Hello my wonderful readers. I can never stay away from Eureka for very long. This is not my usual Jo and Zane story though. After writing almost 200,000 words on my favorite ship I am moving on to the next generation. This story is set after the epilogue to Family Ties. So if you haven't read that one there are a few things that you should know

Jo and Zane are married with 5 kids the oldest of which was adopted.

Carter and Allison are married and have one child together.

Fargo and Holly are married with two kids.

At the end of the story I'll attach a family tree

Oh I still don't own Eureka but I do own the Legacy Generations characters.

Her heels clicked as she crossed the rotunda. She smiled brightly at people she recognized, so glad to finally be home. Her pace quickened trying to reach her mother's office before she was caught by someone who would demand an explanation as to why she was here.

It had been over a year since she left Eureka, over a year since she had set foot in Global Dynamics. A year spent backpacking around the world, a year of self discovery. It's wasn't like she hadn't talked to her family since then. There had been phone calls, emails, holo-skyping, and even real letters. But her reason for her walkabout had still yet to be explained.

Her destination was within a few mere feet when a voice stopped her in her tracks. "Emma… Emma Donovan?" Crap she thought as she turned around slowly, plastering a smile on her face.

"Uncle Jack. It's good to see you." Emma stepped over to hug her surrogate uncle.

He gripped her tightly and she felt the love he poured into that hug. It made her happy and sad at the same time. "When did you get back? You parents didn't say that you'd be home. I want to know everything about your trip." He pulled back from the hug but still held onto her shoulders.

"Mom and Dad don't know I'm here yet. I was kinda hooping to surprise them. And I will tell you about all, well most of my travels. A girl has to have her secrets right?" Emma flashed him a grin.

"Fair enough. But make sure to stop by and see SARAH or you know how she'll get. Oh and Jena and Tommy are back in town and they would love to see you."

If he noticed her flinch at the name of his youngest son, Uncle Jack pretended to ignore it. "How about I meet everyone you can round up for lunch at Café Diem. I have been in Vinspresso withdraw for far too long… Now if you'll excuse me I have a couple people I would like to surprise."

"It's good to see you Em… I hope you'll be sticking around this time." Jack said as he let go of her.

"Can't make any promises to stay but I doubt it will be so long between visits." She turned before she could see the hurt in his eyes at the last statement. It hadn't been said to hurt him, it was simply the truth. Not all of her siblings or pseudo cousins had to stay in this small town, right?

Quickly making her way to the office door, she rang the chime before barging inside. "Hello?" Emma said as she peeked her head through the door. To her surprise both her mom and dad were inside the security office. "Surprise!"

"Emma? When did you get back?" Zane asked as he rushed to hug his eldest daughter. "Been spending too much time on the beach huh?" He asked noting her slightly darkened complexion.

"Got back today. Thought I would surprise you." Her dad let go of the hug and Emma fell into her mother's arms next.

"So good to see you." Jo said almost crushing her. "Don't stay away so long, next time. With the twins in college the house is so empty. After all those years of noise the silence is deafening. You are going to be staying at the house right?"

Biting back a laugh at Emma's unspoken plea for help, Zane helped peel his wife off her.

Jo looked saddened when Emma pulled away. "Wait how did you get past security to get in here?"

Laughing Emma answered "Really mom? I have more dirt on your security people then you do. And they are always more then willing to help me pull a fast one on you."

Jo opened her mouth to retort, slightly miffed that Emma had snuck past security at the most secure location on the planet. A facility that she was responsible for, that she was the head of security for. Emma was too much like her father for her own good at times.

"How long are you in town for baby girl?" He asked wrapping an arm around Jo's waist and cut her off from what he was sure to be a spectacular rant.

Emma rolled her eyes at the pet name apparently not noticing how her mom was about to melt down. "At least through the holidays. That's the great thing about being on a journey of self discovery... no job forcing you back to real life."

"Not like you haven't been working. I hear you're on the short list for the next Fields Medal for that last paper you wrote." Her dad's voice filled with pride and why not. A Fields Medal was the mathematical communities equivalent to a Nobel.

Emma shrugged. "You've always said an idle mind is the devils playground."

Jo snorted. "Too true."

"So where did you write that one a yurt in Uganda?" Zane asked.

"The idea filled my head as I climbed Kilimanjaro. I actually wrote it on ship sailing across the Indian Ocean though. I have so much to fill you guys in on. And of course I brought presents" Zane's trademark smile flashed across her face. "Are you guys free for lunch or do you have a hectic day planned?"

Flipping open his calendar on his PDA her dad shook his head. "I'm pretty free today. JoJo?"

Her mom's eyes flew across her own PDA. "I have to oversee a test in Section 5 this morning. But as long as Lucas doesn't decide to try and destroy the town again... I should be free by lunch."

"Good" Emma said. "I ran into Uncle Jack earlier and told him I'd meet him and anyone he could round up at Cafe Diem. So you may have to share me at lunch but for dinner you guys can have my full and undivided attention as you pester me with questions about the last year."

Zane moved away from Jo and wrapped an arm around Emma's shoulder and said "Great, in the mean time I think that we can tour. Show you some of the more interesting projects we have going on."

Emma's eyes widened she was a sucker for GD experiments. "Sounds good, see you at lunch mom."

Jo smiled and waved the pair out of the room. "Have fun and stay out of trouble."

"We can start in Section Four..." Zane's voice trailed away as he led Emma out of the room, happiness at her return radiating off of him.

This smell was never, ever going to go away Tommy Carter thought as he pulled his SUV up to the Sheriff's Office. Right now he needed a shower and a change of clothes before filling out the paperwork on this latest project gone wrong. Some people should never be allowed home labs.

When he took the job as the second Deputy Sheriff in Eureka he honestly thought things weren't as bad as his dad always complained they were. And on most days the town was nice and quiet almost peaceful. Then there were days like today. Days when he was up to his neck in some stinky exploding whatever the hell that experiment was, these were the days when he knew his dad spoke the God's honest truth.

"What is that smell?" Jack Carter asked as Tommy walked through the doors. The Sheriff smiled at his newest Deputy.

"Trust me; you do not want to know." Tommy fought the urge to flick some of the brown goo dripping off his shirt on his dad. That would wipe that smirk off his face. "I'll file my report after I change."

"Well make that shower and change snappy. I have a surprise waiting at Café Diem for lunch." Jack said as a devilish grin crossed his face.

Heaving a sigh Tommy answered back "Dad I'm really not up for one of your surprises today. And any appetite I had was wiped away by this." He waved a hand at his soiled uniform.

Clapping his hands together Jack said "Then don't eat. But trust me you do not want to miss what's going to be at lunch today. So chop chop my boy." He pointed at the bathroom door.

"Fine," Tommy huffed on his way to the shower. "I'll meet you there in a few minutes." It took everything he had in him not to slam the door. Honestly he wasn't in the mood for whatever his dad had up his sleeve to try and cheer him up.

Ok so he hadn't been his normal up beat, fun loving self since he returned to Eureka eleven months ago. Maybe he hadn't really felt like himself in over a year. Not since… well not since the day she left. Tommy shook his head clear and rushed through his shower. Washing away the last vestiges of the smelly concoction before shutting off the spray and putting on his spare uniform. Whatever his dad had planned had better be good because right now he needed something to make his day better.

He gave himself a quick spritz of cologne to mask any remaining smell before he headed out the door and across the street. A small crowd had gathered in the dining room. The group was laughing at something the person in center had just said. Tommy couldn't make out the voice of the speaker but it sounded female. Apparently whomever sat in the middle was familiar to the closed community because no one had their guard up as they did when a stranger was in their midst.

A few patrons shifted and she came into view, almost exactly how he remembered her. Her olive skin maybe a shade darker. Probably due to sun exposure which had also allowed those light brown streaks to pepper her normally dark locks. Her light blue eyes dancing laughter, she looked much happier than he felt. His rib cage suddenly felt like it was collapsing and he couldn't force air into his lungs. He was about to turn and leave when his Aunt Jo grabbed his arm. She was smiling brightly at him, still having no idea of what transpired between her eldest daughter and himself.

"She got back this morning. Complete surprise. We missed her so much." She pulled him in towards the crowd. "I'm sure Emma will be excited to see you."

Yeah right Tommy thought as Jo pulled further into the fray. Time to face the music.

Family Trees

The Donovan's

Zane and Jo

Tanner (25) Olympic Swimmer/Mechanical Engineer Currently living in Eureka

Emma (23) PhDs in Mathematics and Statistics

Neil (22) Graduated West Point Currently in Army Intelligence/computer Analyst

Samantha (20) Fashion Designer- living in NYC

Erica (20) Working on PhD in Physics at MIT

The Carter's

Jack and Allison

Zoë m to Lucas Hinson

Asher (male) (20) Working on his PhD in Physics MIT

Janet (18) Attending NYU studying English Literacy rooming with Samantha Donovan


Jenna (26) PhD in Biochemistry and Robotics

Tommy (24) Masters in Forensic Science

The Marten-Fargo's

Douglas and Holly

Grayston (21) Working on PhD in Aeronautics at MIT

Persephone (19) Finishing her Undergrad degree in computer sciences