in the mirror.

"You're really good with kids," the redhead commented.

Byakuya paused for a moment, looking into Renji's eyes in the mirror.

"We could probably have a hundred and you would have them out there lined up in rows every morning and doing practice drills."

Byakuya read the touch of melancholy that had risen on Renji's face and turned to face him.

"Abarai, you are a good father too. Akitora is a very spirited child."

"Yeah, that's my fault," Renji said, smiling and shaking his head, "I gave her those genes...and we freaking pay for it too."

Byakuya yielded him a small smile and a gentle kiss.

"You might remember that I wasn't always so disciplined," the noble said, looking up into Renji's troubled eyes, "Everyone thought I was a brat...and they were, most likely, correct. I grew out of it...and being that Akitora is the heir to the clan leadership, she will, soon enough, be tasked with enough to cool those fires."

Byakuya's gray eyes misted slightly with memory.

"And hopefully, even as she does, she will find someone who helps her to keep those fires alive inside her."

Renji's lips curved upward.

"Is that what I do for you?" he asked, slipping his arms around the noble, "Keep your internal fires lit?"

Byakuya's smile widened.

"Baby races...water slides...tag in the meadows by the lake. Making me lie under the stars and tell back every story that my father once told me...baking cookies in the middle of the night...indulging in matchmaking for Matsuko and Makoto. Renji, I cannot begin to tell you how much you enrich my life. Don't worry about Akitora. Don't blame yourself for what she is like. She is her own person. We can teach her...train her to be a strong leader. But she will make her choices about a good many things. We simply must do our best to set a good example and to guide her as best we can. I have every confidence she will do well."

"Yeah," said Renji, looking somewhat more cheerful, "I suppose you're right."

"Come now," Byakuya said, tying the belt at the redhead's waist, "We don't want to keep everyone waiting. We'll need to be on time to Tetsuya's ceremony. As a taichou and a taichou initiate, it is our job to set an example for my newly appointed fukutaichou."

Renji nodded.

"I'm really glad that the council approved his appointment," he said, "I know council members aren't usually allowed to join the military."

"But given that my trusted fukutaichou of many years was leaving, they thought it best that one of Tetsuya's caliber be installed to ensure my protection."

"Hmmm," said Renji, his brown eyes narrowing, "I don't know that I like someone else guarding your body."

He wrapped his arms around the noble and sank languidly into his mouth for several lusty kisses.

"Tetsuya is my brother," Byakuya reminded him, "And he, like you, has ban kai. But even if the situation was less acceptable, you have waited long enough. I am very much looking forward to placing your haori on your shoulders."

"I'm looking forward to that too," said Renji, smiling and kissing him again, "And at the same time...I'm not. I'm going to miss being with you like we have been all of this time."

"What?" Byakuya asked sedately, "Late nights...missed time with your younger friends...the constant weight of expectation and responsibility?"

"Well, it's not like I'm getting away from it. I'll just be spending those long evenings away from you...going on missions without you beside me. Yeah, I put it off. The promotion is a great honor, but I am really going to miss you...my Taichou."

"We will see plenty of each other," Byakuya assured him.

Renji shook his head gently.

"You know that the first few years they will give me lots of field work to help me gain experience."

"I am aware," said the noble, "But we will manage just fine."

Renji let out a soft breath.

"What about that second baby? I thought that maybe now...before everything gets really crazy, we could..."

Byakuya bit his lip gently.

"Renji, you just acknowledged that you will be gone a lot during the beginning of your tenure as a taichou. How would we manage paternal bonding under such circumstances...conjugal visits on the battlefield? I think not. I think we will simply have to wait until things are not in such disarray."

Renji held the noble's eyes for a moment, then lowered his.

"You...ah...sure you're not just having second thoughts? I mean, I know you aren't thrilled about carrying a child, but..."

Byakuya leaned forward and kissed the words away.

"I promised that I would bear our next child," Byakuya said firmly, "And I will."

"Right," Renji said very softly as Byakuya turned and left the dressing area, "but when?"

He flinched as a crash sounded out in the gardens and Takao and Tora's voices rose again. He closed his eyes and let out a weary sigh of resignation, then shook his head and flash stepped towards the gardens.