"Mommy, can you check under the bed for monsters? I don't want any to eat us'' asked Gloria, Gloria has her mother's long light brown hair and golden tan. She had her beautiful brown eyes too. She would often joke about childish things like monsters because she knew the only real monsters were kidnappers, murders, druggies, and clowns. Yes, clowns scared her- after sneaking out of bed late one night she saw flashes of 'Steven King's The Thing' the girl was convinced clowns were demons that killed only children.

"Yes, honey." Answered Eve and she playfully looked under the bed "Nope no monsters, just dust bunnies. You need to clean!"

"Yes mommy."

"Now get to bed I've got a long day tomorrow." Eve said and got up to leave the room.

"Wait! Can you tell me a story?" and Eve sat back down

"Of course, Disney or one of my own, mija?"

"Your own, mommy."

"Alright, once upon a time there was a trio of angels that appeared whenever someone needed help. One day there was a family of monkeys that were trapped on a boat. Of course the angels were called upon and saved the monkeys. But one of the kidnappers got away, so their knowledgeable friend was called upon, and helped the girls. The bad guy was put to jail and locked away forever. The end." And Gloria was fast asleep."

"Good night, Angel." She kissed her forehead and exited.

Ring! Ring! "Hello?"

"Eve? This is Charlie."

"Charlie? How did you find me?"

"Resources. I want to inform you that Master Rodrigo has been released from prison."

"What! Why?"

"On bail, Eve. And I have been tipped from an anonymous soured he might be after you and Gloria."

"Shouldn't someone be watching him?"

"Unfortunately no one is watching him, but keep a look out for anything suspicious, Eve."

"Will do Charlie, bye."

"Bye Eve" and he hung up

…The next day…..

"Mommy do I have to go to school?"

"No not today, today we're staying home and doing whatever you'd like."

"Really?" Eve nodded "Yay! Let's watch Just Go With It."

"Good choice, I'll get it ready you stay here and finish your toast."

"Yes mommy." She said obediently, as soon as those words left her mouth there was a sound of glass breaking, and Eve went into defence mode. "Gloria hide in the closet now!" and she ran out and disappeared.

A man appreared and swung his fist towards Eve, but she ducked and knocked him off his feet. She grabbed her gun to shoot but someone came behind and knocked her out. The last words she heard were, "Now where's that little girl at?"