A quick little something I wrote up because I had a bit of writers block. Using a prompt from The TARDIS Forum, I tried to unblock my brain. Sadly, it didn't work. But this was the result. Enjoy and review! :D

And as always these characters aren't mine. I'm not that lucky.

"...Their shadows searching in the night, streetlights people, living just to find emotion, hiding, somewhere in the night..."

The Doctor sat in the coffee shop that he personally thought, using nine hundred years of experience, had the best cake in England, which was useful to him, seeing as he liked cake, but didn't drink coffee. Which made him question why he was sitting at a coffee shop… But as he looked out the window and watched the humanity buzzing around him, each person moving along on their own little human journeys, he forgot about coffee and cake and busyness and he focussed on an old couple, sitting on a bench across from him. They weren't bothered by the human race bumbling on around them, they were happy to simply exist at that moment, with each other. That, the Doctor thought, was a beautiful thing.

He continued to watch the couple, intrigued by the obvious difference between them and the other humans from the year 2050. There was just something about the way they watched the world go by, it was as if they were longing to be somewhere else, anywhere else, but they knew they could never get there.

The woman laughed at a joke the man told and the Doctor smiled. In this particular time period, love was a very hard thing to find. The human race was all about evolving and advancing, and they hardly ever stop using their brains long enough to think about using their hearts. So when he saw a pair of people, who through all of that, found each other and held on long enough to stop thinking… It made him smile. This regeneration, the Doctor mused, seemed to give in to emotion more than his last two… Interesting.

The man stood up and took the woman's hand, pulling her up off the bench. She rested her head on the man's shoulder as they slowly started walking away from the coffee shop the Doctor was sitting in. The Doctor watched their retreating backs and realised, as crazy as it was, that those two people had just renewed his faith in the world. Two people who loved each other - really loved each other - was something that made him think that maybe, just maybe, the world wasn't so bad. And that was something he was proud to admit.

And if he had of been behind them as they walked away, he would have heard the man ask the woman, "Amy, did you see that man watching us? He looked a lot like the Doctor, don't you think?"

And then, if the Doctor was still there, in the coffee shop, he would have seen the woman turn around and look for him, then say with an undeniable Scottish accent, "No, I didn't see him…" And then, if the Doctor had heard all that, he would have ginned like a maniac, because of course it would be those two. The Boy Who Waited and The Girl Who Waited. Of course they would be the ones to make him believe that there was still good things in the world, and that love did still exist.

So that's the end of that. My forty-third fic. I've decided that before the end of March, I will have written my fiftieth. Not that it sounds like much of a challenge, but believe me, with my history for writing, it is.

The quote at the start is related, but it was also inspiration for this...

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that! :) Thanks for reading.