Wes Aminola climbs into a ship that he bought from a ship dealer on Courosaunt. "Don't worry Sis, our Father's death will not go unpunished" he says after placing a picture of Jane by his control panel. "Next Target: that Sid guy" he says while taking off. Only to be shot down by another ship. Wes knowing that his ship won't start again gets into an escape shaft before his ship crashes to the ground. "Darn it! That ship took me months to save for!" he said. What was it that shot him down? A big ship flies away from the scene. A ship that is being piloted by a droid, a protocol droid who dreams of becoming a Sith, and his name is D-3P0.

Erik sits in his cell studying his prosthetic hands that he had been given, because of his injuries while fighting Peter. He pledged to never trust the dark side again. Even after being visited by the one who encouraged him to do so, Luke Skywalker's runaway nephew, Jacen Solo.