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How long has it been since I've been alone? Too long…It feels as if all contact I ever made with a human was just a dream…That silver-haired girl…I never found her, but…I won't give up looking!

Seto shielded his eyes from the blistering sunlight as he staggered across the rubble, a shard of glass occasionally shattering under his footsteps. He had been walking for days, and it was certainly not easy in weather like this. The warmth resulted in sweat which worked like glue as his hair stuck to his forehead. He had been walking for days, and he did not even know what exactly for! He hadn't found any clues that might lead him to the mysterious girl's location, so what was even the point of it all?

Seto closed his eyes, trying to shake all negative thoughts out of his head, No; I mustn't think like that…If I don't find her, she'll be all alone…And so he continued through the rubble of collapsed buildings, occasionally flinching in pain when a pointy stone dug into his foot through his shoes.

It felt like hours as he continued through the field of rubble, there had previously been a series of heavy earthquakes and tremors, and unfortunately the village hadn't coped too well. Pieces of furniture smashed beyond repair were scattered around and glass from windows and bottles glistened in the sun.

Seto gasped as he suddenly fell forward, clenching his teeth as multiple shards of glass and other sharp objects pierced his skin and tore his clothing. He turned his head to see what it was that had tripped him over, widening his eyes when he saw…A body?

He sat there, frozen in shock, trying to determine whether or not the girl lying before him was dead or alive. After a few moments, the startled teenager finally managed to stir up the courage to tentatively reach out. He let out a sigh of relieve when he felt that her cheek was warm. He hesitated for a moment before taking back his hand and examining his hand, It feels like that time…With the silver haired girl…

He closed his eyes for a moment before opening them and looking the girl up and down. She had long, ash-blonde hair that was spread out like a fan around her and smooth, pale skin. He could not see her eyes as they were firmly shut.

Now that he knew she was thankfully alive, Seto did the obvious thing and attempted to wake her. He shook her gently, frowning when she stayed still and limp, not showing any signs of waking. After trying a couple of times, Seto finally gave up, standing up with a sigh and looking down at her.

I can't just leave her here…He thought to himself as he desperately tried to think of other ways to wake her, he suddenly felt as if the silver haired girl wasn't important any more, he had another person, a human, right in front of him now…I'm sick of being lonely.

Seto took a deep breath before kneeling down and attempting to pick the girl up. She was heavier than she looked. After many, many tries of carrying the unconscious girl in different ways, Seto finally gave up, sitting next to her, gasping for breath. How could he be so out of shape when he was fighting ghosts all the time? He frowned as he regained his breath, trying to think of another way to rescue her.

Whilst thinking he noticed the strange clothing she was in, some sort of hospital top? He shook his head, No, that's not important. He grabbed her arm in another failed attempt to pick her up, which resulted in him nearly stumbling and falling backwards. After gaining his balance and setting her down again, he glanced over his shoulder at what he would have fallen on.

The decision not to try that again permanently stuck in his head when he noticed the pile of sharp objects that lay where he would have fallen. His eyes soon wandered back to the girl on the floor, which soon widened when he saw what was underneath her fringe, which had fallen off of her face with the struggle. He knelt down again to get a closer look, furrowing his eyebrows at the large scars on the mysterious girl's forehead. It looked like she'd gotten a severe head injury in the past…But it was quite well healed now.

Seto sighed, if it hadn't been so well healed it would probably have been the reason why she's unconscious. He stared at her, frowning, I guess there's no other choice…He thought to himself, I'm going to have to stay here and look after her…

That night was quiet, the usual call of the birds and cricket were absent tonight so the only audible sound was the crackling of the fire Seto had set up beside him and the sleeping girl. The firelight danced on her sleeping face, her breathing calm and even. Seto had done his best to find something to keep her warm, but the best he could do were some torn rags. Still, they were better than nothing. It was amazing how fast the temperature could change,

The temperature had dropped drastically as the sun sank lower into the sky and once its light had disappeared completely, Seto could feel the goose bumps under his heavy coat.

He sighed as he sat back and watched the stars whilst black clouds slowly drifted across the moon, giving the night an eerie atmosphere. He had by far given up all ideas of any sleep that night, he had grown used to the chorus of the animals around him, much louder now that there were no humans to shoo them, so now the silence didn't feel right. Maybe the animals were catching up on some much needed sleep, like he should have been.

Seto frowned slightly when the silence was interrupted, interrupted by the growling of his stomach. He slipped his backpack off of his shoulders and rummaged through it in search of a snack. The crackling sound of a packet was music to ears and he pulled it out, not pausing to look what it was before opening it and eating the contents hungrily but still neatly. The packet was soon empty and Seto had no choice but to put up with the remaining hunger that was too stubborn to leave as he sat there.

Somehow the snack had made him even hungrier, but, alas, there was barely anything left in his backpack that was edible, and he needed to save all that remained as if his like depended on it. Well, actually, his life did depend on it.

Seto sighed before lying back, using his hands as a pillow as he once again star-gazed. The moon was beautiful and full tonight; the moonlight it emitted was more than enough to see clearly, with the assistance of the stars.

It was nice, there seemed to be less light pollution now that the streetlights and such were no more, there was now a clear view of the night sky, every single tiny speck that was a star was visible, it was a stunning sight. A yawn escaped Seto's mouth as his eyelids suddenly felt as if a 1-tonne weight had been strapped to them, and before another thought could cross his mind, he found himself drifting into sleep.

Seto felt sunlight on him as his consciousness returned. His eyes remained closed for a moment as he remembered the events of the past day, springing up in surprise when he remembered the girl. Without a second thought, he immediately attempted once more to wake her, as expected though, the attempt was in vain. The girl didn't even flinch after being shaken.

Seto sighed again, Just how long is it going to be until she wakes up?

The days went by like minutes then…I wasn't exactly sure just how many had gone by, but I knew it had to be over two weeks by now…And as before…The girl didn't even move. It's as if she's dead. I'm worried. She'll die if she doesn't wake up soon…She can't eat or drink like that…I went to sleep full of worry again that night, fearful thoughts flowing through my mind.

Seto opened his eyes once again, lazily lifting his hand to shield his exposed eyes from the harsh sun above. His eyes out of routine wandered slowly to the spot where the girl usually lay and felt his stomach lurch. He shot up immediately, she was gone! Where is she? Seto thought to himself desperately. His panicked thoughts were interrupted when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. He immediately spun around to face the person who had touched him, widening his eyes with a mix between joy and surprise at who it was,

"Have you been looking after me while I was asleep?" She asked, her glistening emerald eyes shining at him themselves along with her lips as she spoke. Her voice was kind and bubbly and her hands were shyly behind her back.

Seto felt his tensed shoulders relax before closing his eyes and nodding slowly, taking in what he was seeing, She's…Finally awake.

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