Chapter 4

The Sailor Senshi were meeting at the Hikawa Shrine. Naruto was there as well, though he was in a 16-year form. Chibiusa was also there.

"Guys, something is going on recently." Rei said. "I'm not sure I like it, either."

"I take it the enemy is here?" Naruto asked, earning everyone's attention. He looked to the window. "You're not the only one that can sense them. I can sense 5 beings recently. The first time I sensed them... that was 3 days after Chibiusa landed here. They've been going all around the city trying to find her. She's kept herself well hidden."

"I really got to thank Usagi for that one." Chibiusa stated.

"I just taught you what you needed to know." Usagi admitted. "If you needed to stay hidden from them, you really just have to keep your power hidden. Stealth is all that you really need."

"I'm beginning to think that isn't the case." Naruto admitted, before turning back to the others. "They're getting impatient. They may just start destroying things if they don't find her soon."

"Why would they do that?" Minako asked.

"Mina, there's a reason I became Hokage, and kept the title for as long as I did." Naruto stated. "It isn't because of my dream, or my will to protect. It's because of the fact that I earned it with strategies that could easily outwit any opponent. Do you want to know why I can do that?"

Ami shook her head. "It's because you know how they think, right?"

"Figured you'd get it first." Naruto admitted. "It was either you or Usagi that would get it first. That much was a guarantee."

"How did you already figure it out?" Chibiusa asked.

"It's actually quite simple." Naruto paused. "Think of it in their eyes. You can't find what you're looking for to accomplish your goal. That goal more likely than not, would be the destruction of the future. What's the first thing you'd do when you got fed up with searching?"

Everyone's eyes widened. "That's what I'm basing this off of, anyway. Even though I could be wrong on this, I learned to be prepared for anything, as long as the possibility of it exists. And until something is proven not to have even the slightest possibility, I prepare for it." He explained.

Usagi then sighed. "Then we have to take the fight to them, don't we?"

"Not yet." Ami stated. "We'd need to find out what they can do, don't we?"

"And I have a feeling that these 5 are some of the lowest of the low." Naruto admitted. "4 are Mid-Chuunin, the other High-Jounin to Low-ANBU. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure there are supposed to be more powerful beings than that."

Rei nodded. Naruto then narrowed his eyes at the door. "One of them is on their way here." Everyone got on guard.

Usagi looked at him. "Dad, could you bring Chibiusa to your place? I really think she needs to protection."

"I haven't made the exception for her yet." Naruto replied. "Something like this is not what I was expecting." he released his Transformation and returned to his 30 year old form, which had the Sage Coat on. "Usagi, I'll take her to the Tsukino household. You guys hold the opponent off."

"Mamoru isn't here, though." Minako stated.

"Remember your training. Do what needs to be done. Right now, they've overstayed their welcome. Usagi... Remember what I told you about your Jutsu." Naruto replied.

"Right." Naruto put a hand on Chibiusa's shoulder and left in a spiral of flames.

Usagi looked at the others. "I think we should use the new transformations."

Luna and Artemis looked at her. "What do you mean?" Usagi, instead of responding, looked at the others. They all nodded in response, and pull out their Transformation pens.

"Moon Crystal Power, Make up!"

"Mars Planet Power, Make up!"

"Jupiter Planet Power, Make up!"

"Mercury Planet Power, Make up!"

"Venus Planet Power, Make up!"

Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter were looking at themselves in a new wardrobe. It was still the same sailor suit as usual, but there were slight differences. For starters the bow on their lower backs were slightly longer than usual at the tails. Their tiaras had the symbol of the planet they represent at the crux of it.

"Did not think that would work." Mars admitted.

"He knew what he was doing with that project. And Now you see that I was right in trusting him." Moon replied. They all nodded and went outside.

-Tsukino household-

Naruto and Chibiusa were in the foyer of the Tsukino household, surprising Ikuko who had entered. "Naruto-san. What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Chibiusa was in danger, and Usagi managed to get out of the area before I left. I was merely dropping her off here where it's at least somewhat safe." Naruto replied. He looked at Chibiusa. "It appears as though they're after Chibiusa, and they fall under the Sailor Senshi's jurisdiction."

"Why do they... No, they couldn't be after her." Ikuko stated, eyes wide.

"I'm afraid so. I think it's not because of something she did, but rather her what's in her blood." Naruto admitted. "Ever since she arrived in the area, she's given off a strange power. Usagi has been giving it off as well. Not really a good thing for most. I helped Usagi harness it, but I have little, if any, knowledge on the subject."

"Is that why she can teleport using fire?" Naruto nodded to Ikuko. "And to think this happened near the Hikawa shrine." He stated, further shocking her. "Chibiusa, remember what we talked about regarding the Silver Crystal?"


"Well, if they're after you, it's likely they're really after that, or to get rid of you because you could use it. I'm betting on the latter, to be honest. They don't realize that both you and Usagi can use it, nor do they realize that it can be duplicated." Naruto said calmly. "I know how to duplicate it myself, but to do so, I'd need someone else that can actually use the power you two possess. If I'm correct, the Silver Crystal has that same power, and it would resonate with the two of you. That's probably why they're after you, but they don't know Usagi has it as well. Otherwise, they'd likely be after her too."

Chibiusa nodded. "Please, help her." Naruto pulled out a Kunai and made a long cut along his arm, shocking Ikuko, before he went through 10 handsigns. "Blood Clone Jutsu." This caused the blood to react, morph and then take the shape of Naruto.

"Watch over them. If anyone with even the slightest amount of malicious intent approaches them, send them flying, Tsunade style." Naruto said. The Blood Clone nodded.

Naruto then left in a swirl of flames. Ikuko looked a little scared of the Blood Clone. "Relax, Ikuko. I'm not called the One Man Army for no reason, you know? This is one of the more dangerous ones, not to mention the fact that the cost is at least 3 quarts of the caster's Blood. However, that also means that I won't go down unless a Killing blow is struck, or I get dismissed. Either by his order, or mine. If it's a dismissal, then I'll simply burn myself, not catching anything nearby on fire. There's no worry unless someone takes me out. Then, you should worry."

She visibly relaxed, before her husband entered the area. "What are you doing with my niece, Naruto?"

"Making sure she's safe." 'Naruto' replied. "She's Usagi's cousin after all." he nodded. "Come on in, and lets have some tea." He shrugged, and sat down at a table, where he sipped his tea gracefully.

"You know, with everything I know about you, you don't seem the type to... well, not show manners."

"I show them when they're needed." Naruto replied. "Other than that, I don't really use them. I took the saying "There's a time and place for everything" to another level. At one point I could act extremely childish and pull a few pranks, and then I go to some kind of important meeting, and I'm dead serious. It's something I developed so I don't really change for those that care about the fun-loving me, and still perform any duties I may need to take care of professionally. Participating in a war does that to you."

"Which one?"

"You probably never heard of it." Naruto replied. "It didn't involve Japan. In fact, I came here to get away from the fighting. I can't help but not be surprised that something that would incur fighting appears nearly 2 months after I arrive in the area. My old home was insistent on fighting, and I couldn't take it. I resigned from my career, and left a few months later. I came here, where I figured that people could actually get along. For the most part, I was right."

"What did you do for a living?"

"You'd probably laugh." Naruto deadpanned.

"I swear I won't." 'It was probably a martial artist.'

"I was a shinobi. And a Damn good one, too." Naruto replied. The response he got was the man stifling a laugh. "Go ahead. Let it out."

"No... I said... I wouldn't..."

"Honor bound to the end. I like that." Naruto replied with his foxy grin. That got rid of the laughs completely. "I can't stand arrogant assholes, and only show respect to those that earn it. Shortly after I arrived, I found Usagi being bullied. Helped her out, and started to train her. You basically know the rest."

"What? You trained her to kill?"

"No, I trained her to defend herself and those close to her. She's taken a shine to my teachings, and to be honest, I kind of expected it. She's too much like me." Naruto stated evenly. "I'd almost say she was my daughter." 'She is, but he doesn't have to know that.' The two looked at each other, blinked a few times, and then both burst out laughing.

"That was a good one!" He said, wiping a tear from his eye.

"As much as I'd like to say I was joking, I wasn't. She's that much like me. Too bad I haven't seen any traits from the one person that would have been her mother if she were." 'Also true. I haven't seen them. I heard them.' Naruto ended up thinking.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for one, all females in her family have Pink hair. Usagi has blonde hair. She has great determination to prove herself. Her appetite... Well, that's almost identical to mine. Her love of friendship... Also identical. Protective instincts, dead on. Intelligence problems... that was exact as well. When I was twelve, you could tell me to throw a Shuriken at a target and I'd hit it. If you asked me to explain how it happened, I couldn't tell you jack shit until after I was 18."

"You serious?"

"If I wasn't, I wouldn't be telling you this." Naruto admitted. "There are times where I wish she was living with me, because we're so similar. But I know that shouldn't happen. Not unless I get a more... public residence. Not exactly a good thing for my tastes, you know? That's why I keep myself secluded. It's in my training, and it's part of my nature."

"Keeping yourself distant... that I'd expect of a Shinobi's training. But your nature?"

"Well, Koji there's a reason it's in my nature. This is something I've only recently told Usagi, and I severely sugarcoated it." Naruto said, his voice cold. His face was serious. It was that of a cold hearted killer. "Saying my childhood was hell wouldn't do it justice. What's worse is, my own father condemned me to that hell." The man, Koji, was surprised at the declaration. "I may have forgiven him for it, but that's mainly because I couldn't hold a grudge." He sighed.

"If that's how you were raised, then I can see a lot of problems."

"That's not even half of it." Naruto turned his head. "Chibiusa, could you get Ikuko, and then head up to your room? This is something you really shouldn't hear."

Koji was confused at this, until Chibiusa came out from behind the door. "Why can't I hear it?"

"There's a reason I severely sugarcoated this for Usagi. Even after the training I put her through, it would still give her nightmares for at least a week if I didn't. For you, I'd say it would be more like 4 months." Koji raised an eyebrow at that. "Koji may be able to handle it, and Ikuko... She doesn't even know the majority of it. If they're going to worry about their daughter, then they should know just who's training her. You don't need to hear this, and it would better for everyone if you don't."

She was about to retort, when he spoke up again. "Not a word on how you need to know." She closed her mouth and held up a finger. "I know things. You and Usagi think alike in a sense. Usagi tends to think like me from time to time. From that alone, I know what you'd say to something I ask of you, or simply tell you to do. So don't ask." The finger went down.

"Fine." Chibiusa walked out, and Ikuko walked in 2 minutes later. They all sat down at the table. Naruto went through a few handsigns. "Sound Suppression Barrier." he whispered. The room's walls glowed green before the glow faded. "What you're about to hear is not to leave this room. Do you understand?"

Ikuko and Koji nodded. "When I told you that I severely sugarcoated my childhood when I told Usagi that in itself is an understatement. Between the day of my actual day of my birth and the day I turned 7, I have had constant attempts on my life. I never knew why, and always thought I had done something wrong, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure it out. I was an orphan. I never knew my parents, and didn't even have a name for them. I didn't know why everyone in the entire village, which if you ask me is about half the size of Tokyo in land area, hated me. There was at least 6,000 people in the village, nearly 1,000 of which were basically part of the military." he described the Ninja system.

Koji and Ikuko nodded at the end of the explanation. "Okay, now that that's out of the way, until I was 16, and I saved everyone from one man who nearly defeated and killed at least 60% of the Shinobi forces, nearly 98% percent of Civilian population, and a little over 60% of the Shinobi population hated me for one reason. Until I was 12, I didn't even know what the reason was."

"How did you find out?" Koji asked.

"Before I get into that, I should let you know something. At the time that I found out, there was only 4 people in the entire village that openly cared for me because of me. The rest hated me, my guts, or were simply indifferent." He then sighed. "In my home village Konohagakure, some children decide to join an academy for becoming Ninja. Shinobi are male, Kunoichi are female. Most that enter the academy join at 9, or 10. I joined at 7. I had no parents, was living in my own apartment for 2, almost 3 years. My own landlord hated me, by the way. Anyway, I took the graduation exam 3 times, and failed all 3 times because of one thing. It was the Bunshin no Jutsu. I could never get it right, and for a reason that I didn't figure out until I was 14. I had too much Chakra, the Energy used for Jutsu, and no where near enough control. After the Third attempt, I was approached by one of the ones who hated me, though I didn't know it at the time." he began telling them of the time Mizuki provided the Make-up exam.

-1 story later-

When he was done saying how he got his headband, he sighed. "And that's the story of how I found out. After that, my determination did not waver. If anything, it increased. At that point, I knew just why everyone hated me. It was because of the Kyuubi, who actually has a name. We're on good terms now, and has even helped me train Usagi. He's good now, and bears no ill will towards humanity these days. However, he's not happy with those things that the Sailor Senshi tend to take down. He calls them disgraces among demons. They're barely C-class, according to what we've heard. Their leaders barely reach B-class."

"If that's the case then you can take them out easily." Ikuko stated.

"I can, but until Sailor Moon asks me to help out, I'm not helping out directly." Naruto stated. "Usagi can handle herself for a while, but they can overrun her. If they do, I'm jumping in, and whoever's attacking her will go down. That's if there's anything left of them when I'm done with them."

"What about when you found out about your parents?" Koji asked. "Surely that was a lot less tragic."

"If you think that, you're sadly mistaken." Naruto replied before going into the fight between him and Pein, Hinata's intervention, the aftereffects, and then the conclusion. "That's all there is about that one. In the end, I didn't kill the one that killed them all, even though I very well could have. He didn't live after that day. I lived on, but a war broke out soon. During that war, I found out who my mother was, because I was trying to subdue Kurama. Together we succeeded, but if it weren't for her, I likely wouldn't be here right now."

-1 story later-

"After that, I learned to control the new power I gained. It didn't take long before I found out the war was going on, since I had no idea about it. They were training me under the guise of a Mission, just so they could protect me. For this reason, I was a little ticked. I took it out on the ones that was beating up the ones trying to protect me. Took on a seemingly unstoppable force, and won. The opposing force was 6 of the 9 Bijuu. One was refusing to do anything, and the other one was on my side. It was during this, Kurama and I became friends."

-1 story later-

"And that's about it. Madara was dead, Bijuu were saved, I gained favor from all 5 Kage, which was thought to be impossible, and finally, I had gained the recognition that I longed for my entire life. And I had earned every bit of it. I was still a dense idiot, though." He added as an afterthought. "But that was just the beginning. An old friend came back, and killed another friend of mine, who had just given birth to my child. The child was far away from the fighting. Far away from the war. All the way into another dimension. Just like this place is. In the end, She died. Because of that, I said screw it, and he died. I was in a funk for years. Another old friend of mine, Hinata, helped me get out of it. I became Hokage, I accomplished my life long dream, one of them at least, but Sakura never left my mind."

"What about your child?"

"I couldn't do to her what my own father did to me. In the end, I ended up doing so for her own safety. He did so for the villages safety."

"Wait. You're going to tell him?" Ikuko asked.

"I came this far, and I never stopped halfway." Naruto replied.

"What are you talking about?"

"Did you ever have a DNA test done with Usagi?" Naruto asked. Koji shook his head. "That would explain why you never found out. Usagi is the same daughter I had to send away due to the war."

'Moment of Truth time. Either he accepts it, and probably laughs, or he doesn't, and possibly blows up.'

"Personally, I'm betting on the latter."

'I'm not going either way.'

"Why not?"

'Neither one seems appealing to me.'

Koji blinked at that a few times. Once he processed the information, he burst out laughing. 'Heh, you were right... as usual.'

"Thank you very much."

"Now I understand everything perfectly." Koji said, after he calmed down. "But if that were the case, why didn't you take her in when she said she would rather live with you?"

"Put yourself in my position for a second. If you weren't there for your own daughter's life for the first 14 years, would you be so eager to take her in, when your father would have wanted to do the same to you if he could?" Naruto asked. "She may be my daughter, but I grew up an orphan. She didn't. She grew up with the two of you. I wasn't going to cut off a connection she had ever since she was a baby. Even if she wanted to, I wasn't about to let her do so. Especially since you were unaware of that fact."

Koji thought about it for a moment and nodded. "I see your point. Still, I think it would be a good idea."

"I'd wait a while for that, though." Naruto stated. "She knows of her mother, that she's dead, and who killed her." His voice was cold and he released a bit of Killing Intent at that point. He reigned it in after a few seconds. "If I were to be completely honest, that was my first real kill. Everyone else either ended up dead at their own choice, because of my words affecting them more than they'd admit, or they were already dead, which is the case of the War I had to fight in order for anyone else to survive. An army consisting of everyone the fighters held dear... and they were being forced to fight against their will, being brought back from the dead. Those guys were a pain to take down."

"Come on, surely you know how to take care of the undead." Koji replied.

"It's one thing to take care of zombies. It's another thing entirely to be able to blow off a few limbs, and they regenerate it within seconds. Edo Tensei is a Kinjutsu for a reason. Nothing good comes from playing with the dead, or messing with time. Edo Tensei is the reason they came back. Killer Bee and myself are the only reason the tide of battle turned to our favor. They even revived a man by the name of Itachi Uchiha, someone that was ordered to kill off his entire clan. He was known as the Clan Slayer because the orders were supposed to be kept secret. In reality, the clan was planning a Coup Detat, and he was tasked to stop it. His brother was the only survivor, and that was both out of pity, and hope."

"Why hope?"

"Itachi didn't want to kill anyone needlessly." Naruto replied. "He wanted Sasuke to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, kill him, and take his eyes. Then, when he faced me, Itachi's gift that he gave me would show itself and embed one thought in Sasuke's mind. Protect Konohagakure. It was supposed to activate when I saw Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan, and since Sasuke would have it at that point, it would come out."

"It didn't work out that way did it?" Ikuko asked.

"No. When they brought him back to life, it came out, and ended up turning Itachi to our side. That helped matters even more. Since he was already dead, there was no fear for the blindness he was going to go through by using the Mangekyo Sharingan." Naruto told them. "He's the only Uchiha I have met and respect. He may have made a mistake regarding his brother, but I corrected that one for him."

Koji and Ikuko nodded, seeing his point. "I think that's good enough. If you can get a good home for the public, then I wouldn't mind her staying with you and coming back with us after some time. After all, you are her true father." Koji stated.

"One of the reasons I've been searching for another place to stay, and keep my current home as place for training. It's like..." He turned his head, and whistled. "That was pretty quick. Too bad the enemy got away."

"What do you mean? How do you know that?" Koji asked.

"5 people, each wielding strange powers, faced off with one that was after Chibiusa. Another one joined in a little later on. The enemy left just now. It went out of my detection range, or another dimension that I have no knowledge of. Personally, I'm betting on the latter."

They both nodded. "I've got no other questions. Just keep her safe."

"I intend on keeping her safe. And so does Hinata, my friend, and they've already met. I went from Dense Idiot to Dense Genius, and Hinata went from Shy Genius to Confident Beauty. She helped me out of my funk, after all." Naruto replied.

They both nodded. "Oh, and if you hear anything about Shadow Fox, then that's me."

Koji nodded. "Now I just have to figure out who wrote that new book on the market."

"Which one? Maybe I could help out."

"This one." he pulled out a strange orange book, which Naruto recognized immediately. "Please tell me you didn't show this to her."

"Yes, he did. And surprisingly, it's very well written." Ikuko stated. "Whoever wrote it must have been a genius in the romantic sense."

Naruto sighed. "He isn't. He never knew love during the majority of his life." This earned their attention. "I chose the name Ramen Sage for a reason, you know?" Their eyes widened. "Yes, I'm the author, but I'm not the original author. The one that gave out the original version of the first few was my sensei. He died when I was 15."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Ikuko said, her voice sad.

"No worries. I got over it." Naruto replied. "Besides, he only worked on them for a short while. I've been working on everything past the next one. The next one is the last one he finished. Icha Icha Tactics. Everything after that is all my stuff. I modified the originals and then put them on the market, but kept a set of the originals in a Glass Case back at my place. They're only in there in his memory. Usagi has seen the case, and knows not to touch it. Anyone who does will be shocked to death with at least 2 million Megavolts of electricity. And if you touch it through rubber, you can expect Flames that burn twice as hot as the Sun to burn off said limb. I made this explicitly clear to her. I even gave a demonstration of each one. She knows I wasn't exaggerating with either of them, and she doesn't touch it."

"Good thing you did too." Ikuko stated. "She's too curious for her own good."

"And that's what I expected when I told her about it." Naruto admitted. "Therefore, I had to give a demonstration, if only to keep her standing for longer than 3 seconds. She got the message."

"What about the training you put her through?" Ikuko asked. "What did she have to go through?"

"I'm curious as well." Koji added.

"Well, the first things I had her work on was both physical and mental workouts. This meant learning how to dodge things that could be hazardous to your health, in the case of physical workouts. Mental workouts... Well, that was just working on her studies, and clan history."

"Let's skip the mental, and go for the physical." Koji stated. Naruto shrugged. "Well, the first thing I had her work on was dodging. That is not as clear cut as it sounds, though." They both listened. "I had 8 Wind Chakra Shuriken, and threw them. It started off at 8, and she had to dodge. If she got hit, it would split into 2 Shuriken each time. They never hit vitals, and I made sure of that at the beginning. The object of the exercise is to not get hit, or you're getting more towards you. This went on for 2 hours straight each morning."

This surprised them both. "At this point, I'm glad I did. I may not have many enemies back home, but if they find out she's my daughter, the few enemies I do have will go after her. I have taught her several Jutsu, including the Family Jutsu. Mostly from my side, since her mother's side is a completely civilian family. She knows a civilian lifestyle from growing up. She knows dangers because of the threats that the Sailors take on. And if they go after her, she can handle herself. You remember the spar you saw on the lake?" They both nodded. "That was just part of the training. Mainly the physical aspect. The mental aspect helped her think on her feet. Some believe in learning on the job. I believe in training in ways that are so out of the box, you'd think they were insane."

He paused for a second. "On second thought, some of them are insane, even by my standards. Still, I can't deny that they work. They just work in ways you don't expect them to. Throughout everything, I taught her how to do things that would normally never amount to anything related to fighting, whether offensive or defensive. Agriculture, for instance. Endurance, dexterity, and stamina. Gardening: subtlety, accuracy, control. Anything can be used as training for something else. You just have to find it."

(A/N: I actually use this in real life. Perfect example for Americans is Driver's Education. Here is a list of things that can apply, and why: Chess for planning ahead. Medieval Age Role-play for making snap judgments. DBZ Trunks vs Frieza and King Cold: Know your tools.)

"I see. Anything else that we should know? Such as, heritage wise?"

"A lot, but that's up to her if she wishes to tell you. Still, I'll give you the original training schedule." He went through it all. "That's what it was. Once she had dodging down, I took that off the list, and went for unlocking her Chakra, which is what she used to walk on the lake. From there, I had her learn a few Jutsu. Only recently has she started on the Rasengan, which, at this point, is a Clan Jutsu." he held out his palm, making a Rasengan. "This is what I mean by Rasengan. It was the only Jutsu I really used, to be honest. And I could use it 30 times without fail back when I was 14. This was when I had to use Shadow Clones to make it." The Jutsu dissolved and he sighed. "And that's all I can really say. Her learning the Imperial Water Dragon Jutsu was a surprise for me, to be honest. That Jutsu is labeled for "Kage-level Shinobi only" for a reason."

"Chakra levels?" Ikuko asked, earning a nod. "And she doesn't have them?"

"She barely does. Her Chakra levels have been steadily increasing. And she has recently been figuring out how to access the Lunarian energy within her." Naruto stated. "That's the energy inside of both Usagi and Chibiusa, as Usagi calls it." He then felt a tug. "Sorry, but I have to dispel. Don't worry, he'll remember what I've told you, so he doesn't have to go through it again."

He disengaged the barrier and then dispersed into flames. Chibiusa came in, as did a younger male. "So, what did he talk about?" the boy asked.

"Shingo, that's not what you really need to know." Koji stated, before looking at Ikuko. She nodded. "I just found out that your sister is adopted." Chibiusa wasn't all that surprised, but Shingo was.

"When, who, how?"

"Don't bother." Chibiusa sighed. "What else did he tell you?" Ikuko saw something hidden in the question.

"There was nothing about you. Why do you ask?"

Chibiusa nodded. "You know that they're after me, and you know why, right?" They both nodded. "What you don't know is... I'm not Usagi's cousin."

"So he was playing us?"

"Only so I can be protected, from what I see." Chibiusa looked out the window. "I'd give you the full story, but if I did, you'd either think I was crazy, or you'd laugh."

"Alright, now I gotta know." Shingo stated.

"I'm from the future. Usagi's daughter. They're out to destroy my home. I was sent here to find the Silver Crystal, and my parents in this time."

"How far in the future?" Shingo asked. Chibiusa looked at him blankly. "I mean, it's cool to know that you're from the future, but still... How far?"

"1,000 years or so." Chibiusa replied. "Ice age, which Usagi ended. Tokyo became Crystal Tokyo. Usagi called it the Neo Silver Millennium, after the one in the old Moon Kingdom. That's where the Lunarian Energy Comes from in my family. I don't know the full details, but she's got it for some reason. I haven't found out what it is, but it's what allows us to use the Imperium Silver Crystal. Only a member of the royal family of the Moon Kingdom can use it. I'm not sure, but I think Usagi is Sailor Moon."

That got their minds rolling. The moment she said that, she looked at each of them and they were shocked. "Hard to believe, I know. But what other idea is there? Sailor Moon has Lunarian Energy. Usagi and I are the only ones in the entire city since I arrived that have Lunarian Energy."

"You know what? I'm going to be blunt here. I fully believe that Usagi is Sailor Moon." Ikuko stated. "I mean look at the Pictures of her. The resemblance is there, and it's uncanny. And maybe that's why she always woke up late. She was out fighting some kind of bad guy, to keep us safe."

"Yeah, that is totally believable." Shingo added, sarcasm dripping through his voice. "And that would mean Rei, Ami, Minako, and Makoto are Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. Please, that's got to be the..."

"You're right. They are." Chibiusa stated, cutting him off. This caused him to blink, and then his jaw dropped.

"You've got to be kidding me!"

"I really wish I were. I can truly say it's a fact for Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, but I haven't seen Usagi Transform into Sailor Moon. But can you really blame her for that? Has she ever complained about not having a normal life?" They all looked at her, blinked a few times, then nodded. "That only adds to that theory. Sailor Senshi, from what I've seen, don't live normal lives. They never can."

Koji nodded. "I can see that. But I'd still worry about her. Eh... just out of curiosity, what's the name of your father?"

"Well... he'd be known as Tuxedo Kamen here. But I haven't figured out who he is yet. Still, I'm placing my bet on Mamoru Chiba."

"Mamoru?" Ikuko asked. "The guy that works as an intern nearly everywhere?"

"Yeah, that guy. Naruto is on good terms with him, and he does give off the right aura for it. I just can't say for sure."

"Most likely choice, huh?" Shingo asked. "Well, I think we should let her stay here." This drew his parent's attention. "When you think about it, the fact that she's basically an orphan, but she's technically among family here, she could pass it off as staying with the last known family she has, right?"

"Yeah but..."

"Shingo, why would I do that to you guys?"

"I don't know." Shingo shrugged. "I just think it's a good idea to keep whatever cover you got now, and play it to the max. Anyone asks, you're my cousin. What they don't know won't hurt them, am I right? I mean, no one else really knows you're from the future, right?"

Just then, Luna entered the room. "Luna, I'll be staying here as Usagi's cousin until I have the go to head back."

The cat nodded. "Oh, and I told them I think Usagi is Sailor Moon." This had the cat go into shock. So much so, she forgot she wasn't supposed to talk.

"What are you talking about? How did you know?" This shocked Shingo.

"Luna could talk all this time?" Shingo asked.

"And here I thought I had enough surprises." Koji mused.

'So that's why he said Luna would be understand what I said...' Ikuko thought. 'Who knew?'

Luna took that moment to look sheepish. "Sorry... I just..."

"I understand why you did it, Luna." Ikuko stated, surprising everyone. "Think of it this way: What's more believable? A cat that talks, or a normal cat with a strange tattoo? I'd go for the normal cat any day." Luna nodded.

"I am sorry for deceiving you but... Why did you tell them?" Luna asked.

"Well, Usagi will be moving out one day. And I don't really know why she has the Lunarian Energy. I think you can give us the details on that one." Chibiusa said. "I think we all need to know."

"You really shouldn't have told them, you know?"

"True, but what could I do? They already know that Usagi and I have Lunarian Energy, and are the only ones in Tokyo that have it. They would have figured it out eventually, anyway. Now, what is the story of the Old Moon Kingdom. That's something that even I don't know much of. Mom never really talked about it."

"You're just as impulsive as Usagi is..." Luna deadpanned.

Chibiusa shrugged. "Runs in the family, I guess." Luna then sighed and went into the entire Moon Kingdom explanation. (A/N: if you want to see it, check the Anime or Manga. I'm not placing it here.)

"And Usagi is the Moon Princess reborn. Rei is the Princess of Mars, Ami of Mercury, Minako of Venus, and Makoto of Jupiter. They are each the Sailor Senshi of the planet they represent." Luna explained. "The reason Usagi has the Lunarian energy is because of the fact she is the Moon Princess Reborn. That's all there is to it. And yes, this means she's Sailor Moon, if you didn't get that, Shingo."

Shingo, on the other hand, looked insulted. 'By a cat, no less!' "Don't bother, Shingo." Chibiusa stated, correctly guessing his thoughts. "She's more than a pet to Usagi, and if you do something to Luna, I can't say your sanity will survive her wrath. Especially if she learned Naruto's version of the Arts."

"Come on, what could art do to me?" Shingo asked, puffing his chest. Chibiusa simply motioned him closely. She whispered in his ear about something, which caused his eyes to widen. "You're kidding me!"

"Nope. Heard it from a friend of his. Hinata, I think it was." Chibiusa stated. "That was what he did the day before he graduated from his academy. And that wasn't even something he did at the maximum. He has scared everyone in a Torture and Interrogation Division of a military through his art. What does that tell you?"

Shingo wisely backed off and nodded. "No picking on the cat. Got it." He said that a little too quickly.

Luna came up to Chibiusa and thanked her. "No problem. But you still have to play the house pet when others are around."

"I know. It's a pain, but it has to be done."

"I think the politically correct term is "Troublesome"." Ikuko suggested, drawing everyone's attention. "What?"

"Sounds like a guy off of an anime. Nara, I think." Shingo admitted. There was a puff of smoke in the corner of the roof.

"Ikuko, you're right. That is the politically correct term. Shingo, how did you know of the Nara? That is their catchphrase, though." Naruto asked from the smoke. This surprised them.

"When did you..." Ikuko started.

"I never left the room. I heard everything. Chibiusa, all your theories were correct. Luna, I went through all her memories. I've already known about all that. The Silver Crystal can only be duplicated with their help. Chibiusa's parents are easily Usagi and Mamoru. And Chibiusa does have a point. If she uses my art on you, you're either going to wish you were dead, or feel like you are." Naruto stated.

"Oh, and one more thing... Being reckless or impulsive are traits of the Uzumaki Clan. I hate to say it, but it's genetic. And don't, under ANY circumstances, make Chibiusa or Usagi pissed off, or make them scream. You'd harm a Banshee with their screeches, as I just recently found out that the Haruno Screech is, in fact, genetic. They've always been said to have either Howler Monkey or Banshee Genes for a reason. It's aptly named the Haruno Screech."

Chibiusa suddenly got a foxy grin on her face, earning a similar grin from Naruto. "Good thing I'm only a Shadow Clone."

"Why did you go through her memories?" Ikuko asked.

"To find out just what I needed to know about her. That's how I learned of what she has done, and what she can do. That's also how I figured out how to train her, and what to train her in. She's got a few rules before she can show off any Jutsu that she learns. She knows of the rules, and so do the other Senshi. No one, not even the government, is allowed to know."

"Why not the government?"

"Because they would perform endless experiments on her, and eventually, you. Of course, they won't find any alterations in her DNA, no mutations, no nothing. They don't have the right sources to find out what it does, how she does it, or even how it's possible. I gave her basics, and she's worked on them on her own, from time to time. I still tend to oversee her progress."

Koji nodded. "Well, when she's got a place to stay, let us know. I've got a few friends that would love to help."

"If only I could buy off the... Why didn't I think of that?" Naruto asked himself. "Now I just have to figure out who has the forest under their property."

"Which one?"

"The one where my current place is located. I have it in a pocket dimension, but the entrance to said Pocket Dimension is in a forest." Naruto told them. "If I owned the forest, I could get rid of the Pocket Dimension, and bring out the true house, which is sort of like a mansion."

"Really?" Shingo asked, earning a nod. "Prove it."

"Ask Usagi. I can't take you there, for the simple fact that you haven't had an exception made for you. You can't enter the pocket dimension until then." Naruto replied. "That's the only problem at this point."

Shingo looked at him. "I won't believe it until I see it."

Naruto simply shook his head. "Ignorance of the Human race... Why am I not surprised?"

"Come again?" Koji asked.

"I've been on the receiving end of torture because people were simple too narrow minded not to believe anything from the source, and instead, listening to stupid rumors. Some can play it off as fear of what they don't know, sure. But when they have full knowledge of it, and fail to see the facts, they make their own twisted version of the truth, and wouldn't believe the real deal for a second." Naruto told them, before turning to Shingo.

"You rely on your own eyes. That is why you are blind." Naruto replied. "Until you find that anything is possible, even if you can't see it, you will continue to be blind."

"I'm not blind!" Shingo shouted.

"You are blind to the truth." Naruto retorted calmly. "You don't see the possibility, and even some of the things you can see, you are blind to, because they don't make sense in your own mind. That is your blindness."

Shingo was about to retorted, but closed his mouth. 'Is that what I've been doing?'

Naruto caught the thought easily. "Yes, it is. You didn't notice, did you?" He asked, still somewhat suspicious.

'Is he reading my mind?'

"Heh, I wish." Naruto stated. "I'm no Yamanaka, but I can tell what people are thinking, just by their expressions. Some are accurate. Some aren't. That's one of the things I pride myself on, for the simple fact I needed it for when people wanted to go after me. I developed it early in life, for survival purposes. It's how I know what their intentions are. How that translates into thought process, I still haven't figured it out." He shrugged.

Shingo started putting pieces together. Then something clicked as the picture formed. "Could you wait for a minute?"

Naruto shrugged again. Shingo ran out of the room, and came back with a book. "Take a look at this one."

Naruto opened it, and went through a few pages, his face unchanging. When he reached a certain point, his eyebrow raised. "Who made this?"

"Some guy by the name of Masashi Kishimoto. It's kind of how I knew about the phrase Troublesome."

Naruto hummed for a second. "You have another one? Maybe one of a blonde kid fighting a giant Tanuki on top of a Toad?" Shingo nodded, and went to get it.

'I really hope it isn't the same way I did it there. If it is, I'm going to call creepy shits.' Shingo came back in with a set of 50 books. "I think it's in this one. Volume 12." Naruto went through it and found what it was. 'Okay. Creepy Shits.'

"Just out of curiosity, why did you ask about that?" Shingo asked. Naruto simply sat down and looked him in the eye.

"I think the correct question is: Do you know who this blonde kid is?"

"Naruto Uzu...ma...ki... No, it couldn't be!"

"I could give you 2 demonstrations from this particular fight, and one that I learned not much later." Naruto replied.

"You have a Manga based off of you?" Ikuko asked.

"Probably some wise guy that thought he could make a living off of my life. As to how they got here, I have no idea."

"So then... How's Kurama?"

"How did you..."

"Internet has more than I do." Shingo admitted. "Most recent one has the names of all Bijuu in it. Aside from, you know, Ichibi, Hachibi, and Kyuubi. Shukaku, (Insert Hachibi's name here) and Kurama in order."

"Damn." Naruto replied. "Final Battle against the fake Madara. I only say this: That guy is completely insane. I wasn't paying much attention after the battle, but I think that Tobi was really Obito possessed, or something. Like I said, I wasn't paying much attention. Confused the heck out of him several times."

"Well, since you're here, I guess you did beat him. But I do have a question about Usagi. Why do you take so much interest in her? She your granddaughter or daughter? Or something like that?"

"Yeah, she's my daughter. I'm not sure if you know of the Pink Haired Banshee, but she's the mother."

"Oh... That's not good."

"Only if she didn't know how to control the Screech. Luckily, she had partial wraps on it when I finally came to her. I had to pull out of my father's book with her. She was a lot more receiving than I was." Naruto admitted. "I finished it, and now she only uses it when she's pissed. I'm thinking about teaching her about the Giant Oni Head that Iruka-sensei used in the academy."

"That's bound to scare a lot of people. Not her style."

"I know, but it helps." Naruto told him. "That's why I was thinking about it, and not shown her how to do so. Would you believe that she hasn't used the One Jutsu that even I cannot beat?"

"Oiroke no Jutsu?"

"No, I'm basically immune to that one. Even after going through Ero-sennin's work, I'm immune. Personally, I solidified the immunity through them."

"Speaking of Icha Icha... I've noticed that there are the same books out there. I haven't picked one up... But my Math teacher did."

"Courtesy of me. I write them in Ero-sennin's honor." Naruto admitted. "Still, I made my own version of them, so that way, it's not scene after scene of obscenity. If he toned it down, they'd have gotten many more females into it."

"That's probably true." Shingo stated. "I mean, what's in the original anyway that does make it so unwanted by females?"

Naruto turned to Ikuko. "What do you think? The version that's out now, or one with one of those scenes every 2 or 3 pages?"

"You mean..." A nod. "This one is better than that."

"And there's your answer, Shingo. Ladies prefer my version over his, and they still didn't know that he's the writer."

"Tales of a Gutsy Shinobi?"

"Finished, based on my father. Sequel, finished, based on me." Naruto then paused. "Perhaps I should write out a Third one about Usagi. That would help, after all. Now to think of a title."

"Wait, you're not planning on using her for.."

"Not that one." Naruto pointed at the book on the table, before pulling one out of his jacket. "This one. More of a kid's story than that one. The original is where my father got my name, but it was really more of a Biography on him. The sequel is more about me, and I finished it a few years back. Father, Son, and then Usagi, who is the daughter of the son. Could be a family story, you know? More like a family series."

"That's the truth." Chibiusa stated. "I did read the Tales of a Gutsy Shinobi before I came back. My only copy was destroyed before I could, though. I didn't know there was a sequel."

Naruto smiled at her. "Good to know."

"Oh. And mom did have one of those Icha Icha on her nightstand back home. I think it said Icha Icha Tactics."

"Book 5, eh?" Naruto stated. "Why am I not surprised. That was Ero-sennin's last one before he went out. And I will say he went out with a bang. The only thing he regretted was not being the Godfather he was supposed to be."

"And how would you know? He died without telling you." Shingo stated.

"And you know that because of this." Naruto held up one of the Manga. "however, something it doesn't show... is right after Pein's attack, a few days later, I was talking to the Shinigami. Don't ask me why, I just was. He did tell me of... well, the regrets of my father, mother, and even Jiraiya." His voice sounded wistful. "I know they regretted those things, but whatever they did, they did them because they cared. More so than he'd admit, in Jiraiya's case."

"So, is the Sharingan, really real?"

"It was." Naruto stated, his voice going cold.

"don't tell me... Sasuke dies after the War?"

"He did something inexcusable. Even by my standards." Naruto stated. "He killed her. I killed him. Right after Tobi's death. He showed up. That's when everything went downhill for me."

"And you ignored the promise you made?"

"I didn't ignore it." Naruto defended. "It wasn't viable anymore anyway. The Promise was, and I quote, "I promise to bring him back to you. That's my promise of a lifetime." In a way, I kept it, because she died, and then he died. So I did bring him to her. Just not in the village. It's just a weird concept when trying to explain it."

"Sounds crazy."

"It sounded crazier in my head, if it helps." Naruto flashed his Foxy Grin. Usagi went through the front door, and found that everyone was in the same room. They all looked at her, except Naruto, who spoke without turning to her. "About time you got back. Take the scenic route?"

"Shadow Clone?" She asked, a nod. "Then why haven't you dispelled? It's kind of weird..."

"Found something that piqued my interest. Oh, and your family knows."

"You told them?"


"Then who... Chibiusa."

"Yeah, it was me." She admitted somewhat sheepishly.

"Do you know what kind of damage that can do?" Usagi asked.

"Come off it." Naruto told her. "At her age, I would have done the same thing."

Usagi blinked a few times. "Come to think of it, I probably would have too."

"My point." Naruto said, with a small smile. "Uzumaki thing. You should know this."

"Yeah, I just remembered that one. Stubborn, Impulsive..."

"Short temper at times..." Naruto continued.

"The usual." Usagi finished.

The 3 of them shared a Foxy Grin, unknowingly. "I think you should add that grin to the list." Koji suggested. They all blinked and looked at him, then each other. Everyone in the room laughed. Naruto then dispelled, and another one walked in the door.

"What's so funny?" He then blinked as his eyes glazed over for a bit. "Oh. You're right, we probably should."

They all looked at him in confusion, Shingo being the only notable exception. "Hey, I said it was a Shadow Clone, you know?"

"None of them know about that."

"He does, apparently." Naruto pointed at Shingo, who had a smug look on his face.

"Memory transfer?"

"Bingo." Naruto grinned at him.

"So, what did you actually teach her?"

"Water Jutsu, Wind Jutsu, Fire Jutsu, though only a few, Shadow Clones, original, not Mass. I use Mass. She's still working on Rasengan."

"Third part, here." Usagi added. "Controlling it is the hard part."

"Tell me about it." Naruto admitted. "I'll admit that I didn't really finish that part until a few months after I had started using it."

"How did you?"

"Like this." Naruto made a Shadow Clone, and reached his hand out. "And to think I made the Rasenshuriken the same way, but with 2 clones and myself, instead of one. That was the weird thing about it. I couldn't hold the shape without the Clone while doing so."

"Good to know. Too bad that's not a viable option for me. I don't have nearly enough reserves to do that."

"You would if you could use Lunarian Energy for... it." Naruto's eyes widened as he remembered something. "Maybe that would work."


"Moon Kingdom. I remembered something about the Moon sending energy into the Rasengan as I used it."

"So If i tried to use it like that..."

"Then you might get a version for yourself!" Naruto and Usagi gave each other a high five.


"It's always amazing how you come up with the best ideas on the spot." Shingo admitted. "At least that's still a fact."

"Uzumaki Blood. It's what we do." Naruto stated. "We don't do that good with well thought out plans. Something goes wrong and it all gets messed up. Come up with it on the spot, make changes as needed. It works for us."

"No kidding." Chibiusa stated.

"I second that." Usagi admitted.

"Anyway, Usagi... They know about our true relation, Sailor Senshi, Chibiusa, and finally... Part of my childhood."

"Come to think of it, did you ever learn any more Jutsu regarding your Tailed Beast State?"

"Humanoid or Fox?"


"Not really. Just that I can use any of My Jutsu, A-rank or higher with a lot more ease. And it can branch off of my body making it even easier. Fox form... That one is a last ditch move. I don't use it too often, and I figure you know why." After a nod he continued. "But anything I can do in the Humanoid form, aside from the original Rasengan, I can do in the Fox form. Easy enough of an explanation, I presume?"

Shingo nodded. "Then I might as well get going. Usagi, we'll need to be alert from here on out."

"I know. They know that there's a threat in this time, and they might put off their goal to get rid of us."

"It's now even more prudent to keep your abilities secret from the public. Don't do so too much."

"It'll make the officials suspicious."

"And we don't want that." Naruto admitted. "I'll keep an eye out for them."

"That Neko had no fashion sense, though." Usagi added. "I still have to play the normal girl in school for now, though."

"It's boring, but it's needed. I can keep hidden, so I can keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary."

"Rei will keep an eye out as well."

"For now, work on the Rasengan on the weekends only. If you ever go to a temple, learn how they meditate. See if there's any difference in it from what I did teach you."

"There are other temples here?"

"Yeah, but they're a lot more isolated than Rei's." Naruto stated. "Namely on top of mountains, and deep within forests. Heck, there's one near my place."

Usagi nodded. "I'll keep that in mind."

"You do realize they don't eat much in a temple, right?" Ikuko asked.

"Figured as much." Usagi admitted. "At least I've been working on my physical strength and speed."

"Not to mention flexibility, Adaptability, and accuracy."

"Then control, instincts..."

"The list goes on, apparently." Naruto finished. "Sorry, I have to get going. Shingo, next time I come, I will make good on what I said, and remember what you said about Luna when she spoke, and Chibiusa stated what would happen."

"I'm not even sure if she'd do that."

"My art is far from what one would expect, and Usagi," he paused to grin. "She's already at my level." Shingo paled, and Chibiusa blinked before grinning herself.

"Good to know."

"Well... I don't have the experience you do."

"That's the only reason you haven't topped my level yet. Your skill and ingenuity far surpass my own. Your experience, though lacking states otherwise."

"So, if her school gets hit with something, it was her?" Koji asked.

"Or me. You never know." Naruto told him. "Anyway, I'm out." He left in flames, a Foxy Grin in place as he went out.

"Anyone else wondering what's going through his head?" Chibiusa asked. Everyone raised their hands, including Usagi. "Just checking."

The next day found Juuban Middle (If that's the real name) in a multitude of colors, multiple colors of gases emanating from the doors as they opened, a few trees were covered in Toilet Paper, along with "Beware the Bakeneko" graffitied on several windows, and walls.

Peanut Gallery reviews.

Usagi, "So that's what he was thinking."

Ami, "Couldn't they have been more subtle?"

Makoto, "This has Naruto written all over it."

Minako, "Nice paint job."

Teachers, "Who could've done this?"

Principal, "Whoever did this did a good job covering their tracks."

Police, "Nice prank. Too bad this ain't Halloween."

Federal Officials, "Who could've done all this in one night?"

Koji, "He's good, I'll give him that."

Ikuko, "Did he really have to do this?"

Chibiusa, "Nice."

Naruto, "I love a good prank."

Peanut Gallery reviews are at an end.

Needless to say, that week, school was closed for cleaning and decontamination.


Chapter end!

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