December 14th, 1984


8:47 P.M.

Kyle Hyde sipped on whiskey. Annoyed surprisingly. Drinking was something that used to help him relax. A serene pastime that carried him through the years but had been disturbed publicly by technology. He winced at the obnoxious sound of the Pac Man machine blaring in the corner and the troupe of loud nerds surrounding it. This was only as half as annoying as the frat boys in the opposite shouting and dropping glasses. "Maybe Friday night wasn't the best idea." He took a sip and cleared his throat "Why am I even here again?"

"Hello, sir!" a perky voice chirped "How may I help you tonight?" Kyle looked up to see a sweet young woman, hair tied up and steno pad in hand.

"Can I say 'the usual' even though this is my first time here?"

"Let me see if I still remember" Claire Reagan raised her pen to her chin, pondering. "Bitter black coffee with steak, medium rare coupled with potatoes?"

"You got it." Kyle grinned. "How are you, Claire?"

"Oh, you know. Just helping papa with the restaurant. I started school last fall and decided to major into anthropology. I got accepted into BU. Its pricey but the ills get paid."

"Well then, I'm guessing business is booming, huh?"

They both glanced around the restaurant, taking in the crowded building. The rhetorical question answered itself. Frat boys joking loudly, young kids playing in the corner, students in a studying, a guy reading. This restaurant was popular with all kinds.

"Anthropology, huh? Looks like you'll be a regular Jane Goodall."

Claire chuckled at this "Something like that! But what about you Mr. Hyde what brings you toBoston any how?"

"Well, I'm actually on my way toManhattan. I'm going to see my mom for Christmas. I promised thanksgiving but, honestly didn't want to go. I'm just passing by and remembered you had moved here so I figured, why not?"

"You were always slinking around, haha". Claire smiled but then looked mildly puzzled "But wait. If you're going toNew York, why did you land here? That's pretty close for a layover isn't it?"

Kyle took a gulp of whiskey and coolly said "I'm driving by, actually"

"Driving? From LA?"

"Sure am. Nothing like a good drive on the open road to clear your head. Listening to the jazz stations cut in and out through the states, warm breezes turning to cool air. I like it. Try getting that on a plane."

"That's so…so you Kyle. I can see where you're coming fro-"

"HEY TOOTS! Whaddo I gotta do to getta pint'a la-gah around he-yah?" Some townie yelled.

"Simmer down, I got your lager right here" Sidney Reagan came from behind the bar and gave the boisterous townie his pint. The townie belched and clumsily replied

"I was hopin' that babe wit the sweet curves would come ovah"

Sidneylowered his eyes to the townie and whispered "That 'chick' is my daughter".

Knowing his place, the townie grabbed his jacket and fled the over at his daughter and did a double take. "It can't be. Is that?" Kyle smiled and gave a half wave "Well I'll be damned. How are you, good man? Long time no see!"Sidneygave a firm long handshake. They went over the same thing that Claire went over with Kyle.

"I still can't believe you're making your way by car. That's either crazy or impressive."Sidneywent on "That's like what, 5 days?"

"Yeah yeah. 5 days."

Claire looked concerned "You're not gonna drive this late are you?"

"No I'm staying at a hotel. The Buckminster"

"Oh that's right near my school! You're right byFenwayParkand the Citco sign"

"I hear that's the closest thing this city's got to a landmark" Kyle teased.

"It is one!" Claire cutely exclaimed..

"Yeah yeah. Well I'd better be off to get some rest. It's been one hell of a ride and its not over yet."

"Well then. It was good seeing you Kyle. You're a good man and I wish you Kyle's hand and nodded.

"Thanks. Good luck with everything,Sidney."

Claire hugged Kyle. "Thanks Mr. Hyde. For, well, everything." She whispered in his ear "Without you, none of this would be possible." She backed away, smiled warmly. "Don't be a stranger". Kyle cracked a reassuring smile. He grabbed his Red Crowne jacket and his trusty father's briefcase. Shuffling his way though college students and a haze of smoke, he pushed the door and escaped to the snowy night.