Jackson's POV

Sometimes there are things that you can't explain or that can be explained but not with any form of proof or demonstration because that's how it is. It just is. But then there are those moments. Those flashes of hope where those specific things work out for us…or so we think. We take the time to focus on it...really focus on it and after a while, it comes to us. We can demonstrate how these little facts are true.

Aristotle once said that a great debater could take any side and win. Sort of makes you wonder what that means. Does it mean that you know how to bullshit someone? You can easily persuade someone? Or that there is a coherence in the way you present your facts? His view was that even if you don't believe in the position you're forced to take, you can still find a way to defend it properly and win. I don't think his views were about speaking nothing, but nonsense and yet still managing to persuade someone into think you were right.


I think he was trying to say that you have to ask all of the questions in order to get an answer. When you ask questions, you find holes. You find those empty gaps that answer the questions that you didn't even think you needed to ask. You inquire to the things that don't make sense.

That's all it takes.



'Are you serious?'

'Are you serious?'

'Are you serious?'

Bianca could hear Marissa's voice of disbelief over and over and over again in her head. It was something she had heard before, and she knew it, but she couldn't place it.

'Are you serious?'

She tried to put it out of her mind. She closed her eyes, willing for something, anything else to take over her brain. Uncle Jack was currently asking Griff about her brain and progress. She could tell everyone about it, particularly at this point in time. But she didn't want to hear any of it. She wanted to hear something different. Feel something familiar. She wanted to go back to how she had woken up that morning.

"Yes, we're definitely going to win," Marissa muttered against Bianca's mouth. The brunette smiled in perfect contentment as the redhead continued to kiss her lips lovingly. She could feel Marissa aching for more as the redhead slipped her tongue past the brunette's teeth and moved to straddle her. Marissa's elegant and slender fingers had begun to wander and her mouth began to trail kisses down her neck.

"You're insatiable, Ms. Tasker." Bianca said with a smile. Marissa suddenly stopped. "Why'd you stop?" Bianca asked disappointed.

"You called me Ms. Tasker…"


"It's Mrs. Tasker-Montgomery," Marissa stated. Bianca smirked as she felt the redhead's breath on her ear. It caused to her to shudder in the best way. She bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing the moment Marissa pulled away from her ear to look at her. Bianca knew, even in her exhausted state, the response she would get from calling Marissa 'Tasker' as opposed to 'Tasker-Montgomery'. "You're playing with me Montgomery!" Marissa stated, feign-shocked.

Bianca couldn't take it anymore. She blurted out into full-blown laughter and began to tickle Marissa. The redhead keeled over, laughing hard, the moment Bianca's fingers connected to her ribs.

"You're so dead!" The redhead shouted, but Bianca only continued to laugh and tickle Marissa harder. She watched as the redhead crumbled further and used it to gain the upper hand. Using her strength, Bianca turned Marissa and tickled her onto her back. The giggles that escaped her mouth were music to Bianca's ears and she never wanted to stop hearing them.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Marissa chuckled.

Bianca settled herself on top of Marissa, placing her elbows on either side of the redhead's face. She was still snickering, which made Bianca wish to be closer to her wife. Leaning down, Bianca connected their noses together as she brought her hands to push Marissa's hair out of her face. The lawyer's laughter was soon breaking and calming down.

"You're right. I was playing you Mrs. Tasker-Montgomery."

"Meanie!" Marissa whispered.

"You love it."

Marissa nodded.

"You're right. I do. And I love you most of all."

Bianca smiled before she leaned down and kissed Marissa feverishly.

"C'mon. Let's go to sleep."

"Already?" Marissa pouted.

"Mmhmm… I've got three years of holding you to make up for Mrs. Tasker-Montgomery."

"So her family members told her what her memories were?"

Bianca had been torn out of her beautiful memory only to replaced by the torturous voice of Damien Ward.

Griffin Castillo was ready to slap Damien Ward across the face for trying to twist his strong analysis of Bianca's incredible progress. When Jackson Montgomery had called him to the stand to give his testimony, he was very clear and concise, making sure he left no holes in his descriptions of Bianca's development throughout her amnesia. He didn't play up her character, but rather had given a proper, professional, and accurate account of who she was and her honesty. Her determination was a large factor in her healing and yet, Damien Ward had managed to take those last two characteristics and mold them into a way that would make the brunette look unstable and a liar.

"You are twisting my words, Mr. Ward."

"Not at all, Dr. Castillo. I'm simply stating that what you said, that Ms. Montgomery was determined to get her memory back, could mean that she inquired her memories from what family and friends have told her. If that's the case, then she wouldn't know if what she said in her testimony was true or not."

He kept a level head about him and sighed deeply before responding to the question.

"That is only a possibility Mr. Ward, however it is improbable."

Damien squinted.

"How so?"

"Mrs. Montgomery-Tasker's family and friends were under strict instructions to not tell her anything of her past that she could not recall. It was only until Bianca questioned them about a specific memory that they were able to confirm or deny what she remembered."

"But it was you who insisted that the family bring someone from the past back to Pine Valley, correct? A Ms. Stone?"

"It was a suggestion."

"And she did return?"

"Yes, she did. But it wasn't me who called her."

"No, that was your assistant."

Griffin squinted his eyebrows in confusion.

"Okay, now that is impossible."

"And why is that Dr. Castillo?"

"Because I don't have an assistant Mr. Ward."

Damien Ward stood stumped. He didn't know what else to ask. It was obvious to him that this was not Dr. Castillo's first time as a witness for a court case. Okay, so Bianca Montgomery's memory was and could probably be considered accurate. No biggy. He still had his own case to present. Giving a curt nod to Griffin, he turned to the judge and made a common, simple statement.

"No further questions, Your Honour."

Judge Donahue squinted and then shut his eyes, trying to relax himself and to keep from directly insulting Damien Ward. The lawyer had been before him many times and every time, the judge wished for a quick death.

"You may step down Dr. Castillo."

Griffin nodded a thank you to the judge and returned to his seat.

"Mr. Ward, in light of your inability to prove Mrs. Montgomery's testimony as invalid, I have no choice, but to rule her allegations as fit evidence in the district attorney's case." Donahue turned his attention to Jackson. "Mr. Montgomery, you may continue."

Jack rose to his feet.

"Thank you, Your Honour. At this time, I would like to call upon Dr. Mary Margaret Stone."

Marissa froze. Maggie's here? She heard the shuffle of an individual rising to their feet some ways behind her. Maggie Stone was sitting at the back of the courtroom and when she heard her full name being called, she instantly became shaky. She had watched the way Damien Ward attempted to crumble Griffin Castillo into nothing, but had failed. However, she knew that the doctor had been a part of many proceedings. She, however, wasn't so experienced. The cases she received had always lacked the position as being a part of criminal proceedings. Not two days ago, Maggie received an urgent phone call from Jackson Montgomery asking her to return to Pine Valley one final time. If there was any hope of Bianca receiving any justice for what had happened to her, Maggie would have to answer a few questions.

As her former lover passed by, Bianca felt only guilt. Nothing she felt pertained to romantic love when her eyes rested upon Maggie Stone. Their eyes connected and Maggie simply smirked at her.

"Dr. Stone, how long have you known Bianca Montgomery-Tasker?"

"About 20 years, give or take a few years."

"And how would you characterize Ms. Montgomery?"

"Objection, Your Honour!" Damien said as he stood up. "Why is this relevant?"

"Mr. Ward, your client is on trial for the abduction and brutal assault on Ms. Montgomery as well as arson." Jackson said. "You also attempted to make Bianca Montgomery out to be a liar and weak in character and therefore untrustworthy. Ms. Stone has known Mrs. Montgomery for a long amount of time and is neither a direct family member nor colleague."

"Overruled Mr. Ward."

"Thank you, Your Honour. Dr. Stone, would you please answer the question?"

Maggie nodded.

"Bianca Montgomery is a strong and caring woman. She's a fantastic mother and would never do anything to jeopardize that. And even though she and I haven't spoken to each other in a long time, we recently reconnected and I've found that she hasn't changed at all. She's a woman who knows what she wants."

"Would you say that she would do just about anything to get what she wants?"

"No. Bianca knows boundaries, but that won't keep her from fighting."

"Is it like Mrs. Montgomery to just take off without so much as a goodbye or any form of notice?"


"Thank you, Dr. Stone. Now you reside in Paris, France, is that correct?"

"Yes, yes it is."

"And you practice medicine there?"

"Yes, I do."

"So, what made you return to Pine Valley?"

"I received a call from an assistant to Dr. Griffin Castillo. Actually, it was a message that they had left on my voicemail. I had been in surgery at the time they called."

"But Dr. Castillo just testified that he did not have an assistant."

"Like I said, it was what had been left on my voicemail."

Jackson kept looking at Maggie.

"Do you still have this voicemail, Dr. Stone?"

Maggie nodded.


She reached into her front pocket and pulled her cellular device from it.

"Your Honour, with your permission, I'd like to play the following voice message?"

"Of course, Mr. Montgomery."

Maggie inserted her pass code and handed the phone to Jackson who had placed it before the judge. Soon, the room was filled with a very familiar and very feminine voice.

"Yes, Dr. Stone, this is Ta…Tasha Morris from Pine Valley Hospital here in Pennsylvania. I'm an assistant to Dr. Griffin Castillo, head of Cardiology. Recently, we've had to treat her and she has lost her memory. Dr. Castillo believes it pertinent that you return to Pine Valley as she needs your presence. Thank you for your time and have a great day."

A beep signaled the end of the message.

"'Ta…Tasha Morris'?" Judge Donahue asked to nobody in particular. The judge was exhausted. When he received this case, he hoped it would be cut and dry. Short, simple, but this was quickly proving to not be the case.

"Dr. Stone, where were you on the night of June 12, the night of the fire that had taken place at Mrs. Montgomery's residence?"

"I was at my hotel. I had a conference call with a doctor who had been caring for one of my patients in my absence."

"Thank you, Dr. Stone." Jackson said as he looked at the judge. "No further questions."

Damien stood up, completely prepared to have Dr. Stone contradict herself. He walked closer to the stand and rested an elbow on it before the doctor.

"Dr. Stone, you said that you were on a conference call the night of the fire?"

"Yes, I was."

"Where were you supposed to be at that time?"

"I was supposed to have picked up Bianca for an evening out. The call was a last minute thing."

"Do you have any proof of that claim?"

"Yes. Mr. Montgomery has the communiqué from the hospital."

"Which is in the file I gave you, Your Honour." Jackson said as he stood. The judge nodded and Damien continued.

"Around what time was that?" Ward asked.

"Approximately 8:00."

"Huh…" Damien Ward said as he made his way back to his station and picked up a loose-leaf sheet from the tabletop. "That's odd because it says here in the lab report that the fire started approximately 7:45 PM that same evening, which means there could have been plenty of time for you to start that fire yourself. And that would've been just fine for you wouldn't it?"

"Excuse me?" Maggie asked.

"Well it's no secret that when you returned to Pine Valley, Dr. Stone, you wished for a reconnection with Mrs. Montgomery that would mirror the romance you two shared after the birth of Miranda Montgomery. But Bianca rejected you, did she not? That's the perfect motive to set her home on fire. Jealousy, anger, contempt?"

Maggie tried not to laugh, but a small chortle escaped her mouth.

"There are two very large holes in your theory, Mr. Ward." Maggie simply stated.

"And why is that, Dr. Stone?"

"First of all, Mr. Ward, Mrs. Montgomery hadn't 'rejected' me until after someone had set fire to the household. She was in a hospital bed when she told me that she didn't love me that way… And the second, well, the second, Bianca told me herself. In order to get into the basement through the door, you need a key and only 6 people in that household have it; Bianca, Marissa, Miranda, AJ, Gabby and your client, Mr. Ward."

"You could have easily stolen Mrs. Montgomery's key, Dr. Stone-"

"Mr. Ward, unless you have any hard evidence, please keep your theories to yourself." The judge stated, glaring at Damien as if it would set him on fire.

"No more questions, Your Honour."

"Mr. Montgomery, do you have anymore witnesses to this case?"

"I'd like to call upon my final witness, Your Honour. Mr. Gerald Greenburg."

Our next-door neighbour? Bianca asked herself. The gentleman that Bianca had only recently become reacquainted with rose from his seat about two rows behind, to the left of her. The 5 foot 10, 194 pound man with light facial hair and the lack of it on his head donned a suit and took the stand. He smiled at Bianca and Marissa just after he was sworn in.

Gerald regarded Jackson Montgomery on a high note and believed in duty. He knew something, had seen something, and thought he could help out the couple in any way he could.

"Mr. Greenburg, could you explain to the court who you are?"

"I'm Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Tasker's next-door neighbour. Our houses are placed approximately 50 yards apart."

"And were you home on the night of the fire?"

"Yes. I had been out of town and gotten home about an hour before the fire department, paramedics, and police department arrived."

"According to the evidence, they arrived at approximately 8:37. So, you got home at around 7:40?"

"Around that time, yes."

"And what did you see when you got home?"

"Well I was coming back from a business trip. On my way home from the airport, I was in a cab, and a few seconds away from my house. I look out the window and I see Ms. Hendersen sprinting up the driveway. I didn't think anything of it because I knew she had been living in the house for almost a year. I got home, paid the cabdriver and as I made my way to the door, I saw her sprinting around the house to the backyard."

"Did you follow her actions any further than that?"

"Only long enough to see her go through the basement doors. I've seen her use that entrance occasionally, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me. So, I just headed inside to be with my wife and kids after my long time away. Next thing I know, there are lights and sirens outside my window and the Montgomery-Tasker household was up in flames and smoke."

"Did you notice anyone else going in the house or coming out of the house?"


"Thank you, Mr. Greenburg." Jackson nodded to the 50 year old man and smiled politely.

"Mr. Ward, do you wish to cross examine the witness?" Judge Donahue asked cautiously.

"Of course, Your Honour. I just have a couple of questions." Damien straightened his jacket and walked over to Gerald. He stopped before the middle-aged man on the stand and placed his hands behind his back, folding them comfortably. "Just a simple 'yes' or 'no' will suffice, Mr. Greenburg, okay?"

Gerald nodded and folded his hands in his lap.

"Did you see Ms. Hendersen leave the house?"


"Did you see her start the fire, Mr. Greenburg?"

"No, sir."

"Thank you, Mr. Greenburg." Ward said as he turned to the judge. He lifted his hands and smirked distastefully and overconfidently. "No more questions, Your Honour."

The judge watched as Damien Ward walked back to his seat. He dismissed Mr. Greenburg and then turned his attention to Jack.

"Do you have any more witnesses, Mr. Montgomery."

Jackson rose to his feet and shook his head.

"No, none, Your Honour."

"Well then, Mr. Ward. Please present your case."

"Your Honour, as a first witness, the defense calls upon Donna Donaldson."


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