Chapter 8: Regionals

Taylah was nervous.

Extremely nervous.

As her and the rest of New Directions waited in the wings to perform at Sectionals. Her and the rest of the girls were dressed in black dresses that cinched at the waist with a red bow and red lips.

Rory came up behind her and put his arm around her. He was dressed like the rest of the boys in a black polo shirt with red piping and black pants.

"You ready?" Rory asked sympathetically.

Taylah took a deep breath.

"I think so." Taylah almost whimpered.

The New Directions took their places as the curtain pulled up.

Music started, and Taylah opened her mouth.

I've been everywhere for you

I even did my hair for you

Her voice sounded smooth on stage and she loosened up a little.

Love, oh, love

I gotta tell you how I feel about you

Coz I, oh, I,

Can't go a minute without you love

She felt at home now, performing on stage, as the other New Directions danced and sang behind her.

Like a Satellite

I'll be in orbit all the way around you

Coz I, oh, I

Can't go a minute without your love

She poured out the last notes of the song as Rory came up behind her to start their duet.

They say it's a mans world

That cannot be denied

But what is a man

Without a women by his side

Rory and Taylah stated at each other and Taylah couldn't help but burst with a huge grin. Rory continued.

That I'm your man

And your my girl

Rory took Taylah's hand as she joined in with him.

That I'm the sea

And your the pearl

It takes two baby,

It takes two

The turned to face each other as they finished off the song, so deeply in love.

That you're my pride

And I'm your joy

That I'm the sand

And you're the tide

And I'll be the groom

If you'll be the bride

It takes two baby,

It takes two.

Rory and Taylah walked to the back to take their positions for the new directions final number.

Sebastian strutted out to own this last number. When the music started, every girl in the audience knew who it was by.

If I was your boyfriend,

I'd never let you go

I can take you places you ain't ever been before

Taylah came up behind Sebastian to join in

Swag, swag, swag, swag

Sebastian played his strait roll well, pretending to chase Taylah. She sang.

I'd like to be, everything you want

Sebastian picked up the song again coming up behind Taylah as if whispering in her ear

Hey girl, let me talk to ya'

If I was your boyfriend,

I'd never let you go

I'd keep you on my arm girl

You'd never be alone

I can be your gentlemen

Anything you want

Taylah was now doing a partner dance with Rory, before Sebastian pretends to pull her away, and Sebastian and Taylah have their big hip hop dance number.

I can be your gentlemen

Anything you want

If I was your boyfriend

I'd never let you go

Sebastian and Taylah played fake couple well.

Na Na Na Na

Na Na Na Na

Na Na Na Na

Yeah girl!

All of New Directions moved to the front of the stage to sing the last line.

If I was your boyfriend.

On the next school day after Sectionals, Rory, Taylah and Sebastian did the honors of putting the first place trophy in the trophy cabinet.

What'd y'all think of the new chapter? The songs used are Satellite by Lena, It Takes Two from Hairspray and Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. Read and Review, I love you guys!