I sighed in content, watching the water which was now lit up fall onto the bottom of the water fountain. It was night time and I was just walking around Ikebukuro. I had nothing better to do, so why not? I took out my phone as I sat on the bench in front of the water fountain.

I looked at the time; 9:56 p.m. Maybe my parents were home. I looked to see if my parents had texted me if they had gotten home yet. If I'm not home when they get home, they text me to see where I am or call me. Now days, they are never home. My father is always busy at work and my Mom is always busy working at her flower shop. Not to my surprise, I got no text, meaning they weren't home.

I sighed, annoyed now. Honestly, I miss them. I hate being home alone now, so I wonder the streets of the city. I now always feel so alone. You think I would be used to it after one year of it, but I'm not. I'm so alone, it sucks. My friends Ruka and Hibino graduated-since they were in twelfth grade when I was in high school-and now I never see them. I am just all...alone.

I leaned back on the bench, tired of this lonely state that I now call life. After a second, I saw someone looking down at me. A little surprised and shocked, I jolted up right and turned around on the bench to see who it was. It was an older male, his hair a light gray and his clothes a uniform for some food restaurant.

"Miss, you might want to start going home. Ikebukuro is not a good place for lovely young ladies like yourselves to be wandering around by yourselves, especially at night.". he said with a light smile.

With my average, emotionless face, I nodded and stood up. I bowed and said "Arigatou Gozaimasu." calmly and began walking away. Talking was not really my thing. It may look rude from other people's standpoint, but really it is just a mix of depression, loneliness, and shyness.

I then began walking down the sidewalk towards home. Looking a bit around at the empty sidewalks, I realize how I see some guys in yellow scarves. It must be that gang. Apparently, they are coming back once again. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity. To think they are so strong and tough when really they are just a group of bullies who have nothing better in their lives to do but look tough.

The Dollars are different. They are caring, kind, and insightive. It isn't a group of thugs, but a group of different peoples. Everyone is so open and just so nice. It is kind of like a family in my opinion. I'm glad to be a part of it. They helped me through some hard times and hell, they help me become a better person I guess. The missions are never bad or ill-doing, but simply much deeper and meaningful. The Dollars is nothing like other gangs or groups.

At a Stop Crossing on the street, I heard of loud laughing from far behind me. I turned around and saw three older guys drunk. They looked like they were about in their 20's to 40's and they didn't look like real winners if you know what I mean. They wobbled when they walked and their voices were loud. One of the men noticed I was staring and said "Hey, that girl is staring at us.".

Instantly realizing he was speaking of me, I turned my head back around and pretended to not have noticed and just acting innocent, waiting for my turn to cross the street. One of the men laughed. I could hear them coming closer, their footsteps loud and their voices getting louder.

"She's kind of cute! We should ask her to come hang out with us." one of them said. My eyes widened, starting to get a bit scared. The light turned green and I began to cross the street. Hoping to get rid of them, I walked a little faster across the street and onto the sidewalk.

"We should follow this hunny!" said the same man. I could hear them following me. I stopped and turned my head. Now scared, I saw them following me. "Sweetie, stay still! Hang out with us! We won't hurt you, probably. We just want to have some fun with you! We just want to see you take it off if you get what I mean!" one of the other men said.

Really scared now, I began running on the empty sidewalk and to my house. I could hear them running and chasing me. Tears slowly began running down my face. Why does this have to happen to me? I turned at an alley and noticed it was just a dead end. I turned around took a step backwards. Then, I ran into something. I then slipped and right before I fell backwards, someone took my arms and pulled me up. Nervous, I turned around to see who it was.

It was Izaya.

"What are you doing?" he said with a smirk. Then, his expression turned serious when he saw my face. Tears were staining my face and my eyes holding fear and pain. He chuckled and knealed down, trying to be the same height as me so our eyes were at the same height.

"What, did your boyfriend break up with you? Do you feel sad and miserable? Hahahahaha, you should get over it, but like you humans say, it is easier said then done." he said and chuckling towards the end. I couldn't hold up much longer. Out of weakness and desperateness, I fell forward onto Izaya, my hands clasping onto his shirt. He looked at me in shock. "Huh?" he said in confusion. He had not idea why I did that. I could just tell his face held confusion, I just know it!

Hearing a few footsteps, I heard the men following me turn into the alleyway. I could hear them panting, out of breathe from having to run due to chasing me. "Where's the girl? Hey, wait. Who is this guy?" one of the men asked. Scared, I jolted up, standing up straight. Out of no where, Izaya grabbed me by the waist and before I knew it I was standing behind Izaya. I held onto his coat and peeked my head to see them.

"Who the hell are you?" asked one of the men. He had light brown hair and was almost bald with a shoddy beard. Not a very good looking fellow. He held a huge bottle of vodka in his hand. Izaya chuckled and said "Oh, so you idiots have never heard of me? How shocking, really. I'm Izaya Orihara.".

"Idiots? Who the hell do you think you are talking to? We are a part of the Yellow Scarves!" he then said. Instantly, he bashed his vodka bottle against the brick wall. The little of what was left of the vodka came pouring out and the vodka bottle was now jagged. He pointed it at Izaya and said "You wanna fight me now, boy?". The men around him chuckled.

The men became silent when they heard Izaya begin to chuckle, which turned into loud laughter. "Sure, why not. Though if I kill you, it is not my fault." Izaya used his arm to push me back a few steps, making me let go of him. Quickly, the guy lunged at Izaya with his jagged bottle. Izaya just chuckled and took out his pocket knife, slashing the man in the chest. Instantly, the guy fell to the ground and dropped the bottle. He put on hand on his chest and said "How the...you little bastard! Get him!".

One of the men ran towards Izaya. Izaya chuckled and said "Find, no weapons. I guess I am up for a fair match this time. How unusual of me. Humans are so exciting.". The man tried to punch him, but Izaya easily dodged it and then kicked him in the gut, making the guy wobble a bit.

I kept stepping back until I slipped on something and fell. My arm hit something and I let out a little yelp in pain. It got the other man's attention and began walking towards me. "Here you little bitch, let's go!" he said to me. Izaya, who was fighting with the guy wobbling, looked back and saw the man walking towards me. Instantly, Izaya smirked and punched the guy he was fighting right in the face. The man wobbled and fell to the ground, knocked out.

Izaya turned around and poked the guy on the back. The man turned his head and instantly fell to the ground. Once he fell, I realized he was bleeding on his shoulder. Izaya must have stabbed him with his knife. Izaya knealed down and offered out his hand. A little hesitant at first, I ended up taking it. He began helping me up. I looked down at the man, and was scared. Was he going to die? As much as I really despise or even hate this man, I don't want him to die.

Izaya notticed I was staring and then said "Don't worry, he won't die. One of his little friends will wake up soon in pain, and will take him somewhere probably. Either way if he wakes up or not, he shouldn't die. Unless, you want me to kill him right now.". I looked at Izaya in fear and then he stared laughing "Silly, I am joking. Relax. Heh, funny how we meet again. Come on, I might as well walk you home. Don't want this happening again now do we?".

I nodded as he put his arm around my waist and began walking me home. My blush then began to pop up on my face. I looked up at him, as he just looked in front of him on the sidewalk, his face looking happy. It took only about 10 minutes to get to my house by walking.

Once we got there I looked at my house and then at him. I didn't know if I should thank him or invite him in or what. He did save my life, but then again I remember what he did to me that time ago. It felt like it was yesterday, but in fact it was just not that far off ago. He looked at me and smirked. "Thank you for saving me and all of the other things. I am forever thankful." I said to him as I bowed. He chuckled and took my chin, making me look up at him.

"Awww, is little Rio thanking me? How cute! Here, let's go inside. Perhaps you could make it up to me in bed!". Ignoring him, I moved my head from his grasp and just walked up to my door and got out my keys from my pocket. I quickly unlocked the door and walked in. He began walking towards the door and then I shut it in his face. Perverted idiot. I began walking to my room until I heard a knock at my door. It has to be him, I just know it. I walked over to my door and opened it, expecting him to be standing there. Instead, no one was there.

I looked around, seeing if he is still here or not. To my surprise, I didn't see him anywhere. "BOO!" All of a sudden, someone jumped down from somewhere above and landed in front of me. I stepped back a step, getting scared. I closed my eyes, scared at who it was, Once I heard chuckling, I opened my eyes to see Izaya now laughing his heart out.

"Hahahahahaha! That was perfect! Your reaction was priceless! Also, by the way, that was a joke what I said earlier. Try not to be an idiot and take everything seriously, got it?". Before I could say anything, he was inside my house. He shut the door behind him and leaned against the door, staring at me.

I blushed and looked the other way. "W-W-W-What d-d-do you w-want?" I said, totally embarrassed. I can't believe Izaya is in my home! I don't know if it is out of happiness or fear, but my heart was racing. I don't know what to think of him. A crush? A stranger? A Joker? An enemy?

"Nothing really, just hoping you would entertain me as I am desperately bored." he said with the trademark smirk of his. I rolled my eyes and began walking up the stairs to go to my room. "Well, make yourself at home. I will be up in my room.". He looked around and then said "Where are your parents?". I looked at him, my face showing no emotion, and said "They are at work. They shouldn't be home till one in the morning." He raised an eyebrow, I guess surprised at what I told him.

"Well, I'm sorry. That must suck." he said, putting his hands behind his head. I nodded and continued up the stairs and up into my room. I closed the door behind me and laid on the bed, my knees and below dangling off. I didn't know what to think of tonight. Should I want him to stay or leave? Should I be happy? Should I be sad? Should I be mad? I don't know what to think of it.

After a few seconds, I heard a knock at my bedroom door. Slowly but surely, I got up and opened my bedroom door. Before I knew it, I was picked up by the waist and moved to the bed. "Hey!" I said, trying to figure out what was going on. I now lay on my bed, and I was being held tightly and being cuddled by...Izaya? The heck is going on? My knees were bent and my head was in Izaya's chest. His legs were bent as well and one of them were over my legs. Izaya's body bent towards mine, embracing me close to him.

What should I think of this? What is he trying to prove? Is he trying to trick me? Embarrass me? Do something to me? EVEN RAPE ME?

"Izaya~san? Are you alright? What are you trying to do?" I asked. My blush was so bad right now. I could feel it burning my cheeks. He replied by snuggling closer. I didn't know what to do, so I decided I would just give up. It didn't seem like he was going to do anything to me. Now that I think of it, he isn't a pervert like that and I doubt he would do that to anyone. Being tired and exhausted, I closed my eyes and got closer to him. I didn't have the strength to go away from him now.