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I Want You

Chapter 1- Confession

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Warning : Noncest, cliché, weird, Bad english, grammatical error, and many more mistake.

Len's POV

From the beginning, I knew it was a love that cannot come true. Yesterday, my dad just announced that I was engaged with a girl named Hatsune Miku. Seriously? I don't know who this Miku girl is. And worse, he said that Miku and I will get married when we turn twenty. I was so surprised and didn't say anything that moment. I knew my dad has a very big company and he did this so he can built a relationship with Hatsune's. But didn't he care with my opinion?

Oh, I haven't properly introduced myself, have I? My name is Kagamine Len, the son of the owner of famous Kagamine company. I lived alone in really big mansion. My mother died when I was seven and my dad is rarely in home. Every time he went home was either he brought a very big new or he just forgot to bring something. Well, technically I didn't really alone in here. There were a few maids and butlers but they didn't lived here.

I had blue eyes and blonde hair, which usually I kept in ponytail. I didn't have many friend. You couldn't called them friend when they just here because of my wealth and charm. Well, my only friend was Kagami Rin. I met her when I was eight. Her dad just died, so her mother, who worked here as a maid, brought her to my mansion. We quickly became a friend. But two years later, her mother died. My dad kindly gave her a job in here as my private maid and lived here. So yeah, I didn't really lived alone.

Ever since I first met Rin, I've been falling in love with her. You should see her back then. She was really cute, kind, and funny. She always there for me. She had silky blond hair that she cut until her shoulder and blue ocean eyes.

Right now, I was sitting under the sakura tree in the school. It was lunch time, but I didn't hungry. My mind was still thinking about that engagement thing. My eyes were closed, tried to relax a little bit. "Len-sama!" called a girl with blond hair.

"Rin, I told you don't called me that when we're in the school. Just called me Len." I said a little bit annoyed.

Rin smiled and said, "Sorry. Len-sa... ehm... Len, you forgot to bring lunch this morning, so I brought it to you." She gave me my lunch as she sat beside me. She still wore the white ribbon that I gave her on her tenth birthday and clips to prevent her bangs from covering her eyes.

I looked at her blue eyes. Have I told you that we have same eyes? "I'm not hungry Rin. You can have it, if you want."

"What's wrong? Something bothered you?" asked Rin concerned. That's one point we became friend, she always care about me. Not like the others, they didn't really care. Especially girls, they always screaming, flattering, and even tried to seduced me (I really don't want to talk about that). Only Rin the girl that normal enough when she near me.

"I'm fine. Just.. thinking about... eh, something."

"I hoped its not about me," she said. "Well, if there's anything you want me to do, just tell me okay?"

"Anything?" She nodded. I put my head in her lap. She was surprised of course. "Don't move. I want to sleep a little bit." I said. Rin stopped moving. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. It was so nice to sleep in Rin's lap. She started humming a song. 'Yume Sakura' I think. She really had beautiful voice. I wished time could stop now.

Teng Teng Teng... the bell was ringing. It was time to go back to the class. I quickly got up from Rin. "Thank you. I think I'm better now. We should go back to class."

"Okay." said Rin. I noticed a blush in Rin's face before we went back to our class.

~Skip Time~

I knocked at my dad office. "Come in." he said. I opened the door and said, "You want to see me, dad?"

"Len! Yeah, I just want to you to know that tomorrow evening we will make a party to announced your engagement with Miku. So, make sure you make a good impression! She's really beautiful, and I think you will fall for her very quickly." said my dad excitingly.

"Really? Ehm... Anything else you want to talk to me?"

"Nope, just that. You can go now." I exited my dad's office. So many things that floated in my mind right now. How can this happened so fast? I even didn't have time to tell Rin that I love... wait- Why was I thinking Rin? Did I just say I love her? I blushed immediately.

I went back to my home. I was greeted by Rin when I arrived there. "Welcome back, Len-sama. How is your day?"

"Fine. Could you bring coffee to my room? I'm really tired." Rin nodded and went to kitchen while I went back to my room. I changed my clothes into long-sleeves shirt and long pants. I sit in my little library in my room and started reading a book when someone knocked the door. It must be Rin. "Come in."

Rin came with the tray in her hand. "I brought your coffee." Rin put a cup of coffee in front of me. I sipped the coffee and its really good. Rin's coffee always brightened my mood.

"Len-sama." Rin called.

"Ah?" I answered still drinking my coffee and reading at the same time.

"So the arranged marriage has been decided right?"

I spited my coffee. "What? Where did you hear that?"

Rin giggled. "Well, it's already a hot topic to talk about in the mansion since yesterday. Hatsune Miku, she's the lady who is famous with her beauty right?"

"Dad just conveniently said that," I said annoyed. "How to marry someone I've never met before."

"You'll meet her tomorrow right?" Rin said with smile.



My eyes widened. I didn't say anything. Rin continued, "I'm sure Len-sama will be pleased with her."

Why were you smiling Rin? "It's like you're telling me to quickly get married." Crap! Did I just said that out loud? "Are you happy if I am with someone else?" My bangs were covering my eyes, so Rin couldn't see it.

There was a silence. "Of course.." answered Rin. "Because Len-sama's happiness is my happiness."

Seriously Rin why were you smiling again? You didn't know what my happiness is. "Rin, you don't understand it! What I really want..." I got up from chair. My bangs still covering my eyes. "You don't understand anything."

"Le..." Before Rin could say anything, I gripped her wrist and pushed her to the wall. Then, I kissed her. Rin was surprised. I can felt her body become tense. She tried to move her hand from my grip and pushed me. But it was useless. I was stronger than her.

I kept kissing her. She slowly closed her eyes. Her face was red. I still pushed her until her leg began limp so we kneed down. Her lips was so soft and warm. And it tasted like orange. Did I tell you that she likes orange?

I finally broke our kiss. She was panting because of lack of oxygen. Her face still red, it even redder than before. She touched her lips with her finger. I could see she was flustered.

"I never once thought of you as only a servant, Rin. I love you. Ever since the first time we met. I've always loved Rin." I blushed when I just realized what I just said.

There was a long silence. Neither Rin nor me said anything after that. I tried to find the answer in Rin's eyes, but I could barely see them because Rin was covering them with her bangs.


"I'm sorry!" I hugged her. "I know I shouldn't say that. But you gave me no choice. I really love you Rin. And I don't want to married anyone else except you."

"Len..." Rin hugged me back. "I'm your servant and you're my master. We live in different kind of world. You know we can't be together even though I have feelings for you.." Rin immediately covered her mouth with her hand, regretted what she just said. "Oh! I mean..."

"Wait. You like me?" I asked. Rin's face became redder. Slowly, she nodded. "You always be in my side, Len." said Rin. "When my mother died, my world seemed to be dark. I had nothing. But you made my world shine again. You gave me your kindness and light to my world. From that moment, I started to have feeling for you. I realized we can't be together so I tried to forget that feeling and..."

I put my finger in her lips. "Don't say that again. I don't want our status burdens our relationship."

"Len.." Her eyes were filled with water. I helped her got up. I wiped her tears with my finger. "Ssshh... stop crying. I promise I will do anything so we can be together." I hugged her again. She stopped crying but I still could feel her body trembling.

Sekai de ichiban ohimesama

Sou iu atsukai kokoro eteru.. darou?

I almost cursed when I heard my phone ringing. "Hello?" I answered, didn't bother checking the called ID.

"Len? It's me. I have to tell you something."

"Dad?" I confused. I could see Rin did too. Well, my dad never called me unless its really important. "Okay. I have to tell you something too. So, what's wrong?"

"Ehm... well, I can't really tell you trough phone, so I will be home by dinner and tell you by then, okay? See you!" Just like that, He hung up his phone.

"Did something happened?" asked Rin. I almost forgot about her.

I shrugged. "I don't know. He said that he will be home by dinner and tell me by then."

"Guess I have to make the dinner now huh? And what did you want to tell your dad?"

"I want to tell him about us. Don't worry. Everything will be fine." I said that as I kissed her forehead. She blushed after I kissed her. "Well, I better make the dinner now, so..." Rin got out from my room and started to make dinner. I really didn't want her go, but I was hungry because I didn't eat anything during lunch so I let her go.

My dad just arrived when dinner was ready. We eat in silence. I felt really awkward. I rarely had dinner with my dad because he was too busy. After dessert, he finally said, "Well Len, what did you want to say earlier?"

"Ehm... well.." I looked at Rin, who standing beside me. She nodded and gave me encouraging look. "I don't want to marry Miku."

My dad raised one of his eyebrows. "Why you don't want to marry her?"

"I don't want to marry her because... because She's not the one I love. Dad..." I got up from my chair and held Rin's hand. "I love Rin. And I don't want to married anyone else except her." I held Rin more closer.

My dad smashed his hand on the table. "No! I will not allow this!" I could feel Rin hand gripped my clothes. She was really scared. "Luka!" called my dad.

Megurine Luka, the head maid, came. "Yes, master?"

"Take Rin to my room. I will meet you two there later." Luka obeyed my dad's command. She looked at Rin and made a gesture to follow her. Rin followed Luka. Before Rin exited the dining room, She gave me a worried look. I just nodded and smiled to her.

After Luka and Rin left, my dad finally said, "Len, There's something I want to tell you. The truth is... our company is nearly broken."

"What? You're kidding right?"

"No. You know that Hatsune has bigger company than us right? So he wanted to help our company if you marry his daughter. Please Len, you are my only son and heir. Please.. please don't call off this engagement. Just think about it." My dad left the dining room.

I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. I put my hand on my hair. "What should I do?"

To be continued

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