Cherry: Hello everybody. Today's show is going to be interesting. There will be friendships breaking apart, jealousy, and maybe even a kiss. Today I want to introduce the one who suffers the most on the show Case Closed. Please Welcome Rachel Moore!

Rachel: Konichiwa guys, my name is Rachel.

Cherry: Rachel-chan, I know this is none of my business but I think I might know where Shinichi-kun is. (In the other story she is a kid also trying to hide her identity. She knows about Kudo but she calls him Shinichi which is the Japanese version).

Rachel: Really Cherry? Can you tell me where he is?

Kudo: (Jumps out of no where) YOU PROMISED! (Cherry and Kudo start fighting.).

Rachel: animefreak245 does not own Case Closed. Please enjoy.

Kaito's P.O.V:

"Oi, would you shut up Aoko? I don't care if you think Kazuha-chan is not right for me. I asked her out and I do not regret it." This girl is so annoying sometimes. I started eating my egg rolls. Aoko has been acting so weird lately it's like I don't even know her anymore. She has been so angry lately I get hurt even more then I used to when I did magic.

"Buy Kaito, you don't know the reason why she said yes." Aoko said. I glared at her.

"And do you know why she said yes? Since you seem to know everything about her."

"Well… uh…"

"Exactly now, where is Kazuha-chan and Hattori? They should be here right…"

"HEIJI I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I heard my girlfriend yell to her best friend. I had not idea what this is about but I think Aoko had something to do with it. Kazuha-chan and Hattori ran by us. Kazuha-chan is holding a mop high over Hattori's head. "YOU LITTLE UNTRUSTWORTHY BAKA! WHEN I TELL YOU I AM HAPPY WITH MY BOYFRIEND YOU THINK I AM SAYING SOMETHING ELSE AND DECIDES TO SPY ON ME WHILE I'M ON MY DATE WITH HIM!" I looked at Aoko.

"Aoko, what is she talking about?" Aoko looked extremely guilty.

"Isn't it obvious? Hattori spied on your date and he admitted it to her by accident." The two friends started running over our way.

"You baka it was your idea in the first place!" Hattori yelled. "Ya called Rachel and Conan to spy with us!" Kazuha-chan hit him on the head with the mop. Hattori fell down. He looked at Kazuha-chan. "Please spare me as a childhood friend Kazuha. I promise never to do it again." She was about to hit Hattori again when she stopped.

"I have a hard time believing that Heiji." She dropped the mop. "When I say 'stay out of my love life' that doesn't mean 'go ahead and spy on us'. That means 'stay out of my love life'. I can't believe ya of all people would agree to spy on me. Until ya learn to trust me I don't want to talk to ya."

"Come on Kazuha, we all know ya are going to be talking to me tomorrow."

"No Heiji, I mean it this time. You have gone too far with this. If I catch any of ya spying on me again I swear I won't hold back. Good bye Hattori." We were all surprised she said his first name. She only says it when she is really angry. We all knew from that moment on she would not talk to Hattori at all. Kazuha-chan walked out of the cafeteria. I ran after her.

"Kazuha-chan!" I called. She turned facing me. I stopped running when I caught up to her. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, he's being a baka. I have known that boy since I was five years old. I put complete trust in him but how does he repay me? He spies on me while I'm having fun with you." Yeah, she's pretty mad.

"To all students we have a situation. You are all going home." The principal said through the speaker.

"Come on, I know what will cheer you up." I started pulling her. She knew not to fight when I'm pulling me. If she tried to stop me I would pull a weird magic trick on her. I pulled me to the lake that she walked past everyday. She told me she always loved this place. Every time she goes here she always seemed to be happier. Her face lit up. She looked so beautiful. The sun hit her hair in ponytail perfectly. "See I told you that you would be happy now."

"Thank you Kaito-kun." She said calmly. She took in a deep breath. "So what should we do today? We have more time now since we had a half day." He looked at his watch.

"Sorry, my sister is coming over today. I should probably go home and take your advice. I am going to go apologize for what I did back then. I will call you later alright?" I nodded. "If you want later we can go get some ice cream." She nodded. "Great. I will come to your house at four to pick you up. And I will pick you up at six on Saturday for the magic show." She nodded again. I kissed her head. "I'll see you at four." She waved goodbye.

Hattori's P.O.V:

"Welcome home Hattori-kun!" Cherry cheered. Cherry is a girl I am taking care of for Rachel and Kudo. She never takes off her hat so I don't know what color hair she has, she has blue eyes, and always wears dresses like today. She goes to Kudo's elementary school. "Are you alright Hattori-kun? You seem a little beat up and sad." I put my hand on her head. She gave me a death glare she always does when ever I do that. I took my hand off.

"I'm fine Cherry-chan. I just got into a fight with Kazuha. That's all."

"You mean about her dating Kaito-kun?"

"How exactly do ya know that?"

"It's obvious. They didn't hide it very well." I felt dumb. "It was kind of stupid how you followed them on their date you know." I glared at her. "You were dressing in black, talking in hushed tones, and you skipped dinner which is not like you at all. I followed you guys the whole time. You seemed a little jealous to me Hattori-kun."

"I am surprised at ya. Ya seem to be a little detective."

"It's simple facts Hattori-kun. You let it slip out. If you didn't give me these facts I wouldn't have known although I would have followed anyway." Her cell phone started ringing. She picked it up. "Mushi mushi, you want me to come over? Are you sure? Why don't you come here? Yes I know… well you didn't… would you stop talking for one moment? If you want to talk to me you can come here so I won't have to walk across town. Do you think so? Fine I will meet you there. No, I promise. Hai! Don't be late this time. You're always late." I hung up. "I have to go Hattori-kun. You should probably talk to Kazuha-chan before she forgets about you all together."

"Who was that Cherry-chan?"

"You are a detective. It's time you stop making deductions on other peoples lives for one second, sometimes a detective needs to deduce what their hearts have. All of us have already figured out what you haven't nor what she hasn't found out."

"What the heck are ya talking about? Ya being too confusing."

"You'll find out sooner or later." She left.

"That girl is so confusing sometimes." I scratched my head. In the corner of my eye I saw a picture of Kazuha and I when we were eight. "No, that's just impossible. Now who was she talking to?" The person didn't want to come here, lives on the other side of town, and is always late. One person went into my head. "No way-"

I followed Cherry's bike from a safe distance. She was going way to fast for a kid. I always knew she was not telling the truth about her self. Now I have a feeling I will figure out who this girl really is. I had once asked Kudo about her but he would never tell me even though he trust me with his secret. He just said she will tell me one day. So I have waited for her to tell me but she kept quiet. We reached the park. She looked at her watch. Who ever she was meeting was a little behind. Cherry got off her bike and sat on the bench. I hid behind a near by wall watching very closely. Right at two o'clock she pushed a button on her watch. Kaito appeared moments later not seeing Cherry. He looked relieved for some reason.

"You're late again Kaito." He turned around to see Cherry sitting on a bench. "You are on time for your 'job' but not when you are meeting your own sister." Sister? Job? Who are these people? "Your exactly two minutes late. How sad is that?"

"I'm so sorry Cherry. I didn't mean to be late. I was at the lake with Kazuha-chan. I will make it up to you I promise."

"Yeah, yeah I heard this speech before. The first one was when you were hanging out with Inspector Nakamori. Why did you call me here Kaito? I have places to be. If I don't find out who these men in black are then I won't get back to normal and you won't find out who killed dad." So these guys are connected to the men in black."

"Sorry, I just wanted to apologize about what happened when we were seven. I was so stupid doing that."

"That's why you wanted me to come halfway across town? I had to hide my hair for years for what you did. You know it will take more then that for me to forgive you. Here's the file you need for the next 'job' you have. It took me a while to get some information about it but it's all there." She gave her a file. What is in there?

"Thanks but can we go back to what we were talking about before?"





"No! I do not care what you say I am not going to forgive what you did. People thought I was a guy till I was thirteen when mom let me die my hair."

"Just let me give you a present." Nothing was in his hands then there was a small silver box. Cherry's face lit up. "This is the substance that turned you, that one girl, Sabrina, and the little detective small. I took it the last time I saw those men in black. It was really tough not loosing that thing. If that girl uses this then you will be back to normal in no time at all. Then you can go back to America." "Finally, I hate saying kun and chan. It sounds really weird since I'm seventeen. I will ship this to Kudo right away. And yes I forgive you now. Now go to Kazuha-chan. Just don't forget about Friday. I would hate to take over. I have a reputation to uphold." Kaito left in a hurry. "Hattori I know you are listening." I stepped out from behind the wall "Don't ask how I know but you are such a horrible hider."

"So ya know about Kudo being Conan?" I asked. She nodded. "And ya are like Kudo aren't ya?" She nodded again. "And that is the substance that turned ya into a child?"

"Yes, since Aoko called Shinichi yesterday you can give this to him. I don't want to have to explain why I let you do this."

"Why did ya let me spy on ya anyway?" There was silence.

"It was your lesson. I knew that if you heard my conversation you would get who I was meeting. I thought that you would take that opportunity to talk to Kazuha. Once I saw you didn't I decided to tell you most of the truth. Though I still won't tell you my true identity. I really which that you would have taken that opportunity to reflect on what you really want in your life. I was wrong though. You aren't as smart as I though Detective of the West."

"I still don't know what ya mean by that. What do ya want me to do?"

"Tell me Hattori, do you love Kazuha-chan?" I felt blood rush to my cheeks. "You have to answer this question Hattori. I do not like doing this either since my brother is dating her. Do you love Kazuha or do you want to be her friend?"

"I...I…I don't know what I feel now. Even if I did it is too late."

"You need to reflect before it really is too late. If my brother does anything, I am not saying he will, I want you to take care of it. You will be the only one. Do I make myself clear Hattori?" She looked so serious. I nodded. "Good, now until you and Aoko find out what your feelings are for that couple let's eat."

"Ya have to tell me something first. What was in that file?"

"It was for this thing I made him a couple years ago. I want ice cream." She seemed very convincing.

"Fine let's go. I want to hear everything."

Kazuha's P.O.V:

My cell phone rang. I looked at it. It was Heiji again. I didn't want to talk to him. I pressed ignore. Why did he have to spy on me like that? I could take care of myself. I couldn't wait till Kaito-kun comes over. He is always so fun to hang out here. Knocking came from the door. I looked at my watch. On time like usual. I opened the door to see Kaito-kun sweating.

"Do I have to ask?"

"I was meeting with my sister about ten minutes away. I would have been late if I walked all the way here. You know me; I never like to be late."

"Unless it's school, then ya are always late." We laughed. "Ice cream time!" He started leading me to the ice cream shop. "This one is new apparently. If it's new that means more flavors then the old one across the corner." He laughed.

"You're always so goofy Kazuha-chan." He held my hand.

"So how did it go with ya sister?"

"She forgave me for what happened. I had to give her something in returned but I was going to give it to her anyway." I smiled. At lease they forgave each other. A flower appeared in front of my face again. This time it was a red rose. "As you learn about me you would know I love roses. These ones are my favorite. They symbolize love and passion for one unlike a black rose which symbolize death or hatred. On each of the important events I will give you one rose after another." I grabbed the rose.

"What important event is it now since you are giving me the rose of love?"

"Well…"He started to blush then looked down at the rose "today is the day that I decide to ask you as a gentleman to…"

Hattori's P.O.V:

"That's everything." Cherry said. I tried to process it in my head. I still had no idea who she is or where she came from. "You're hopeless." I know I am hopeless I didn't need her telling me that. "Now if you think too much about this then you won't get what I am trying to tell you. I didn't tell you this because I knew how you would react."

"So you aren't going tell me your true name because you think I am going to spill out your name like I do with Kudo?" She nodded. "Well at lease you are thinking this through. I do have to ask you a question though…"

"Today is the day that I decide to ask you as a gentleman to…" I heard Kaito say. I looked ahead. Kazuha and Kaito were standing by the lake. Kaito is holding a red rose in her face with her hand touching his. Cherry pushed me against the fence we were next to. "I wanted to ask you as a gentleman if you give me the pleasure of a kiss." A kiss? He can't be serious. I even know Kazuha well enough to know she would never do something like that. It's simple science. Aoko started walking our way. Oh god, if she saw this then she would be the one who blows our cover. I had to do the same thing Cherry did to me. Aoko silently looked where we were looking. Please Kazuha, please don't do this.

"Y-yes, the pleasure is all mine." WHAT? (Hattori's jealous, Hattori's jealous hahaha) No way she will do this.

"This is what I was talking about Hattori-kun." Cherry whispered. If you didn't move like you were supposed to you would loose what you wanted the most. That thing was and is always her. I tried my best helping you but you are always so stupid. Now that thing you wanted the most has someone else who happens to be who Aoko wants the most. You wasted your time being selfish. Learn from your mistakes." Kaito started leaning towards Kazuha. "With a kiss they will seal their love just like that red rose they hold in their hands." Kaito and Kazuha's lips met. My heart broke. I looked at Aoko. She had the expression I am pretty sure I had. "Who's ready for some ice cream? I know another way." Cherry started pulling us.

Cherry: That's this part. It's awesome. I told you that this would be a good chapter. I hope you all like it like I did. Kazuha-chan can I ask you something?

Kazuha: Sure Cherry-chan.

Cherry: Did you like the kiss between you and Kaito-kun?

Kazuha: Yes.

Cherry: Did you know Hattori loves you?

Kazuha: WHAT?

Cherry: That's today's story. Come here later for some more. Tomorrow I am going to bring the amazing magician himself Kaito-kun. He better not be late again.