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Chapter 13: What Lies Behind Sorrow

Shizuo's eyes widened immensely realizing Izaya's intentions. Prying the other's hands off his shirt he snapped back loudly. "NO! Are you crazy?! Think about what just happened to you Izaya?! I broke down how are you so calm about this?!"

Izaya merely glanced at his boyfriend with a indifferent mask. "It was just a bad uncalculated experience Shizuo" The sneaky informant trailed his hands to his lover's pants quickly unfastening the buckle to expose the view of boxers.

"Izaya seriously. Y-You can't expect to do something together right away." Shizuo said as staring cautiously at his boyfriend who fell to the floor and was positioned dangerously on his legs.

"It was nothing Shizu-Chan." Izaya stated a little too quickly. Almost trying to convince himself rather than the flustered male in beneath his letcherous touch. Bringing a hand closer to the blonde's hips he began to lightly fondle the area in light feathery touches in a way he knew always drove the other mad.

"I-Izaya." Shizuo stuttered. "Please, its not that...I don't want you I just.." He bit the inside of his mouth near growling at the emotions those simple touches below where driving him to. Each curl of Izaya's fingers to the gentle palm of his hand were making his thoughts clouded as he became harder to the touch. "I just think..that we should wait a-a bit." Appearing to be not phased the informant grew bolder as he pulled at the blushing blonde's pants harshly leaving him with his black pants hanging loose against his ankles and his boxers awaiting to join them. "Izaya." Feeling his boyfriend's now obvious erection through the soft light material the smaller man leaned forward and placed teasing kisses along the other's abodomen. Each kiss growing closer to the buldge below those sturdy and forceful hips. Gasping little whimpers Shizuo struggled to regain his sense of reason. Sure, this was driving him crazy into wanting to pile drive into that sly informant, but his mind said otherwise. He knew Izaya, he knew that he was holding back what emotions he truly felt this very moment. The blonde knew it was his job to comfort his flea, not the other way around. "Izaya please," He begged. "This isn't good for you. We should just wait until your- s-strength comes back around and your mind is ready." Feeling a pair of lips kiss teasingly his need underneath that thin fabric he nearly howled at the sensation. Finally having the last straw he forced himself to pry the deliteful mouth away from its actions. Looking straight into the surprised male's eyes Shizuo glared while trying to catch his breath, his face was beginning to drip with the slight shine of sweat. "We need to wait. What happened to you...then doing this..its too soon."

Finally the informant spoke. "It was nothing that a person...l-like myself couldn't handle." His carmine eyes started to glisten and his lips began to quiver. "I can't be affected b-by something as simple...a-as that." Now in tears Izaya sat there unnoticing to himself he began crying in mid-sentence. A pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around his small shaking frame.

"Izaya, I want you to tell me everything in your life. You don't have to be strong for me. You put up a front to hide your emotions because your scared, but don't be that way with me. Don't put up that mask." His hold tightened slightly. "I love you Izaya" A small trail of tears began to fall down Shizuo's own cheek. "I can't forgive him for doing this to you. I can't do anything with you, you aren't ready. Don't try and lie to me and say you are. I know you Izaya, you are strong, but for once let my strength be your own...Let me use it for something of worth."

Izaya's tears soaked into the fabric of Shizuo's shoulder as he pulled himself closer. "Shi-Shizuo." He croaked out. "I love you too." Burying his head more into the blonde's shoulder Izaya cried even more. "I hate being weak. T-That bastard, he-he did this to me."

"I know." Shizuo whispered as rubbing Izaya's back while petting softly at Izaya's hair. "But I will protect you, please let me."

"I am sorry Shizuo." Izaya squeaked.

Surprised Shizuo pulled back slightly to look at the teary eyed informant. "It was not your fault! Don't feel responsible for this! Don't..please." He pulled him back into his chest.

Izaya cried himself to sleep that night, but he wasn't alone. He fell asleep on the chest of his protective boyfriend who never let him go throughout that whole night. Even when Shizuo woke up the only movement he made was to kiss his boyfriend softly on the top of his head.

Suddenly, at one point in the early part of the morning Shizuo was woken up with screaming and thrashing at his arms. Blinking his eyes awake he viewed Izaya, eyes closed obviously having a nightmare as hit struggled and hit at the blonde's arms. Shizuo instinctively pulled Izaya closer to him as he tried to wake the smaller stressed male up. "Izaya, please wake up." After numerous attempts with loud gasp he watched Izaya's eyes open up. Pupils shaking, it nearly took a minute to register that he was at home, in his boyfriend's

"Shi-Shizu-chan?" He brought a hand to his own cheek to feel tears. "Wh-What-"

"You were having a nightmare." Shizuo said worried of his lover's well-being.

"Oh. I was?" Izaya asked as if he didn't know. Though both of them full well knew what the dark haired man had plaque his dreams. Izaya quickly began to wipe his tears away, soon a hand replaced his own holding his cheek gently.

"Yeah. Come here." Shizuo used his other hand to pull him closer to his body. Lightly he brought his lips to his lover's and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.

Putting his own hands around Shizuo's warm body Izaya cuddled up to the blonde. Trying to fall back into a much needed sleep he buried his head in the blonde's naked chest.

Izaya woke up with the sun bursting through the room onto the duo's bed. Glancing up at his boyfriend he gazed at his still sleeping form. Leaning up slightly he planted a gentle kiss on the brute's jaw then nustled himself under his exposed chin.

Why had we not stopped fighting sooner? Izaya thought. He is literally the best thing that could have happened to me. He is such a sweet guy. Though, my Shizu-Chan will always be Shizu-Chan. He looks so peaceful in his sleep. Humming to himself Izaya felt his 'pillow' shift from underneath him.

"Oh Izaya your up." Shizuo muttered as sitting up against the headboard.

Smiling Izaya cuddled up against the blonde more. "Yeah." Feeling Shizuo's hands on his side he felt his fingertips graze at his skin making him giggle at the touch.

"What is so funny?" Shizuo asked curiously.

"Ha Ha~ You Shizu-Chan you're tickling me." Izaya laughed as Shizuo's fingers wiggled a bit.

Shizuo smirked. "Oh really?" Purposely Shizuo tickled Izaya playfully. Giggling Izaya twisted this way and that as a reaction to Shizuo's antics. Suddenly Shizuo pulled Izaya up against him and kissed him. "I love your laugh." He smiled for a moment then became serious as he remembered last night. His voice grew soft as he spoke. "Are you ok though Izaya? I was worried about you."

Hugging Shizuo's form Izaya ran his hands through the blonde's locks of hair. "Yea, thank you Shizuo."

The next few days went by like a blur. Shizuo comforted Izaya the best he could, and Izaya never really left his boyfriend's side in fear of giving him worry. With each moment he spent with Shizuo, he felt better about things. Even though the regret of the whole situation with him and Shiki he thought could have been avoided if he deemed wiser, but everything seemed to fall into place and work out. With the skies lightening up, Izaya felt he could be himself again. Though with a certain special day around the corner...Izaya wondered how it would be from the others.

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