Chapter 5: The Goodbyes

"Maybe coming was a bad idea." Gilbert said, seating in the most farthest chair there was in the building. "If he sees me..."

"Vous vous inquiétez pas beaucoup, Prusse, votre frère voudrait que vous venez." France stated to him, watching as the ceremony carried on. "Even if he's mad, he would want you here."

"As long as you keep your month shut, and wait for the I do's, then you can do whatever you want." Antonio said, his eyes never leaving where ever Romano went. He was just looking so cute in his suit.

That was mostly the plan from the start. They came late, so no one saw them taking seats within the crowds. Others would know, that just one of them is bad. But if The Bad Trio were together, a dark cloud could be seen a mile away from where ever they were.

"I still don't even know, how I got an invite?" Gilbert wondered, watching his brother having the time of his life. But where was...

"Ciao, fratello Prussia, sono così felice che sei venuto! Germania sta per essere così felice!" A very happy Italian said, ready to go get Germany.

"No, wait Italy!" Grabbing him the shoulders, carefully not to tear his bride suit. Don't want to give Germany another reason to be mad at him. "I think it would best, if Germany doesn't know I'm here."

"But why?"

"Italy, mon coeur doux, Prussia did something very "un-awesome" and is paying the price of it, by not speaking to each other." France told him, leading him back to the other party goers.

"But, but, big brother France, Germany invited Prussia. He told me how mad he was, but he still send the letter." Italy said, close to tears, not liking that his family was fighting.

Prussia was nothing but shock to hear this. Germany still let him come, even after what happen. He still let him come to his own wedding. Maybe there was still a chance to say sorry, before the night was over.

"Italy." Prussia called, before France could get rid of him. "Where is Germany at right now?"

"I think he's outside getting some fresh air, want me to go get him?"

"No, that's okay, enjoy your night, I'll go find him." And off he went.

Zooming pass everyone to where, there was a garden outside of the church. With the sun still up, he could still see. But for how long? That was mostly on if he could find Germany. But with a small amount of luck, he had on him, he finally did.

"Thought you weren't coming." Germany said, sitting on a bench, relaxing in the chilly night as stars started to show.

"Well, I wasn't at first, until I saw the letter." Prussia told him, taking a seat next to him. "Germany, I know that saying sorry won't change anything."

"Could if you tried."

"But, I just couldn't let you go, you my baby brother, its my job to look after you."

"You still can, but I'm not only one that needs you. Italy does too." Germany stated. "Prussia, you're a good brother, granted you can be a pain sometimes to everyday life. But no one can take your place. So know this isn't goodbye." He told him, then added. "This more of, you did what you could, are you ready for the next step?"

Something in Prussia's heart made him feel a little lighter. "You know, I think that's what I needed to hear from the start." And gave his brother a bro hug, seeing that as Germany said, he's not a child anymore. Have to treat him as adult.

Somehow, he kind of died a little inside, knowing that was going to be hard to do.

"Ready to head back in."

"You got open bar, right?"

"You act like you don't me know me at all, Gilbert." Laughing as they headed back to the party.