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I Want You

Chapter 7 – Epilog

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Warning : Noncest, cliche, weird, Bad english, grammatical error, and many more mistake.

Rin's POV

Many things happened during 6 years after Len and I got married. Len replaced his father as CEO in their company. His company became really success ever since. Me? I'm opening a bakery next town, which become famous and has many branch across the country. Oh right! I'm also a singer! Sometimes the producer asked Len and me to do a duet. Len's father, which means my father-in-law, apologized to me for being such bad guy ruining my relationship with Len. I forgive him, of course.

Let's see what others doing, Miku and Kaito was married last years. Turns out that Kaito was her first love not Len. It's kinda made me glad, because they looked cute together. Miku is having their first child now. And Luka, remember her? She's finally with Gakupo, Meiko's head butler, after she rejected him thousand times. Gumi said Luka really liked Gakupo for a long time and just being tsundere* all these years. God, it was really hilarious seeing those two. Gumi... she still same, except that she dated someone called Gumiya, her childhood friend.

Rei's finally got a girlfriend. Her name is Kagene Rui. She was Rei's collage friend. She kinda looks like me except that she has black hair and amber eyes**. Yuki is engaged with her teacher, Hiyama Kiyoteru. They've dating for about.. I don't know, 7 years? It was really surprised that they can hide their relationship so far.

"Mom! Mom! Hurry up! I want to see aunty Miku's baby!" My daughter, Lenka snapped me out from daydreaming. Her brother, Rinto put his hand on Lenka's shoulder. "Relax, Lenka. We have plenty of time, it's not like the baby can run away from hospital right?"

I smiled at my children, "I'll be ready in a minute. Tell daddy to wait me in the car." Lenka and Rinto raced out from my room, competed who will get to their dad first. Oh! I forgot to tell you that Lenka and Rinto are twins. They are 5 years old. Lenka has a long blond hair, which she tied into ponytail like her father. But she has my personality, always cheerful and crybaby. While Rinto is like her father, calm and serious. He is very protective towards Lenka.

After I found my purse, I quickly went to the car. "Sorry I'm late!" I said after sat on the passenger seat. Lenka and Rinto already sat on the backseat. Len chuckled. "Oh Rin, if you're come on time, that means world is going to end soon."

I pouted and crossed my arms. "Hey! A lady needs time to get ready you know!" Lenka and Rinto giggled in the back. Len was also laughing. He started the engine and drove to the hospital.


"Lenny! Rinny! It's been a while." Kaito hugged me, but because of that he got a kicked from Rinto and Lenka. "Don't touch our mom," they said protectively.

Len and I laughed. Kaito rubbed his leg that was kicked by Lenka and Rinto. "Ouch, I forget they really a good kicker." Lenka and Rinto glared at Kaito. "Oh well, Miku is waiting for you guys."

We entered Miku's room. Miku looked happy to see me. She was holding her newborn baby. Lenka and Rinto ran to Miku. "Aunty Miku! Aunty Miku! Can we see the baby?" asked them.

"Sure." Miku lowered her body, so Lenka and Rinto can see. They looked so fascinated looking a baby with a small teal hair. "He's so cute!" Lenka exclaimed.

"What's his name?" Rinto asked.


"That's a cute name!" Lenka said. "Like aunty's name right?" Miku nodded. After we chatted a few things, we decided to went home. Lenka frowned and said she still wanted to play with the baby-um Mikuo. Rinto had to promised her to give all his banana to Lenka. She finally agreed we came home.


After I tugged Lenka and Rinto with their blanket and gave them a kiss, I went back to my bedroom.. um, mine and Len's actually. Len was reading a book when I entered the bedroom. I changed my clothes into night gown and climbed on the bed. Len closed his book and wrapped him arm around me from behind."Hey, How's the kids?"

"As usual, they finally tired after playing that game you bought for them last Christmas."

He kissed my neck. "Can you believe it? 10 years ago you're still my maid, and look at us now."

I giggled. "Yeah, I remembered you confessed to me because you didn't want to marry Miku. Back then, you said you do anything to make us together, but turns out it was Miku who made us together, not you."

"Hey! But we finally did together right?" I laughed. Len suddenly kissed me to stop my laughing. "You need a punishment you know?"

I smirked. "And what will it be, Len-sama?"

"You know what it will be." Len pinned me down and leaned in. I moved forward and kissed him back. The rest of the night? Well, imagine yourself. But I can tell you one thing. As long as I'm with Len, everything will be fine.

The End

(*) a person who initially cold before gradually showing their warm side (Wikipedia)

(**) I didn't really know what color is Rui's eyes. Remind me if that's wrong.

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