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"Period of time occupying a regular part of a calendar year that is used for some particular activity."



"Among the ancient Egyptians the year consisted of twelve months of thirty days each, with five days added to make it a complete revolution of the earth round the sun."


"The time it took me to get back to you."

June 19th 2011.

"Babe, you look so hot right now." Jacob whispered in my ear for the tenth time tonight. His left hand laid loosely on my left shoulder, dangling too close to my cleavage. His right hand wandered all over my now uncovered thigh, pulling my dress slightly higher every time his fingers wanted to feel more skin.

I glanced at the cab driver through the rearview mirror. He wasn't looking at us, or at least he was pretending not to.

I took his hand in mine and gently pulled it away. "Honey, we're almost there. You need to stop if we wanna make it one piece to the restaurant."

"I don't wanna." He said huskily, skimming his nose back and forward from my neck to my jaw. He moved his hand back to my thing moving it higher than where he was before.

I looked to the driver once again. His eyes were definitely on me now. Actually, they were fixated on my legs, looking at me like a horny dog.

That made me uncomfortable. Especially with my boyfriend provoking that look. Almost giving him permission to ogle me.

This right here was where his attitude pissed me off. I shouldn't have to go through this. The fucking cab driver shouldn't have to see me get fondled by my boyfriend in the back of his taxi.

"Jacob, stop." I said firmly giving him a pointed look. I took his hand from my thigh again and dropped it on his lap.

He at least had the decency to look somewhat apologetic. "I'm sorry…but it's true. You look so beautiful tonight, I can't wait to show you off to my family, I have a feeling this is gonna be a good night."

I gave him the best forced smile I could come up with. I could feel he was extremely enthusiastic tonight, more so than any other day, but I had no idea why. And maybe if I wasn't in such a foul mood…I would share his excitement –no matter what reason he had to be- but I couldn't.

"We're here." he announced reaching into his pocket to pay the cab driver. We made our way to the restaurant and spotted his entire family already there waiting for us.

It was a rare occasion when they would come visit, but they had arrived in New York from Forks a couple of days ago and they were anxious to see me. At least that was what Jacob had said.

We were greeted warmly by everyone there and the night began. I tried psyching myself into staying calmed and relaxed. It would be a long night.

Conversation flowed easily. Just like the wine I was drinking.

Jacob's parents drilled his son about his job. His sisters drilled me about my clothes and shoes and hand bag. I answered when spoken to. I smiled when I needed to.

Everyone seemed happy. Content.

At some point during the night, the topic turned toward us. And of course, Jacob was more than willing to answer every single question they had. Everyone started talking about us. How great we were doing, how amazed they were that I had dropped everything I had back in Forks and followed him here.

They thought it was so romantic.

I knew the truth, though.

"Well…we're still trying to decide where to live." He answered one of the many questions about our living situation. "Bella is still so stubborn and wants to keep her apartment, but I keep telling her there is absolutely no point in doing so, I'm already there all the time and if we…"

His voice became a muted sound in the background. I couldn't focus on his words. I kept glancing at the clock perched high on the wall in front of me.

It was almost midnight.

I was anxious tonight. I knew what tomorrow was. I knew what tomorrow would entail. And I wasn't ready to deal with it. It was like this every time. Every single month was the same. I kept telling myself it would get better…but it didn't. It hasn't.

Everyone laughed around me. Apparently Jacob said something funny because almost everybody had tears on their eyes from laughing too hard. Not me. My mind was somewhere else. Not in this room. I'm sure it wasn't even in this side of the country.

It was miles away from here. It was where it had always been for the last year.

Tomorrow would be one year.

One year since Jacob and I moved from Forks.

One year since I tried to move on.

Jacob's hand on my shoulder startled me from my thoughts. I turned to look at him and he was waiting for me to answer him.

"Um…I'm sorry. What?"

"I said I have something to ask you." he said slowly.



He moved his chair back and made me turn in my chair. He reached over, took my hand and breathed in deeply.

"Bells…you are everything I could ever hope to have. You make me so happy, happier than I ever thought I would be." He reached over to the font pocket of his jacket and pulled out a little black velvet box.


He opened it and…there it was. "Be my wife, Bells?"


I didn't know how long I sat the gaping at him. I'm sure the shock must have been evident on my face. I turned to look at his family and they were all looking at me expectantly, but with no real idea as to what was going inside my head.

But when I looked at Jacob…he knew he was in trouble…he knew I hated this. He knew I hated being put on the spotlight like that. Without my consent.

And then I realized that what really bothered me right this instant...was exactly that. The fact that he had felt the urge to do this in front of his family…not the fact that he was proposing. Because to me…the answer had always been clear.

Why did he do this?

To corner me?

To make me say yes?

A loud sound startled me…echoing in my brain. In my mind. Over and over. I knew what it was even before I looked up and my eyes landed one more time on that wall. The clock rang loudly. Signaling it was past midnight.

Signaling it was tomorrow.

Signaling it was June 20th.

Signaling it had been a year.

A year since he left.

"Yes." I said without thinking. "Yes, I'll marry you."

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