Ever wondered why Usagi was nothing like her parents? Ever wonder why she looks like someone else, yet screams like a banshee?

Well, this story is one that I think could easily be a possible answer for both.

Chapter 1

Usagi Tsukino was getting home. She had just gotten back after freeing the Doom Tree. She knew things weren't going to be easy, but at least she had a few friends. However, she was tired, and thus really needed to sleep. The moment she reached her bed, she passed out quickly. She didn't even bother to eat, which somewhat worried her mother.

Things were about to get a lot weirder, real quick.

-Usagi's dream-

"Where am I?" She said, thinking no one would answer her. She was standing on top of a monument with a few faces engraved into it. Someone else walked up to her.

He was male. Sun-kissed Blonde hair, a similar color to her own, deep Blue eyes, and whisker marks. He was wearing a jumpsuit. It was a burnt orange, with black on the shoulders and sleeves. He seemed about 6 feet tall, give or take a few inches. But what really caught her attention was his smile. It seemed to make her melt in happiness.

"My you've grown." He stated. "The last time I saw you, you were only 5 days old."

"What do you mean? Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm going to take a page out of my father's book, a say that I have no right to call you my daughter after having to send you away at 5 days old. Regardless of the fact that my life was extremely dangerous." He stated. "But, if you can believe this is not just a dream, I'm your true father."

"Please, I can handle myself." Usagi rolled her eyes.

"I thought so, too." He replied, before sticking out a hand. "Naruto Uzumaki." She gripped it. "Usagi Tsukino."

"In you is the blood of an Uzumaki. Though their hair is usually red, mine is yellow like my father's hair." Naruto stated. "I did say that you were my daughter, regardless of the fact I don't deserve that title, but that would make me your father."

"If this is true then why would you send me away?"

"My life, frankly, sucked ass." Naruto admitted. "Every day, I was hated by the majority of my village. Only 4 truly cared about me, regardless of the burden I bare. But there is more to it than the village itself. Everyone was about to start a war over my survival. That was 14 years ago, and I was 16. I had to send you away, so you wouldn't get caught up in the fighting. I could protect myself just fine, but add in another, and I wouldn't be able to easily. Not with who was after me."

"And, I'm 14 now... You mean...!"

"Yes, you were born not 10 days before that war started. Your mother was someone I admired, even as a child. I just hope you don't screech like a banshee like she did. Seriously, that gave me a massive headache every time I heard it." Naruto admitted.

"Why would I screech like that?"

"Anyone ever tell you to turn down the decibels?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow.


"GOD DAMMIT! IT IS GENETIC!" Naruto shouted. After he calmed down, he looked back at her. "Sorry, but that is something I was hoping wasn't the case. Her screech, without amplifying it, was murder on the ears. Luckily, I was able to tune it out by dulling my ears when it happens."

Usagi just couldn't help it. She laughed at that. "What? Can't a guy try to help out his only daughter?" She was still laughing, but it let up after a while.

"Alright, I'm going to tell you of a few problems I had. One of which... was using my brain." Naruto hesitated, before admitting it. "I managed to find a way around my idiocy, and that's something I think you could use, yourself. Written tests was one thing I was never good at, until I figured out a little trick to help me when studying."

"But it's so boring." Usagi whined.

"Then we thought like mind." Naruto replied, earning a confused look. "I thought studying was boring as hell. This trick not only got me to study, but seemed to make it somewhat fun. Okay, here's an example. Two trains are going in opposite directions at X speed and Y speed, from 100 Kilometers out. How long would it take for them to pass each other? Confusing right?"

She nodded. "Okay then, think of it in other terms. You're running in one direction, someone you love and loves you back, is running towards you. When do you get to hug?"

"What does that have to do with the first question?"

"The way I'm seeing it: Everything." Naruto stated, confusing her even further. "If you don't understand something, change up the situation a bit so you CAN understand it. Once you find the answer in a way you actually can understand, switch back to the original problem, and you'll find the answer a lot quicker than you thought."

Usagi's eyes widened at the information. "Does this mean I'm not dumb?"

"I can't say for sure, to be honest." Naruto stated. "Everyone has their faults, even me. However, no one is truly smart or dumb. It just deals with the way they're taught. So I came up with the solution of my own idiocy, though I didn't think I'd have to explain it, and I can honestly say it works. Taking an uninteresting subject, and making it interesting through my own imagination and something that I actually like, I managed to learn a lot more than anyone else would think."

Usagi simply nodded. "Alright, here's the main reason I came to you in your dreams. All the fighting has stopped. Your mother, though dead, lives on in my heart. I've retired in my career as a Ninja, and happen to be coming to your general area soon. Listen carefully, though. If your parents ask about you disappearing on them, tell them that it's to learn a few things that you wouldn't be able to otherwise. They should understand, and since it's not really lying, you don't exactly have to feel guilty about it."

"But if I don't tell them exactly what I'm doing then I am lying."

"Not quite." Naruto stated. "Being a ninja, you learn a few things. One such thing is how to hide the truth, without lying. And believe me when I say, I pull that skill off easily. You may be hiding a few facts, but you're not really lying." He paused. "Think of it this way. If you had a secret you don't want anyone to know, yet you knew some people were getting suspicious, how do you get rid of those suspicions without revealing the secret, or outright lie to them?"

"Give them what they want to know... but hide the more important facts?"

"Basically, yeah. You're telling them you've got something on your mind, but no one should really worry about it, as it wouldn't be that important to go around with. As for me teaching you of your heritage, which I intend to do myself, no one can know. If anyone asks, say that you're learning from a private tutor that has offered their services free of charge. At the same time, I'll teach you quite a bit about things that never truly change. Math and physics, mainly. History is always being made, so I can't be much help in learning it, but I can help in understanding it. Languages... Yeah, that should be easy. However, when it comes to your true heritage, and this is not counting past lives or anything, then I can teach you all you need to know."

"Can you tell me a bit about my mom?" Usagi asked.

Naruto shook his head. "Not tonight. I still have a few things to take care of, and the sun is rising on your end. Rise with the sun, and you'll find you are rarely late."

"I've always had a problem with being late." Usagi looked down when she said this.

"Well then, you can fix that. Try to wake up earlier. And if you don't by the time I get there, then I'm taking you out on a camping trip, to teach you what I know. You will get used to waking up early during said trip. Of that, I can be certain. Your my daughter, and an Uzumaki. You can handle it. An Uzumaki, never gives up." Naruto told her, earning surprise from her, before it all disappeared.

She opened her eyes to see the sun rising. 'Was that just a dream?' she thought. 'No, it was definitely real. But that would mean... I'm adopted! Oh no! I've been living a lie my entire life!'

She got out of bed, knowing that today was a school day. She didn't bother to try and wake up her cat. She had seen weirder things than that, after all. I mean, come on? A talking tree? She went downstairs, and found she knew of a simple recipe that came to her. She started to cook it, basically going off of her instincts, not realizing what she was doing.

By the time she was done, she had found she was done cooking eggs, bacon, and toast. 'How did I do this?' She then started eating, and finally she noticed that someone was coming to the door of the kitchen. "Usagi? How are you up this early?"

"I don't know... It's like something was just telling me to wake up." Usagi stated. "I can't really explain it."

"And the breakfast?" She pointed at the plate. "I didn't know you could cook."

"I honestly wasn't thinking about it all that much. Not until after I was done with it all." Usagi replied, before a thought came to her. "Am I adopted?"

Her mother (somewhat ironic) tensed up. "What makes you ask that?"

"Well... I can't say for sure, but something tells me I'm not really from this family, you know?" Usagi asked. "It's strange, but I don't think you're my real mother for some strange reason. You loved me like a mother should, but it's like you still weren't my real mother."

The blue haired woman nodded. "You're right. Just don't tell your father. He would freak if he found out you weren't really my child. You appeared on my doorstep, and you didn't even look a week old. Why someone would leave a baby girl like that, I still have no idea."

"5 days old." Usagi mused, catching the woman's attention.

"What happened last night, Usagi? Sure I may not be your original mother, but that doesn't mean I don't love you like my own."

"My father is coming." Usagi stated, confusing her mother. "I don't mean the one you married, but my real father. The crazy things in his life are finally settling down, and he's coming to help me out with my heritage. He did say it was important."

"How do you know you can trust him?"

"His eyes... they held so much pain, yet had so much life. It's almost as if he saw his entire world crumble in front of him, and he couldn't do a thing about it, and is still pushing on. He wouldn't lie to me like that. Not with the pain in his heart. He was smiling, but... it was a fake smile. I could tell by his eyes that he's been through hell, and still made it out on top."

"An Uzumaki never gives up." This line popped into her head. "He wouldn't have given up. He told me himself that an Uzumaki never gives up. I have to learn what I can, mom. Right now, he's the only one that can teach me. I, I have a test today. I should finish my breakfast and get going." She finished eating, put the plate in the sink, and left, but not before saying a few words. "Don't worry so much about me. I can tell he regrets what he did, but he knew he wasn't strong enough to protect me during a war. See you later, mom."

She left and walked down the streets, with the sun barely touching the roofs of a few buildings.

During school, she found she had to take a test. "Whenever you don't understand something, switch it up to something you do understand. Then answer the question like that." She ended up finishing the test, which she hadn't studied for. During lunch, she ate like usual.

"Usagi, slow down." Ami told her. Ami was the smart one of the group. She had aqua blue hair, and was wearing the same uniform Usagi was. "It's not healthy to eat so much."

She gulped down what she had in her mouth. "Come on, Ami. You should be used to it by now. Besides, this is the first time I woke up so early."

"I noticed that you weren't late, but that could very well be a coincidence." A blonde stated.

"Minako, you don't have to say that." Usagi whined. "I mean, something was telling me to get up, and for some strange reason, I listened."

"You getting up early? Come on, you really think we buy that?" Minako, the blonde asked.

A voice appeared in her head. "When you say the truth, but no one would believe it: say you don't expect them to." "No, not really." Usagi replied, shocking the others. "I'm not entirely sure why I listened, but I did. I found that the sun was just rising when I woke up. It kind of shocked me a bit, but I was too busy thinking about something I heard the night before."

"Oh?" A girl with brown hair asked. "What exactly did you hear? If I recall, that Doom Tree was destroyed, and no one else said anything."

"It's kind of personal." Usagi admitted. "This is something I have to work out on my own. All I can say is, it deals with my father. And please, no questions."

No one was shocked at that. "Not liking you being in a relationship with Mamoru?" Ami asked.

"It's... complicated. I can't really explain it, myself. That's why I'm trying to figure it out. I can't rely on you guys to help me all the time. This is... a family matter. I don't think it's right to say anything unless given permission. I just wonder what I got on my test." Usagi ended up saying.

"No offense, but you didn't study, did you?" The brunette asked.

"No, Makoto. I didn't study. But, I still wonder how I did." Usagi admitted, shocking everyone else. When everyone else got their tests back, no one expected the result.

"98?" Everyone was gaping at Usagi, who was gaping herself after shouting her score. Ami went up to her, and checked the answers, finding a few pictures of various foods on it.

"How did you manage to do this?" Ami asked.

'I didn't think it would work but... Damn, he was RIGHT! Changing the subject to something that I understand perfectly would help me to get it right!' Usagi's mind was reeling at the prospect. 'Oh, this is gonna be good.'

"One of things I heard last night, Ami-chan." Usagi replied. "I honestly didn't think it would work. I was wrong." 'And my dad was right.'

Everyone was gaping at her, even the teacher. "Usagi, get up here."


"I'm not sure how you pulled this off, but you better explain it." The teacher stated.

"I just... changed the question to something I actually understand. From there, it was easy as pie." Usagi stated, before realizing what she said, and stifled a laugh. "I didn't think doing that would work, but I was wrong."

"And the pictures of food?" She asked, her tone still cold.

"That... was what I was changing it to." Usagi replied, sheepishly. "After all, I do understand food the best out of everything."

Everyone was shocked at the simplicity of her answer. Ami was surprised at that kind of study tactic. 'She couldn't have come up with that alone. I may be her friend, and I will stick up for her, but this is beyond the realm of possibilities.' She was deep in thought. 'Then again, the same can be said with her being the moon princess, but still... This is too far out left field.'

After classes ended, Usagi ran straight home. She was going far too fast. She surprised everyone at her speed, as it was faster than when she was late.


Ami, Minako, and Makoto were sitting in front of a Raven haired Miko. "EH? Usagi got a 98?"

"It shocked us too, Rei-chan." Minako told her. "I mean, what she did should, by all accounts, be impossible."

Ami spoke up. "I don't think she came up with that reason on her own, but it did seem like the truth."

"What reason did she have for pulling off the impossible?" Rei, the Miko, asked. Ami explained it. "I'm not trying to insult her, but something like that would be impossible for her to figure out on her own. Regardless of it being the truth."

Rei was about to say something, before she felt a strange aura entering the area. She turned around, and opened the door to see a male, blonde hair, blue eyes, and whisker marks. He was wearing an odd jumpsuit, with a weird headband over his forehead. He went up to a tree, and Rei found something strange about him. He ended up sitting underneath it, and started to meditate.

Rei then walked up to him. About to knock him out of it, when she noticed that he was doing something. 'What the hell is he doing? Doesn't he know this isn't a charity?'

It was then that she noticed his eyes darkening around the edges. He then opened his eyes, revealing green eyes with a horizontal bar in the center. Seeing this, Rei backed up, scared of the change. The man looked at her. "You're a Miko, correct?" He asked.


"Well, in case you were wondering what I was doing, I was trying to see if the area had enough Nature Chakra for what I call Sage mode. Luckily, it did. I might actually find a good home in this place." He told her, a small smile on his face. "By the way, it may be a longshot but... do you know of a young blonde by the name of Usagi Tsukino?"

"Who wants to know?" Rei asked.

"Someone who could level the city in one go, but wants to find his daughter in said city. I know she's in the area, as she lives in the Juuban District. That's about all I really know." He told her. "Naruto Uzumaki."

'Uzumaki? Where have I heard that name before...' "Rei, Rei Hino." They shook hands. "Why are you looking for her?"

Naruto looked at her. "I told her last night that I would be coming to see her as soon as I could. It just so happens, that things finally looked up for me, and I could finally leave that violence driven village. And since I was allowed to finally leave without any penalties, that meant that I was finally able to see my daughter after all these years. I'm just sorry I couldn't come sooner. She needs to know of her heritage. Her true heritage. That kind of information is something only I can give her. I want to find her as soon as I can, but I don't think rushing myself to exhaustion is going to do me or her any good."

'Wait a minute...' "Are you the one that told her what to do for that test today?"

"Oh, so she had a test, huh?" Naruto asked. "What did she score? Something impossible, I presume?"

"How did you..." Rei began, but couldn't finish.

"I'll let you in on a little secret. An Uzumaki is a master of the impossible. In fact, Impossible is my middle name. My own existence, believe it or not, should be impossible, much less the fact that I'm almost completely sane. With a life like mine, anyone would just curl up and die after a year, at best. But not an Uzumaki." Naruto told her. "The Impossible has become an everyday thing for me, as it is with most, if not all, Uzumaki."

'Now that he mentions it... A lot of things she does would seem impossible. I mean, she does those things without thinking, but still... it should be impossible. Why didn't I notice until now?'

"If you're wondering about her pulling off the impossible beforehand, which I hope she has, its the norm for an Uzumaki. After a while, people get used to it." Naruto's eyes were closed, and when he opened them back up, they were back to it's normal blue. "Sage Mode has run out. And that's my best sensory mode, too. Anyway, I should get going. I'll be coming by some time later. Maybe I can help out around the place."

"Wait!" Rei shouted to him. "You wanted to see Usagi, right? She happens to be a friend of mine. I was just..."

"Trying to make sure I held no ill will towards her?" Naruto finished for her, somewhat surprising her. "I understand what you were trying to do, but it would be best if I saw her in person before that. I already regret that I had to talk to her in her dream last night, but you can bet your seals that I want to see her in person. Quick question... Does she have a banshee-like screech?"

"Yeah, how did you know, if you've never seen her?" Rei ended up asking.

"God dammit! It really IS genetic!" Naruto grabbed at his hair. "Her mother was the same way. Honestly? I think it's a Haruno thing. And if she figures out she can amplify it..." he shuddered at the thought, and so did Rei. "Not a pretty picture."

"Tell me about it." Rei added.

"Anyway, if you see her come up here after I leave, let her know I came by. I kind of like this place, because of the serene feeling, you know?" Naruto stated. "I may just come back tomorrow. Later." He walked off, waving his hand.

Rei went back to her friends that were present. "Hey girls, did you know that Usagi was adopted?"

"No, but why would she be?" Minako asked.

"Now that I think about it, she's a little too different from her family, but that's somewhat normal for some families." Ami added.

"Well, the one that just came by... was her real father. And it seems like he could be a major threat if angered." Rei told them.

"You think he could take us down?" Makoto asked.

"Without a doubt. I could see it in his eyes. He's watched his whole world crumble, and come out of it seemingly unscathed. Almost as if he's been through worse. And his aura was calm, yet radiated extreme danger." Rei told them. "Also, how many times has Usagi done something that seemed impossible?"

"I think it was well over 100 times." Ami answered. "Why?"

"Too many to keep count, right?" Rei asked. Everyone else nodded. "He said it's somewhat of a genetic trait of all Uzumaki, which he is a part of. The Impossible is what they live through. They're used to it. And somehow, I don't doubt that he's her father. Not to mention he looked like he was about to pull out his own hair when I told him she does screech like a banshee at times, saying it was genetic."

"Screaming like a banshee, being genetic?" Ami asked. "That would be impossible... Wow, she really has a lot of impossibilities in her life."

Someone knocked on the door. "Rei, telephone."

"Alright, I'll be right there." Rei replied. "I better check this out."

She took the phone. "Hello?"

Rei-chan, I won't be able to make it for another few hours. Came the voice of Usagi.


Who else usually comes late? At least this time I have a somewhat valid excuse.

"And what, pray tell, is this excuse?" Rei asked.

I was on my way to the temple, but I ran into someone, and... Rei-chan. The man says he's my father.

"Naruto Uzumaki, right?"

How did you...

"He was here not too long ago. He did say that he would rather see you in person than for me to find you for him."

Well, we found each other, but I don't get how he could find me so quickly. I mean, it was only last night that I first heard of him.

"Wait... Did he do something to you last night?"

Only giving me a message in my dream. He also gave me advice for studying, which I applied to a test today. I still can't believe I got a 98%!

"Yeah, that is a little out of the ordinary. At least he told me that an Uzumaki is a master of the Impossible. Looking back at things, a lot of the things that follow you around is usually impossible." Rei told her.

I figured as such. Hold on... There was babbling on the other end. Sorry, Rei-chan. I won't be able to make it to any meetings in the next 3 days. Every weekend, I have to go through some lessons with my dad. Maybe he can make it so I actually can understand it. The fact that I couldn't understand most of the stuff in class, was because of the way they teach it. I'm kind of hoping he can help me in that regard.

"The others are already here, and since our last enemy was already defeated, I can't see another enemy coming anytime soon." Rei stated. "Make sure to spend some time with Mamoru. He is your boyfriend, after all."

I know, but my dad wants me to at least get better mentally. He says it will be needed in the future. Regardless of how much it doesn't seem like it.

"Heh. Fine, I'll let the others know you won't be joining our study sessions for a while."

Thanks Rei-chan! Your the best! I got to go now. Tell the girls I'll see them in a few days. And if Mamoru asks about me, tell him I'm out trying to better myself.

"Uh... Sure thing, I guess." Rei replied, before hearing that Usagi hung up on her.

Rei went back to her other friends and told them the news, and they seemed to understand.


Naruto and Usagi found themselves in front of a Cabin. "Welcome to my current home." Naruto stated.

"Current home?"

"Yeah, the last home I had was Konohagakure, but I had to leave in order to be in the area. This place is effectively hidden from anyone on the outside. Right now, only you and me can get in here. Come on in." Naruto told her opening the door and walking in.

Usagi's mouth almost detached itself from her face. What she saw was virtually impossible. On the outside, it looked like a 1 story, 1 room cottage. When she got inside, she saw a 3 story, approximately 15 bedroom, 10 bathroom, 2 kitchen... Well, you get the idea. It was no mere cottage. It was a mansion.

"How did you get it like this?"

"An Uzumaki is a master of the impossible. As such, you and I can both do this." Naruto admitted. "While you will not be as good as I am to start, you can get as good at this as I am. It took me years to be able to make a 6 story, Basement and ground floors included, into what would seem to be a 1-story, 1-room cabin. I basically maximized the space to a level far beyond Seal Masters."

"Uh... What?"

"You've got a lot to learn. The first thing you have to learn here, is to increase your mental strength. In other words, your intelligence." Naruto told her. "As much as I don't want you to fight some twisted evil, I want you to be ready in case you have to."

"What do you mean? I've already faced off with 2 baddies." Usagi stated.

"Oh? And were you the one trying to lead people?"


"Did the agree with you all the way?" Naruto asked.


"And that's where you and I differ." Naruto told her. "There goes a saying. Under a great leader, cowardice cannot survive. In other words, in order to lead, you need to make the ones that follow want to follow you of their own will. You don't force them, but you show them you can lead them into whatever victory that's coming. For this, you need a strong mind."

"You mean... I'm stupid?" Usagi was on the verge of tears.

"Not by a longshot." Naruto told her. "You simply lack in the intelligence department. Your physical ability... doesn't seem that good either. To be a leader on the field of battle, you need to be a great warrior. To be a great warrior, you have to increase your mental and physical strengths to the maximum allowed. Your intelligence has a long way to go. You have the stamina, but lack in the physical strength. You have a long way to go to be great. And that's where your heritage comes in."

She looked at him with hope in her eyes. "Your Uzumaki Heritage is one thing that would usually help immensely. I'm afraid I can't do much with your mother's side, as I never really figured out the specifics of her clan, especially since her clan was completely unknown. Both of my clans were well known and feared back home. The Uzumaki and Namikaze Clans were expert seal masters, Uzumaki more than Namikaze."

"You didn't learn anything about my mother?"

"You kidding?" Naruto raised an eyebrow. "I was basically her classmate since we were 9. At 12, we were paired up on a team with the King of Emo, Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura, at first, always hit me for doing anything that even resembled idiocy, or if it was an insult to Sasuke. They are both dead now." Naruto's face was now down. "Sasuke... he went traitor. Sakura... She was killed by Sasuke. Then I killed Sasuke for killing her. You wouldn't have been 2 months old yet at that point."

"You said you didn't want to take a page out of your father's book. What did you mean?" Usagi ended up asking.

'Out of all the questions, she wants to know that?'

"Don't ask me, kit."

"My father gave me a gift that no one would ever truly want. In the end, he died, and my mother died that same day. That was the day I was born. I didn't know who my father was until I was 16. My mother, I found out about a few months later. You were born before I found out about her. When I was 18, any and all inheritance that I would have gotten was transferred to me. It was then that I figured out just how much I had to build on. I ended up being the Rokudaime Hokage, the leader of my home village. At 29, I passed it on to the next one. It turns out the gift that made the village scorn me, hate me with all their being, ended up worshiping me as their leader. When I retired, I ended up reading, and playing Shogi, go, and the like. Finally, I remembered about you, and figured that I was a straight up idiot for forgetting about my own daughter."

"Can you tell me about mom?" Usagi asked.

"You might as well sit down. It's going to be a long story." Naruto sat down on a chair, Usagi doing the same. He talked for hours, letting her know everything that he remembered, which it turns out was a lot more than anyone would expect. The explanation went for a few hours. "Would you look at the time? Time to hit the sack. You're getting up early tomorrow. I told you you were going to get used to waking up early, and that's what's going to happen. No if's and's or buts."

"Where am I going to sleep? This place is huge!"

"Second floor, 3rd door on the right. That should do you some good. Get as much rest as you can. Tomorrow, you're starting the Uzumaki Boot Camp. I will tell you right here and now, it won't be easy. You will constantly be pushed to your limits, and then you will push past them."

"But that would mean I wouldn't be able to move for days!" Usagi shouted.

"Saw that coming." Naruto stated. "For anyone else, that would be the case. You and I are different from everyone else." Naruto made a Kunai knife appear in his hand, and stabbed straight through his left palm, and then pulling it out. "Watch closely, as you would have gained this ability as well." Usagi watched it, in horror, then in surprise that it was already healing. "My healing ability is a lot better than yours will be, mainly because I have another being helping out in that regard. A Namikaze would heal injuries pretty fast with rest. An Uzumaki has longevity. Meaning they live longer than most. Their cells, you'll learn about them later on, can multiply themselves, and not decrease your lifespan like anyone else. Speeding up the healing process would normally shorten your life. Being an Uzumaki, you don't have to worry about that. Now get to bed. We have a lot of work to do."

-The next day-

Usagi was woken up 6:00 AM. She hit the alarm clock, only for the door to open up. Loudly. Naruto was in the doorway. "Downstairs. Kitchen. 10 minutes." He walked out.

They ate breakfast, and they both ate a lot of food. 'Good thing I kind of predicted this appetite. She eats almost as much as I do when it came to ramen at her age.'

"Alright, this will be your training schedule. No questions on it." Naruto told her, and she put her hand down as it was going up. He then went into the details. First on the list was 2 hours of agility training. Then 2 hours of mental training. 30 minutes for lunch. Calligraphy for Seals for another 4 hours. The rest of the day would be for mental Training until 6:30 PM, with which, dinner will happen. After that, meditation until 9:00. Then bed. "Am I clear?"

"That's got to be torture." Usagi said, obviously still sleepy.

"I went through worse at 5 years old. And we're just reaching the tip of the iceberg here. You're not even close to being ready for the full training schedule." Naruto told her. "At the end of the weekend, instead of meditation, you will be given an exam to see how much you've improved. If I like what I see, then it might loosen up next time around. Also, I found out about the whole Sailor Moon business around town. To think that you've already taken shit like that down, if you weren't my daughter, I would've been surprised. 1st Basement floor. Let's move."

When they got down there, she found it was mainly an open rock canyon. A complete wasteland. "Where's the course?"

"Right here." Naruto said, earning her attention. He had several Shuriken in his hands. "Make sure you dodge, as you have nothing to block with. I only have to throw them once, so you know. The longer it goes the faster they go. They hit, they will split and continue. Now... BEGIN!" He threw them all, making her dodge. She lost balance quickly. They came for her again, she was able to dodge, but was soon on her butt.

"You're losing your balance too quickly! Keep your balance, and dodge!" Naruto shouted. Her eyes widened to see them coming at her again. She put her hands on the ground, and pushed up, landing after a flip, on her feet. She turned back towards them, and found them coming at her. She kept dodging, her balance holding better and better each time. By the time 2 hours went by, she was still dodging, with a little bit of ease, as the speeds were too fast for her to see. She was dodging by pure instinct. At the end of it all, they all slowed down, and went back to Naruto. "2 hours are up. You learned quickly." He put a hand on her shoulder, and they both vanished from the room.

-4th Floor, library-

Naruto and Usagi found themselves in front of a large collection of books and scrolls. Your body will be resting in here, but your mind will not. Naruto twitched his fingers, and a few scrolls came down to his hands. "Go through these. It should make some sense to you. I put them in terms anyone with an IQ of about 80 can understand, side by side with the IQ 160 version. Make the connection, and understand each piece. There's only 5 scrolls here, for the simple fact that you will need time to understand everything. I may have gone through everything in this library in about 8 hours, but that's only because of my Shadow Clones. Your mind will not be able to handle it, so we start small."

Naruto watched her while reading a book that he got from Jiraiya. It was the sequel of the one his father liked. It was also the reason Icha Icha Tactics was delayed, but no one knew about that. It was entitled 'The Legacy of the Gutsy Shinobi' and happened to be the only one that he truly liked, aside from its prequel, 'The Tale of the Gutsy Shinobi'. As he watched her, he found she was studying much more intently than he thought she would. 'She's motivated, that's for sure.'

"She probably wants to make you proud. Remember when you found out about your mother?"

'Yeah, I wanted to make both of my parents proud.'

"Well, at least you're a lot more bearable than when you were a brat. Why did you step down, though? You never told me that, and I still can't figure it out."

'I had my reasons. I just can't see them anymore. Being Hokage was a good run, I'll admit, but when you've gotten training from both a pervert and a writer, not to mention got permission from him to write his novels while he was gone, I really needed to do that. That could've been a reason, but if it was, then it most likely wasn't the only reason. Why do you care?'

"Heh. You wanted power, I gave it. Yet when you were Hokage, you didn't abuse that kind of power. You acted like you should have, yet didn't show any arrogance. Stepping down is normally a dumb ass thing to do. Yet doing so, you earned my respect. You heavily frown on arrogance, and ignorance, yet the majority of humans have both traits."

'That's because they lead to an unnecessary death, or several deaths that could've been avoided. I want to make sure my daughter doesn't fall to either one. And I will make sure of it. That's why one of the scrolls I gave her today was the leading causes to a Legend's death, and the reasons for each. Ignorance is a major supplier for unneeded deaths. You know that, as well as I do from Gaara.'

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Kyuubi told him. "Back to the matter at hand. What else do you plan on teaching her?"

'All of the Namikaze and Uzumaki Clan history, and techniques. There's also 3 scrolls in here. One for the Uzumaki Family Tree which included me, The Namikaze Family Tree, which ended at my father, and the Haruno Family Tree, ending at Sakura. I'll be getting her into those later on. I may have done quite the amount of research on my clans, but for some reason, I omitted Sakura's. Don't ask me why, because I don't have a clue.'

"That figures. After all these years, you still have bouts of stupidity."

'I can't help the way I was raised. My childhood was hell, and you know it.' He didn't get a response to that. 'What? Fox got your tongue?'

"No, but at least I realize it was my fault in the first place."

'Consider the topic dropped.'

He returned his attention to his daughter and his book. He caught a few whispered words. The most common one was "Amazing". It only took an hour 15 minutes for her to understand every bit of it. She looked up to her father. "All this... It's simply amazing. I had no idea. But this one," She pointed to the scroll of unneeded deaths. "This one is strange. Why did you have me read it? It's not like any of it doesn't make sense, because it does, but why?"

"Ah, the Unneeded death scroll." Naruto replied, setting a bookmark in his book before closing it. "That scroll was put in here by my own two hands. I wrote out everything I found. Those happen to be the leading causes of a Legend's death. Heroes are also on there, because they tend to sacrifice themselves, and that's one of the leading causes to an unneeded death as well. I wanted you to understand why those tend to cause unnecessary deaths, so you don't fall victim to any of them yourself. The top 3 of all of them are arrogance, ignorance and self-sacrifice. While I have seen Self-sacrifice, I never want it to happen. It shouldn't have to. Arrogance and Ignorance are two things I utterly hate, and believe me when I say, I have a hard time hating the ones that beat me half to death when I was still a toddler. What does that tell you about them?"

"Never get too full of yourself, and forgive what can be forgiven." Usagi replied.

Naruto just nodded. "Add in one thing. Enjoy the little things in life, because you never know when the next day is your last. I learned that the hard way. Everyone takes advantage of the sunrise. Yet I didn't, because it meant that I was still alive. My line of profession put my life on the line anytime I walked outside my village. Considering the fact that the majority of my childhood was a Life or Death struggle, I was used to it."

"That's got to be rough."

"It was." Naruto stated. "However, unlike most others, I never gave into their ideals. I may not have known about the why, but after I found out, I understood why they did what they did. They acted in fear and grief. Fear of what they don't know, grief of their loved ones that died in an attack that was stopped the day I was born. They needed some kind of scapegoat, and I was their choice. It all ties back to the gift my father gave me that day. And no, I'm not explaining it. Not yet, anyway." He looked at the clock, and pulled another scroll out. "See if you can get this one in 35 minutes. Same rules apply, and after that, we're getting lunch."

She managed to get it just in time. They left the room, and went down to the first floor. They both ate a lot of ramen. They went at it for the entire 30 minutes. Naruto then looked at the scoreboard which had appeared sometime during the meal. "Holy crap." Usagi saw what he was looking at.

"Okay, what does that mean?"

"I had 42. You had 43. You ate more ramen than me... If I had any doubts about you being my daughter, this just got rid of them." Naruto admitted before looking back at her, before releasing a burp. "Excuse me."

Usagi then released a burp, louder and just as long. "You were saying?" They looked at each other and laughed. "And Here I thought I had no manners because no one bothered to teach me until I was 13."

"You got to admit, that was a pretty good one, though." Usagi stated.

"No kidding." his face went from playful to downright serious. "Now we're going to work on seals. That's a specialty of the Uzumaki and Namikaze Clans. You'll need to know them." Usagi nodded, and they both went upstairs back to the fourth floor, but into a different room. Usagi was going through the lower level scrolls first, and trying out her luck with some of them. After 3 tries she got most of them complete in design. After 4 hours, with which, Naruto was making actual seals for later use, Usagi managed to make the basics easily, and even went into the Intermediate level book. They went back to the previous library, and Usagi was now reading several other scrolls. Most about the Uzumaki Clan, though some of them were for the Namikaze Clan. When she went through everything, and yes, she did get through all 20 scrolls, her brain was basically overloading itself, and she was a little dizzy with all the information she had gone through. It was close to 5:30 at that point.

"Looks like you took in too much information at once." Naruto stated, earning a nod. "Looks like we'll be starting meditation early." He put a hand on her shoulder, and they ended up in a room that seemed to have a waterfall. "This happens to be the meditation room. Second Underground floor. The crashing water behind us is actually a lot more calming than you think." Naruto sat down, and closed his eyes. "All you have to do is empty your mind, and keep it clear. It will help you sort out what information you have gathered so far, and also can help to clear headaches. I, on the other hand, use it for several other reasons, which I don't really think apply to you. It helps you to relax, and said to learn of your true self. If you have another being sealed in you, you can talk to them like that, as well."

She nodded, and sat down. "Clear your mind, and listen to your center. Only then can you understand meditation." They both were silent for a while. Naruto went into a conversation with the Kyuubi, mainly about the possible future.

-Tsukino Household, Juuban District-

Ikuko and her husband were a little worried about Usagi, Ikuko less than him. "I'm sure she's just staying the night at Rei's place." A little boy stated. "She did say she was going over there, and she didn't come back."

"Shingo, you can't be serious! She would've called us if that were the case!" The old man said.

"It can't hurt to call her and find out, could it?" Ikuko asked, before getting up and calling her.

"Hello, is Rei there?"


"Rei, is Usagi over there? Her father is extremely worried about her. She hasn't come home since she left for your family's temple."

No, she never made it. But she did call and said she won't be in the area for the entire weekend. I take it you didn't get the memo?

"No, but I figure it has something to do with her father."

The one that you married, or her real one?

"You know?"

Yeah, he came to the temple and found it to be a place he liked. I got a call about 10 minutes after he left from Usagi, giving me the message. I thought she would've called you first.

"Well, she didn't. I take it she's with him?"

That's what she said. I can only think that she's learning everything she can from him about her heritage. She'll be heading to school on Monday, as far as I know. Other than that, I can't say anything. Normally, someone like him, I can find easily. But I can't find him, even with the Sacred Fire's help. It's almost as if they're in another dimension, or something.

A/N: Close. Space-Time Barrier.

"I don't think we should worry about her. I already know bits and pieces about him. As long as she's in one piece, I won't have any complaints." Ikuko told her.

Alright. I'll keep an eye out for them. If they don't show up on Monday, I will find out.

"Thanks Rei. I owe you one."

She's my friend, regardless of how much of a clutzoid she can be. I have to look out for her somehow. They both hung up.

"Honey, what's the verdict?" He asked, when she came back in.

"She's with an old friend of mine." She lied. "He's teaching her what she should have learned in school, but couldn't understand."


"Yeah..." She felt bad about lying to him, but he couldn't think much on it. "At least I know that she will be safe. I remember him saying he was a one man army. If anyone goes after her, he will attack without hesitation. Political status won't matter." It was Usagi that told her that, but she wasn't sure about that.

It was at that point, the doorbell rang. "I'll get it."

When she opened the door, she looked at the blonde. "Ikuko Tsukino, I presume?" It was Naruto.

"That's me. Who are you?"

Naruto was soon whispering in her ear a few things. Her eyes widened. "You mean..."

"Yes, she's staying with me for the weekend. I'm currently trying to figure out a way for her to be here with the family she's known, and I can still see her and teach her what is needed." Naruto told her.

"She told me you were a one man army, but somehow, I don't see it."

"Oh, she did, did she?" Naruto asked. "Well, I hate to break it to you, but I am. It kind of helps when I took on an army myself, and did more damage to it than an actual army that outnumbered me by maybe 50,000 to 1. The enemy had them outnumbered almost 2 to one, since they were using those who were dead. An army of over 50,000 couldn't do what a 16 year old male could. What does that tell you?"

"Okay, for some reason, I actually believe."

"By the way, it was a somewhat literal statement. I can multiply myself by several thousand with ease, and still kick ass." Naruto told her. "And don't worry about my language. I'm actually 30 years old, regardless of the fact I'm using my form from when I was 15. Small Transformation. Right before Usagi was born."

"That could be useful for spying."

"Tell me about it." Naruto stated. "I've been learning everything I can about this town, and everything else since I'm not truly of this dimension. What I've found in the history of this world, things that I have seen done in the past 3 years would be considered impossible here. And by the time I'm done with Usagi, she'll be able to do so herself. Also, I'm working on getting her to wake up early and still function. I have to get her out of her tardy habits, which I had easily found out about."

"Well, at least I don't have to worry about her. But where is she now? I thought you'd be with her right now." Ikuko asked.

"Technically, I'm here, in several libraries across town, and right next to her, meditating. I'm not even the original me. The boss happens to be next to her meditating. He's not letting us clones do anything regarding her training." He told her.

"I see. Then can you tell me how she's been progressing?"

"That is up to her to decide. She knows that some of what she's learning will make her sound crazy, so she won't be saying any of that. It's her call what to say, and what not to say, but she understands the gravity of the situation. Anything that would be considered impossible around here, she won't be talking about." He told her. "I will admit I happen to get pleasure out of proving people wrong, but that's mainly because I've been doing so my entire life. I went from demon brat to leader of the ones that called me such. Also, a few books will be getting published sooner or later. They're my old sensei's works, but since he's no longer around, I'm spreading it. Note that it's a little graphic, and highly perverted, but that's his style. After the Third book is published, it gets toned down with the Fourth, which is where I started working on it. Just know that I'm not some kind of pervert, as I have a great deal of respect for women, regardless of my sensei being a self-proclaimed super pervert. I've actually tried toning it down for the First three, but I can't seem to do it justice."

"Well, thanks for dropping by, Naruto. I appreciate what you're doing by letting us know, but you're a little late on the uptake."

"I figured as much." Naruto admitted, before pulling out an orange book. "This is the first of the books my sensei wrote. It didn't sell well, due to the time-frame being a war situation, and he didn't make a sequel until I practically begged him to do so. Those two happen to be the only ones that have no perverted scenes in them. They also happen to be my favorites. The ones by Ramen Sage, once they get out, those are the ones that I'm trying to get published. This one would be more of a Young Adult, while the rest of them, aside from the sequel, would be more Rated R, kind of thing. Just know that it would get toned down a bit after the third book. It would be a way for me to gain a lot more money and actually get my own plot of land, so I can put my place there, and not feel guilty about it. Go ahead and take it. I have another copy back at my place."

"Speaking of which, where is your place? I'm a little curious."

"Oh, it's in a little pocket dimension I created the moment I got here." Naruto stated. "Only Usagi and myself can enter it at this point. Basically, it's a safety measure that, right now, only I can use. A Space-Time Barrier is what separates it from this realm, and that's why it's considered a Pocket Dimension. Another reason is because it can be moved. If anyone asks, I'm helping her better herself."

"Have you found out anything about her?"

"A lot. Believe me when I say, I've gone through her memories, but she's not aware of it. I hate the fact I had to do that, and I haven't told her much about my childhood, but I did tell her why I wasn't planning on telling her for a while."

"You mind telling me?"

"For lack of a better word, my childhood was hell." Naruto stated. "I'm not going into specifics, or the reasons why it was, because it doesn't matter at this point."

"I... I guess I can trust you with this." Ikuko stated. "Thanks for letting me know about this." She paused. "did you figure out how to make it possible?"

"I'll be working with her on the weekends, and she'll be staying here during the week or for school. If something dangerous comes up, and I don't have my own land at that point, I'll be staying at Rei's temple, with a part time job there. I already have the go, and her friends already know of me, so they won't mind. That Rei character, though... She's different from the others. A lot more spiritually oriented. It's likely she's found that you don't want to piss me off. Last person to do that almost got themselves killed, and barely walked away with their life. I'm letting you know this now: I can be your greatest ally, or your worst enemy. Those Sailor Senshi that go around here from time to time. My skill... is on par, if not higher than all of them. You could easily say I'm more dangerous due to me not having any official records here."

"Anything else I should know?"

"She's got better analyzing skills than I did at her age." He looked over his shoulder. "I'd almost say she was determined for something. I don't know what, but I know she is. She's like me in that regard." He sighed. "For people like us, Impossibility is the only thing that's impossible. An unwavering determination allows this to be possible, and she has it. When she wants to do something enough, she will find a way to make it happen. Let me do what I need to, and everything else will fall into place soon enough."

"How smart do you think you could get her?"

"I'd say above college level in math, physics, and the like. That's about Mid-Chuunin where I'm from. I'm about High-Jounin in that regard, and that's about twice as high. With what I had to go through, it was a necessity. Everything else, I'd be getting where I can. However, when it comes down to battle strategy, which I figure will one day be needed no matter how much I hope for the opposite, she'll be able to compete with top war generals. On that, I can guarantee. In a fair fight, I can still take them down with nothing more than a Kunai knife, and Taijutsu, which is hand to hand fighting. I'll be getting her stamina up, though she has a lot of it already. She really needs to stop wasting energy like she has been. Been working on that, too."

"I see. Well, thanks for dropping by. I think we should let you handle her studies. Also, her cat Luna seems to be worried about her."

'Luna... the black cat with a crescent moon on her head.' "Let Luna know that Usagi is safe. No one, not even a time traveler can get to her where she's at. She's in good hands."

"Are you sure? I mean, I don't think she can understand me."

"Trust me. She will. Rei and her friends are already in the know, and you could tell her that." He turned around. "See you." The moment he walked out the gate he vanished in a swirl of wind and leaves.


Chapter end!