Grimmjow was heading though the forest. He was a hunter. A good one at that. He has captured and killed hundreds of animals. At this moment he was looking for Nekos. He heard some lived in this area and he was keen to kill some. There was a rustle in the bushes next to the clearing the hunter was near and a white haired Neko cub pounced through the bushes and into the clearing, narrowly missing the butterfly he was chasing. He had a big bushy snow leopard tail and large, white ears nestled in a mess of ash white hair. He had gold on black eyes and a bright smile. There was a larger Neko behind him, an adult. The slim submissive had orange hair and orange ears, only a few shades lighter. There was a long, orange tail swaying behind him that had a dark orange tip and was lightly striped with a shade of orange that you could barely tell was different from the base orange. Grimmjow hid in the brush, watching the two Nekos. He had never seen either kind of these Nekos. They had to be rare breed and would be a good addition to his collection. The white cub crouched down on all fours again to pounce on the butterfly but before he could the adult stopped him and he used a clawed hand to push the others bottom closer to the ground. The cub smiled up at the other before he hunched his shoulders and wiggled his bottom a bit before pouncing- and catching the butterfly in his tiny clawed hands. "Momma, look!" The cub gasped happily.

Grimmjow was quietly readying his gun. The orange one smiled and picked the white cub up and nuzzled him happily. "Very good!"

Grimmjow was about to aim when he heard a noise. A older copy of the young cub, minus the ears and tail appear with a smirk, breaking a few branches. "Soon you will be helping me hunt for bigger things" he teased. The orange neko's ears swiveled to the sound and he stiffened before racing back off the way they came, still holding the cub. The more human figure blinked before following silently. Grimmjow was outraged. That thing was hunting HIS prey.
When the white haired demon approached what looked to be a den-like structure, just human-sized, the white, snow leopard Neko jumped out and pounced on him with a playful growl. The older male fell with a dramatic yelp. He lay there for a second before letting his eyes slide open. "Yuki, you scared me…I thought I was being attacked by a big mean predator" he teased.

Grimmjow was surprised. Just plain surprised. That thing wasn't hunting them? The cub started to giggle. "Did ya bring anything to eat?" Yuki chirped with a grin as his bushy tail waved around happily.

"Yup…can you guess what it is?" Shiro teased.

"Is it a rabbit?" The cub asked excitedly. Obviously he liked rabbit.

"Correct" Shiro chirped, showing the white rabbit. "May we can talk your mom into letting you come hunting me for a bit" Shiro added with a smile, kissing his son's forehead.

"Yeah! I just got my pounce down too!" Yuki smiled and giggled.

"You caught me, you can catch anything" Shiro responded, picking up his son. He walked into the den, carrying his son and rabbit.

The boy giggled and clung to his arm. "Momma! Daddy's home!" He called out into the den, and the same orange haired Neko peeked his head out of a room carved into the wall of the rock. The den was lit up by torches and fireflies that buzzed around the room freely, looking like stars floating in the air. Yuki swatted at one of them with a clawed hand when it came to close. Shiro put down the rabbit, drawing his mate closer. He gave Ichigo a gentle kiss. "Yuki wants to go hunting…what do ya think?" he asked.

"What? No! He's too young! He could get hurt!" Ichigo gasped, making Yuki pout.

"He will be fine, I will be watching him" Shiro promised, pouting.

Ichigo huffed. "...Fine, but don't let him out of your sight!" He said sternly before smiling at Yuki. "You're first hunt." He cooed, taking the boy from Shiro and nuzzling his cheek with a rather loud purr.

"Like I would let my only child out of my sight" Shiro replied, kissing Ichigo's nose.

Ichigo giggled at that and had to stifle the giggles with a clawed hand. The vampire raised an eyebrow but said nothing. "Um... you might want to rethink what you just said." Ichigo said through his giggles.

"Like I would let my only 5 year child out of my sight" Shiro corrected, kissing his mate in congratulations. Ichigo purred and kissed him back happily. Yuki scratched his ear in confusion. "Um... Whats going on?" He asked with a tilt of the head.

Shiro broke the kiss, smiling at Yuki. "Well you are gonna be a big brother" Shiro answered, kissing his forehead.

Yuki gasped. "Really!"

"Yup…and you are gonna be a great brother right?" Shiro asked.

"Yeah!" Yuki giggled and hugged Ichigo's arm tightly.

"If you want to start now, you can start being a great brother by hunting and helping feed momma and your little sibling" Shiro purred, kissing his son's forehead again.

Yuki giggled and nodded. "We need more than one rabbit now!" He chirped making Ichigo smile.

"We will…hunting time?" Shiro asked.

"Oh Momma, can we? Pleeeaasseee?" Yuki asked, looking up at Ichigo with big puppy eyes as he tugged on the sleeve of his shirt gently. After a moment Ichigo sighed and nodded yes. "Yay!" Yuki cheered.

"We wouldn't be long…mkay?" Shiro reminded the orangette, kissing his forehead.

"Okay... Only a few hours though." Ichigo warned as he set Yuki down on his feet.

"Only a few hours" Shiro repeated. "C'mon Yuki" he added, ready to leave the den.

Yuki giggled and ran to the front of the den with a kittenish roar. Shiro smiled, following his eager son.

Ichigo smiled after them before going back into the room he was in. It was the kitchen. He had been cleaning the rock tables and counter tops and the stove, which was only a ledge of rock right over a shallow hole in the rock ground, were there were a few fresh logs of wood sitting. Grimmjow watched the albinos disappear before sneaking over to the den. He watched the orangette. He was an interesting Neko. Grimmjow wouldn't mind something else from it. Ichigo bent over to set another log on the pile of wood underneath the stove. His tail waved round aimlessly as he did so. Grimmjow silently slipped into the room, only inches from Ichigo. Ichigo sniffed the air and his ears swiveled backwards before his tail frizzed out. He swirled around in surprise before he bared his teeth with a hiss as his ears lay flat against his skull. Grimmjow wasn't at all scared of the submissive. He smirked. "Little kitty isn't that scary" he snorted.

That only earned him a growl. Grimmjow stepped closer, blocking Ichigo's exit. He was smiling. Ichigo lashed out at him with his claws, barely missing him. There was a low, constant growl rumbling in his throat. Grimmjow smirked. This little kitty was a rare, wild one. If he captured and tamed it, he could get an excellent price. And maybe have a bit of fun with it as well. "Out!" Ichigo hissed.

"Make me kitten" Grimmjow smirked.

"Don't call me that!" Ichigo hissed again before he jumped at Grimmjow, fully intent on clawing and or biting him to death.

Grimmjow caught him, restricting the orangette's arms behind him as he forced the younger in the wall. Grimmjow leaned his lips to Ichigo's ear. "Don't be so mean little kitten…you don't want me to hurt you right?" he purred, biting the ear gently. "I am not normally very nice to naughty little kittens like you…but I am making an exception right now" he continued, smirking. Ichigo growled but stilled anyways, the orange ear flicking away from Grimmjow. "Good kitten…you are learning" the bluenette purred.

"Get off!" The orangette snapped with a hiss.

"Nope" Grimmjow smirked, licking the side of Ichigo's neck.

"I said, get off!" Ichigo snapped, now squirming around again

Grimmjow pressed his hips forward to hold the Neko closer to the wall. "Don't squirm Kitten" Grimmjow growled, biting Ichigo's neck harshly.

Ichigo yelped and stilled, his eyes wide. He then made a loud, yowling sound that echoed throughout the den. Grimmjow knew enough about Nekos, THAT wasn't a good sign. He forced the Neko close to his body, dragging it quickly through the forest. With one hand on the Neko's arms, kept between the orangette's back and Grimmjow's chest and an arm around the Neko's waist, Grimmjow was successfully capturing the Neko. "Leggo!" Ichigo yowled, trying to wiggle out of the other's arms.

"Not likely" the human snarled.

He was nearing the place where he left his truck. The orangette made that same yowling sound again followed by a hiss. Grimmjow growled back, releasing Ichigo. He shoved into a cage. The cage was new but bloodstained. Grimmjow closed the door, locking it before heading to start the truck. Ichigo backed up to the edge of his cage, his eyes wide as he stared at the blood, some of it still damp. His tail curled tightly around his waist as his ears lay flat against his skull. Grimmjow started the truck, starting to drive it as he heard a yowl from a distance away. He glanced in his mirror to see the albino and cub racing towards him. Grimmjow snorted. Ichigo yowled back at them as he gripped onto the bars of the cage tightly. "Momma!" Yuki cried, tears in his eyes as he ran as fast as he could. Sadly, he couldn't keep up with a car. Shiro couldn't either. Grimmjow glared at their attempts, picking up speed. Yuki sniffed as he slowed down to a stop, his bushy tail dragging on the ground as he started to cry softly. "Mommy..." Shiro picked up his son, hugging him. "We will save your mommy…mkay?"

"B-but..." Yuki sniffed as he started to cry into Shiro's shirt.

Shiro hugged his son closer. "We will save him…I promise" Shiro soothed.

The little boy nodded stiffly into Shiro's shirt. Shiro kissed his head.

Another Roleplay between IS and I...Hunter Grimm, Neko Ichi...mmm this is gonna be good

IS: Ichigo/Yuki

Me: Everyone else