After a long drive, Grimmjow parked the truck. Again, Nnoitra was smoking on the porch. Grimmjow picked up Yuki, untying him from the truck. "You gonna bring home a new Neko everyday or something" Nnoitra snorted.

Grimmjow had picked him up by the scruff of his neck again, making him curl up into that same position again. His ears where flat against his head as he stared at the tall ravenette with wide, scared eyes. "He's kinda small" Nnoitra added.

"Of course he is, he's a kid" Grimmjow snorted.

"Weird" Nnoitra stated.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes, walking past Nnoitra and towards the room where he left Ichigo. "I wanna go home..." Yuki sniffled. Grimmjow opened the door to the room and set Yuki down. Then he left the room, though he was leaned against the door. He was interested to know how Nekos treated their kids. Ichigo peaked out from under the bed and gasped before scrambling out from under the bed and pulling Yuki into his arms where he proceeded to lick the other's ears affectionately as Yuki cried. He wrapped his tail tightly around them both. Grimmjow couldn't help but smile. He felt…good…ish. He sighed, walking away from the door to let them have their privacy.

Grimmjow came in the next morning. He had food again, along with collars and leashes on his belt. Both Ichigo and Yuki where under the blankets on the bed again. Grimmjow set down the food and went to unwrap them from the blankets. "Up" he commanded. Ichigo hissed at him and hid Yuki underneath him. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes, a small smirk appearing. He picked up Ichigo, throwing the orangette over his shoulder before scooping up Yuki as well. "You are up…good…be good kittys now" Grimmjow demanded. Ichigo squeaked and started to wiggle around, trying to get the human alpha to let him go. His shoulder was pressing against the small cub bump on his stomach and he feared that it was hurting it. "Will you calm down…I am not going to hurt you" Grimmjow snapped.

He shifted both the Nekos so he was carrying Ichigo bridal style with Yuki on Ichigo's legs. Ichigo continued to hiss and growl while Yuki clung to his leg. Nnoitra was at a table, eating. "Have fun?" he snorted.

"Shut it" Grimmjow snarled, continuing out the door.

When they were set in the car, Yuki started to struggle against Grimmjow's hands when he tried to snap a collar around his neck. He started pulling on it when he had snapped it on. Ichigo growled and tried to jump out of the cage when Grimmjow had dragged him to the back to put him in it. The other had already snapped a thick leather collar on his neck with a leash made out of a thick chain. "Look do you want to sit with your kid? If you do then fucking behave…cuz at the moment you are begging to sit alone out here" Grimmjow snarled. Then he waited for a reply.

"I'm not gonna 'behave' as you human alphas call it." Ichigo growled out as he yanked on the chain.

"…Do you know what I am talking? Because I don't think you do" Grimmjow asked.

"I know what you're saying!" Ichigo snapped as he yanked on the chain yet again.

"Then what does behave mean" Grimmjow asked, crossing his arms.

"You want me to listen to your command and submit to another alpha, and I won't do it!"Ichigo yowled with a hiss before he yelped when Grimmjow suddenly jerked on the chain, making him fall.

"You just assumed that. You are a pet not a fucking slave idiotic bitch…I didn't ask you to submit to another Alpha, but you will listen when I tell you to" Grimmjow snarled.

"You're a human alpha! I only listen to MY alpha." Ichigo stated.

Grimmjow closed the cage door, rolling his eyes. He got into the truck and started it. "You taking them to the fair?" Nnoitra asked.

"Yeah" Grimmjow snorted.

"I thought you were gonna train them first" Nnoitra snorted.

"Changed my mind…you coming or not" Grimmjow asked.

"No thanks…those fairs are annoying as hell" Nnoitra rolled his eyes. "And if you buy anything, no alphas those things are idiots and annoying" he added.

Yuki was still tugging at the collar on his neck by the fabric leash attached to it. He seemed to be concentrating so much on that that he hadn't noticed that Grimmjow had gotten in the car and started to drive. "Stop tugging on it kid" Grimmjow sighed.

"But I-I don't like it!" Yuki whined as he continued to tug at it, his ears back while a concentrated look came over his features. It was, honestly, cute.

Grimmjow sighed, undoing the leash from Yuki's collar. "It will go back on when we get to the fair though" he stated.

Yuki smiled at him cutely. "Thank you mr!"

Grimmjow looked away; he would not be affected by the cuteness. "It's no problem" he muttered.

Short fair for you yet...Ichigo doesn't like all yet

IS: Yuki/Ichigo

Me: Grimmjow/Nnoitra