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CHAPTER 1: To Begin Again

Harry was not in a good mood and had not been in one since the war had ended. Ironic, when you think about it since that was what Harry had been working towards for so long. You would think he would be over the moon to have finally achieved his goal, but of course things never go as expected for the so-called Chosen One of the Wizarding World.

There was a long list of things that were preventing Harry from being happy right now. For starters there was the distressingly long list of people Harry was close to that didn't make through the war. Sirius, lost through the veil what seem like so long ago but in reality was barely two and a half years ago now. Fred Weasley, cut down protecting his brother Percy, and poor George, no long smiling as he took his own life just hours after the war ended unable to go on without his beloved twin. Brave Neville, who at least went feeling satisfied that he had taken that foul witch Bellatrix down with him, finally avenging his parents still trapped within their own mind in the closed ward at St. Mungos. Remus and Tonk, brought down as they fought side by side at Hogwarts. Even Remus and Tonk unborn child didn't make it through the war, as the stress of everything caused Tonks to miscarry before her fifth month. Harry was certain that Remus died still unable to forgive himself, believing that his lack of support when Tonk first found out helped contribute to the loss of their child.

But all of that was only half of the problem. No, that was only what was making Harry sad, and right now Harry was both sad and pissed off. And the 'pissed off' part of him had been growing steadily since the war ended and he had discovered some rather unpleasant truths that had been hidden from him. Now, where to start listing all these things that were making Harry so very angry?

Lets start with the first thing Harry learnt that pissed him off. A week after the war ended, Harry was living in the one place he felt most at home, the Burrow owned by his favourite family, the Weasleys. Harry loved the Weasleys', thought they were more like his family that his friends. Ron Weasley had been his first friend, Molly and Arthur Weasley had been the closet things to parents he'd even known – save Sirius of course, even though he was taken from him far too soon – and Ginny, well Ginny he cared about in a whole other way and hoped that now that the war was over they might be able to start their relationship anew and God willing take it even farer. Then one night Harry was awakened from his sleep from a nightmare, something that was unfortunately rather common for the boy, especially after the war. Knowing that there was little chance of getting back to sleep Harry decided to go for a walk to clear his head.

Harry didn't even make it out of the house. When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he found the entire surviving Weasley family plus his good friend Hermione sitting in the middle of the living room. Being cloaked in shadows as he was, they hadn't seen him yet, and because he'd been under the impression that everyone else was asleep and had taken extra care to be quiet they hadn't heard him yet either. Whether this turned out to be a good thing or a bad was up for debate, because before Harry could get over his surprise at finding them all up in the middle of the night, just what they were talking about managed to sink in and Harry felt part of his world crumble to dust.

It turned out that the family he believed he had found, the friends he would have willingly died for, had been using his all this time. Everything from his very first meeting with the Weasleys had been planned so that he would bond with them and they would lead him down the path that Dumbledore had set. Hermione wasn't brought in until later, but she had been quick to jump on board with the plan once she had been given access to Dumbledore's private library. What was more, Dumbledore had been paying them, out of Harry's own vaults no less! They were rather annoyed that ever since Dumbledore had died that they hadn't been receiving their down payments, but hoped that the love potion Ginny had been feeding Harry would mean that soon they'd be able to get their hands on the rest of the Potter fortune, all the while planning on killing Harry off themselves after it was certain that Ginny was pregnant with the Potter heir.

The only good thing Harry had learnt that night was that Fred and George had never been in on the plans. Molly Weasley had spent a few minutes ranting about how she couldn't believe that her two 'worthless brats' were the ones who got the biggest chunk of the Potter money yet, nor that they'd been able to turn their stupid ideas into such a gold mine, and then had willed the whole thing to Fred's boyfriend Lee Jorden when she could have made such a killing selling the whole lot to Zonko's. It made Harry somewhat relieved that he could at least look at the memory of the twins without the added pain that they'd been using him, though it was defiantly bittersweet.

After that, things went downhill fast. A couple of days after that Harry made excuses to go to Gingotts by himself to see just how much Dumbledore had stolen from his account. The results were horrifying. From the millions the Potter once owned, Harry was now down to a few thousand, enough to last him maybe a year or two at most, it wasn't even enough to get him through the required time for Auror training. If Sirius hadn't willed him Grimmald Place he would be homeless right now too, because Dumbledore had also somehow managed to sell off everything single one of the Potter family homes, and their was no way he would willing return to the Burrow now that he knew the Weasley's plans for him. At least, he thought ruefully, those traitors would be in for a rude awakening if they did carry though with their plans only to discover that the coveted Potter Fortune was no more.

Understandably upset, Harry was now determined to find out exactly where his family's money had gone even if he was unable to get it back. The goblins were very unhelpful (Harry suspected they were still bitter about that whole 'breaking into a high security vault and stealing the dragon guarding it' thing), so he decided to see if he could find answers by going through some of Dumbledore stuff. The old goat had to have left some clues somewhere, didn't he? Fortunately, McGonagall was very helpful in letting him look through the former headmaster things, although Harry never told her just what he was looking for when he said he was looking for 'closure'. Harry may not have found any evidence that McGonagall knew about Dumbledore's schemes, but he hadn't found any evidence that she was innocent either. The way he saw it, it was better to avoid taking chances where he could.

Well, Harry never did find out just what Dumbledore did with his family's money, but he did find something else, something that in Harry's mind was infinitely more valuable. Something that Dumbledore had also stolen from Harry but this was at least something that Harry could get back. Something that he would get back, even if it killed him in the process.

"Harry? The potion's ready." At the sound of that voice, Harry was instantly brought out of his thoughts as he looked up to see his sister standing in the doorway.

His sister. Harry still couldn't believe it was true, that Dumbledore had had the audacity to go this far. Harry hadn't even known that he'd had siblings. None of the books about him mentioned it, and not even Sirius or Remus had mentioned them, although if what Harry had read in those journals was any clue he would not have put it past Dumb-Old-Dork to have modified their memories so that they could no longer remember that little Rose Potter even existed.

Rose had been barely a month old when Voldemort had come to the house that night. Being born while the Potters were in hiding, very few even knew that she existed; it was likely that Voldemort himself never did. Either way, he certainly never found her hidden in the closet that night, but unfortunately Dumbledore did. And of course, Harry could not grow up being a protective older brother to his innocent little sister; it would mess with his whole plan to get Harry to become a martyr leaving him to collect the fame and fortune for Voldemort's defeat. Fortunately, there was an easy fix in Dumbledore's mind. There was a small yet Light family living in another part of England whose firstborn child had been stillborn couple of week ago. Since it was a home birth, and wizards were keeping to themselves so much now days, who would be able to say one way or the other if Rose wasn't really their daughter? Well, after he transfigured young Rose's eyes and hair – so easy for a Transfiguration Master like himself – and modified her new parents memories of course. Easy as pie, and really quite the mercy when you think about it. No doubt the girl would have a cosy, well-loved life unlike her poor brother who had to suffer abuse and neglect only to die young – all for the Greater Good, of course.

"Yeah, I'm coming Luna." Harry said, getting up from where he had been sitting in front of the fire in Grimmald Place while Luna was working on the potion in question. He would have helped, really, but his dear little sister had banned him from the room after he accidentally blew up their first attempt.

Harry could still barely believe that Luna Lovegood was actually Rose Potter. That the sweet, brave, victimised girl he had known and had the urge to protect for the last few years was in fact his own flesh and blood. But it had all been there in black and white in Dumbledore's old journal, and fortunately Luna had been willing to believe when he showed it to her. And as much as it pissed him off that he had been denied his little sister all these years, Harry could not deny even in the midst of everything that was going on that he was ecstatic to have a sister, especially one tat he already loved dearly. Even better, Luna felt the same as he did. They'd both lost their family so recently, and now they had regained a new one.

And soon, they may be able to regain even more, if the potion that Luna had been working on worked properly that it.

Grabbing the backpack of supplies he'd left sitting next to his chair, and noticing that Luna already had hers securely on her back, Harry followed his little sister back to the basement where the all-important potion lay. He couldn't help but once again admire how beautiful Luna now was. She had always been pretty after all, but ever since they had managed to break the spell hiding her true appearance, Harry would have brought his estimation up to gorgeous, and he knew that soon he would most likely be hexing boys left and right to keep the unworthy away from his precious little sibling. Her hair was now the same auburn colour their mothers had been, and her eyes while they still held the dreamy quality they always had were now the same hazel as their fathers. In all, Harry thought she looked so much like the pictures he'd seen of their mother at that age, and was certain that if their parents were watching them from wherever they were right now then they would be so proud.

A small frown crossed Harry face then, as he remembered what he had learnt about Luna in the last few weeks. Like for instance she was not nearly as 'Looney' as everyone made her out to be. Oh sure, she had an active imagination, she was willing and able to think outside the box, and she was willing to consider all possibilities until given proof that it was impossible. That being said, she didn't believe in Nargles, she didn't think that getting bit by gnomes gave you Gernumblies, and she didn't think wearing radishes in her ears was a good fashion statement. The truth was Luna had been sorted into Ravenclaw for a reason, the girl was a little genius who deserved respect (and Harry wasn't just saying that because he was biased). However, it seemed that Dumbledore was unable to chose good foster home for any child he placed, even when he was trying to be nice. When it came down to it, the Lovegood probably should never have had children as they really didn't know how to look after them. Although Luna never doubted that she was loved, she sometimes doubted she was wanted. The Lovegoods got so caught up in their own worlds that they sometimes forgot Luna was around when she was growing up. As tragic as Selene Lovegood's death was, what kind of mother does an extremely dangerous experiment when her six-year-old daughter is in the room? As for Xenophilius Lovegood, it soon became clear to Luna that he had no idea how to interact with a daughter at all, and he got even worse after her foster mother had died. In order to connect with the only father Luna had even known, Luna started talking about the creatures and ideas that Xenophilius researched for his paper in a attempt to get him to notice her. It worked, and as Luna soon learned that more she talked about them the more he attention he paid to her. It was probably all innocent in Xenophilius' mind, he wanted someone to listen to his ideas and he was no doubt very happy that his daughter shared the same ideas with him. The problem is, like most wizards they were isolated from the outside world, and all that Luna really had to talk to her father about were his strange beliefs. Therefore by the time she went to Hogwarts that was the only way she knew to communicate with people. The end result, people thinking she was crazy, and a poor little girl unwilling to change even as she was bullied because she feared isolating herself from the one person she truly felt loved her.

Harry shook his head to clear those thoughts from his mind. Luna didn't want pity, in fact she was far more concerned with his childhood than her own. And anyway, worrying about the past wasn't helping either of them. All they could do was move on. They had each other now anyway, and if all went the way they hoped they may soon have another.

If he wanted anything to do with them anyway.

"You're worrying again." Luna said softly, noticing the frown on Harry's face get more pronounced. "It'll all be fine. I'm sure the potion is perfect, we'll be with him in no time and we'll all be a family again like we always should have been."

"That's assuming that he even wants anything to do with us." Harry said tiredly. They'd had this conversation before, and he hated to think that Luna might be getting her hopes up so much just to have them dashed.

"Don't say that." Luna said sharply. "Kevin will be a good man who will want to be our brother, I just know it. We've just got to find him, then everything will be as it should."

"Hopefully you're right Luna." Harry said with a small smile. "But, you know, we got to find him first. Are you sure the potions ready?"

Luna smiled once again, clearly more than ready to put argument behind them and move on with their plan. "I sure, all we have to do is drink it, hold hands and say the spell."

Harry nodded, thinking back to what they were planning on doing. Part of Harry was scared, fearing to get his hopes up only to be let down again. He also hated the thought that if that happened, Luna would be hurt as well, probably even more as she was far from as jaded as he was. But Luna wanted to risk it, and truthfully so did he. Even if their brother wanted nothing to do with them, it was better to know rather than forever wonder about what might have been.

If finding out about Luna was a shock, it was nothing to learning about Kevin, Harry and Luna's older brother. Three and a half years older than Harry, Kevin was conceived while James and Lily were still in Hogwarts. Apparently James parents, although they were strong believers in equality between pureblood and muggleborns, and tolerant of many things were still very old fashioned in the whole 'sex before marriage' thing, and were reluctant to acknowledge a bastard child as their grandson. As such, Kevin Potter were never declared the Potter heir and far fewer people knew about him than one would normally expect for the oldest child of a family as old as the Potters. And since with everything going on in the First Wizarding War James never officially declared himself Lord Potter before the Wizengamot, this was never corrected after their grandparents died.

So when Dumbledore decided that Kevin Potter would get in the way of his plans, there wasn't exactly a huge gaggle of people to kick up a fuss, especially since he had no trouble throwing around a few memory charms to those who needed it. But a five years old young wizard was much harder to hide than a baby, and he needed to be certain that the boy would never return. But since Dumbledore was so firmly on the side of Light (Ha!), he couldn't just kill the boy. No, instead Dumbledore first erased Kevin's entire memory so that he would never remember even having siblings or parents. Then he would use an obscure and highly illegal spell that would send the boy somewhere he would never return from; another dimension.

Which is why Harry and Luna were here right now. They had nothing left in this world save each other, but they did have the spell that Dumbledore used to send their brother way from them. And so, they were determined to use it and follow him. What they would find on the other side, they weren't sure but for the sake of family they were willing to find out.

With that thought in mind, Harry grasped Luna's left hand in his right as one they chugged down the potion. It tasted like dirty dishwater, with some kind of bitter aftertaste. Not the most pleasant thing ever, but what the hell, he'd had worse.

"Lorem ipsum ad universum, non reddat, invenire ablatum fratrem nostrum, sic nobis placet iam nunc mitte."

As soon as they finished speaking the incantation, Harry felt it. The pulling. Kind of like the feeling of a portkey tugging on you, but instead of one pull it felt to Harry like he was being yanked in a thousand different directions as once, and from, the look on Luna's face she felt it to. All this past through Harry's mind in an instant, and he barely had time to tighten his grip on his sister's hand before he knew no more.

Though no one knew it yet, that was the last that this world would ever know of Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood aka Rose Potter. But for the two of them, another adventure was just beginning.

Author's Notes

The spell I used translates to the following 'to another universe we travel, never to return, to find the brother stolen from us, please now send us on our way'