The Warning Series:

Part One: Warning

A Loud Bang.

The slamming of the wooden door of their apartment was smacked into its grove and locked by quickly fumbling hands.


The owner of the hands turned around and shouted at the smaller retreating man who just kicked off his shoes then was now walking through their living room. "Get back here when I am talking to you!" The walking figure did not falter; he too was angry and annoyed. "Izaya come here when I am talking to you!"


Shuffling into the kitchen the dark haired man scrambled his ringed hands through the cabinets. After finding the coffee he was looking for he started to brew it.

His yelling companion in the other room stomped into their kitchen with a blazing gaze in his chocolate colored eyes. "Izaya!" His hand grasped the wall in the doorframe, his knuckles starting to turn white. "Tell me why you were with him!"

The smaller man ignored him. All he did was continue to make his coffee trying to ignore his boyfriend who was throwing a tantrum.

The sound of stomping shoes came closer to Izaya who was facing the counter. "Look at me!" The blonde shouted.

"He was a client Shizu-Chan." Izaya finally spoke, trying to remain calm in his annoyed state.

Shizuo slammed his fist on the tiled counter. The impact did not falter the ever appearing calm Izaya. "The FUCK he was! Why was his arm around you?"

"We were only discussing busin-"

"WHY WAS HIS ARM AROUND YOU?" The blonde shouted even more.

Izaya turned around, but did not look at the other in the eyes. "Ok so he was a bit of a flirt, but I was not doing anything."

"YOU LET HIM!" Their yelling grew louder.

"Shizu-Chan I did not do anything to lead him on, or anything! He just did it!"

Bowing his head into his fists on the counter that were resting by his elbows Shizuo muttered, "You fucking him?"

"What?" Izaya glanced quickly at the male who was speaking under his breath.

"I said ARE YOU FUCKING HIM?" He lifted his head up in a whirl staring with a madman's stare. His whole body was shaking with rage.

"Why would I do that? Since I've got a perfectly good moron here at home?" Izaya was flipped over and thrown harshly with his chest against the counter. Shizuo leaned down his back to his ear.

With his lips to the other's ear the blonde whispered, "You better not be lying to me." He grazed his teeth down the man's ear to his jaw then to his neck.

Groaning at the contact Izaya tossed his head to the side giving the male more access to his skin unconsciously.

"You Slut." He mumbled against the pale white skin. "Does he turn you on like this?" Large hands roamed up the other's dark shirt exposing flawless skin. Hands tucking up the skirt to the man's chest, the pair massaged and drew circles on the flesh.

Moaning at the feel of the touches the smaller man said as lifting his hands up to grab fists full of blonde locks. "Never."

Nipping his teeth against his lover's skin Shizuo growled, "Does he touch you like this?" He opened his mouth and latched his jaw hard onto Izaya's shoulder.

"Ah! No!" Izaya gasped at the rough treatment. Quickly a belt was pulled rapidly through its loops off the dark haired male's pants. One of Shizuo's large hands unbuttoned the dark jeans with ease and snuck his hand into said pants to make contact with the outer fabric of Izaya's boxer briefs. "Ugh!" Izaya moaned when he felt fingers run across his length with ghostly touches.

"You like that?" Shizuo whispered as moving his fingers harsher.

Writhing against his touching Izaya pulled at Shizuo's hair. "Uh AH! Umhuh! Ah yes!"

Suddenly the smaller was thrown against the dining table with his hands grasping the edge for support. "You are fucking MINE." Izaya's pants were torn from his hips down to the floor along with his undergarment. With his feet kicking off his own pants Izaya was left with only his shirt and jacket clinging to his body. Tearing off the fur trimmed jacket with care it was thrown off toward the direction of the other room.

"Shizu-Chan that was my-"

"Unless you wanted it a mess it was coming off." Shizuo growled as raking his hands down the other's back down to his hips. Using his large hands he separated the small legs from the other in a slight distance.

"Wait…Shizu-Chan…what about prepa-"

Shizuo held his fingers to the informant's lips. "This is all you get so make em' as we as you want."

Opening his plump lips Izaya gave those fingers entrance into his moist mouth. He lathered them as much as he could until they were pulled from his mouth. Shizuo grasped Izaya's member and pumped it hard but slow as Izaya licked his fingers in his mouth. "Time is up Izaya." Shizuo stuck one finger after one into his lover beneath him stretching him fully. Though Izaya knew even if he stretched him enough, it would still be rough doing it this way. This rough treatment Izaya knew was Shizuo's way of expressing his anger and jealousy to show Izaya that he was his and his alone. That this was his punishment for his wrong earlier this evening.

"Ah Shizu-Chan!"

Shizuo removed his fingers from inside Izaya quickly making him shutter from the loss of contact. The blonde positioned himself behind the other's entrance ready to penetrate. "Well Izaya? Who do you belong to? Hm?"

Izaya's forehead was placed against the edge then muttered. "Shizu-Chan…"

"Who?" Shizuo roughly pulled back on Izaya's hair.

"Shizu-OH!" Izaya gasped as Shizuo entered him suddenly, harshly and full. Standing there for no longer than a moment slowly the brute pulled out all the way to the tip then slammed back into him at full force. "UGH!" Thrusting quickly in and out Shizuo began to growl and huff like an animal. "Wa-Wait! Shizu-Chan wait can't I get on the table? My arms hurt."

Leaning close to Izaya's ear Shizuo went deeper inside as he whispered, "Do you think after tonight you deserve to be treated with care? No. I want you not able to walk tomorrow."

"But I have to meet with Takuro tomorrow to discuss business again. OH GOD!" Hearing that name made Shizuo pull into overdrive.

Shizuo pushed harder into the smaller man beneath him. "Don't you DARE FUCKING say that man's name while we are having sex. That gives me all the more reason to break you into two. Say MY name. SAY IT!" Shizuo yelled as slamming into Izaya's depths.

"UGH! Shizu-Chan."

"Not that fucking nickname, MY NAME. SAY IT!" The sound of flesh on flesh smacking against each other filled the room.

"SH-SHIZUO!" Fingernails dug into the wooden surface. "Ah! I'm close!"

With their pace quickening even faster, "UgghHH! Say it again!"

"SHIZUO!" With the last scream of his boyfriend's name on his lips, Izaya came with his fingernails dug deep into the kitchen table and hands pressed so hard into his hips. With Izaya's release brought Shizuo's own upon him. To prevent his cry out he latched his mouth onto his lover's shoulder deeply drawing a bit of blood.

After their release Shizuo pulled out of Izaya only to have him slowly wobble on his legs. Izaya slowly began to fall to the ground. Quickly Shizuo caught him in his arms and collapsed the both of them on the tiled ground of their kitchen.

Breathing heavily with his eyes barely open, Izaya mustered out, "Shizuo, I am sorry you got so mad. Though you stupid protozoan, it was not my fault."

"I know I am sorry, but I am not changing my feeling on him. Nor for anyone else who comes in contact with you, you know?" Shizuo breathed.

"I understand Shizu-Chan, same with you. Love you Shizu-Chan."

"Love you too Izaya."

AUTHORS NOTE: IMPORTANT READ: This is going to be a series. So I hope you enjoyed the first part. Next Part is coming soon and it will be called The Warning Series. I hope you enjoyed reading this.