Sorry this took so long. I am totally blaming my new found love of Doctor Who. But hasn't it been an exciting month for Eureka related news. Only 6 weeks before season 5 begins. Jaime is creating a new show, Colin is doing a pilot, Niall signing for the lead on a show and Erica is having a baby!

Oh and did anyone read the press release details on the season opener? Interesting information in there about what happens when the crew gets back.

Anyway here is the conclusion to Emma and Tommy's story. Probably the last one I'll do at least for the next 6 weeks.

A cold, wet wind blew across the mountain top. It was hard to tell if the weather was about to bring rain or snow. On one hand it was early December in thePacific Northwest. On the other the EM shield protectingEurekatended to keep the temperature several degrees warmer then the surrounding area. One thing was for sure though; either way she'd have to head back down the mountain in the morning. Back to civilization, back to wrath of her mom, Allison and Jack.

At least she had her dad on her side. He hadn't been happy when she called him to say she was going camping for a night or two after the whole incident in her mom's office. But the truth of the matter was she just wasn't ready to face a town full of people who by now would know that Emma Donovan had secretly married Tommy Carter. Right now though, lying in this spot on top ofMountEureka, looking up at the stars Emma found just a small bit of piece.

There was a rustling noise from the bushes, foot steps, slightly panting breaths. She didn't turn her head at the sound. There was only one person who could or would possibly find her in this little haven.

"Tell me again why I didn't become an astronomer?" She asked moving over to make room for him on the blanket.

"Too much practical, not enough theory for that brilliant brain of yours," He laid down next to her, one arm tucked behind his head, his gaze following hers up to the heavens. "Your only 23, you could always go back and get another degree."

"Nah, I think they'd lose their beauty if I actually studied them. Sometimes the beauty is in the mystery." She heaved a heavy sigh as his fingers interlaced with hers.

"You know if you were trying to hide from me, you did a pretty awful job. I mean your dad said you went camping and you came to our spot. And I was after all aUSMarshall. Not hard to track at all."

"If I wanted to hide from you, you wouldn't have found me. I'm hiding from the gossip mill that is our home town." She rolled over on her side to face him not letting go of his hand. "I'm sorry I left you there to face everyone on your own, but after what happened between the parents and me…"

Rolling over Tommy met her eyes. "It's ok. Jenna told me what happened and I'm sorry that they took everything out on you. I'm just as much to blame for that night as you. But don't worry about it, after your dad came to see me, Zoë, Jenna and Kevin wouldn't let my parents or your mom within 30 feet of me."

"Carter kids stick together huh?"


"So you talked to my dad? We didn't… you know… hurt you or…"

Tommy laughed. "I thought that's what he was there for at first but no, he didn't hurt me. Gave me some really great advice and a warning."

"Really? What did he say?" Her lips pulled into a half smile just imagining the advice that Zane Donovan would give to his… well to his son in law.

Inching closer Tommy lifted his free hand to Emma's cheek. "He told me to fight. That if I wanted to have you in my life then one of us needs to be fighting to keep the other… always." His lips were centimeters from hers and she could feel his warm breath on hers. "And that is exactly what I am going to do."

When the last of the space between them was closed Emma felt relief, happiness, and homecoming. His mouth against hers was the same as it had been before. As if no time had passed. Her free hand curled into his hair and his dropped to the small of her back and pulled her closer. After several long minutes they broke apart, gasping for air.

"Where do we go from here?" Emma asked. "We can't just go back to being married. I'm not ready for that. But everyone knows that we were. How can we just date after everything?"

"Screw what everyone else knows or thinks. This is about us and your right. We're not ready to be married. At least not yet. But dating and I mean seriously dating sounds pretty good to me." He leaned in for another short kiss. "Besides we have enough siblings between us to ward off any of the naysayers."

Emma rolled back onto her back and gazed into the heavens again. Her mind was racing was this really their second chance? Was she ready for this? "Maybe…" She exhaled heavily. "Maybe we could make this work… I just don't want to lose you again but I'm just not ready to settle down. To have other people tell me what projects I should be working on. Mom would tell me I am too much like my Dad." Emma smiled.

"You don't have to settle down yet you know. You can still do the deep space exploration trip. I mean what's two years?" Even though he meant it, the words still caught in his throat. "I mean I would have thought a year apart when we weren't even talking to each other would change how we felt…"

"But it didn't" Emma finished as she rolled to face him again, her smile lighting the darkness surrounding them. "So two years, when we know I'm coming home… to you."

"Yeah" Tommy gave her his goofy Carter grin. "And in the meantime we could make the most of the time we'd have before you left."

"It's defiantly something to think about." Emma moved her gaze from Tommy's face back skyward her mind working furiously over what had been said and snuggling into Tommy's side.

Six weeks later

Jo pulled Emma into probably the fifteenth hug in just the past 20 minutes alone. "I can't believe you're leaving again. So soon after you got back." Jo blinked back the tears from her eyes. Zane pulled Jo off of Emma and wrapped an arm around his wife's waist.

"Seriously Mom, I won't be gone long. I promise I'll call as much as I can. And when I get back I'm taking you up on that job offer Uncle Doug." Emma smiled at the head of GD.

"Glad to hear it. Global will be lucky to have you" Fargo said as he pulled her into a hug.

They were gathered on Café Diem, where Vincent was throwing her a going away party. Most of her siblings as well as Zoë's kids and Doug and Holly's had already gone back to college after the winter break. Still the crowd in the diner was fairly large. Tanner, Jenna, Zoë, Lucas, Kevin, Vincent, Doug, Holly, Henry, Grace, Andy, Allison, Jack in addition to her parents had gathered to wish her well. One person was conspicuously absent though. Tommy.

Emma's eyes darted to the door one more time before Jack caught her attention.

"He forgot something, said he'd be here in a minute." Jack said pulling her into another hug.

Smiling into his shoulder Emma said. "I know he wouldn't miss this."

At that moment the door opened and Tommy came in brushing the snow off his jacket. "Sorry I'm late. I just remembered something important that I needed to pack in the car." Looking up he saw the big banner Vincent had strung across the café.

Bon Voyage and Safe Travels Emma and Tommy!

"Aww Vincent you shouldn't have." Tommy pulled the older man into a hug. "We're only going to be gone a couple months."

Vincent's eyes were filled with tears. "Just wanted to let you two know how much we are going to miss you both."

Smiling Tommy made his way over to Emma. "Sorry I'm late" He dropped a kiss onto her temple.

"Enough PDA, that's still my little sister. Wait until you're alone ok?" Tanner piped in. Jenna elbowed him soundly in the ribs.

"Emma please don't push him over the side of a mountain when he inevitably ticks you off." Allison said as she hugged each of them in turn. "he may be a pain but he's still my baby."

"I'll try but no promises." Emma laughed.

The party was fun but it was getting late and Emma and Tommy had a long drive and a plane to catch.

"We had better get going." Tommy said shaking Zane's hand.

"One last thing," Zane said clapping him on the shoulder. "You two are not allowed to get married. At least not without us there." His face broke into a huge grin.

Tommy smiled back. "I'll make you a deal." He walked over behind Emma and slipped the necklace containing her wedding and engagement ring from her neck.

"Hey" Emma protested but Tommy just winked at her.

He took off his necklace too and added Emma's wedding ring to his chain and handed both wedding rings over to Zane. "You hold onto these while we're gone. I really don't want to marry her without them."

"Deal" Zane said putting the rings into his pocket.

Tommy held the diamond engagement ring in between his thumb and fore finger. His eyes flicking between the object and Emma's left hand "As for this one…" He was quiet for a few seconds and the room stilled in anticipation of a proposal they all just knew was coming.

He dropped the ring into his palm. "I think I'll hold onto it until I find the perfect moment to give it back to you Em." And he pocketed the ring, winking at her.

Laughter erupted in the gathered crowd and a few more hugs were exchanged before Emma and Tommy left.

"You know what this means?" Jo said to Allison as they watched their children drive off.

"We get to plan an extravagant town wide wedding?" Allison said excitedly.

Carter laughed. "At least it's traditionally the brides parents that have to pay for the festivities. And a town wide wedding sounds pricey"

Zane rolled his eyes as Allison, Jo, Zoë, Holly and Jenna started to huddle together and talk dresses. He heard Vincent clamoring about a menu and a cake. Things could be worse he thought Emma could be marrying someone more like her dear old dad. Shuddering at the thought he turned to Fargo and Henry to talk about anything but weddings.