Chapter 2: It started with a cheese toasty

Luckily, I had school the next morning, so I didn't have to stay at home with my dad. As I walked into the classroom, I gave my teacher, Mrs. Wright, my absence note. School followed pretty normally, with me and my best friends Alice and Frankie hanging out together. As if nothing happened yesterday.

When I got home, I made myself a cheese toasty, and watched the clock, begging it to go slower. Only 5 minutes till Dad and Anna get home. I thought. Better get upstairs. But before I could throw my plate in the dishwasher, I paused. I had just felt the earth shake. I shook my head, convincing myself that it must just be because I was tired. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, pausing to brush my teeth. I had no intention of coming back down again. As I switched of my light, I yelped. My floor had shaken again, knocking my cactus plant onto my leg. Note to self: Move the cactus. As I pulled out the long green needles, I knew I couldn't have imagined this.

But if I didn't imagine it, then the tremors must be real.

I quickly picked up: MY BOOK OF TREMORS AND EARTHQUAKES. I flicked through, and then found the page I was looking for. It read:

A tremor may feel like the earth is shaking beneath you, but this is actually a sign for something even worse to come. An earthquake. The earthquake can...

I stopped reading; my senses were on high alert.

There was going to be an earthquake.

I was the only one aware of this in my household.

And we might die.

At this last statement, my train of thought was suddenly lost. I felt very sleepy. Before I lost consciousness, I remembered something about my cacti. It used to be used as a painkiller, sending patients to sleep.

My last conscious thoughts slipped away...

Through the thick layer of haze that clouded my mind, I knew something was burning. I could smell it. Groggily, I opened my eyes. I was squished into a small crevasse, about as wide as a ruler, and as tall as a toaster. Ahead of me, I saw a cosy little fire roaring ahead of me. Wait a sec. ROARING? Suddenly, a thought that had been nagging me since I woke up bounded into my concentration: You are trapped under rubble from an earthquake, and your dad might be dead all because you fell asleep, you lazy girl. Suddenly, I heard someone screaming. My dad. I looked up. There was only a small gap in my concrete prison, were I could see the night sky. I tried pushing against the rubble, but it was too heavy. I was trapped.

All of a sudden, I felt a force come to the front of my forehead, and suddenly all the debree was floating up around me. I paused. This did not happen in real life. I must be dead. But, I didn't have time to be completely weirded out, because I heard my father scream again. I raced through the rubble, and saw him, his car tipped over. I noticed his leg was trapped under a huge slab of concrete. He was hugging Anna, as if he knew he was going to die. Anna was looking desperate. The fire came closer, the Indigo sparks seemingly laughing, taunting this frail puny human.

Suddenly, a lump of rock fell off the ceiling, heading for their heads. I don't know how, or why, but the strange, powerful force popped up again, and the piece of rock floated slowly toward the ground. Anna fainted. The fire came closer. I knew I had to save my Dad. I quickly summoned the strange force, and gathered it up with enough energy to move the huge slab of concrete. Gravity fought against me, trying to bring the concrete back onto my dad. Beads of sweat appeared on my upper lip, and a small river of blood ran down my nose. The pain was excruciating, it was ten times worse than a migraine, but somehow I managed to free my dad.

He ran over to me, hugging me and asking loads of questions, but the syllables seemed to slur into each other. I could no longer see him; the world was just a blur. I knew I was going to faint when a sound like a rushing tap filled my head. My knees started to buckle, and I could taste my blood.

Then the world went dark.