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Warning: Incest, possible chan (17), slight voyeurism, wand used as a sexual aide. If any of these things bother you, please click the back button now. Thank you. For the rest of you, read on for a bit of incestuous love!

"Oh god, yessss."

Harry tells himself to close the door, to walk away, to forget he ever saw this. But, his hand stays glued to the doorknob, his feet stay rooted to the floor, and his eyes remain locked on the sight in front of him.

His son, his youngest son, is on his back, naked, legs splayed wide, eyes screwed shut, one hand stroking his cock, the other moving slowing, languorously underneath him. Al's wand, slick and shining, slips into his body, over and over again.

Harry might think he's merely stimulating his prostate, but for the way his hips roll, and that wand doesn't seem to be concentrated on one spot. No, Al is fucking himself with his wand, and if the way he is moaning is anything to go on, he's enjoying it immensely. A sudden throb from his groin makes Harry acutely aware of the fact that Al isn't the only one enjoying it.

A soft thud from behind him causes Harry to twist around, terrified for one brief moment that someone will find him, standing in his son's doorway, cock tenting his trousers, as his son masturbates. But, it's only the cat. Harry sighs quietly in relief, remembering they are completely alone.

"Errrr, I can't…"

Al's frustrated groan pulls Harry's attention back to the bed. Al's just laying there now, hands tangled in his own hair, wand hanging from his body, cock so hard it much be painful.

Then, as if he somehow senses Harry's presence, his head turns, and he scrambles for his sheet, covering himself quickly, and tossing his wand to the floor.

"Dad! Oh god, I'm… I'm so sorry." Shame clouds Al's face, and though Harry should now take his leave, allow Al to get dressed, then discuss this downstairs, he doesn't do any of that. Harry steps into the room, closing the door softly behind him.

"There's-" Harry clears his throat, hoping to get rid of that husky quality, then begins again, "There's no reason to be sorry, Al. And, there's most certainly no reason to be ashamed."

Al's nearly eighteen; surely, he can't still feel embarrassed over having a wank. Or, a voice whispers from the dark recesses of his mind, maybe he's embarrassed over being ogled by his old man.

"I'm not, I mean… I'm just sorry you had to see that. That is not how I wanted you to find out."

Every instinct he has screams for Harry to leave the room, but still, he moves forward. He notices the fact that Al is still so hard, leaving a wet spot on the sheet even, but tries to ignore the way his own body responds to that.

"Not how you wanted me to find out what?" Harry asks, his voice sounding far away to his own ears.

"That… that I'm gay. Or, at least, I think I am. But, every time… never mind. Sorry, Dad. I'll just…"

Al flops his arms, like he wants to get up, but has just remembered the state he's in.

"Every time, what?"

Al blushes a deeper red, biting his lower lip.

"Um, maybe we shouldn't talk about this. I just… I really thought I could do it this time, but it's just not working. And, you really don't want to hear about this. Look, if you want to talk, tell me how disgusting I am, or whatever, just let me get dressed first, ok?"

The journey from the door to the bed seems endless, but Harry is finally standing beside his son. Making sure to leave room between their bodies, Harry sits.

"Al, I don't think you're disgusting. I, uh, did my fair share of experimenting. There's nothing wrong with it. And, if you decide you like boys more than girls, there's nothing wrong with that either."

Al smiles, but Harry can tell there's still something worrying him, and that damned cock is still standing tall, swaying slightly with each breath Al takes.

"But… Well, I like blokes. I know guys make me randy. And, I've been with girls, but none of them make me feel like men do. So, yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm gay. But, I can't seem to… I can get hard, and I enjoy playing around with myself, but I can never make myself come like this."

Al rambles, twisting the sheet in his hands, and avoiding Harry's eyes.

"And, if I can't get off doing it myself, how will I ever manage with someone else?"

Harry smiles, because that's easy.

"You might want to try using something aside from your wand. It's not… uh… really large enough, is it? When you're with another man, part of the enjoyment comes with the stretch, the burn, the fullness. And, of course, sharing the experience with someone else. But, if you're going it alone, you should consider a toy."

Now Harry blushes, because he doesn't want to discuss sex toys with his son, not really. Or, he shouldn't want to, which is probably where his embarrassment is coming from. Because, he really does want to talk about this. What's more, he's aching to show Al.

"You really think that would help?"

"Yeah." Harry says, intending to leave it at that, and wipe this from his memory the second he's out the door.

But, as he rises from the bed, Al reaches out, taking hold of his wrist.

"You… when you were younger, you experimented?"

That's a tricky question. When Harry was younger, there was no time to think about experimenting. No, his experiences with men happened much more recently.


His hesitation sparks even more interest in Al's eyes, and the boy grins.

"Is that why you and Mum got a divorce? You prefer men?"

There was so much more to it than that. Honestly, Harry hadn't really considered men at all until after Ginny was gone. So, he shakes his head. But, when Al seems to deflate, he quickly answers.

"It wasn't any one thing that caused problems for us, Al. But, after she left, I was curious. Or, maybe I was always curious, and just never let myself think on it. Either way, I never cheated on your mum."

That seems to be enough for Al, but he doesn't relinquish his hold on Harry's wrist. Harry's eyes wander, yet again, to Al's lower body, and he sees that his son's erection still hasn't flagged. If anything, it seems like he's harder, leaking more, breathing more heavily.

"Dad, would you… never mind." Al says again, as if he can't bring himself to finish the question.

Harry hears himself, but cannot believe he's actually speaking the words, when he prods, "Would I, what, Al?"

The blush that is still adorning Al's face deepens, but he answers anyway, "Help me? Just this once, and I'll never tell anyone. We don't ever have to talk about it again, but… I'm kinda desperate here, and I need…"

Harry knows exactly what his son needs, and he also knows he shouldn't be the one to give it to him. That doesn't stop him from sitting back down on the bed. It doesn't stop him from reaching out to touch Al's chest gently. And, it doesn't stop him from leaning in, ever so slowly, giving Al time to pull away.

But, Al doesn't pull away; he moans deeply, as Harry's lips press against his, and Harry's tongue pushes into his mouth.

Al's body is young and supple, and Harry worships it thoroughly. There isn't a spot that Harry doesn't adore with his tongue, nip with his teeth, or suck greedily. It doesn't take long for Al to arch into him, pant, pull, beg, writhe, whimper, moan… come.

And, when he does finally reach that pinnacle of pleasure, he does so with Harry's cock buried to the hilt inside his body.


"Hey Al! Over here!" Scorpius waves energetically from the corner of the dark, smoky pub.

"Hey!' Al grins, sliding into the booth beside his oldest friend.

"Did it work?" Scorpius asks, his voice much too loud to suit Albus.

"Shhh, not so loud." Al scans the room, and seeing that no one is really paying them any attention, he turns back to Scorpius, "Yeah, it worked."

Al can't help the grin that breaks out over his face, and Scorpius matches it.

"I told you he was bent. And, I knew there was no way he could resist you, finding you like that, especially with the whole 'innocent' bit."

Al laughs. "Yeah, but I'm sure he's beating himself up about it."

Shrugging, Scorpius replies, "So, you think it was a one off?"

Smirking wickedly, Al says, "Oh, I'm sure he thinks it was a one off. But, my dad's a lonely man, and he has needs."

There's a mischievous glint in Scorpius' eyes, when he says, "Maybe I could stay over for a few nights. I'm sure I could help."