Title: Uncle
Rating: G
Word count: 151
Pairing: Clary/Mattes
Round/Fight: 3/A
Summary: Little visits at the start of a shift.

The quick, soft patter of tiny feet across the wood floor of the Kennel had Mattes turning, his arms open.

A tiny girl, no more than two, ran a little unsteadily to him from her parents, who watched her indulgently.

Mattes shook his head a little at Clary, who made a face at him. Clary, indulgent? He'd better be on the lookout for low flying pigsā€¦

"Unca!" Little hit him at the knees, a tiny burr embracing his legs, and Mattes scooped her up, tossing her gently and listening to her screams of laughter.

"Why look, the littlest Goodwin's found me!"

Clary came over to extract Mattes from her daughter's enthusiastic embrace around his neck. "Its late, Little, and you and Da need to be getting home."

Little waved over Tom's shoulder as they left, splitting in the opposite direction that Clary and Mattes were headed to start their Watch shift.