June 29th 2011.

05:37 AM.

"Fuck, I missed you." Edward said panting as he plopped down next to me. "Have I said that already?"

I wanted to answer him. I really did, but I was out of breath. And my mind was still incoherent and jumbled…except this time it was for another different reason.

"Did you hear me?" he whispered pulling me against his body and nuzzling my neck.

We were in my bed. Laying next to each other, exhausted, with the sheets tangled around our bodies.

Oh, and we were naked. Very much.

After so much talking and trying to figure everything out, we needed a break. So I asked…actually demanded, that he made love to me.

And he did.

We reconnected. We were getting to know each other all over again, but at the same time it was like we never left each other. Like we never broke apart.

He moved slowly, deliberately, but with a passion that took my breath away. I knew he was trying to show me with his body, with his hands and kisses…everything he felt. Everything he said. Everything he couldn't say because words weren't enough.

I knew because I tried to do the same.

"Hey, I'm getting kind of worried here." his words reminded me that there was someone next to me demanding my attention. So I turned my body so that I could face him, leaned in and kissed him.

"Yeah, you said that a couple of times already. I'm actually getting kind of sick of it." I teased.

"Oh, really? It's been like what? Six hours since I got here and you're already done with me? Really nice, Isabella. Really nice."

"What can I say? You bring out the best in me."

"Do I?" he moved around the bed until he settled on top of me. His arms went around my head, effectively encasing me. "You really should take that back." he whispered softly against my lips.



I shook my head.

"Okay…don't say I didn't warn you."

"Warn me about wh-" my words were cut off when he started ticking my body. Especially my ribs.

"Stop, Edwards…stop." I gasped in between giggles. "Stop, please."

"Take it back."


"Do it." He continued with his torture. "Do it and I'll stop."

"Okay, okay." He relented and smiled down at me. "But I don't even know what it is that I have to take back."

"You said you were sick of me."

The moment that was so light and fun, it suddenly turned serious and pressing.

His eyes told me what his words wouldn't. He knew I could never get sick of him, he knew it. He just needed…reassurance?

So, I would give it to him. Anything he wanted. I'd give it to him.

I brought my hands to his face, gently grasped his cheeks and looked him before whispering. "I will never get sick of you. Ever. I promise."

His answering smile was absolutely breathtaking.

And I took the opportunity to kiss him. To show him. To reassure him in every way he needed. In that moment, I realized I wasn't the only one who had a rough time being without the other one. He too, suffered.

But we were passed that. There was no looking back, only ahead of us.

And what laid ahead of us right now…was the other.

This time was so different than the last one. This time it was consuming, demanding, passionate. He made love to me in ways I had never known. He made me scream his name so much, I couldn't remember if there had been any other man walking on this earth. He found spots deep inside me that were long forgotten and only he knew how to find.

He made me feel alive again.


"Hey baby." I yelled from the bathroom as I finished taming the mess that was my hair. I finally emerged from the bedroom a few minutes ago, but Edward resisted getting up from there. "You mentioned something before. You said you were in London until a few days ago. What were you doing over there?"

"I…um…I…I was looking into some things…" he said vaguely.

That got my attention. I frowned and left the bathroom. I walked into the bedroom and stood by the end of the bed. "What things?"

He suddenly looked nervous. He ran a hand through his hand before he spoke. "I got…I got offered a scholarship to continue with some research I was doing here."


"Oh. In…London?"


"And…you're going?"

There was no answer needed. I could see by the look on his face that he was going.

I mean, how could he not? It wasn't like he could drop everything and stay here. He shouldn't have to put his life on hold for me. He had no obligation.

But it didn't stop my heart from breaking into tiny pieces.


"No…it's okay. You don't have to explain anything…I…" I had to get away from here. "I'll be right back…I'm gonna take a walk, okay?"

And I did. I left the apartment and walked around aimlessly trying to focus on what I had to do.

Could I go with him? Could I leave everything behind and leave with him?

I knew without a doubt…if he asked me…I would.

After a while of walking around, my cell phone beeped signaling I had a new email.

It was from Edward.

I opened it without a second thought.

June 29th 2011.

Hey…you left like an hour ago. But it feels like a lifetime.

Please, let me explain.


Come back.

I love you.

The only thing I knew…I ran away from him without giving him the chance to explain. Or to even let him tell me he was really leaving. I didn't answer his email. I was like ten minutes away from my apartment…I could run there and show him.


I knocked on the door several times before he finally opened. He looked worried. Concerned. Hurt.

I had made him like that.

"You're back." he whispered amazed.

I didn't answer. I jumped and threw my arms and legs around him.

He caught me. Without thinking about it.

It was natural for us.

"I don't care." I started kissing him. Everywhere. "I will go with you…but I'm not letting you go again."

"I'll stay, but I'm not letting you go either." He panted against my neck as his hands wandered and brought my shirt up to take it off. He walked us to my bedroom and placed me down on the bed before he hovered over me.

"Fuck, Edward. I love you." I said as I removed his pants…right after he removed mine.

"I love you, too. If you want me to stay…" I shut him up placing my hand against his warm form. I aligned him up with me and pulled him to me.

"Now, make love to me. We'll talk later. All I care is that we'll never be apart…not again."

"Never again."


Thank you so much for sticking with me in this short little story. Hope you liked it.

All my love.