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Rounding the corning like madmen appeared Gamzee and Tavros.

Aradia jumped a little," oh hello guys!" She ran beside them as they hurried into the hospital. Tavros smiled at her. Gamzee was the only one without pleasantries as the traveled to Sollux's room.

The three slowed as they finally crossed the threshold.

Karkat raised his head slowly, opening his swollen eyes. He looked drained. He'd been here a long time and he had no intention of leaving any time soon either. Sollux's hand was gripped tightly in his own," hey." He said in the smallest voice anyone had heard out of a Vantas.

Gamzee pushed Tavros to sit by the chairs, just in case there was another emergency, no one would trip over him and hurt him. The lanky teen slowly walked over to Karkat and sat next to him, also looking similarly exhausted.

Aradia looked over the three mourners then at Sollux. She sighed and put her hand on Sollux's forehead, shutting her eyes.

Karkat immediately looked worried, fear shot through his body and he was unable to protest or speak. He knew what Aradia was doing.

Aradia was known through their group of friends to have some sort of...sight. It was simple things, small things. Like when someone's going to be sick that day, or when someone is going to bump into something. She predicted what happened with Vriska. She told Vriska. Vriska didn't listen.

Aradia had a gift. What she was doing now was unknown, but it had something to do with that gift. There were two rules for it though that Aradia had said when she finally talked about it with everyone.

Don't ask for it.

Don't ask why.

These rules were in place because Aradia couldn't really control when it happened. She'd gotten better though. She still didn't know why though. It was as if spirits were whispering in her ears.

Slowly she removed her hand from Sollux's forehead and looked at Karkat.

The only sound Karkat was able to muster was the smallest of squeaks.

Aradia smiled at him. It was a kind and understanding smile, as if a mother was smiling at a child, saying everything was ok," don't worry." She said, at that she turned and left.

"H, hey!" Tavros reached out and fumbled with his break lock.

Aradia stopped and turned to look at him. Her look was different this time, it was strange, blank, but it stopped Tavros.

He locked his break again and looked at Gamzee.

The blond wasn't looking; arm wrapped around him, eyes on him, concerned and heartfelt.

Tavros felt bad for feeling jealous at a time like this. He also felt really out of place though too. He wasn't very close with neither Karkat nor Sollux. Maybe he was just here for Gamzee's support?

That night was a long one. Tavros didn't know he'd be staying overnight otherwise he would have brought his pain pills. He ground his teeth and squeaked lightly as he shifted in his chair, panting and trying to find anyway that was comfortable; to no avail.

Gamzee looked over at him," you ok bro?"

"I forgot…m, my pain…killers…" Tavros managed to pant out.

Gamzee's eyes widened," shit! Uh up and go back to your book place?"

"I don't know if Rosa…will le, let you in…"

"She's fuckin gotta if I teller bout this!" Gamzee said gesturing at Tavros.

"Ok…try…" Tavros rubbed his forehead, starting to sweat from the pain.