Chapter 1: Secrecy

The storm was rattling around them and in the depths of a noble elegant white manor a man with hair as white as snow and calculating ice blue eyes paced back and forth with worry stretched onto his face.

Lucius Malfoy was a man that inspired great fear and great awe, he was at the top of the social ladder and no one would ever dare cross him.

"Are you sure?" a woman with equally blonde hair asked from the doorway.

Narcissa Malfoy was the perfect wife for her prim and proper husband, raised with grace and elegance she knew the ways he did, she was the perfect wife and the perfect mother to their year and half year old son, Draco.

They were both dressed in the richest fabrics and held themselves with grace and poise.

"Positive, Cissy, he told me so himself. He said he'd tell her to step aside and fetch her back here but I know Lily, I know she would never give her son to him, he's going to kill them and there's nothing I can do about it," Lucius said hysteria creeping into his tone.

Lily Potter, Lucius' younger sister, had become the target of the Dark Lord due to her son, Harry, and one of her husband's closest friends and Lucius was scared out of his wits.

Lily had been brought into his family when she was seven, she was his father's illegitimate daughter with a French pureblood Cherise Colombe who was married to a muggle.

Cherise had forsaken her magic when her parents had been killed and when the signs of magic started to show on her illegitimate daughter she had allowed her husband to try and beat the magic out of the child.

When it had become too bad and her husband had nearly brutally killed her daughter, Cherise had gathered a little of her defiance and had smuggled her daughter to Artimus Malfoy with an explanation of what had been happening.

It had taken just one look at the broken body of his sister before Lucius had deemed himself as her protector, and it had taken one threat on her life to have him joining the Death Eater's to protect her.

"Maybe they'll get away," Narcissa said trying to install hope in her husband.

Lucius shook his head. "Pettigrew sold them out and they don't even know it, I haven't seen her since Christmas but I would know if she doubted him,"

"Then go and see," Narcissa said softly. "We both know the only reason you bare that mark on your arm is for her and if you don't go you'll regret it for the rest of your life,"

Lucius nodded and kissed his wife with as much adoration and love as he could.

"If I don't come back, make sure Draco knows I love him," he whispered. "Just as I love you,"

Narcissa nodded and kissed him again. She watched as he went and let a lone tear fall down her cheek. She knew if she'd have forced him to stay he would have resented her for the rest of their marriage and she couldn't do that to them.

Baby Harry Potter sat crying, screaming to the heavens in both pain and sadness.

"Momma," he wailed pulling on his mother's lifeless body.

The roof was caving in and there was a spreading fire.

He cried again and lightening followed the movements of his waving arms.

"Dadda!" he cried again his out of control emotions pulling trees from their roots.

The baby's black hair was sparking in the amount of power being used by the infant, his emerald eyes were alight and he seemed far more aware of everything than a normal fifteen month old.

"James! Lily?" a voice called.

Harry continued to cry pulling on his mother's hair, something that would usually have her scold him. "Momma,"

A figure appeared in the door way and Harry looked up at the familiar eyes of his uncle.

"Luki," Harry sniffled. "Momma," he said pulling on the red hair tangled in his fingers.

Lucius' eyes were wide, his nephew's emotions were completely out of control and he could tell by the destruction around them that it was his nephew that was controlling the destruction, he saw the scorch mark on one of the only walls still standing in the nursery and blinked at the pile of black marks and an innocent looking wand. A wand he knew for certain would only work for the crying infant now it's true master was gone.

His heart broke seeing the empty emeralds of his sister looking skyward and dull. The angle of her body told Lucius that the torture curse had been used prior to her death.

"Luki," Harry sobbed standing up slightly unevenly and holding his arms out.

The bright red angry lightening shaped scar on the boy's forehead told him that he was the reason for the pile of robes on the floor.

With absolute agony in his heart, Lucius stepped from his place by the door and carefully untangled the red hair from his nephew's hand and picked him up.

He knew without a doubt, Dumbledore would try to control the powerful infant in his arms and he couldn't have it. He would not let the last link he had to Lily be controlled by someone Lucius hated more than he did even Voldemort.

Without a second thought he pulled his wand out and burnt a scorch mark into the cot that lay on its side.

He knew of the story that would develop. James died trying to fight Voldemort off and give his wife and son a chance, Voldemort finished him off and continued to the nursery where he played with Lily until she was insane and then killed her. Then Voldemort cast his wand on the boy and the boy said to be his downfall perished in his defeat of the darkest wizard of the age.

As Harry settled Lucius noticed the storm wasn't as intense and he knew the boy would be powerful.


Lucius swept down the stairs before he even thought about it.


Sirius Black looked up from where he was sat beside his best friend's body with anguish in his eye. The same anguish that was reflected in Lucius' eyes.

Despite everything Lucius knew Sirius and Narcissa were on even terms with each other.

"Harry," Sirius breathed tears leaking down his face as he spotted his now calm Godson. "Is Lily?"

"She's dead," Lucius said softly with pain in his voice. "She protected Harry from the Dark Lord by giving her life. Harry then destroyed the Dark Lord, I have no idea how, I know a killing curse touched upon Harry's forehead I can only assume that Lily used her gift of old magic's and created a bond of magic that protected her baby in her death. The killing curse could have rebounded and struck the Dark Lord. All that is left is a scorch mark for I have taken the robes and wand that was left. But no one can know Black, no one can know Harry survived, I have left a scorch mark up in his cot and they will assume he perished along with the Dark Lord,"

Sirius let tears leak. "Pettigrew did this, it's his fault they're gone,"

Lucius nodded.

"I'll kill him" Sirius snarled before standing straight with fire in his eye that symbolised a man with nothing left to hold him down.

Before Lucius could even stop him Sirius was gone.

With a last murmur of sorrow Lucius was also gone from the house.

Narcissa blinked as she heard footsteps appear above her, in Draco's nursery.

She rushed from the study preying it wasn't Voldemort looking for Lucius.

She entered to see her husband laying a child she could only assume to be Harry down in a newly conjured cot.

"He killed her and then Harry killed him, I don't know how but I know it was him," Lucius said softly so not to disturb a sleeping Draco.

Narcissa walked over to him and hugged him.

She looked down upon the quiet but obviously sad baby boy in the crib.

"Only Sirius knows that he's alive and we must keep it that way," Lucius said his eyes downcast. "I won't have him used by our world as an icon,"

"How will you do it? They will surely recognise him, he looks just like James," Narcissa said surprised.

"Permanent glamours that will be undetected until he becomes of age. The boys will be twins and we will not tell either of them until Draco's seventeenth," Lucius said and as he was speaking his was twitching his wand.

Harry's black hair faded into a pure white like Draco's the only difference being the unruliness of it. His emerald eyes stayed as they were, Lucius not having the heart to make them disappear, and his face became more angular and sharp. There was hardly any difference between the boys by the time Lucius was finished.

The scar that symbolised the defeat of Voldemort faded from the powerful glamours now surrounding the boy.

With one more charm Lucius made the glamours untraceable. They wouldn't be found until Harry's seventeenth birthday.

"And if people ask questions?"

"Hadrian has been ill since birth and has only just recovered. The story will work because Draco's birth was a home birth and the mediwitch that helped you deliver him is now deceased,"

Lucius finally looked his wife in the eye and Narcissa could see the true pain in his eyes. This was his last link to his sister and to him the only way to make up for his failure to be a protector.

She watched as the baby grinned up at her with a smile she knew would be breathtaking when he was older and she instantly fell in love.

"Ok, but we mustn't treat either of them any different to the other, if they are truly brothers then they will have the same amount of love off us," she said.

Lucius nodded and watched as she easily picked her new son from his crib and got to getting him ready for bed.

Lucius knew life went on, he knew that death was a part of life but he also knew that those who die never truly leave and he could only hope that both Lily and James approved of his choices.

"I will solely miss you, and I will make sure both of the boys know how dear you were to us," Lucius whispered, his vow floating through the room and making his wife still for a moment.

Albus Dumbledore shook his head grimly as news of what had happened reach him. It was such a dreadful tragedy, the family was too young to have perished so dreadfully especially because of the betrayal of their best friend.

Sirius Black would rot in Azkaban for his crimes and Albus would make sure the man never got a pardon for his crimes.

"Rest in Peace Potters, may life return to normal because of your incredible sacrifice," Dumbledore said before leaving the room to spread the news of Voldemort's defeat and the story of how it happened.