I finally made it. I almost can't believe it. I've been working on this story for seven years now. As much as I would've loved to have kept going, unfortunately, there were so many factors that changed that mindset I used to hold several years back.

I won't get into the nitty-gritty of those details, but one of the major reasons why I have to stop now is because of life. This fic started purely due to my love for the show. I never thought it would get as big as it did. But it did. If it wasn't for those that were still reading, as silent as you may be, I never would've pushed myself to get to this point. I know that there are still more seasons that this story could go off on (Apparently, the show's set to end on Season 9), but I felt it would be good to end the main story here.

After all, my love for the show, unfortunately, started to admittedly die down, probably after Season 4. The thing or spark that made the show so great was slowly fading away, and in my opinion, just completely vanished as soon as Season 8 came around. Believe me, I managed to watch every episode of Season 8 and it pains me to say that there were some that I just wanted to quit halfway through. I'll keep an eye out for Season 9, but if it gives me Season 8 vibes, I probably won't finish it because the last thing I'd want is to completely leave the show with a bad taste in my mouth.

As previously mentioned, I don't want to say that I am completely and utterly done with MLP. I don't want to say that this last chapter is the complete end. I would like to maybe keep writing some short stuff or something, but feeling it is a different story. It was a compete struggle just to get here, and at times, I felt like I was forcing myself to write just to move on, which is a very dangerous thing to do when you're trying to write content for people to enjoy. It's another reason why I wanted to stop here.

Long story short, my life feels pretty hectic right now, and, at the very least, I feel like I desperately need a long break to get stuff sorted. But it's not as easy as saying "Okay, take a break. We'll wait, but just come back later when you're feeling better". The thing is, even if I take a hiatus, I get the feeling that once I start focusing on other things I want to do, I won't really feel the need to come back to MLP, especially if it's already over by then. And before you ask, no, I'm most likely not staying around for G5.

Despite that, I don't want to immediately put off the possibility of doing any more content like maybe a very few select episodes of Season 9, depending on how the season goes, or doing some specials or something. At the same time, I don't want to promise or guarantee anything, nor do I want anyone to expect me to do them like some people apparently have. It's really up to what happens in the future. If my life ever becomes more stable, there's a chance I might return to do some small stuff here and there, but for right now, I want to focus more on projects that I've been meaning to do for the longest time. All in all, I'm glad that I at least got to that "suitable ending" here that I've mentioned before. Besides, I've never really liked the whole "Friendship School" part of Season 8, and I can't really see myself continuing as there'd most likely be a need to include it, considering it's a part of the overarching plot.

I've already mentioned a little bit of this back in that note I left at the end of "Our Legend of Everfree", but the good news I can give you is that I don't plan on giving up on writing or anything. Another one of the main reasons why I want to leave this story here is that I want to get to writing original stuff of my own. With that, I could get into much more serious topics and themes I couldn't get into with MLP. By the time this note goes out, I'll probably already have the website that I plan to upload things that I write available. I'll probably be leaving a link to the site on my profile page, and that's where you should be able to go to keep updated on things that I do. As far as this story itself, I've been wondering for a long while whether I should finally set its status to "complete" whenever I'd get to this point. Seeing as I'm still not sure whether there might be some kind of continuation or not, I think it'd be best to set it to "complete" for now, and if by chance I add anything else, I could always set it back to "incomplete" or just make a new story for it.

In conclusion, for those of you that have stuck around, I really appreciate it. Whether this story was actually good or not, it was still a massive learning experience to me, and I can't ignore that. I know there are many of you that are sad for the story to get to this point, but I hope that effect doesn't last for too long. I, for one, like to imagine the story not necessarily ending. I hope to keep seeing you around to support any projects I want to do in the future. Even if you can't support me financially, spreading the word with friends and getting it out there would be more than helpful.

Thanks, always.