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Hattori's P.O.V:

"WHAT?" Rachel yelled. Kudo and I took our hands off our ears. They just arrived at my house after the two hour plane ride over here. I already filled Kudo in on what's been going on seeing Aoko trying to plan something. "I can't believe they are going out!"

"I know, right?" Aoko said. "That's why I made a plan?"

"What do you mean by 'a plan'?" I asked looking at her suspiciously. For some reason she called her dad earlier asking him something I couldn't hear. Now it seems I am going to find out what exactly she was doing.

"I had my dad pull up Kaito's text messages from Kazuha." She smiled.

"How did you get him to do that?" Kudo asked before taking a sip of some kid juice.

"I told him that I thought Kaito and Kazuha was planning something from Kaito Kid."

"You have got to be kidding me." I stated.

"So what did they say?" Rachel asked curiously.

"Guys we are going on a stake out."

Kazuha's P.O.V:

"You don't think they're that mad do you Kaito-kun?" I asked putting medicine on my boyfriend's face. He was pretty beat up since Aoko almost killed him with a mop.

"I think they took it alright. It's certainly not what I expected for their reactions." He said. "I kind of guess why since we didn't tell them right away." I put the last band aid on him. "I am really lucky you take good care of everyone the way you do." I smiled. He is always complimenting me.

"It's no problem; you aren't like one of my other patients. Everyone else yells at me whenever I am trying to help them." We laughed knowing I was talking about Heiji. "Well, I am going to get ready real quick." he laughed remembering his promise he made this morning before the incident. Right before our friends came he told me he had a surprise for me tonight. I went upstairs to my room. "You said formal attire right?" I yelled down stairs.

"Hai!" He yelled back. I grabbed my long blue dressed and quickly changed. I put down my long hair. I put on my white shoes and grabbed my white purse. I went down stairs where he was waiting for me. His face turned bright red.

"Oh, is Kaito-kun blushing?" He blushed even more.

"Of course I'm not!" I laughed. "Ready to go?" I nodded. We walked out into the street. Kaito-kun has always been…unique. He has been like this ever since he was a little kid as I heard from Aoko. Stuck in my thoughts I didn't realize that he held out a dark blue rose. I don't remember passing a rose bush anywhere but Kaito smiled at me. "This is for your beauty. Just like the night sky this flower represents the stars in your eyes and the kindness in your heart." He put it in my hair.

"Thanks Kaito-kun." I pulled out two tickets. "I was going to give ya this later but I decided to give them to you now." His face lit up. "Since you love magic I bought tickets to one of your favorite magicians named Tina (A.N: I made this up. I don't know any magicians. Sorry). He was about to jump for joy. "I knew you would be happy when I gave ya these."

"Kazuha-chan, you are the best girlfriend ever!" He kissed my cheek before he looked at his watch. "Oh man we are going to be late." I put the tickets back in my bag. Right after I did that Kaito grabbed my arm and started pulling me. "You are going to love this Kazuha-chan." We stopped in the entrance of a ball room. It's lit up like you would see in Beauty and the Beast. The room is empty showing how big it is. Classical music started playing out of nowhere. Kaito kneeled down in front of me.

"I am not marrying you if that's what you are going to ask." He laughed. He grabbed my right hand. "What's going on Kaito-kun?"

"Would you like to dance with me Kazuha-chan?" I nodded. He got up and we started dancing to the music. He was a really good dancer even with his injuries. I tripped on my dress. Kaito caught me.

"Sorry, I am a bad dancer."

"No you are a great dancer." he helped me up. "Now for your second surprise." The lights all of a sudden went out. I rushed into Kaito-kun's arms. "Calm down Kazuha-chan. Now it's time for the show to begin." The music stopped. He walked me to the window.

"What the-" Fireworks lit up the sky. "Oh my god, Kaito-kun! This is amazing."

"I knew you would like it."

Hattori's P.O.V:

I gritted my teeth. How could this have happened? My best friend is dating an idiotic magician. He has never been trustworthy in my opinion. I always knew he was Kaito Kid who is the greatest thief of all time. I never arrested him since I never had proof. But I can't help my depression now since I am sneaking behind Kazuha's back spying on her date. She looks so cute today. I rarely see her with her hair down.

"What does Kazuha see in him anyway?" I whispered.

"He's nice, he does awesome tricks, and he doesn't call her baka every second." Aoko stated.

"Plus he is not a detective so he doesn't disappear that much." Rachel said. I saw Kudo (in Conan form btw) tighten his grip on the door. He must have known Rachel was talking about him. All of us do since we know Kudo mysteriously disappeared. Only I know that Kudo is actually Conan.

"He is charming towards the girls." Kudo said. "He knows how to take care of them unlike a tan boy I know." I gave him a death glare. "Don't blame me on telling the truth."

"He is also cute." Aoko and Rachel said at the same time. Kudo and I looked at them confused and shocked that they said that.

"Shut up." I looked back at Kazuha who was hugging Kaito. How could this have happened? Why do I feel so mad at Kaito? A bunch of questions went into my head that I could not answer.

"Kaito-kun, my mom just texted me. I have to go home."

"Alright Kazuha-chan, I'll walk you home." They started walking our way.

"Where do we go?" Rachel asked. Kudo covered her mouth. We ran to the outside of the building. We hid behind the bushes like we did before. They showed up moments later.

"The magic show starts at eight Saturday night." Kazuha stated. "I heard this show is four stars. I also heard Tina has an assistant named Tom. He helps out when he can. Rachel's friend Sonoko texted me a couple days ago saying Tina brings in people from the audience."

"Won't it be so cool if we get to participate in the show?" Kaito asked.

"That's exactly what I was thinking! I can't wait to see the show."

"Are you sure you don't want me to tell you how they do the magic?"

"I don't want it to be spoiled Kaito-kun. One of these days I do want to learn some magic though." Her smile lit up the darkness. "Is it ten o'clock already? My curfew is ten thirty. How am I going to make it in time? My house is forty five minutes away."

"I have an idea." He picked her up in the bride/groom way. I couldn't believe it. "Hold on tight." She nodded. His shoes turned into skates. The back of the skates blew out fire. They sped away. Kudo got on his high power skate board. I hopped on not knowing how bad he is at riding a skateboard. We left the others. We kept a safe distance from Kaito and Kazuha.

"Where did these skates come from?"

"My sister has many personalities. She is a detective, she is an amazing tracker, and she makes stuff like this. She makes a lot of stuff for my magic shows." His sister? I never knew he had a sister. "She hates me for something I did to her when we were younger. She promised she would never forgive me for it. The only time I see her is when she comes over to give me something else."

"She must forgive you a little bit. If she gives you stuff for your magic show she wants to help you with the dream you chosen." I spotted Kazuha's house coming up. "What did you do to her to make her hate you so much anyways?"

"You see, when we were younger she got mad at me for some reason. I thought I would cheer her up with a little paint. Little did I know I mixed up paint with hair dye. I put the bucket up on her bed room door then somehow snuck out of her room. Later on that night after she came back with her friend's house she went to her room. She opened her bed room door. I heard a scream. She ran down the stairs holding her bow and arrow she has for archery. I thought I was going to die that day. Her hair was pink. I found out that the reason she was mad at me is that I didn't give her the birthday present she wanted."

"That's too bad." They stopped in front of her house. He put her down.

"Good night Kazuha-chan." He kissed her on the cheek again.

"Good night Kaito-kun. I'll see you at school tomorrow." They went their separate ways.

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