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Harumi stared at the chaotic pile of useful items before her, her lips curved proudly into a smug smirk as her eyes wandered across their collection. Okay, so maybe they'd overdone it a tad bit, but at least they wouldn't be hungry for a while. Rather than pondering how on earth they were expected to carry the ample pile of goods like her companion, Harumi revelled in the fact that the bulging heap of food was almost as tall as herself.

If one was painting, unless they were equipped with patience superior to that of a saint, they would without a doubt be unable to capture every detail of the pile accurately. There was such a large variety of colour in those packets that it almost hurt to look at, for any normal person, that is. It was almost impressive how long the excited girl's eyes could remain glued firmly to the scrambled mess of colour. Seto just stared at her absent mindedly, attempting to figure out if there was in fact a possible way to carry all of the items. He silently shook his head to himself; they'd have to ditch at least half of it before they even thought of carrying it, even if the items were divided between them.

He frowned when he thought how Harumi would react to his plan. Knowing her, she'd probably expect him to think of a way. He felt slightly pressured with all these expectations shoved onto him. So far he had been expected to be the weapon, brain and luggage-carrier of the group…It was frustrating. At least Tomadachi could help. Speaking of Tomadachi…He widened his eyes when the realisation hit him. If Tomadachi was also collecting things, then that means they had even more to carry? He stared at the pile for a second, his eye twitching momentarily before he just sighed and lifelessly furrowed his eyebrows.

They had already pretty much emptied the shelves in their range, which was frightening considering the speed they'd done it at. Well, more specifically the speed Harumi did it at. Seto grabbed items off the shelf at a calm, steady pace whilst his companion frantically attacked them crazily.
"Hey, Se-to! When are we going to start eating all of this? I'm starving!" the girl interrupted his thoughts with her loud, bubbly exclamation, reaching her arms into the air in a stretch before eyeing the food with a hungry shimmer in her eyes.
"Um, now, I suppose." He smiled nervously as she literally pounced onto the food in a cat-like manner…With her appetite, the amount would surely be decreased by a considerable amount. Not that that would make it noticeably easier to manage…Oh well. The boy sat down on the floor and tentatively helped himself to a packet of biscuits from the load. The material crackled noisily in his hand. It would be nice to let go and be carefree like Harumi for once, he thought to himself as he opened it and proceeded to dig in.

One would have called it peaceful, if it hadn't been practically raining discarded food wrapping. Harumi was gnawing through the snacks like a shredder out of control, lazily tossing the remains into the air around them. By the time she finally managed to keep the hunger at bay, the floor around them was completely littered.

And that's when they heard the voice.

"…You're so loud." It sounded like the voice of a young child, whether it was male or female was unfathomable, but it had a warm calm to it and while ever letter of the word was precisely pronounced, it had a gentle touch to it.

Seto quickly stood up with the presence of another, shining his flashlight in every shadow in search. He had a hunch that whoever it was had no hostile intentions, but it was always best to be safe with the state of the world. As that saying goes, you cannot judge a book by its cover; especially not a voice. Seto was about to ask who had spoken when Harumi started choking on whatever she had been chewing. He mentally face-palmed as he knelt down next to her and patted her on the back while the girl coughed and spluttered.

"Did I surprise you…?" the voice repeated again. The deadpan words echoed mysteriously, resonating on the walls of the shop. Of course once recovered Harumi's first action was to lecture whoever was speaking. Typical of her.

"Why you-! Who the hell are you! Surprising me like that! I'm going to kill you!" She yelled with hostility before Seto covered her mouth, muffling her exclamations.

"Please forgive her. Could you please come out from wherever you're hiding?" Seto asked kindly before Harumi slapped his hand away, gasping for breath.

"Why you-!" she started in complaint before Seto interrupted her with a,

"Shh. There's no need to pick fights." He smiled before returning his attention to whomever it was that had started all of this. Harumi recomposed herself immediately with a small frown. She respected the way Seto handled things so calmly greatly. When faced with situations like this she always ended up losing her temper and messing up. She was so immature, something about herself that she loathed with a bitter passion.

Maybe those were the side effects of being in a coma for however long it had been. Perhaps she still had the mentality of whatever age she was when she fell into the slumber? She wondered how old she was in the first place. She couldn't be much older or younger than Seto, or at least she hoped. What if it turned out she was, like, twenty years old and just looked young? That would be horrible…She shook her head when she realised she was getting lost in thought.

"Why are you here?" The voice had a bitter edge that had been absent before, but it steel managed to maintain the cool. Whoever was speaking appeared to be very nearly devoid of emotion. They'd probably been alone for a very long time…Seto could relate to that. Maybe if he hadn't met his friends then he'd have ended up that way, too.

It was the silver haired girl that sparked his determination to survive. Just knowing someone else was out there, breathing the same air as him was enough to keep him going. He had endured many hardships, but it had finally paid off. Maybe he'd never have the chance to thank her, whoever she was, but his gratefulness was brimming to the point of overflowing.

"I'm sorry. Are we disturbing you?" Seto asked quietly. Seto pursed her lips. She had to remain calm, too.

"We aren't here to harm you, I promise." She called calmly with a proud smile. She felt like she'd grown up a little bit now.

"I believe you." the bitterness had disappeared so abruptly that it almost shocked them. How could they have gained their trust so easily? Before they even had a chance to ask, the speaker showed themselves voluntarily. It was to be expected, but it still sent chills up Harumi's spine and shivers through her body. It was a ghost. And they still couldn't tell if it was a girl or a boy, which was kind of awkward. The spirit had a babyish round face but their eyes were sharp and intelligent, thought and empty black. Near-Shoulder length, unkempt wheat coloured hair hung in curtains around their face and stuck in many directions.

"It's nice to meet you, um-"
"Are you a girl or a boy?" Harumi asked tactlessly with an idiotic grin, having overcome her momentary fear. Another mental face palm in the case of Seto. He was there trying to make friends and she'd just gone and asked the poor spirits gender. The poor thing's ego was probably scarred forever. At least, he thought, because that was apparently a mistake. Okay, who stole this kid's emotions? They need them back.

"…I'm a boy." He replied vacantly. This was surprising, which Harumi clearly expressed when her jaw dropped. Though you could not make any definite guesses without uncertainty, he just seemed so feminine. I suppose that was something that came with being a child, though. How old was he? Nine? Ten?

"A-And I'm a girl!" Harumi blurted out awkwardly before mentally slapping herself across the face. Why did she just point out something so obvious? And why was a nine year old acting more mature than her? …The bastard's more mature than her! She burned red with both anger and embarrassment. How she could hate people for reasons as random as that she did not know, but she did.

"…I see."

"What do you mean, 'I see'? Is it not clear?" Harumi snapped, holding up her fist triumphantly.

"Why are you so angry? You should get a hold of yourself. I won't allow disruptive people in my residence." The ghost boy said patronizingly before allowing a small smirk.

"Hey, don't lecture me, kid. How old are you anyway?" Harumi spat with a pout. Seto was just standing there awkwardly. He almost thought she'd changed and matured a bit…Apparently not. Oh well. Harumi is Harumi and that's not ever going to change.

"I do not know. It's been a long time since I died." The boy explained vacantly. His voice was different again, neither bitter nor smug…sad? Or uncomfortable. That's to be expected, though. Harumi had almost forgotten that the life of the person she was conversing with had already come to an end. Her eyebrows relaxed before slanting upwards apologetically.
He must have died at such a young age…It was sad. It always is when a life comes to a stop, whether it's of an elderly woman or a little boy, it always brings sorrow.

"I see…So, Um, what's your name?" Seto asked with a forced smile. He was having similar thoughts to Harumi, how sad it was. And how on earth had he died? An accident, maybe? It was a likely chance that he'd died prior to the demise of a majority of the population, the doomed apocalypse. How had he reacted to the post-apocalyptic land? He must have watched helplessly as his relatives and friends perished…

"My name is Hajime…You are curious about me, aren't you?...I can tell when people are lying…And I…Was murdered.