Rain pattered down onto the dark grey concrete, quickly washing away the tears of a small teen who lay bleeding and broken in the streets. There was no pain. He felt nothing. Everything was numb.

His breath was quick and the water around his mouth fluttered in and out against his red stained lips. What happened? It all seemed to go by so fast. He couldn't seem to place himself. Where was he? What happened? He slowly shut his eyes, blinking away the blood, tears and rain water that blurred his vision. His thoughts swirled like the blood and water that formed around his body. He heard the muffled sound of sirens and a dull screaming. Who was yelling?

Oh. It was his friend Gamzee. Why was he here? The teen blinked again and looked up at the lanky adolescent who fell to his knees beside him. Heavy sobs racking his gangly body. He watched as Gamzee threw his hands into his messy, curly locks and cried out at the sky, then knelt over him, his tears dropping onto his face like the rain.

The teen on the concrete blinked a little as the tears skittered down onto his face like the rain, why was he crying? The sirens got louder and finally stopped as people rushed around the two boys. The men in white coats scooped the downed boy onto a stretcher and into the ambulance. Gamzee was running now and the doctors were yelling after him. What happened? The boy on the stretcher racked his brain, when a pain shot through his body as one of the doctors moved his legs, and everything flooded back to him. From the first time they spoke, to the last second he saw him before everything went dark.