Title: Blood and Lust

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Chapter Six: Blood and Lust

A small and slender cloaked figure slide into the shadows, their red eyes glowing from the darkness as they skimmed at all the people that walked by, their bright red lips stretched into a smirk as his eyes landed on a beautiful red head, her sparkling green eyes emphasized by the freckles and her smile, they were with two other girls laughing about something or another, she wore a white top with a black print of a butterfly going from her shoulder down to her hip, a black belt held dark blue jeans, her one inch boots tucking the jeans up until the knees.

The cloaked figure followed the girls until they split; he trailed after the red head as her pace picked up, he noticed from the shadows that he wasn't the only one that trailed after her, he stood behind the wall as the other men trap her at the center of their circle. The men were grinning and laughing while they got close to her.

The figure smirked as they took off their hood revealing snow white hair and pale skin with an upside down pentagon going down from is forehead to his cheek, he walked out from the shadows as the men tried to pull the girl to the concrete floor, tearing and tugging at her dress while doing so.

"Release the girl." Allen Walker stated, his light silver eyes coming back but lacking real emotion other than hatred and anger. The girl looked at him, her eyes filled with fear, her heart pounding from fear and Allen practically felt drunk with just that but he held the lust at bay just for that moment.

"Why shou'd I lis'n to ya?" the leader of the group practically glowed from the interruption, he was dying to pick a fight.

"You are an ugly contaminated person, and I really hope you don't stain anyone who doesn't deserve it." Allen said without missing a beat.

"You scrawny son of a bitch," the leader hissed in anger, curling his fingers into a fist and came at him. His men releasing the girl to surround Allen

Allen easily dodged the man's fist and flicked his arm down forcing the man to fall flat on his face, "You disgust me, please die." He said in a bored tone as he went behind him, wrapping his hands around the man's neck and twisting to one side, hearing a satisfied crack he released the limp body to the floor, "One less pollution." He said as he walked to the center where the others where, "Anyone else?" he asked.

The other men looked at the dead man and cringed, "No, we cool man!" "Real cool!" they said as the turn and ran from the boy.

"That little shit killed him."

"Oh shit."

"That isn't normal man."

"Whatever, let's just leave before he decides to kill us."


Allen listen to the conversation they had as they ran off and smirked, he walked to the frightened girl and gave her a sincere smile, "Are you alright?" he asked, his long sharp fang finally showing itself.

The girl looked terrified but gave a nod.

"Well that won't do will it?" Allen said as he wrapped a hand around her wrist and pulled her up, "No, not right now." He said as he pressed his body to the girl's tightly. He sniffed near her neck and gave a light sigh.

The girl shook lightly and tried to pull away but Allen's grip was like iron, she could not escape and she gave a light whimper.

"Shhh… don't worry I won't hurt you, all you'll feel is pleasure." Allen said as he revealed two long sharp fangs, "All you have to do is let me bite you." He said.

The girl stopped struggling at that moment before her struggle became desperate, her screams echoed through the abandoned area and Allen gave a satisfied smirk.

At the same time in the other side of town.

The music blared and pumped from the speakers to hit every corner of the bar, the bartender nodded his head in sync with the song as he made his drink.

Bodies swayed side to side as though inviting other people to join the dance. People moved their own way not noticing the form that glanced at their way. Long midnight black hair with piercing cobalt eyes, his strong angular jaw clenched and unclenched, he was trying to find someone who was alone but it seemed that tonight everyone was taken.

Kanda shifted to sit straight as he noticed a petite blond and blue eyed girl walk out from the dance, her chest heaving up and down from exhaustion; she went to the bar to order a drink.

Kanda waited a few seconds to see if anyone was with her before getting off his place from the corner of the bar and strolled up to the bartender next to the girl and ordered his drink, "I want a Cobra Libre please." He said not really in the mood for drinking.

"Oh… Hi." The girl said, a light blush forming.

He turned with a smirk, "What brings you here?"

"My friends dragged me here to find a boyfriend, you?"

"You," Kanda said smoothly.

"Me?" she asked with a curious look, "Do I know you? Have I met you before?"

"Just now," Kanda said as he turned fully to her, almost pressing to her.

"Really?" she shifted towards him.

"Yes," Kanda said with a smirk knowing that bedding this woman would be fast.

"Want to go somewhere private?" she hinted with a coy smile.

Kanda didn't say anything but he led her by the waist. They neared the door when he heard a faint scream, and he frowned as the screams continued desperately.

Allen attempted to silence his prey, "Tch. This has gone long enough." He said as he tightened his grip on the girl further, tilting her head he sunk his fangs into her juggler.

The girl's screams were cut and she gasped as she felt the pricks, she let out a breathy groan, her tears fell but her body reacted provocative, she started to jerk her hips towards Allen's and roll them, she could hear her blood being sucked away from her but she didn't care.

Allen smelled her arousal and buried his fangs further.

Her senses were heightened and her vision blurred, her hearing spiked and she could hear every little noise around, she shifted to buckle her hips further onto him.

Kanda felt that something was off when the person's screams stopped, he took his hand from the girl's waist and started to walk towards the area he heard the scream. He didn't hear the confusion on the girl's voice, nor did he hear what she said as he left. His stride picked up to an almost run as he heard groans and moans.

"Shit!" he said as he turned several corners, his fast walk became a run.

Allen started to strip the girl of her shirt and jeans; he started to trail patterns with his finger until he reached the girl's bra.

The girl responded in favor and started to grip at his shirt as her hips jerked her pace almost frantic.

Allen started to look for the bra hook but could not find it, he was about to take it off but he started to hear another heart beat near and paused for a moment with his hand.

A figure came out of the corner, "What the hell Moyashi?!" he heard, and he took a glance with one gleaming red eye, the person had the audacity to interrupt his meal.

Allen slowly removed his fangs from the girl as the girl shivered from pleasure and passed out.

"You were about to kill her?" Kanda growled, "Doesn't that mean anything to you anymore?" he knew his anger wasn't that Allen almost killed a girl; his anger was that the moyashi went to another source for food, and not to him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think I needed your permission to feed from others," Allen grinned as he let the girl slip onto the concrete barely breathing and as if to hear Kanda's thoughts said, "It seems I wasn't the only one that feed from someone else." Allen sniffed, "you smell of another person."

Kanda sneered and began to walk to the boy, "I own you." He growled.

"I don't see your name on me." Allen retorted back with a smug smirk.

"Don't you care if you kill a human?" Kanda hissed stopping his step.

"Apparently not," Allen said as he stepped away from the girl to reveal a dead corpse near the trash.

"What the- Are you insane?" Kanda growled.

"No, I'm a vampire, I kill to feed." Allen said. He wasn't ready for what happened next. Within seconds he was pulled into the air, he took a glance at the side to see the dying girl next to him.

Kanda knew this was not the person he met; someone that had no problem killing, his moyashi was someone with a guilty conscious, not a thing that thought of only surviving. He snapped when he heard the last line and he picked up the girl and the grabbed moyashi and took flight.

"Are you going to try and save her?" Allen asked.

"Why aren't you?" Kanda asked with a hiss, his grip on the boy tightening.

Allen wrapped his arms around Kanda's neck, "Because it's not in my nature."

"… I'm not asking you now, am I?" Kanda replied as he looked for a hospital, he landed on the emergency area where the ambulances where and saw a stretcher outside.

"So you noticed." Allen said

"You aren't the Moyashi, you're the monster," Kanda said as he dropped the girl onto a stretcher lightly, he took flight fast.

When they reached the edge of the city where an abandon factory was Kanda flung Allen, Allen crashed through the window and wood. Allen smirked, he didn't even flinch as he skidded into a pillar, and a huge indent was created as it took impact.

"The fucking Moyashi wouldn't kill anyone, nor would he drain from a human being."

"One night and you think you know everything about me, but you know nothing."

"You Aren't Him!" Kanda screamed at the person in front of him.

"Oh but I am him, I'm part of him, he won't want to admit but what I do is at his want, I was made from the darkest part of his mind, his desire, and there has been a few thoughts of you." Allen said before he disappeared for a minute and appeared face to face to Kanda, one of his hands on the man's shoulder and he slammed the older male to a pillar at full force, "I can see why though." He said as he grabbed the broken iron bars and bent them to Kanda's wrist and his feet, he didn't give Kanda anytime to think. He pinned Kanda to the broken wall, both hands stretched out above his head and his feet pinned apart.

"Release me!" Kanda growled, his eyes desperate.

~~ To Be Continued

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