Sam had gone through the headliners in recorded newspapers in two hours. The only remotely suspicious activity that the town had come across was a WWII plane appearing in the lake after it had crashed several months before in a lake just beyond the California border. Nothing else, and Sam sighed as he glanced out the back doors of the library.

A memorial rose garden was planted around the library, which made for nice scenery outside the hospital, which was behind the library. Conveniently enough, on the right side of the two was the police department, then the dentist and fire department on the left.

Then Dr. John Watson crossed the hospital's yard, stopping beside the windows of the victims' rooms. Sam looked at the lamented papers in his hand, then back to the doctor before leaving the papers there and walking out the doors. He crossed the large rose garden, in full bloom, and paused a couple times to see the more recent names under white and yellow rose bushes.



Sam looked up at a soft noise, like grating limestone together, and found Dr. John Watson staring up at him under his eye lashes, every line on his face frowning. Sam stepped back, surprised.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, blinking and folding his arms over his chest like a disapproving parent.

"I- I came here to check around," Sam said, glancing at the hospital pointedly.

"To spy on us more like," the doctor scoffed. "Well, I won't let you. In fact, I should call-" He reached for his pockets and pulled out a cellphone, and Sam panicked.

"Wait a moment, just hear me out!" The thumb paused on the first number, and sharp eyes said he had limited patience. Sam hurried for some kind of explanation. "What we said earlier, completely true. There are things that go bump in the night - demons, ghosts, the occasional lore - and we're there to take care of it. We're not the only ones, either. There are hunters everywhere, some better than us, some that have probably already sold their souls." Dr. John Watson flinched. "We're just trying to make sure the people missing are safe an-"

"What's your surname? Dean's, too." he asked suddenly. Sam blinked.

"Winchester; Dean's my brother." When Dr. John Watson didn't say anything, Sam back tracked, picking apart his reaction. "Did you.. Have you met a Crossroads Demon?"

"Sherlock was dead," John said quickly, voice tight, his eyes drifting around the garden. The taller man stood straight in surprise, but didn't speak. "He had this plan. This... unbelievable plan that had a one in a million chance in working, and he went to do it, anyway. And he was... dead."

He swallowed and looked at Sam. "So I did some research. Thought I was being ridiculous, fairy tale stuff, right? But I did what the site said and it happened. Sealed it with a, um."

"With a kiss." The doctor barely nodded, looking away. "Why did you ask about our last names?"

"The demon mentioned it. Said, 'Man dies from jumping off a building and returns from the dead, Sam and Dean Winchester will sniff this from over seas.' You might know him, if he knows you, Scottish bloke."

Sam sighed through his nose. "Crowley. How many years did he give you?"

"Ten. Figured that might be enough time left."

"Does your friend know?" He withheld the comment that a soul was worth it's entire lifespan.

"God, no. He thinks everything went according to plan. Might burst his ego." John gave a huff of laughter and a quirky grin before the laughter fell from his face. "I'd do it over again, you know, if I ever needed to." Sam nodded because he and Dean would always do the worst things for the other's survival, no matter the cost.

The older man looked over Sam after a moment of thoughtful silence. "Alright. I know when to ask for help, unlike Sherlock. You might know more of what we're dealing with."

Sam quirked a grin, but rubbed the back of his neck in an embarrassed manner. "Actually, we're kind of stuck. There's nothing amiss apart from the missing people. But you said earlier you had notes?"

John nodded. "The people, the majority of them were last seen at the library or this hospital. And in the hospital, its only been these four corner rooms. One office and three patient rooms, one of those a private room. The staff inside said that all of the patients had alarm anklets and never went out the doors."

"Perhaps a staff member removed them?"

"Cameras say otherwise. Not only, but when the patient went into their room for the night, they were gone the following morning or the middle of night."

Sam looked at the hospital. "How many people have they circulated through those three rooms?"

"No more than eight."

He focused on the windows of the four rooms, then looked to the roof. A camera spun slowly, watching over the yard.

"Well, if they didn't use the door, then perhaps the window." He gestured to the camera, and John made a surprised noise. "Let's go see if we can get security to bring up those videos."

Sam had waved his badge while John went to investigate the windows of the rooms, swapping numbers to text when something was found. The man that took Sam to the viewing room wasn't so much as a security guard as he was maintaince. Small town, small hospital, small staff. The FBI imposter said his thanks as he was led into the room and left with his own devices after being showed the controls.

He found the correct camera and rewound the tape to the last resident disappearance, to the time where they were last seen by night rounds. Sam sat in front of the television for nearly an hour, recieving two texts from Dean that the family memebers pointed towards the library. Sam gave him a quick call.

"What'ya got?" Dean answered.

"Nothing yet," Sam sighed. "I got Dr. John Watson working with us, now. He's made a deal with Crowley inexchange for his friend's life."

He heard Dean sigh as well. "Well, guess he has it on the down low to be chewed out by such a dick. Went by a few of the missing people's family, and most of the kids gone aren't the type to act out. Some nerds, others daydreamers. Three were on their way towards the hospital to see grandparents."

"Yeah, we're there now, checking out footage from the camera."

"Call if you see something."

"Sure thing."

He hung up before the camera made yet another swivel around to the windows, and there was a statue of an angel. Sam gaped at the suddenness; the camera took possibly five seconds to turn each way, there was no way...

Then the camera started to turn away.

Sam tapped his fingers against the desk with impatience as the camera stilled for a moment before turning again.

The angel statue was now in the middle of the parking lot, facing the library.

Turn. Stop. Turn.

Just beside the rose garden, the statue stayed, and Sam stared because he stood right near that statue. He could remember the sound of stone not too long ago...

In a flash he stopped the tape and popped it out, tucking it into his jacket as he left the room and went down the halls where he left John. The short Brit wasn't in the rooms.

Sam stopped a woman in scrubs. "Um, excuse me, did you see a man about this tall around?"

"Yeah, he went into the D.O.N.'s old office." She pointed behind him, and he turned, realising where outside the window was located. He thanked her and put his cellphone to his ear, ringing his newest contact.

A tune played in the empty office. John's phone was behind the desk on the floor, next to the open window. Sam picked it up slowly, ending his call and feeling at ends. His heart raced with panic because this thing wasn't anything he's ever heard of and dear god he was staring at the angel statue now, just at the end of the hospital lawn looking right at him.

Sam ran.