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The world just hates me, doesn't it?

Zandal sighed in resignation, covering his hairless chin with his palm as he once again took his place upon the podium.

Yet again, he had been ordered to call together a meeting, yet again on the topic of Ahri. However, this meeting was reserved for only the veterans and more prominent figures of the League. The likes of Rumble, Lee Sin, and Fizz were forbidden to attend, much to their chagrin, annoyance, and (to some) indifference. The seats were less than half as full as they were last time, with the champions far more spread out and separate from each other.

However, Zandal's bitter duty was tempered by the fact that he would be sharing his burden today. Rjal Flisk stood next to him, before an identical podium of her own, fiddling with a braid.

Zandal and Rjal had enrolled in the Institute at exactly the same time, when they were both fourteen years old. The two had become fast friends, an easy task considering they shared almost all their classes. Now that they were full-fledged Summoners, they had a little more time to spend together, and usually shared the midday meal with each other. Their closeness elicited a few elbow jabs and raised eyebrows from his male friends, who obviously thought something more was going on.

Despite the fact that they were "just friends", Zandal couldn't help but acknowledge her attractiveness. Her dark, mud-colored hair was elaborately braided with long strings of blue ribbon, hanging down almost to her waist in three strands from the back of her head. It fit nicely with her chocolate brown skin, the two identical colors often causing him to lose track of where her forehead ended and her hair began. Her nose was tiny and barely discernible against her freckled complexion, her lips full and supple (though almost always pressed together in a thin line). She had begun turning heads once she blossomed at sixteen, and had had more than a few male companions.

Rjal's eyes shone with significantly more confidence than Zandal's, the blue orbs scanning the room, marking out any potential troublemakers. However, she was not particularly intimidating in stature; almost petite, she stood at less than five and a half feet tall. The standard blue Summoner robes were too long for her, so she cut the sleeves and dress of, effectively making a one-piece short suit.

Compared to Zandal, Rjal was far more boastful, self-absorbed, and arrogant than he would be ever be able to muster. In her first week, she argued with their Alchemy teacher about whether Yordle tears were more acidic than melted Frejlordian icicles. She proved her point by tossing a vial of tears at her instructor, which successfully chewed through his robe while the icicle water she threw immediately afterwards had no effect. Because she had proved her teacher wrong, she got off scot-free.

I will never, ever understand how she can be so…overpowering, yet not be a social outcast. Must be a natural charisma, or something like that. I'm just…I can't handle that kind of impulsive-yet-always-correct behavior.

Thus, Zandal had long ago vowed to never cross over from the "friend zone" with Rjal. She never made any advances on him, so this was pretty easy to do.

Get your head back in the game, Zandal. You've got work to do.

He coughed, awkwardly, and made a fumbling gesture towards Rjal.

"Would you please start us off, Rjal?" Though he tried his hardest to whisper, his voice echoed the amphitheater, bringing the room's attention to him.

Rjal's eyes sparkled with glee as she began her speech.

"Thank you, champions, for attending this meeting. We are aware of your busy schedules, so rest assured, we will attempt to be expeditious."

A few grumbles were the only response she received, with one or two polite greetings.

Noticing something awry, Zandal blurted out.

"Almost everyone whose presence was requested is here. However, I see that we have only one member of the triumvirate here. Where are Akali and Shen?"

Kennen sprang up from his cross-legged position on the stone and hissed back at Zandal, his high-pitched voice difficult to take seriously.

"Do not presume that the Kinkou are at your beck and call, Summoner. Our duties encompass far more than simply participating in the League. The Eye and the Fist are indisposed. The Heart will be the only representative who will attend this gathering."

The yordle's blue eyes glared at the Summoner for a few moments before closing again, as Kennen returned to a meditative posture.

"Um…" At a loss for words, Zandal looked helplessly towards Rjal, who simply grinned back.

"The Three have come to the decision that Ahri must be taught a lesson. However, she is not to be punished." A disappointed groan emitted from Tryndamere's chair, so Ashe elbowed him in the arm roughly and shushed him. Rjal's statement was otherwise met with satisfied nods.

"One of you is to tutor her. The Three wished for us to determine which of you is the most fit to carry out this duty."

Immediately, Ryze bolted upright in his seat, white eyes shining with anticipation.

"Yes, yes…I'll teach this…fascinating creature my arts. So long as she tells me where she learned how to summon that orb…" His whining soprano fit his fragile, wiry, magic-ridden form.

"With all due respect, champion, Ahri's magical potency is not being put into question. Rather, it is her attitude that must be cultivated."

The blue-skinned human pouted his lip and squatted back down, muttering angrily to himself as he stroked his black stubble.

For the first time in weeks, Mordekaiser spoke, his drawn-out rasp sending shivers up Zandal's nerves. He balanced his mace on his right shoulder, caressing the spikes on the surface of the ball.

"Pentakill requires groupies. I approve of her current behavior."

Having apparently spoken his fill, the heavy metal guitarist returned to his seat, leaving everyone else to decipher his cryptic (and possibly nonsensical) words.

Rjal was thrown for a moment, but quickly recovered.

"Yes, well, uh, thank you. Anyone else wish to volunteer for this position?"

"Hm…yes…Well, no one here is gooooooinnnnng to endupteaching this woman, nonono. Not in…this…continuuuummmmmmmmmm…."

Zilean's frail, gravelly voice competed with itself. His tone shifted between three distinct speeds: a normal (if deliberate) pace, a rapid, indiscernible jabber of words, and long, drawn out groans. Floating a few inches above his assigned seat, he moved one of the hands on his clock, the hand that governed seconds. His form began to waver and vanish as he resumed talking.

"No, the appropriate person to govern her behavior issnobslyteoehwcnyontsetat..."

Noticing the illegibility of his words, Zilean flipped the seconds hand back to its original position. His body reappeared and his speech returned to normal.

At least, as normal as a man who lives in multiple timelines can speak.

"Sorry. Flippedmyselftothefuture. Your minds can't comprehend what's going on in places otherthanthepresent. I'll try to accccooooooomo….daaaaaaaatttteeeeee for that in the future. Or do I do that now? I'm not sure…"

Zandal rubbed his sweating forehead. This was confusing him, and he was hearing on an impossibly minute example of how much Zilean could baffle those who weren't time-travelers. Most Summoners who regularly worked with him learned to ignore his inane predictions and accounts, choosing to simply toss out orders instead.

Haven't worked with him before…but I heard somebody tried delving deep into his memories, went insane, and started running in circles, attempting to "EXTERMINATE!" everyone around him. I really don't want to know he saw that made him end up that way.

"If I understand what you're saying …you think no one here is fit to teach Ahri?"

Zandal hazarded a guess, reaching out verbally to the chronomancer.

The immortal shook his head, twiddling the end of his wispy beard between two fingers.

"I know or I do not know. There is no think. In a few seconds…or was it minutes,'ll getyouranswer. Patience is a virtue, except when it's not, which is often…or is it rarely…erm…"

Zandal gently put Zilean back on track.

"You were telling us something about Ahri."

Zilean snapped his fingers, the sharp crack echoing throughout the room.

"A few seconds! Thatswhatitwas! Um, yes. Well, you Summoners can't doooo iiiiittttt yourselves because none of you can resist what she offers, correct?"


Rjal prompted the ageless wizard, making a gesture to elaborate.

"Hmph. Lack discipline, kids these days. Or is it kids tomorrow? Ahem. Obviously, you need to find him. The one who's not affected by her presence. Except, um, he's notheretomorrow. But he'll be there yesterday!"


Even Rjal was dumbfounded by Zilean. He coughed, and started again.

"Whoops. Forgot I hadn't told yooouu yetttt. He's the one with no feelings. You know, the dead one? Ohwait, he hasn't been born…no wait, he just hasn't had the chance to die…" The chrono-displasic muttered to himself, trailing off.

Zandal shot a knowing glance at Rjal, who nodded dumbly. They both turned (as did all the other champions in the room, excluding Zilean) towards a single figure.

Feeling a multitude of eyes on him, Kennen halted his meditations, noticed everyone staring at him, and furrowed his brow.


"No! I refuse, as would the Eye! The Kinkou will have no part in this little game."

Kennen folded his tiny arms over his chest, sulking in his bench.

Zandal could understand him. Shen was one of the few truly emotionless beings on Runeterra, the man Zilean was obviously referring to. It made sense that he could educate Ahri on the folly of some of her actions, as well as teach her the value of foresight and thinking twice. If someone had told Zandal that one of his colleagues was going to be dragged off to take care of a sex-crazed hybrid, he'd probably-

Well, I'd actually congratulate him, but…

Kennen hadn't responded well to Zandal and Rjal's request for Shen to be Ahri's caretaker.

Rjal was the first to speak up, her voice cracking with laughter.

"Oh, come on. It's not a…it's not a tall order…hahahaha…" She dissolved into a fit of muffled laughter.

Kennen's eyes flashed dangerously as sparks ignited on the tip of his ears, tiny bolts of electricity arcing up from the Yordle.


"Rjal, please stop! You're not helping things!" For the first time, Zandal felt himself positively commanding the attention of the room. He lowered his head in Kennen's direction.

The ninja remained crouching, still in a combat stance, before relaxing and letting the lightning fall away from him.

"Could you at least consider delivering this message to the Eye, Kennen? We would at least like to hear his judgment on the matter."

Zandal's tone was almost pleading, and he could see the ninja considering his proposition.

"The triumvirate will honor this…unusual request, for the moment. But our response is not set in stone. I take my leave."

Crouching and channeling energy for a moment, the yordle let out a fierce howl and collapsed into a ball of white electricity, rushing towards (and out) the exit with astonishing speed.

The rest of the champions took this as an unofficial ending point, and departed the amphitheater. Some filed out the door, while most flourished their abilities in a more dramatic manner, teleporting or otherwise exiting with some sort of visual appeal.

Zandal patted himself on the back.

Good job.

"Nicely done. I'll send a courier out for Ahri tomorrow. Have fun."

Zandal turned to thank Rjal, but she was already gone.

Ahri was bored.

Bored, for Ahri, usually meant she was either horny, or really, really in need of a good battle to get the edge off her idleness.

Not sure which one it is…

Considering that she was adding a little extra wiggle to her hips as she sauntered down the street, tails flicking energetically behind her, it was probably the former.

I'm sure our Master at Arms would be more than willing to help me with my little problem.

Bright neon lights could be seen flashing across the street ahead; a large sign above a bar was its source. The words read thusly:

The Tipsy Tank: Happy hour all day, every day. Or every time you cast a spell.

If my purple boy-toy is going to be anywhere in the city, it's here.

Ahri sauntered into the bar, eyes examining every corner of the room, searching for the telltale purple hood. Ten separate, circular tables dotted the wide room, housing various champions, Summoners, or citizens, each of them ignoring the troubles of the day as they chatted absentmindedly. On the other side of the room, a row of six tall barstools were lined up, only one of them occupied. The wooden floor was, shockingly, clean and free of splinters. A single lamp was the only light source, keeping the corners of the room shrouded in darkness, but it was enough to light the area around the brown tables.

Is that…

Sure enough, hunched over the counter, nursing a steel mug in his three-fingered hand was Jax himself. The bartender, Gragas, lurched over and refilled his drink with a clear brown liquid, and the two of them raised a toast. The portly drunkard belched, patted his stomach, and wandered off to cater to some other patron.

Ahri slinked over to him, taking care to avoid unnecessary attention. As it happened, too many people were busy idly chatting to notice her…even if she was a head-turner. Arriving at the bar, she bent forward and whispered sultrily into his ear.

"So there you are."

He started lightly, but brought his shock under control almost instantly.


Jax shrugged and resumed drinking. A plastic straw lead up from the mug and into a tiny hole in his mask, keeping his face disguised.

Ahri wrinkled her nose in barely concealed disappointment.

Guess I'll need to give him a little encouragement.

"So, a little bird...or rather, a very large, frozen bird told me you had a match today. How'd it go?"

Jax's eyes began caressing her form, drinking in her generous cleavage.

"Easy win, but carrying a team to victory is tiring."

That was what Ahri was waiting for. She folded an arm under her chest, propping up her ample breasts and allowing them to spill out over the counter. Tracing the line of her cleavage with a fingertip, she allowed a moan to escape her lips.

"What do you say that I…relieve some of that tension for you?"

Jax cocked his head quizzically, but his voice betrayed his glee.

"I'm guessing you're not planning on giving me a massage?"

Ahri giggled and stood up, bending over slightly to give Jax a generous view of her bosom.

"I'll do…whatever you want. Anything."

That did it. Jax leaned forward and wrapped a hand around her waist, his hot breath caressing her forehead.

"Your place or mine?"

Ahri pushed Jax onto the bed, knocking the wind out of him as he landed roughly. Grinning, she turned away from him and strutted a few feet forward, giving her hips a little extra swagger for his benefit. Reaching a hand behind her back, she grasped the pink ribbon that kept her clothing together and pulled lightly. Her robes were tied incredibly tightly against her chest, so the sudden loosening caused the whole thing to instantly fall away in a flurry of red and white.

Her tails instinctively rushed to cover her, the silver fur hugging her lower stomach and chest, warming her and disguising the goods from Jax's eager gaze. She lifted her arms above her head and clasped her hands together, taking a split stance. Slowly, surely, she began rotating her hips, gyrating her pelvis as her tails fell away, hanging limply as she stood, fully naked.

Keeping her arms above her, Ahri raised her chin and moaned towards the ceiling, bending over slightly, all the while never stopping her impromptu dance. Bent over halfway, her tails began spinning again, forming helixes around her form. She could feel Jax's eyes digging in her buttocks, as if he could bore through them by simply looking.

Suddenly, she spun around and dropped her tails, thrusting her chest forward. Her breasts bounced slightly, the nipples rapidly hardening in the night air. Slowing down and finally stopping, Ahri lowered her hands, tweaking her nipples and pressing her breasts together. Continuing her descent, Ahri brought her hands down and barely brushed the area between the legs. A shudder went through her whole body.

Just wait, Ahri. You know he likes this. And men always return favors tenfold. Just one last thing…

One of her tails whisked Jax's lamppost from its place on the wall and placed it directly on the floor behind her, pointing upwards. Holding it up with two tails, Ahri slowly walked around it so the pole was between herself and the bed. Turning around once again, Ahri pressed herself into the pole, sliding upwards and allowing it to glide between her cheeks, leaving a small, glistening trail in its wake.

Twirling around so she was once again facing Jax, Ahri wrapped her left leg around the staff, straddled it, and began rubbing up and down, pressing her magic button against the metal.

Jax gaped, utterly lost for words before such a display. He merely stared, sitting on the edge of the bed, his head dumbly following her position as she danced.

Our little warrior's having trouble handling his bedroom weapon…how cute. But I'm being a little unfair, of course. Guess I'll have to…pay him back for teasing him so.

Without warning, Ahri dropped the staff and threw herself onto her knees in front of Jax. Before he could react, she grabbed his belt buckle in her hand and snapped it away, causing his pants to fall down past his knees.

His muscled, taut thighs were a turquoise hue, matching the color of his hands. His legs were shaped like a normal humans' would be, but his manhood was anything but. At first glance it resembled a snake's hemipenis, blue like the rest of him, with a thick, smooth base that tapered off towards the top, with no identifiable foreskin and a thin head. No testicles were visible; presumably, they were on the inside of his body. Unlike a snake, however, Jax only possessed one organ.

One is enough. More than that and it just gets messy.

Following her lead, Jax kicked his leg garments off, his little soldier beginning to stand at attention. At its full size, it reached a little larger than nine inches in length, barely two inches across at the base. It poked her cheek, a tiny drop of white precum prompting her to continue.

Ahri drew her pink tongue from the scaled base to the tip, planting a kiss upon his head once she reached the top. She poked her tongue into the slit, exploring the sweet interior for a second before taking the head in her lip, not allowing his member to pass her teeth. The soft organ bent against the barrier and curled up into her gum.

Jax grunted, wrapping his right hand around the back of her head and pressing down gently. She released him, a long string of saliva still connecting her lips to his member.

"Calm down. It's always better if you take it easy."

His only response was another grunt, but he complied. He didn't move his hand, but no longer pushed her head down.

He never was the type to wait for what he wants.

Ahri tiled her head to the side, opening her lips slightly. He was thinner than most other men she'd been with, so his penis slipped nicely into her waiting mouth. Wiggling her head back and forth to secure him in place, she bit down lightly to secure him between her teeth, and then lowered herself down onto his length, engulfing him with her lips.

She wrapped her left hand around the thick base of his member and stroked lightly, feeling the ridges on the underside of the appendage. Her core began to moisten at the thought of those same ridges rubbing against her inner walls, driving her to climax.

Don't get selfish, Ahri. Finish what you started.

Once she had achieved a steady rhythm, Ahri decided to up the ante.

Let's make this more interesting, shall we?

Ahri curled her tongue around him, constricting his organ and tightening the squeeze every so often, deliberately allowing the saliva to drip out and hang from her chin.

Jax reacted extremely positively: He bucked his hips forward, shoving another inch or so down her throat. But her gag reflex still hadn't been triggered: his thin member never managed to irritate her tonsils, and she was only taking in four inches of him, so she was safe.

Ahri still had more tricks up her sleeve. Closing her eyes, she began humming, the vibration of her voice zigzagging from the head of his penis to his base, causing Jax to see stars. She grasped her bosom with both hands and pillowed his penis between her luscious breasts, squeezing them together and grinding the nipples against the base.

Jax arched his back, gasping and grinding his teeth together as he grabbed at the covers, trying vainly to keep his composure. Ahri groaned around his member, cradling the head with her tongue and smothering the rest of him between her milky flesh.

Without warning, Jax secured both hands behind her head and shoved her mouth forward, abandoning any pretense of gentleness. Her throat was suddenly filled with nine inches of blue flesh, the tip poking the back of her esophagus.

Ahri gagged lightly, his sudden action causing her breasts to slip from between her grasp and hang limply, the nipples squeezing against his thighs whenever he thrust her forward.

She briefly considered protesting, but shrugged the thought off immediately.

It'll be a fun change of pace. Plus I kind of owe him.

She merely grasped his lower back with her left hand to keep herself steady and rode out his little tantrum, waiting for his inevitable climax.

He didn't last much longer. On his fifth thrust down her throat, Ahri felt him twitch, his member poking the roof of her mouth; a telltale sign of his incoming orgasm. She placed her both her hands against his thighs and tried to push herself off of him, raising a hand to bring him to release. Jax, however, ignored her and simply shoved her back down onto him, his length brushing against her wet lips as he re-buried himself to his hilt.

Surprisingly, Ahri did not at all find his roughness unpleasant; actually, his unexpected forcefulness was rather arousing.

Nice that he finally grew a little bedroom backbone… he's always performed better when he feels he's got something to prove. Plus, it's not like I've never swallowed before. Granted, I sometimes get a little stomach ache…but it's usually worth it.

Despite all the cues, Jax still wasn't quite done yet, so he simply held her in this position, waiting. Ahri was inclined to point out that he would derive more pleasure if he kept moving her head up and down, but she couldn't speak around a mouthful of cock. All that got out was a sort of pathetic groan.

Jax looked down with a start, as if suddenly remembering who he was with. His shoulders briefly sagged, and he looked guiltily at his hands. Slowly, he inched his hands upwards, brushing the tips of her black ears with his thumbs.

Ahri's ears instinctively twitched away from his touch, the ears fleeing his grasp and Jax reached out again, this time with his whole hand, lightly cradling the fur with his tough hands.

Waves of cold pleasure shot down Ahri's spine every time the fur brushed against Jax's fingers, his calluses tickling the delicate organs. Though the feeling was not at all unpleasant, Ahri was mildly embarrassed by her sensitivity.

"Stop! That tickles!"

At least, that's what she would have said if Jax wasn't stuffing himself into her mouth. Instead, all she managed to do was accidently wrap her tongue across the unit in her mouth.

Jax kept up his assault, simply holding his hands in place and allowing her ears to react of their own accord.

"Heheheh-that tickles-hahahaha-stop it-eheehehehee!"

Ahri kept laughing, her lips beginning to unwittingly suck and flick across his member. Her giggles became audible as Jax actively stimulated her ears, poking and prodding at the lobe. Ahri began to gag again, her lips snapping shut over Jax, constricting him and pleasuring him even more. Her mouth, sticky and hot from saliva and built-up precum, blanketed his penis in warm fluids, the liquids beginning to seep out of Ahri's mouth and spill onto his lower stomach, heating up his lower regions. That was the last straw. With a roar, Jax grasped the back of her head and pressed her against his pelvis, releasing deep into her throat.

Her laughing subsided the instant she was shoved forward onto Jax's length. For the first time since they had begun, she was unable to breathe, his seed expanding his member and blocking the passage of air to her lungs. She could feel his cock pulsing on her tongue as he emptied himself into her throat, firing several spurts directly into her esophagus. The warm fluid shot down her system, eventually coming to a rest in her stomach, flooding the empty space. A few streaks of cum bounced back and shot out her nose, clogging her nostrils with jets of liquid that shot out onto Jax's stomach.

His seed was certainly better-tasting than a human's; while most men's cum was bitterly salty, Jax's held a tinge of sweetness. Granted, it wasn't a dessert, but its taste still provoked her to accept as much of the delicious liquid as her stomach could contain-which was considerable. Ahri shut her eyes in focus, greedily sucking through his release as she tried to sneak in a breath or two before he died off. A few bubbles of white goo popped out of her mouth and began to mix with the saliva on her chin, coagulating into a thick layer of milky fluid.

Ahri lifted herself off of Jax, his member slipping out of her lips with a small pop! Coughing up a small amount of cum that had gone down the wrong hole, she waved a finger through the thin strings that spilled out of her mouth and connected her to his pelvis, severing them. Jax put a hand under her chin and tilted her face towards him, rubbing a small amount of fluid off her mandible. Giggling, Ahri wiped her jaw clean with the back of her hand, her eyes shining with amusement and mock disappointment.

"Warn me the next time go off on a tantrum like that."

Jax shrugged and stood up, ignoring Ahri as he staggered over to the bathroom door, slamming the white portal shut behind him. Once things got underway, he didn't speak much. Ahri could hear the sound of splashing water through the door. Presumably, Jax was washing himself clean of his own fluids.

Ahri was mildly annoyed.

After waiting for so long, he chooses to take a break now, of all times? If he's not going to hurry up, I'll let him know what he's missing out on…

Rolling herself onto the damp bed, Ahri pulled herself up so that her head was resting on two fluffy pink pillows, the cloth beginning to imprint into the shape of her ears. Securing herself into a comfortable position, Ahri spread herself, bending her knees and using the leverage on her leg to lift her hips up off the bed. Once she had risen up about three inches, her tails formed a platform under her back and secured her in her elevated position. A single thick, fluffy limb wriggled up from the mass of fur and flicked across her clitoris.

Ahri cringed in pleasure, allowing the tail to tease her entrance, wiggling back and forth as its bristles continued to poke at her pleasure center. The furred limb began to penetrate her, teasing her entrance, but Ahri stopped herself…reluctantly.

Don't want to tire myself out before he comes back...much as I'd like to.

Grasping the tail, Ahri caught a tiny droplet of her own liquid on a thumb, taking an experimental lick of her own salty fluids. Suddenly, she stopped, still holding her thumb in her mouth. She could hear Jax drying himself off; the sound of cloth rubbing across skin was unmistakable.

Ahri removed her tails out from under her, allowing her hips to fall back down onto the bed. Jax burst from the bathroom fully naked except for his helmet.

"Took you long enough. I was beginning to think you were going to leave me here, all alone. So sad."

Licking a dabble of fluid off her thumb, Ahri moaned and allowed two tails to snake up over her thighs and grip her vaginal lips, slowly spreading herself open. The blankets were stained with fluids, strings of her own lubrication hanging between the sides of her entrance. A familiar scent began to roll off of Ahri in waves: Jax's nostrils were bombarded by the perfume of her arousal, her sweet, flowery pheromones stiffening him to full size. Ahri's display probably also had that effect as well.

Ahri looked him over, drinking in his now-familiar form. His blue chest was ridged with obvious muscle, honed to a chiseled perfection through long hours on the Fields. Rivulets of sweat began to drip down his abdominals, sliding up and over the six rough curves. Not a single inch of fat or excess skin was visible anywhere on his body. Ahri drew a tongue across her lower lip, beckoning him over with cock of her head.

"Hurry up, big boy."

Wordlessly, Jax crept up onto the bed, tracing a finger along her silky, sweaty thigh as he positioned himself over her, his legs splaying out behind him. Placing his hands flat on the bed, parallel to her chest, Jax aligned himself with her sheath and prodded her entrance, allowing a small amount of nectar to drip onto his head. Slowly, surely, he began to sink in to her, the pink lips welcoming his blue member with open arms.

Ahri sank her teeth into her lower lip, closing her eyes as a small, unintentional blush began to blossom across her cheeks. His descent tickled and scraped all the right places, stretching her just the right amount, hitting the sweet spot along the blurry line of pleasure and pain. Each time his shaft, slick with her lubrication, made contact with her inner walls, Ahri felt her stomach knot in pleasure. A moan escaped her lips as his shaft brushed the underside of her clitoris, provoking the bundle of nerves to buzz with pleasure.

Unbeknownst to him, Ahri wasn't closing her eyes so as to contain any discomfort-in fact, quite the opposite, if her muted, silent squeals were any indication. Heat radiated off of Jax whenever blood pumped up his unit, seeping into her folds. Being so completely filled lent Ahri an immense sense of contentment…of warmth. Even with no stimulation through movement, Ahri found her inner walls pulsing around Jax, in synch with her hyperventilation. When she breathed in, she contracted and constricted around Jax. Upon exhaling, she loosened ever so slightly, relaxing her grip on his member.

For Jax, this was maddening. He had just entered, and she was already hugging him tightly, her vaginal walls pumping fluids onto his freshly cleaned unit. She was unbelievably warm; whenever her muscles clutched at him, his loins ignited with their shared heat.

Having ensured that Ahri was now comfortably stretched around him, Jax began to slowly pull back, slipping out of her The exit left Ahri gasping with pain as lava boiled up from her now empty core, the entrance throbbing in protest. He halted once his head had reached the pink muscles just outside her cervix, and began to sink back in, sliding his hips forward and sneaking past her cervix once again. Having buried himself fully, Jax exited again, keeping his agonizingly slow pace.

After six or so lazy thrusts Ahri found herself getting impatient. Jax wasn't exactly known for his cool, calculating mannerism; no, he was a brash, hotheaded individual who rushed into battle and dispatched foes with a flurry of quick strikes. She wanted that side of him. She wanted to test out her ride's real speed. Waiting for him to withdraw once again, she snaked a tail up behind his shoulder and pushed him forward, a grunt emanating from both parties as he was instantly re-submerged in her pink flesh. His member's struggles, however, only served to further stimulate Ahri. Ahri struggled to pant, much less speak. But she was able to get a single message across.

"Scared…champ? Show me what you…got."

Jax needed no second bidding. Shrugging her tail off his shoulder, he withdrew his white, dripping member out completely, and plunged straight back into her. Its brutal ascent up her canal jarred Ahri- for a moment; fiery pain ricocheted from her abdomen. But after he pulled halfway out yet again and drilled back into her with significantly more speed, the sensation began to fade. He managed to hit the same spot with every entrance. Elsewhere, this consistent chafing would result in abrasions and rashes. But this time, it only curled Ahri's toes with each shock that traveled up her spine.

As he relentlessly pounded into his willing partner, Ahri's strained, shrill squeals were her response to his every prod. Her vision began to fade as her eyes clouded over, her amber pupils darkening with pleasure. They unwittingly rolled up into her sockets as Jax continued to plow, leaving only her soulless whites visible. The earlier burn from Jax's piercing of her innermost sanctum faded into a consistent, blurry hum of pain and bliss as she came, her walls convulsing around him. Fortunately for the both of them, Jax was still able to break through and, aided by the lubrication from her climax, managed to continue his expedition up her snug cavity.

Ahri's locked her legs around Jax's lower back, her toes curling into the blanket and nipples grinding harshly against his chest as she cried out.

"Yes, yes! I want everything! Don't you dare stop! Cum inside me! Now!"

Jax felt his member twitch as the first few waves of his climax began rushing out of his member. Drawing himself back for one final stab, he roared and slammed into Ahri one final time. His pelvis smacked against her clitoris, resulting in a meaty, wet slapping noise that forced a few strings of both their climaxes out of Ahri.

He exploded, a torrent of his warm, sticky seed overflowing from Ahri, the wave coating her slick, fertile walls with his liquid. Without thinking, Jax grasped Ahri's slick thighs and rammed her against him even harder, elevating her hips and holding her against him as his roar fading into a guttural growl of pleasure.

Ahri felt her channel swell with an excessive amount of essence, which quickly spilled out over onto their joined hips, thick strands connecting their two bodies. Ahri's senses erupted with an earthquake of pleasure, radiating outward from her core. Her tails curled around each other, coiling and thrashing alongside her own mewling, and struggling as she felt her center spike with repeated pleasure. She pulsed around Jax's member with each fresh tide of cum, her movements allowing their climaxes space to splash out in a torrent onto the bed sheets.

A rapid flurry of indistinguishable words tumbled out of her mouth as she felt herself being filled past her carrying capacity with Jax's burning essence. Her tails flailed wildly, a few of them wrapping around Jax's arms as he continued to pour himself into her.

Finally, Jax's member stopped twitching, and he loosed his grip, his arms suddenly sagging. Extracting himself from her with a bit of pushing and effort, he finally managed to slide out, his member now completely flaccid, flopping about comically. His excess semen gushed out of him, leaving a small puddle of white fluid on the blanket underneath his dripping unit. Jax rolled off of his hyperventilating partner, pulling a pillow up and flinging himself atop it.

Ahri panted heavily, her tails coming down to rest as her legs relaxed, sore from rubbing against Jax's scaly back. Her aching womanhood still buzzed with pleasure, still in the process of her final climax as if Jax was still atop her, riding her to amazing results. A steady stream of Jax's seed continuously dripped out of her raw, puffy red slit, becoming part of the steadily increasing pool of milky liquid that covered a generous region of the bed. Ahri's legs snapped shut to cover up the opening and allow the remainder of his essence to avoid escaping her canal, trapping the gloriously hot liquid inside her. The fluids sloshed about, warming Ahri as they finally settled in her crevice, allowing her to spread her lower limbs once again.

Stretching, Ahri rested her head on his broad, scaly, turquoise shoulders, allowing her tails to cover their legs from the night's chill. Lying on his back, Jax caressed Ahri's thigh, bringing his hand up to trace the line of her hip. She swatted his hand away with a tail, giggling all the while. Jax grunted and tried to pull himself up, but his arms gave way and he fell right back down on his back.

"I'm guessing you're too tired to go again?"

Ahri's only response was a heavy snore, and the feeling of Jax's muscles relaxing under her cheek.