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Chapter 1: Crap I'm Fucked

There was a sweet smell in the air and it drew him all over the city just to find where it came from. He hid in the shadows as the sun blared on the blasted afternoon. He knew that the smell was not something humans could smell but his race could… he could.

"I'm almost there." The boy said, the scent growing even stronger, making the fire in his throat burn hotter as his thirst only grew alongside the scent. He wore a long black trench coat with a hood. It was able to hide him from the blazing sun when he couldn't be within the shadows, "I hate being like this. I miss being a human… I don't want to kill… why me…" he asked as his hood fell, revealing silky white hair that went the side. His usual kind silver eyes were being swallowed by crimson bloodlust; he struggled with the thirst and his remaining humanity. He walked without making a sound; and with his grace one would imagine that he was calm but the closer he came to the smell the worse the burning thirst became. His fangs pulsed at the thought of prey, he hissed as he tried to cool the burning sensation from his throat but it didn't work, it continued and it became stronger as he gulped the air.

He was turning into an alley in hopes of shade. He hadn't expected to be hit so strongly by the sweet aroma that made him search for so long, "I found you," he whispered. The person was face down; their clothes were torn and tattered. The white haired boy was careful as he turned the person around, and the strong scent hit him full force, making his thirst that much more painful. He found out that the stranger was a man, a handsome man… well he would be handsome was he not gravely injured. He had long midnight tresses soft and silky to the touch, his tone was pale but tanner than his, his jaw was angled and his cheek bone was higher than his own. He could hear the man's heart beat, slow but strong.

"I can't leave you here. Others might come and kill you." The boy said as he draped the man over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, he looked up to the sun and noticed that a big cloud would shroud the sun for a split second. He gripped the man tighter as the sun hid behind the cloud, he sped from the alley all the way home without anyone noticing him or his cargo.

He reached the apartment complex within a few minutes, finding the man's body took several hours thanks to the sun and speaking of it the cloud moved and the sun shone as bright if not brighter than before.

"Glad I 'm out of the sun's rays." The white haired boy whispered as if he didn't have a man draped over his shoulder, he went into the building and instead of using the elevator he went up the emergency staircase, why? One would ask, well the designer of the building decided that the elevator should have a view of the outside, and the blasted sun was in view meaning if he wanted to live he could not step into the elevator when the sun was up and that was usually all the time forcing him to take the stairs that hardly had any windows but several doors leading to different floors and he so happened to live at the last floor... he just so happened to be carrying a man almost twice your weight going up those fights.

He reached the top floor after a few struggling minutes and opened the emergency door, he looked around before he tried to open the door to the right but his card didn't open it, he tried the next door but it didn't work there either. He sweat dropped and placed the man in a standing position besides the emergency door before desperately tried to open other doors near him.

"Why do all the doors have to look the same in this place," the boy sniffed as his last attempt failed.

"Lost again Allen?" a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Hello Reever," the white haired boy said with a nervous laugh, "What a lovely day we have today." He said as he talked to a male that stepped out of the elevator.

"Just so you know the apartment you are trying to open right now is mine."

"… Is it really? Are you sure it isn't mine?"

"Why don't you have Timcanpy with you… usually he leads you to your door."

"…I had to leave him… I went very far today and he would have been tired before long."

"Your apartment is at the end of the hall to the right."

"Ah… thanks." Allen said as he went to the end and slid his card down the machine. The red light turned green and a click was heard as he turned the knob and pulled the door open. He left it open and went back to the stranger, wrapped an arm around his back in addition draping the man's arm over the back of his neck before he dragged him towards his apartment.

"What's wrong with him?" Reever asked not really taking a good look at the injured man.

"He drank a bit too much and asked me to pick him up." Allen lied smoothly as he entered his apartment, "Have a good day Mister Reever." He said as he pulled the door closed after they entered.

A small fluttering golem went around his head as if to greet him, "Hello Tim." Allen said with a smile.

He walked into his bedroom and set the man down onto his bed, he took off the tattered jacket, his eyes widening in horror at the now useless shirt. It was covered in blood and it was torn in so many places, how it stayed on the man's upper body was a mystery, he simply tore it away from the man and placed it next to the jacket.

Allen licked his lips as the man's chest was exposed. The bleeding had slowed but the blood still flowed. Allen knew that the man was unconscious and that he needed to feed, else he'd have even more trouble later. It wasn't as if he was going to bite him. His eyes were completely crimson and his fangs had made themselves known as he straddled the man, his legs on each side of the man's outer thighs. He lowered his head to the wound and tentatively pressed his tongue to one of the wounds, starting at the bottom and moving up until he reached the end, the delicious crimson elixir slowly soothing the burn as it slid down his throat. He repeated the process several times before the bleeding stopped and the wound had healed. He moved to another bleeding wound and did the same thing to that one as he had done to the previous one.

Allen didn't know this but the man was regaining consciousness as he ran his tongue over the healing wounds, all of the wounds were healed but he wanted more… more blood, his instincts were telling him to pierce the man's mouth watering jugular.

The man awoke from the darkness, and he hadn't expected to wake up standing in an apartment complex but his eyes couldn't stay open and closed once more, he made his brain send any signal over his body and at the end he made his finger twitch, 'Where the hell am I?' He wondered as he heard voices talk but he couldn't make out what they were saying before he felt that he was moved, 'This is fucking perfect! I don't know where I am and it seems someone is taking me wherever they fucking want…' the man growled in his mind, he did not like being at the mercy of strangers. The stranger was lucky he was not at his best or their head would be rolling on the floor by now.

He felt light headed and he couldn't move to much as he was dragged somewhere until he felt something soft underneath him and his clothes being removed, he also felt the bed dip slightly as someone straddled him, and he made a soundless growl as he felt a wet muscle on his body. The muscle went from one end of his wound to the other repeatedly; the said wound sealed as the stranger's tongue went to another wound and repeated the process. He was feeling better than when he first did and the stranger would regret treating his wounds.

He was feeling hungry and the stranger did need their thank you and their punishment… it was going to be fun teaching them their place.

To be continued

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