Chapter 15: Acceptance

Harry groaned as he came around.

He felt like he'd been run over by the Knight bus.

"Careful Hades don't do yourself anymore damage,"

Harry blinked and Draco's face became clear.

"I'm never doing that again," Harry said hoarsely.

Draco snickered. "I think father would agree with you, the only reason I haven't been grilled yet is because he's waiting for you to wake up to grill us both together,"

"I might go back to sleep then." Harry snickered.

Draco laughed launching himself at his brother. "I've missed you mate, things have been too quiet,"

"How long have I been out?"

"Five days we go home the day after tomorrow," Draco shrugged.

"I bet Flint is pissed I missed the last match," Harry groaned.

Draco had to laugh.

Harry had just been up against the world's most dangerous dark lord and he was more concerned about Quidditch.

"We faired quite well. Ravenclaw got the snitch but because we kind of brutalised their team we were up by ten so it didn't matter much,"

"He's still pissed though isn't he,"

"Oh yes," Draco nodded.

The air suddenly became heavy.

"I'm sorry," Harry suddenly said.

Draco looked up with confusion.

"I didn't mean to get you cursed,"

Draco grinned.

"It's ok, I survived didn't I,"

"No thanks to me,"

"With every thanks to you, you idiot. If you hadn't been as fearless as you was neither of us would have gotten out of there alive," Draco said seriously.

"You mean that?" Harry asked.

Draco nodded and Harry gave a breath of relief.

"Ah Mr Malfoy you're awake,"

Harry blinked seeing Dumbledore walking towards them.

"I wouldn't have guessed," Harry said sarcastically.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrow but Harry didn't apologise he just sat up struggling slightly due to an injured arm and preparing for a long winded talk.

"We're just waiting for your father and then we can start," Dumbledore said sitting down.

Harry looked confused. "How did you know I'd be waking up?"

"Madam Pomfrey said it'd be sometime tonight," Draco shrugged.

Harry accepted that.

The doors opened and both boys gulped as their father walked onto the ward.

They cringed seeing the anger in his eyes.

"Should have gone back to sleep," Harry muttered to Draco.

Draco snickered.

"Hadrian, it's good to see you awake my boy," Lucius said and despite his anger Harry could tell he meant it.

"Now, Hadrian, although you have only just awoken I think its time you told us what went on with Voldemort," Dumbledore said calmly.

Harry looked at him and raised his eyebrow.

"A bit of shouting, a bit of running, some cursing, or maybe a lot of cursing, a few crashes, a bit of rope, a few concussions and a bit of evil. Don't think I've missed anything there,"

Draco couldn't help his snicker.

"Hadrian," Lucius said sternly.

Harry sighed running a hand through his hair.

"What more do you want to know Voldemort is gone, again, the stone was safe and we lived what more could you possibly want to know,"

"How did you do it Hadrian?" Dumbledore said patiently. "Only advanced curses could have caused the damage to Professor Quirrell's body,"

"I touched him. He'd just tried suffocating me and I could feel him about to go into my pockets for the stone so I jumped on him and clawed his face. When I saw he was crumbling I backed off and then before I realised Voldemort was whooshing himself through me and I was in agony,"

"You touched him?" Lucius said with his eyebrow raised.

Harry nodded looking his father in the eye.

Lucius knew his son wasn't lying and as he realised this he noticed his son was playing with his hands as if afraid to reach out.

Lucius slowly took his son's good hand into his own showing him that there was nothing to fear.

"Perhaps because of your love for your brother and Voldemort's inability to love-"

"It had nothing to do with love," Harry snapped at the Headmaster. "The git was trying to kill me all I could think about was getting the pair of us out alive. I don't like that he had to die but I'm not going to cry because he did. He tried to kill me and Draco and it was either him or us,"

Dumbledore surveyed him and realised that Lucius had brought his sons up to be exactly like him and nothing he could say would change that.

"Fair enough then. I hope you get well soon, Hadrian, Draco,"

The twins nodded and watched the headmaster leave before looking to their father.

"You've just proved to the old coot that you're Malfoys through and through. I'm sorry you've had to go through this so early on, and I am proud of you both for surviving but that does not excuse the idiocy you both displayed in pursuing the Dark Lord. You could have been killed and now when he does revive himself he is going to be especially interested in the pair of you. It is going to take our family a while to get on his good side again boys because of your foolishness," Lucius said glaring.

"He asked us to join him," Draco said softly. "He asked us to be his right and left hands when we turn seventeen,"

Lucius felt pure fear run through him.

The Dark Lord would be more than interested if he'd offered them such high positions.

"What did you say to him?" he asked faintly.

"I laughed," Harry said bluntly glowering at his bad arm.

"You laughed?" Lucius said unbelieving.

Harry nodded.

"And then he tortured Draco,"

Draco winced and looked away.

"You boys have been more foolish than I could possibly have imagined and when we return home you will be properly punished for now however rest up and get well," Lucius said before abruptly standing up and leaving.

"Do you think he's mad about our response to Voldemort?" Draco asked sarcastically.

Harry chuckled. "Just a bit,"

Lucius ranted and smashed apart his office as he realised just how foolish his sons had been.

Voldemort wouldn't just be happy with punishing them, he'd want to prove to them and show them just what they'd missed out on.

Lucius could only hope it wouldn't appeal to either of them.

"They're twelve, Lucius, they couldn't have known," Narcissa said softly.

"He's going to go after them, Cissy, he's going to go after them and we can do nothing to stop him," Lucius said glowering at his wife for her calmness.

"They'll fight back, they won't let themselves be lorded over," Narcissa stated.

"Exactly," Lucius snapped. "He's going to kill them because they won't comply, he's going to kill my last link to her,"

"You underestimate our sons Lucius. They're stronger than you give them credit for,"

"Be that as it may we must teach them to act proper, Cissy, they must become proper pureblooded heirs before he revives himself,"

Narcissa knew it would be pointless to argue and nodded accepting her husbands words.

Harry sat looking bored as Flint ranted to him.

"Are you finished?" he asked suddenly seeing Vixen.

Flint looked enraged but Harry shot him a look and ran after the girl.


She turned around and looked at him.

"What?" she asked bluntly.

He smirked. "You're going to love me when you're older,"

She looked scandalised and before she could retort he ran off into the summer air.

It was going to be a good summer, he could already feel it.

"So chaps, hows things?"

"Hades, when did you get sprang?" Neville exclaimed as Draco chuckled.

"This morning but Flint held me up," Harry shrugged sitting down beneath the tree.

"Have you heard anything more off father?" Draco asked.

Harry shook his head. "Mother popped her head in and warned me to behave but that's about it. I recon father's on the warpath,"

Blaise winced wondering just what the twins were in for.

Harry clapped him on the shoulder with his good arm.

"How come she didn't heal your arm?" Draco asked noticing his brother's sling.

"She did but it has to stay bound so I don't mess with the healing process or something along that line," Harry shrugged nonchalantly.

"So what are we doing this summer?" Neville asked.

"If all goes well you two should be able to come over to ours on the second week of July to stop if you want," Draco said with a shrug.

They nodded.

Later that night Harry and Draco sat up in the common room.

It was completely deserted.

"Weren't you scared at all?" Draco asked finally breaking the silence that had settled upon them.

"Of Voldemort? No, of you dying? Terrified," Harry answered looking down and tracing the swell of his fingers. "I didn't know if you were ok, I'd just made the mirror smash on top of him and all I could think of was making sure you were ok, you were breathing and your eyes were fluttering but I didn't know if you were going to survive and it terrified me,"

"We were born together Hadrian, we're going to die together. Mark my words because I won't let you leave me here on my own," Draco declared solemnly. "We're twins, two pieces of one,"

The two boys sat there reflecting on the promise wondering if that really would be the case.

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