Alright so I'm obsessed with Pezberry, sue me. This story is pretty AU and this doesn't really involve Glee club at all, just the members. Here's the first chapter, hope you like it.

You have to be in the right place at the right time. That's what my older brother always said, and that's what you had to live by out here. The problem was most of the time I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Sometimes I could hurt that was just part of life, but I knew that one day it was going to get me killed. This was Lima Heights Adjacent, you didn't want to mess with the wrong people, and you had to have a tight group just to walk around the corner.

I glanced down at my cell phone checking the time for the third time in as many minutes. I caught sight of the bus pulling up across the street from me and I pushed off the wall I was previously leaning against and began to search the people getting off. It didn't take long for me to spot the one person wearing a hard rock t-shirt and had cropped messy blond hair. She caught sight of me and quickly jogged over across the street. "Where the fuck have you been?" I asked her crossing my arms over my chest. She gave me an annoyed grin so I just brushed past her and began walking down the street. She followed mainly because she knew she was late and she knew I didn't want to babysit her.

"I was visiting my dad…you know he lives in Columbus." Quinn said trying to explain herself. I rolled my eyes and continued walking.

"Screw him Quinn; you cannot be serious right now." I didn't understand why she still visited her father. The way he left her and her mom and two younger sisters was awful. I remember having to hold her while she cried herself to sleep for at least a month. I rid my mind of those thoughts, that was the past and one of us had to get over it so we could move on. I shoved my hands into my pockets and picked up my pace.

"What's the rush Pez? Your shoes are practically on fire right now." Quinn whined. I slowed my pace but kept looking across the street. I caught sight of a few punks from the west end of Heights. They were leaning up against a car smoking weed and tossing beer cans into the middle of the street. They were wannabes, and they had no business over here. I was burning holes through their skulls and I knew they noticed, but none of them pounced, not yet.

"Those assholes piss me off so much." I said between my clenched teeth. I had slowed down so much that I was basically at a halt. Quinn glanced over at the boys and shrugged.

"So what? What are you gonna do pick a fight with 'em? Save it." Quinn warned. She knew that when I got angry then my rational side just disappeared and I knew she was trying to stop me from being stupid. It was nice of her to protect me, but right now I didn't need that, those guys weren't even worth the effort. Just as I was about to take one step away and towards Quinn apartment something whizzed past me. From my time living here my first instinct said bullet but when I turned my head I saw Puck making a u-turn on his bike and slowly riding back towards Quinn and I.

"You almost knocked me over you dick!" I said pushing him off his bike as soon as he was within reach. He landed on his back and was ready to retaliate but Quinn stepped in between us to stop things from getting out of hand. Puck and I were practically siblings and that meant we fought like siblings.

"Chill San I wasn't trying to hit you. You're the one who wasn't paying attention…what were you looking at any-." When he spotted the kids from the west end he glared them down like I had earlier. "What are they doing over here? You know they're just trying to prove something." We all knew that it wasn't news. Those guys weren't just from the west end they probably were vying for a spot in the West End gang. The only way to get in that gang was to hurt somebody, and badly at that. I didn't like knowing that they were scanning these streets for someone to mess up.

"Yeah and if you didn't come over here with your punk ass bike maybe we'd be able to scare them off." Quinn laughed because she knew how much Puck loved riding that thing around, but I didn't think it was that funny. I glanced down the street and saw a girl who looked just about my age walking down the street right at the boys. Puck and Quinn caught sight of her too. What the hell did she think she was doing? She was walking right into a trap.

"What is that girl doing?" Quinn said taking a step into the street and squinting her eyes to see closer. The girl across the street was wearing a skirt and some ridiculous looking sweater. I hadn't seen her around here, and I take it that was because she wasn't from around here. Now one would be caught dead looking that vulnerable on the street. "Why is she stopping?" Quinn chirped watching as the boys from across the street seemed to be interested in talking to the short brunette. There were four west enders, and I knew for a fact that the girl across the street had no idea what kind of danger she was in.

"We gotta go, come on." I said beginning my stride across the street and hoping Quinn and Puck would follow. Luckily they did, because I wasn't ready to take on four guys all by myself. Puck held his bike handles as he walked beside me, and Quinn was walking to my right. "Yo what's goin on West Enders?" I said in the cockiest way possible. The boys turned from the small brunette and looked over at me.

"Fuck off." One of the boys said spitting on the ground in front of me. I looked down at my feet making sure none of the spit got on my shoes. It didn't but that didn't stop the anger from boiling up inside of me.

"Not worth it Pez." Quinn said grabbing my arm and pulling me back. Puck wasn't trying to comfort me, instead he was waiting for me to pounce. I knew if I did he'd have my back, but I looked over at the out of place girl standing behind the West Enders. "Look we don't care what you're doing, but I just wanted to take my cousin home. She seems a little lost." The boys didn't look convinced but they parted ways and let the short sweater sporting girl walk through and over by us.

I reluctantly turned and walked away, with the short girl in tow. "If I catch you assholes on this side of town again I'm gonna fuck you all up!" I shouted over my shoulder. They didn't retaliate instead they glared at me and my friends until we had turned the corner. I looked back and saw that the girl was still following us and I was wondering where she was going in the first place. "Hey, mini-girl what's with?" I questioned.

"Thank you guys for your valiant deed, I was merely searching for someone to explicate to me where I could find a music store. I'm in need of a few supplies that will surely be of great use in the near future." Puck and I exchanged looks but Quinn just looked amused. Was this girl from a different planet or something?

"Christ, what the fuck are you saying? You need a hookup for a fly music place?" I asked and she thought it over for a second before nodding. "You shouldn't have come to Lima Heights for that shit; someone like you will get killed out here. Yo Lucy Caboose, get this kid on the next bus outta here." I told her. Quinn rolled her eyes because she hated being called by her birth name. I smirked and glanced at the shorter girl for a moment before I snapped out of it. "What's your name midget?"

"Rachel Barbra Berry, my middle name is the given name of a famous-." I held up my hand to cut her off before she could finish.

"Don't care…you're just lucky I saved your ass today. Next time maybe you'll think twice about ever coming back here."

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