"So what have you been doing man?" Zak asked he threw a stick for one of the pitbulls to chase.
Max shrugged, "Cleaned up my act, did well in school, got a job outside of the subsation, now I'm going to collage up here."
"How'd the competition go? Who is your family's family wizard?" Zak questioned taking the stick from the dog and throwing it again.
"Alex, Justin too, only he got his powers when he took Crumbs' position as headmaster of WizTech," Max explained.
Zak nodded, pulling out a pack of Camel cigerettes, and putting one in his mouth before switching the pack out for a black Zippo lighter with a black flame. He lit the cigerette and then closed the Zippo putting it in his back pocket. "Yeah I heard about Crumbs retiring from my little brother," he told Max as he breathed out smoke. "What about you did you take Rootie Tooties' place? Please tell me you did so I can hit him."
"Nah, didn't become a full wizard. I thought you wouldn't smoke?" Max asked.
Zak shrugged, blowing smoke out of his nose and mouth. "Not a choice, keeps the angel and wolf from ripping each other apart. Keeps my body together. Sucks you're not a full wizard," Zak replied. "So kinda takes any chance of you hooking up with a werewolf or vampire, even an angel or demon, even another wizard."
"Yep," Max replied throwing the stick further than Zak had. "So what about you?"
"What about me?" Zak questioned.
Max looked back at some of the other guys passing by, "What've you been up to since you left New York City?"
Zak took another long drag before answering, the gray smoke rolling down his chin then being carried away from him. "I went to school back in Arizona, then came up here, started working on my dad's best friend's dog rescue. Got in a rough spot around two years ago, almost got my ass thrown in jail. I got on the straight and narrow, graduated in the top ten of my class. Going to collage now," he answered before taking the remaining cig out of his mouth and put it out on his arm. Max grimanced at the smell of burnt flesh, but after a moment Zak's skin held no sign of having a cigerette butt put out on it. "So where are you going to collage?" Zak questioned.
"University of Minnesota," Max replied.
Zak nodded, "Morris or Minneapolis?"
"Minneapolis," Max answered.
"Me too, haven't moved into my dorm yet, probably should," Zak mused, then looked at Max. "Met your roommate yet?" Max shook his head. "Yeah, neither have I, just hoping he's not a douchebag. Don't have to worry about him being human, my dorm's all magical, mythological creatures."
"Lucky," Max told him. "Wish I was a full wizard so I could get stuff somewhere like that."
Zak shrugged as they started to walk to the house again. His cellphone started to ring.

"He who makes a beast out of himself
Gets rid of the pain of being a man
Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay
I tried to drive all through the night
The heat stroke ridden weather, the barren empty sights
No oasis here to see
The sand is singing deathless words to me
Can't you help me?
As I'm startin' to burn
(All alone)
Too many doses and I'm starting to get an attraction
My confidence is leaving me on my own
(All alone)..."

Zak withdrew his cellphone out of his shorts, dragging his thumb across the screen then holding it up to his ear. "Hey Lee," he said. "Yeah... thursday... sure... yeah... sure... I'll pick you up... see ya then, bye." He tapped the screen then returned it to his pocket.
"Who was that?" Max prodded.
"Boyfriend," Zak replied. Max acceded; he knew Zak was bisexual, Zak had been bi since New York, and to be perfectly honest a bit of a man-slut. "So you had any luck with women?" He asked. "Or have I somehow converted you from Arizona and Minesotta and you're now into guys?"
Max snorted, "No still into chicks and chicks only."
"Damn, I'ma have to change that while you're here, even if I can't do it myself I can certainly have some of my more... mortal friends corrupt your ass," Zak laughed.

"Well you're in luck Max," Zak told the once wizard. Max looked up from his comic book. "You are stuck with me in the only mythical dorm ever in a mortal school. Don't worry, I'll just tell 'em you're cool and we'll be good."
Max nodded, helping Zak drag his five duffle bags in. "So, I'm rooming with a werewolf/blood angel/wizard. Cool."